Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have a great evening!!!

K Jaggers

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today has started off REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!

My Birthday Present from mom came in!!!!

Its the Apple iPad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG..Cant believe she got me this!!!

On the back she had one of her favorite quotes inscribed..

" In dreams and in love
thre are no impossiblilites "

~ Beautiful ~

Its up and working!!

Time to figure this thing out!!!




K Jaggers


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have a great night..

K Jaggers



Welcome to Wednesday...Its a rainy morning around here and in just minutes I am out of the house. I am not looking forward to running out and about in this weather. Cant wait to get back here and take a nap!

That cousin of mine left a rant saying I wont publish it! That's right.. I wont.. I will not allow his negative bullshit on this blog.. Not now..Not ever!! So Mr. Cheater..Go on..go dig your ditch and have fun trying to bully other people..It wont work with me! I'm surprised he didn't cry and complain about me saying more about him last night...Guess he doesn't know what..

I'm Done..


It doesn't mean..leave me a Charlie Sheen rant that I will never publish..Its laughable and I am ashamed of him and nothing he says or does will ever change the fact that hes a disloyal disgrace to our family.. And I wont ever ever have anything to do with him again..He says I'm being watched..Got news for ya..That warlock doesn't have a chance of keeping up with me..

Well...Got to dig out that umbrella and get out the door in just a few minutes. On a brighter note..It should be a pretty good day! I have this ugly appointment..then back home to work around the house and or a loooong nap!!!

Talk to you guys in a bit!

K Jaggers


Tuesday, March 29, 2011




Monday, March 28, 2011

Wk of 3/27/2011 - 4/2/2011


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Loreal eye BOGO 1/2 off


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Rite Aid

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Loreal Color Riche lip or Voluminous liner/mascara $5

Covergirl NatureLuxe 30%

Physician's Formula BOGO 1/2 off

Almay 40% off

Sally Hansen BOGO 1/2 off

Neutrogena BOGO 1/2 off

Thanks so much ~ Make up on the Cheap ~  for getting this list put together for us!!

Happy Shopping friends!!
K Jaggers


"Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures"

I love that picture and I love that quote! I thought I would add it to Mondays post because we all could use some Monday Inspiration!

Well..I did sleep late. I woke up to Cooper barking through out the house. A few times.. I don't know what startled him..But he felt it necessary to bark all over the house!

I am still kinda dozy but I'm up and I am not going back to bed!!! Even though it really sounds good!!!! Like I said last night.. I am taking today pretty easy.. I need to clean up the house, wash the sheets, clean the bathrooms and put away laundry. Besides that.. the day should be pretty easy! I was going to run to the store for dinner but I think we will either have something easy that I already have here or left overs from last night. He wont even be home before 8. I am just not wanting to cook that late!

Its kinda gloomy out today..Don't really like it but again..who cares..I am staying in with the heat on! Yes..we should have warmer weather down here but we have a cold front in this week and its going to be damp and cool all week! Which Sucks!!!I don't care for cool weather..

I have to be up and early Wednesday for an appointment..God knows..I am going to hate that!!! I think I got to be there at 8 am..I never make apts that early but with this one I didn't have a choice. Hoping I get it done..Get some lunch and get my butt back home as soon as possible! I am also going to get out and get my nails done this week too. I have been looking at pictures on here and my nails look horrible..I always have my nails done...For years and years..and now my nails are not strong..don't grow well and look bad.. So back to the nail shop I go..I hate my nails looking so bad..

I sure hope this coffee kicks in soon because I am not awake at all.. Thinking a warm shower might help!!

Hope you all are having a great day!!!

K Jaggers

Up again wayyyy too late..

Sleeping cat by Dominik Broniek
Its should be no surprise that I am blogging at 2:44 am.. I will be in bed in minutes!!! I guess it really doesn't matter..Scott works till 8 tomorrow and I got most of the laundry done so working around the house should be easy tomorrow with maybe a quick trip to the store but besides that it will be a day at home.. Sleeping in shouldn't be a problem!

