A fall FRIDAY!!

Friday, September 30, 2011


Well FRIDAY is here! I hope everyone is happy the weekend is pretty much here! I am really looking forward to this weekend because its fair time around here! Its suppose to be in the low 60's tomorrow so I am waiting till Sunday because it will be a little warmer.. not much but every degree higher helps. Plus its suppose to be more windy on Saturday.. I love fall and the crisp air but you add wind and its going to be freezing!

I don't even know if I am leaving the house today. I have to be here around 3-5 because the cable guy is coming back to fix some more things.. I can't begin to tell you guys how much I am disliking Time Warner vs. Direct tv. I just think the quality is not near as good and customer service really really sucks! But husby really wanted to try Time Warner but it won't be a surprise when I change back.

Right now the kittens are walking all around the living here.. ( here where I am ) and sweet Willow is right in the middle of them trying to play! Its really good to let them walk on a level floor compared to their big Tupperware container because the towel gets all moved around making it hard for them to walk. One more week and I can start trying to feed them some solid foods! Its crazy how they grow up so fast!

This Michael Jackson trial is pretty consuming. I really don't think he meant to kill him but it happened and he should have never given him that kind of medication outside a hospital setting.. I can tell you what.. I wouldn't want to come in behind the Casey Anthony trial. I wonder if the jurors will give him the 4 years.. Can you believe its only 4 years??? I really think our justice system is messed up in so many ways. But it will be interesting to see what happens. I personally think he should get the full 4 years and loose his medical license. I mean he tried cleaning up the room/ crime scene and that goes to prove that he knew he was wrong and in trouble and then not knowing how to do CPR.. Yea.. he was only in it for the $.. and made a huge mistake. I don't think he did it on purpose but that doesn't really matter.

Well I am going to clean up a bit and work around the house. I have a lot to do around here so I am going to get busy! When I take a break.. I will talk to you then!

Have a GREAT Friday!


K Jaggers

Tonight's Dedication..

As I told you guys earlier today ( well its late now.. so yesterday ) was the mark for my kittens turning 3 weeks old!!!

You guys know how much I love these babies so I took a few pictures dedicated to them and a fun little video to share in their honor!

First off.. I have been really blessed with happy healthy cats. If Gabby was not young and strong there would have been no way she could have had 2 litters so close together. Healthy kittens just don't happen. you have to have healthy parents. So if you are going to try to breed your cat, make sure that they are healthy and that you can actually afford to care for them. Anything can happen and vet care is not cheap. I say this because when a lot of people see the pictures of the kittens they sometimes decide that they would love kittens too. I didn't just do it on a whim.. I have read more books that most people on cat care and did everything I could possibly do to prepare first. So please keep those things in mind..

Sooooooo.. as I said, my babies are..

3 WEEKS OLD!!!!!

This baby is..

my little chocolate guy! We are keeping him for sure.. I think he is just precious and hes the largest of the bunch!

This little guy..

is the smallest kitten of the bunch and he is really shy.. Sorry I didn't get a better picture! I tried!! This one is very sweet and close to my heart too!

 Now this one is..

my chocolate female! My moms favorite and she is the most energetic of the bunch!

And last but not least is..

this little guy that is really laid back and seems like nothing bothers him!

I snapped this picture of the chocolate twins because I love how they are sitting.. and in the back.. that's NOT Gabby!! Thats WILLOW!! Has she grown or what!?

Ok.. Video time!!

So as you can see they are doing really good with walking! I just hate for them to grow up! Time goes by so fast and that is one of the major reasons I am getting tons of pictures and videos! I am uploading this video on Facebook for all my buddies that do not read the blog!

Ok.. now on to more news.. other than the kitty cats! ( But they are the biggest news of the night! )

Well tonight Scott didn't get home till late. They stayed a bit later than 8 to wrap up a deal.. Wasn't too happy about that. I hate when he works late but I want him to sell all the cars he can get. He has to stay because most nights he is the only one left with a key to the building. I hate that too! I just want him to make another copy of them and hand them over to someone else so he can get back home! He was really tired after working 14 hours. We had a quick and easy dinner and then enjoyed Greys Anatomy together. It wasn't long after it ended that he was in the shower and in bed. I miss him.. But we will have more time together tomorrow and over the weekend.

Also tonight.. I got a email from a good friend that I haven't heard from in a while. I think I told you guys about it in a earlier post but I got a email sent her way tonight too! Its funny how we were both wondering what the hell we did to one another when in fact it was a problem with an email! I think we both were very relieved to figure out neither of us were upset! Kinda foolish, I know! But happy to hear from her! So that made me smile tonight!

The temperatures were cooler tonight.. Not sure what it was but I would guess the low 60's. So we started up the..

fireplace to add a little heat..  ( Thats Willow in the corner ).. Scott quickly told me that it probably cost 3 $ a minute to run it because its a gas fireplace.. So I only left it on for about 20 minutes or also after my mom told me he might be right being gas is not cheap.. Yikes!! I sure don't like it near as much as a real fireplace but on cold winter nights.. I am sure we will love it. I know its hard to tell that its on in the picture but we had it turned down on low. But I am going to check into how much it will really cost to use.. I think it might be important to know.

Well I am starting to get tired. I have a few errands to run tomorrow and I have to go to the bank and get rent paid. God knows I wish I could skip that bill but love this house too much to not pay it. Its easy to pay because I just go into the local bank and make the deposit into the account. Love that!

Anyway.. Sweet dreams.. Hope you liked the updated pictures of the babies! And you know when they turn a month old in another week.. I am going to take a ton of pictures.. so stay tuned!

Have a great Friday!!


K Jaggers

Busy Day!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello.. I hope you are having a beautiful evening. I have been busy today.

I got up and dealt with the cable guy who ran the line that needed to be ran but they didn't have our boxes on the work order.. Grrrrrrr... so the guy is coming back tomorrow afternoon to bring the right boxes. 

My mom did me a huge favor today and I took off to go take care of that and also headed to the dealership to see Scott. I was going to grab a quick bite with him and ended up having to wait for over an hour because

he was busy with customers. I love listening to him work.. He really knows his stuff.. thats for sure. I was happy that the dealership had quiet a few customers.

Michael was busy working a deal too..

I then had to pick up a little

cat food and by time I got home it was after 3.

I pulled in and Mr. Giovanni was on the front porch. He had been in the garage because he tends to get sick a lot and I felt bad about him being in there all the time so I let him out. He strolled the neighborhood for a while and then he came home.. I am just glad he found his way back and it makes me feel better that he is getting out for a while to roam and get some fresh air.

 Once I got home I got a text message from a really good friend that I had not talked to in a while! I thought she was upset about something and she thought I was upset about something! How funny is that! I am just glad she sent a text!!! So going to be working on getting an email together for her tonight!! Super happy about that!

Scott should be off work in 30 minutes if there are no customers. It Greys Anatomy tonight so you know what we will be doing!!! I think its the season premier of Private Practice.. I like that show but not near as much as Greys Anatomy. I don't even know if I am cooking tonight. We might just snack our way through the night.

Well this year we are having Christmas here. Right now we only have 4 people confirmed. Mom, Don, Laci and her college roommate.. I am hoping we get the kids but I am not getting along with my ex husband over what he did to Brittany's hair so I don't know if that will happen or not. He likes to be controlling.. But we have also invited Scotts family too. Laura and Jerred are also invited.. Not sure how many people will come yet but I think its going to be a great time!

Well got to go.. Husby will be home soon!


My babies turned 3 weeks old today!! More pictures to come tonight!

Be back to talk to you guys more tonight!


K Jaggers

Nighty Night


Just a quick note before I lay down. I have to be up at a reasonable hour tomorrow because the cable people are suppose to be here between 9am - 11 am.. and I have a feeling it will be more around 9 am. and you guys know how much of a morning person I am.. I can promise you.. tomorrow I am going to be tired!

I am also heading to a coffee shop that is looking for help. Sounds like a great little job for me. I have no idea if the job opening has been filled but I am going to try to put on a brave face and see what I come up with. It might be a no but I am going to try anyway. So wish me luck please!!