I want to tell you guys about a mini series I watched tonight that I looooved...It called Mildred Pierce. Kate Winslet ( girl in Titanic )is the lead actress.  Its a 5 part series and tonight they showed the first 2 parts. Really Really good..Don't pass up watching it if you see it on. Her performance is amazing. As Always..Revolutionary Road was one of the movies of hers that I also love.. I think the next parts will be on next Sunday too.. I got my DVR set to record them all. But I'm sure before next Sunday they will be playing reruns.. So you might want to check your listings!!! My girlfriend called during the movie..I didn't answer and will have to call her back tomorrow but I was so mesmerized by the move that I just didn't want to miss even a second!

Scott and I had a really good day at home..My grandmother told me today that we lead a life of luxury!! lol... We both are very blessed people! He watched Kentucky play and WIN tonight and loved it!!! I was actually happy for him! I personally don't care a bit about basketball but he loves it.. I like watching him smile!! I told him tonight that he still gives me goosebumps after many many years together..That is a blessing within itself..What if..by some chance..that he really is going to be the one for the rest of my life..Yes...I know we all think that when we get married..But time goes by, things happen, things change and for me my past relationships clearly have not survived..But what if...This one does..I am so happy to have him. I feel his love and I feel so lucky to have him. He has totally been my rock and my support..I have this great life because of how hard he works..I don't even know if I could ever repay him for all he has done...Guess I'm getting all mushy..Just love that man! Sometimes I fear I might loose him but...I have to focus on the present and not what might or might not happen down the road..

We are going to be having some cool weather for most of the week..High 50's mid 60's till Sunday when its suppose to be 70.. Hate cool weather. Everyone told me place was going to be so much warmer with georgus weather..NOT...Maybe summer will be different..If it ever gets here.

Little Gabby has been quite the handful tonight. She has been attacking Giovanni for no reason..Just because she seems to be having fun with it! Its kinda cute but I am starting to feel bad for him..He cant even walk past her without getting slapped around a little!!!! She is such be a little shit!!

Anyway...Enough chatter for tonight..






Sweet Dreams..

K Jaggers

Todays Look..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today I was just messing around with the make up I already had out and decided to mix it all up and see what I came up with..

This is kinda a exotic look that I am LOVING!!

Full view.. Sorry about the picture..I was tired!

But as you can see the lid is a green color..I smoked it out with purple and used a very light shimmery pink for my brow highlight..I lined my lower lash line and put on a couple coats of mascara.. and done..( Besides foundation, bonzer, and lipstick. )

I think its a fun look that anyone could wear!

K Jaggers

~ Going back to Brunette ~John Freida 5 G

Soooo...for a while now I have been pretty light in terms of my hair color.. For some reason it seems I always want what I don't have..But I think I have finally realized I am not a blonde..I am not ever going to look great with light hair..My skin is pale and my true hair color is brunette..

And...I decided I would do it myself!! 


I am a huge John Frieda fan and saw this new line of their foam hair dye. Its a new line that has some brilliant colors! 

This one is in 5G Medium Golden Brown. 


It claims that this is a precision foam color that covers hard to reach areas perfectly 

Its a little different to use than regular home hair colors. You gently rotate the bottle to mix the solutions..Then top it with the foam pump and it pumps out foam instead of liquid..Kinda neat!

You can see from the back of the box it should be pretty easy to do...

So here goes..

Now...all I have to do is wait 30 minutes!

And I'm done!!!

Thinking it turned out pretty good..I really think after washing it a few times the color will be perfect!! 

There was no streaking or un even coverage..It covered my grays..and after I got the hang of applying it..it was pretty easy!!

Happy to be back to me!!