Scott and I had kinda a relaxing night. We didn't do much..Today I was feeling kinda under the weather so I had tomato soup and a grilled cheese while Scott had a frozen meal of chicken teriyaki. Really it suited us both really well tonight. The soup really hit the place with me. I have always loved soup and it sure made me feel a bit better. We then turned on the tv.. watched Nancy Grace for a while and then saw Turner & Hooch coming on so we sat back and watched that.. all while Super Cooper drove us nuts in his own way wanting to play ball all night.

I took a long long bubble bath.. had a long honest talk with mom about a few things and here I am getting ready to get some sleep. Its a late night tomorrow for Scott so he won't even be home till around 830 or so. Its going to be a long day..

Right now the kittens are getting so big that its hard for them all to nurse at the same time.. they are fighting to get some milk! Awww.. I tried to lay her out a little more so they could all eat. It close to time to start trying to let them have some solid food..Well.. they turn 3 weeks old tomorrow!! So we got another week at least before I can start doing that. I am sure Gabby is ready too!

I need to sleep! Hope you guys have a great Thursday.. Talk to you in the am.

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

In Love with............. FALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SOOOOOO HAPPY FALL is finally here again!!!! It’s my fave season for a variety of reasons, including:

2. FUN Holiday’s

3. PUMPKIN Baking

4. Warm fires. EITHER camp fires or a cozy fireplace

5. Fall Fashion. LOVVVVVVES.

6. Bath and Body Works’ Fall candle collections. My faves are leaves, creamy pumpkin and hot chocolate.


8. Hiking

9. TV Shows start again (House, American Idol, Greys Anatomy specifically)

10. Shopping for presents for all the people I love!!!

What do you love about fall!? Email me at kishajaggers@aol.com and I will be sure to share them with you all on here!

K Jaggers

Tea Time with ~ Kisha ~

I love drinking hot tea. But honestly the best part of the whole hot tea experience ARE THE PRETTY TEA CUPS YOU CAN DRINK THEM OUT OF! Let’s take a look!

Look how pretty these are. Great for any time of day or place. LOVE

The best tea cup finds I’ve come across are just in old antique stores honestly. It’s fun to play the mix match game and not get a whole set. Plus, it’s hard not to think about where those tea cups came from! Perhaps the 1920s or 1930s? Ooo la la!

But I do encourage every gal to have a common set up tea cups for special occasions. Nothing is better than a fine China collection that you can pass on for generations to come. My mom has given 2 BEAUTIFUL tea sets this past year that I just adore! I am always on the hunt for beautiful dainty tea sets!


Time to enjoy this cup of jasmine tea!  I love the blooming teas..

And lets face it.. Fall is the perfect time to sit back in a comfy sweater with a hot cup of tea.


K Jaggers


Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

K Jaggers

Hello Wednesday!!!

Hope your Wednesday got off to a good start! I did fall asleep on the couch last night and woke up in the early am and went upstairs to bed. I am just glad I fell asleep without laying there too long. I slept in but my phone kept ringing from 800 #'s.. Yea.. if I don't know the #.. I don't answer.. So just in case anyone reads this who tries calling from a weird #. You will have to leave a message.

I have a few things I want to get done around here today. I want to get the fall decorations up along with putting more away and work on not only unpacking and also try to clean a little bit. There are all kinds nose prints on our glass door from none other than Super Cooper. Scott said he saw a bumper sticker that said something like..  ~ No, my car isn't dirty.. that is nose art from my dog~  Well if thats the case.. we have a lot of nose art on our front door!

The sun is out today and its just beautiful out. I think the weather is suppose to be beautiful until Sat. Oct. 1st. The high that day is suppose to only be 63 for a high. Sunday its suppose to be a little warmer with a high around 67. We have the fair coming up and I am super excited about going. I also love that Scott will get free tickets to get in because they will have a dealership booth there. I will be sure to get lots of pictures. I'm sure we will have a great time! I love fairs. I don't ride those rinky dink rides but I love the food, the booths and all the things to see!

Did any of you see Bill O'Reilly on the view today? Oh my.. I don't want to really start bashing.. but damn..people like him is why the world won't change. I think he is just plain awful. But he does have a new Lincoln book out that I am interested in reading. Its called ~ Killing Lincoln ~  He was a history teacher and from what I understand its a great book about the days leading up to his assassination. I think it might just be a great history book to read. Lets face it.. Bill O'Reilly tends to write more books about himself than anything else but.. I am wanting to get the Lincoln book and check it out. If any of you have read or in the middle of reading this book.. send me an email and let me know what you think of it.  ~ kishajaggers@aol.com ~

Speaking of emails.. I have a TON of emails not only in AOL but also on Facebook.. Please don't think I am upset or ignoring you.. I'm not.. I have just been busy but I am going to take a little time today to answer a few of them. I am just trying to focus on getting this house together. Its hard to spend a lot of time online when there is so much to do around here. But I do tend to take a break around 4.. so today I will be sending emails out around then!

Well.. I am going to get Giovanni bathed and then work around here!

Have a great day.. I will be back to chat with you guys later!


K Jaggers

Looong Day..

This post is going to be kinda long so settle in and enjoy!

I don't really know where to start. I didn't blog last night or tonight or today because I got mad at Scott and just needed to deal with that... Now don't send me a ton of emails wanting to know why because its private. There are only 4 people who know why I was upset and its staying that way.. I did my best to deal with it in the right way but yea.. that didn't happen. I ended up taking it out on one of the 4 people who didn't really deserve it. I feel really bad for how poorly I handled myself and all I can do is apologize and try to do better the next time. I was just so upset that I didn't deal with it well. And.. NO>> HE DIDN'T CHEAT ON ME OR LIE TO ME.. So there. It was more like a bad decision. And NO .. We are NOT splitting up.. We all get upset at our husbys and wives at times and thats it.. I love him more than anything and nothing will change that.

I was still mad this morning when I woke up. I again said a few things I shouldn't have but some how I got calm and knew that the way I was handling it needed to change. Scott and I had a long talk about 3 am and again when I got up.. and before I knew it he showed up at home. He ended up taking 1/2 the day off to come home and do stuff that I needed his help with. I think it was his way of trying to bring the peace back around. And it worked...

He came home, started breaking down boxes and working in the garage. God knows I needed his help out there so I just let him work and as I calmed down, I went out there and started to help. We worked for a long time out there moving things around, bringing things in and just did our best to organize it better.

We both came in.. had some lunch and I wanted to go on a hike. I know he probably wasn't really feeling it but again.. I think he was just trying to make me happy so.. off we went.

In our back yard we have all these trails that go back into the woods. Maybe 30 feet from the back deck..

So Scott took the lead and off we went.

~ My pictures really don't do it justice. I had my settings all screwed up ~ 

( I will get more ) but here is some of what we found.

After walking and hiking for about 2 minutes we came upon..

this beautiful creek!

Cooper loved it.

As you can see the leaves are already falling back here!

Cooper was diving in all over the place!

This is a great great treasure to have so close to the house!

Scott stood there watching Cooper play!

When we use to live in North Vernon Indiana we had a creek like this on the property and when we moved.. I really missed it..

We live in a little neighborhood now but this helps me feel like we are more in the country again!

I can promise you that that Super Cooper and I will be taking many trips back here..

I made a little video while we were down there. Let me tell you in advance that on the right side you will see a little blurry area. Water got splashed on the camera and I didn't really notice it until I was uploading it on youtube.

Doesn't that water just sound amazing!? LOVE IT!!

We headed back because Scott was getting eaten alive by Mosquito's. But see how close the house is?

There is the back of the house.. I think its pretty!

Once we got back, Cooper smelled like creek water so..

he got a bath on the front porch!

We then took all the broken down boxes to the dealership and got rid of them. We took the back roads all the way there and it was such a nice drive. After getting so upset, the wind and smell of the air was so calming and relaxing.

We came home and since Scott had been in his handy man mood I asked him to look at the dishwasher. Every since we moved in the dishwasher had a problem where the door wouldn't lay all the way flat so the rack would be tilted and it was hard to load.

Scott got busy on it and got it fixed..

And also today..

The mirror hung in the dining room. We did buy it a while back to put in the living room but here, we don't have a lot of room this living room and I thought it would look great in the dining room. The light from that pretty little chandler really reflects beautiful off of it.