K Jaggers

Being ~ Lazy! ~

Day Graphics

Hi friends! It sure has started out as a lazy day so far! Actually I haven't been up for too long but Scott has and now he is back in the bed enjoying happy nappy time! I know the cats are back there with him and I'm pretty sure Super Cooper is back there too! I feel like going back there and cuddling up with him.

As for my day so far...not much has happened! I tossed laundry around and now I am enjoying some warm coffee and watching TV..In a bit I need to get up and get dressed and head to the market. Got to find something for dinner..I am thinking chicken..

Anyway..not many plans for today..Just relaxing around the house and enjoying the day with Scott..We were going to to out for a bit but its pretty cool from yesterdays Looooong rain so we both are thinking staying in and staying warm is the best thing for today!

I want to mention that one of our very close family members is going through some hard times..Really its more Scott's family than mine..and I want them to know.. that if there is anything we can do to help then all you have to do is call. We really do love you and wish things were going a bit easier for you right now.I just wanted to let you know that we CARE and we LOVE you very much..It might be hard right now but things will get easier.

Well I am off to get my butt dressed or maybe even go cuddle up with my Scotty for a bit before heading to the store!

Where I am from...Indiana...is actually getting snow!!! Can you believe it!? One day its in the 80's there and the next day its snowing..Thank goodness we are not having to deal with that here. Its chilly but that's much better than snow!!  I don't know what is going on with the weather. Really only God and Mother Nature knows why things are going so crazy right now! But all I can say is..Don't pack any of your winter clothes away if you are living in that region! I can actually remember living there and on my birthday at the end of March having one of the worst snow storms on that day.. Guess what they are getting isn't too much different than that!

Wishing you all the best Sunday ever!!

K Jaggers


It was over all a pretty good day!! It has rained from the moment I got up till even now at 1:30 in the morning..In fact right now its thundering and lightening all over..Love rain storms!!

Any way.. I kinda took pictures through out my day..Many with my phone so please excuse the quality!!

Every day when I wake up the first thing I have to do

is let Super Cooper outside.
( I know his eyes are closed in this picture but I love it!! )

But when I looked out the door I saw..

This adorable little bird sitting on the railing of our porch. I guess it was looking for dry spot!

Then I cleaned up..

And started on the house..

Whiel I was working on laundry Little Gabby thought she would join me..

Guess it must make her tired watching me work!!

Then I took this full and

unorganized refrigerator and got busy cleaning it out...
A job I really hate!!

But after about an hr it was looking much more clean

and organized!!
Feel much better!!

Then it was time to clean..

Our hard wood floors..I have to sweep them every day..Its actually a big job keeping them cleaned..

By then my Scotty was home and we were getting cleaned up to head out to dinner..


Where Scott and I feasted on..
 salad with ginger...

Sushi Dojo Miso Soup..



Yummy Japanese beef noodles

in such a great atmosphere!!!

My date!!

My fried banana desert..

I cant even describe how good these are..I got them to go so I could enjoy them at home..

Then we were off to walmart to pick up a few things..

This picture was taken from inside the car looking up at the sunroof..

We shopped...Getting more for the animals than anything else!!!

Then we were back in the car.. on this very rainy night

heading home..

Besides getting things for the animals i did come home with..

Some candy..Magazine for bubble bath, tylenol pm..and some new John Freida Hair dye foam..
( More about the hair dye coming up in a post tomorrow! )

We mainly just enjoyed the night in.. Scott watched some basketball..I dyed my hair..Told you guys I was going back to my normal color! Then we snuggled up in bed for a while and before I knew it..he was sleeping like a baby..

And.. its still..

Raining and rumbling outside!!

So I am..

blogging and playing on the computer

while watching..

and trying to eat

a bowl of Captain Crunch wishing I had got the one with berries!!

Soon I will be heading to bed because I know Scott is going to have me up earlier than normal!!! I am actually getting pretty tired!!

I hope you all had a great day and I hope tomorrow is a day everyone of you can spend with someone you care about or love!!

Sweet dreams

K Jaggers