Also tonight.. .

my car is in the garage. Really Really happy about that!

Damn Giovanni walking all over it too! Grrrrrrrrr..

I also love that the..

deck it clear too. We will get a pretty table out there but I think we will wait till spring to do that.

While Scott was busy getting things done.. I made us a quick dinner.

Philly Steak and Cheese Sandwiches.

I was going to make fries but I wanted something simple so I just tossed some chips on the plate and it was a great dinner!

We of course ate it in front of the tv because..

the results from Dancing with the Stars was on.. I have to say.. I am happy Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono made it through. Those 2 are my favorites. I think Chaz Bono looks better as a he that he ever did as a she and I think it takes a lot of courage to live a life where you are true to yourself. He is now. and it shows how happy he is! Can't wait till next week to watch it!

Now on to my kitty cats!

I got this great picture of

Gabby and her baby! Is there anything cuter!?

Well maybe so.. because this sleeping beauty is pretty darn cute too!

I took this video yesterday and I put it up on facebook already but I had to share it with you too!

Those are my babies!

I need to be getting to sleep soon. Its 2 am here. I haven't been sleeping really good the past few days sharing a bed with my husby. For me its next to impossible to fall asleep in the right conditions but when you add in a snoring husband.. who likes to hog the covers and take up the entire bed makes it next to impossible for me to get to sleep next to him. I like to keep the tv on till I doze off and he is totally the opposite! On Thursday the cable people are coming to fix a job they messed up and when they do that, I am pretty sure we are going to sleep seperate. Tonight I am going to try to doze off on the couch and see if that helps. Then head up to bed after he is up.

So I started the movie ~ Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps ~ I love this movie! I love the story line of course.. and I love the actors.. so going to watch this until I fall asleep!

Hope tomorrow is a better day..without any stress or apologies. I am starting to look for a part time job. I want some extra money before the holidays and to be very honest.. I have not had a job in 10 years mainly because of fear. I want to get past that. I don't want anything full time 20-25 hours will be great! So I am searching all the online places for jobs and hopefully I will come up with something. But its scary for me..

Ohh.. another thing.. I took off my acrylic nails. I decided that I would try something more natural. I don't really like it so far but I am going to give it a try. I don't know if it will last for long but I have to give them the chance to grow and get strong. We'll see.

Anyway.. tomorrow will be better.. Promise!

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!


K Jaggers

Another great Halloween Make up Tutorial!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

As I told you guys a few nights ago.. I am going to be posting the Pixiwoo Halloween Make up tutorials. If you haven't seen the first one you can click ~ HERE ~  to see it!

These girls are just amazing!!

This tutorial is for Cat Woman and of course..

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!

K Jaggers


blog improvement Guest Post: How to Not be a Savage Blogger   Follow Back Alternatives for New Bloggers

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!!!!!

K Jaggers



Afternoon everyone!

I know many of you guys are at work right now probably wanting to get home! Just hang in there!! It will be time to leave soon!

I am sitting here, windows open and watching it sprinkle right now. I have already been out and about. Scott wanted me to bring him some lunch so after only being up a few minutes, I got myself in the car and took husby some food. I wasn't that happy about it either being I wanted to stay home all day. But it only took a few minutes and really helped him out.

After I am done with this post, I plan on getting into the garage and bringing more things in and putting it away. I have a great start on the house at this point but still so much to do.

Ohhh.. I said I would show you some pictures of the castle house that is right down the road..

Here it is..

Is that not a beautiful home!?

Its a French Family Chateau so says the sign!

I just loved it! I took Scott by it yesterday when I snapped these pictures!

Too bad we didn't get to move in to that home!! Plenty of room for lots of kitty cats in that house!

Speaking of kitty cats..

I walked in from taking Scott lunch and saw all these

adorable faces waiting to greet me! I dropped my purse and went and got the camera and when I got back to them, they were all still at the edge of the basket! I already posted this picture on facebook because I think it is so adorable! They are starting to walk better and wanting time out of the basket! They get play time out! But for the most part the basket is their little home!

Well off to work in the garage!

Talk to you guys in a bit!


K Jaggers