Tuesday, May 31, 2011

After all day in the car.. we are finally home!!

We walked into a clean quite house ( thanks to my great house sitter ) with 2 happy animals! We have been here since about 9.. After 12 very long hours in the car.. I went right into the shower.. I don't think I was here 10 minutes before I was getting myself cleaned up..

My kids are on the ground in Texas right now.. I am waiting on their call any minute now! Thank goodness.. I prayed all the way home that they would have the safest flight ever..And they did! * They just called!! * Jackson told me he got sick...awww...he said that he got hot and that's what did it.. Now he seems fine..and happy! Brittany sounds great too! Cant wait to see them in a few days! We leave...not this coming Saturday but the following Saturday.. and we will be down there close to 2 weeks.. Cant wait!!

Right now those adorable kittys are on a blanket right here in the middle of the living room and they are wobbling all around! Its just precious watching them explore the world.. I wouldn't change this for anything.

Well tonight.. its bed

That ride wore me out.. Tomorrow I will be getting a lot of post up from our visit...I think my only wish would have been to stay longer. I love Florida.. A lot of my family has lived there and my sister still lives I would love to move there. However the car business is open 7 days a week and Scott has no interest in that at all.. But.. maybe I can change his mind in time!

Well.. I am tired!!!

Till tomorrow..


K Jaggers

Just a quick goodnight..

Its been a long day and I wish I could blog and tell you all about it but we have to be up early to have breakfast with Scott's father and then spend some time with his step mom and I bet by noon we will be on the road driving..So yep...tomorrow we head home.. I have to say.. I really wish we were not going. Any where that takes us out of the Carolina' a happy place for me. But I shouldn't say that. I just don't like it very much and being here where I have lived MANY times is hard not to miss.

So this hotel room has been great.. however I don't think the air is as cool as it should be...Last night it was warm in here. And its warm in here right now.. I can see from laying here on the bed that that is set on 65 and its no where near that in here.

Today was filled up with all kinds of things. I wish I could upload the pictures like I have been doing but I have got to get to bed really soon. We spent time with Scott's family.. and my family...We had a great time with my sister and her boyfriend tonight. And it was really nice. We hung out at the pool and hot tub.. came upstairs for a pizza, wing, and pasta dinner.. And then we hung out with the kittys for a long while talking and enjoying the night! I loved it.. I liked her boyfriend.. This was the first time we were around each other.. He was quite at first but he warmed up fast and we all got a long really good..I had a great time! Make me remember how much I actually like the person my sister is..Love you bunches Laci..

Omg.. I so do no want to get in that car tomorrow..Its going to take forever.. and Scott says I got to help drive..that we are not stopping..We are driving straight through with not many stops..Sounds like a great time to me..Not..What I have got to remember is that.... I did have a good time down here even though is was a shorter trip than what I wish it was. And Scott has a limited time away from work.. He is taking a full week off to go to Texas to hang out with the kids..So he has one more paid week and we have to use those days wisely..Tomorrow is using one of those days.. But he really can take off any time that he needs..Just not paid time..

Ohh.. I also have not checked emails. It will be a few days before I do.. If its important you can always text or call..I had some before I left that I needed to respond to and just didn't have the time. I check them all.. They come in on my phone first. So I do give them a glance but I don't really read them in full..

My kids fly to my moms tomorrow evening.. I am nervous about this beyond measure.. This is the first time they are flying alone.. To be very honest.. If something happens to that plane.. that's a death sentence for me.. I have prayed and will continue to pray through out the day.. I wont feel ok till I hear their voices on the other end of the phone..So please.. if you could put them in your prayers I would truly be grateful. This is the first year the kids are spending some where else for the summer. My daughter asked me if she could go for the summer because she really wants to be with my mom.. and she asked me to come to her.. My fathers mother.. My grandma Watteau raised me..And I am best friends with my mothers mother now and have been for many years and I realize how important that relationship is. Brittany was also close to my Grand mother Watteau and she lost someone close to her too.. So I'm trying to not be selfish. We have a very unconventional family and I want to give her what she needs. She has a voice and I am trying to respect it. Even when it hurts..

Well this post has taken a lot longer than expected.. While I was typing I looked down into the kittens basket and kitten #2 was looking right up at me.. So up on the bed she came and we been loving and playing through out this post! The kittens are starting to get more alert and playful! 2 more weeks and they will really be fun!

I got to get to sleep.. Next thing that will happen to me is I will be woke up to get cleaned up and get packed. and that really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots and Lots of pictures and post coming up but tomorrow... No blogging but maybe I will get something up before bed if I am not too tired..

I hope you guys had a great Memorial day..I didn't get a chance to say it.. But our soldiers fight for our freedoms and we should honor them not just on this holiday but.. every day..We lift you in our prayers..

Wow..its late.,.



K Jaggers

ohh.. and that is picture is Clearwater Beach ....where we were at today...More to come..

Day 1 in the ☼ Sunshine State ☼

Monday, May 30, 2011


Its been another long day!! Right now I am laying in the bed at the hotel watching The Notebook while I rest before closing my eyes..

You guys know me.. so here are some of today's pictures! =))

We got up around 8am.. quickly got cleaned up and back on the road we went. We were still over 5 hours away..

I think Gabby wanted to help drive..

When we pulled into the gas station she took over the drivers seat..

I think she finally got tired of waiting for him to come back that she just laid right down..

Then we stopped to grab some breakfast to go..

Breakfast of champions!
Not.. but it was pretty good!

After I got my belly full I fell to sleep.. For hours and when I woke up we were..

Near Gainsville..

Still a couple of hrs away..

I was just laying back trying to imagine what each one of those big fluffy clouds looked like..

And before I knew it...

We were there!

What a beautiful day to arrive..

I really think my soul belongs here..

How beautiful..

And I wish I was on that boat!

We finally make it to the hotel..

Whats good about this hotel.. is its pet friendly.

Here is some of the lobby

Front Entrance...that's what we are driving.. and its been pretty comfortable..

Another part of the lobby..

We checked in got cleaned up and we were off to see Scott's dad...

Here is Scott's Step mom...Marjorie.. and her dog Fairway..She is allowed to be in the retirement home. Scotts dad is dealing with health issues that has brought him here..Scott's step mom still lives in their home..

Scotts dad was really surprised to see us!

Fairway makes herself at home.. Look at how tall she is!!

She is a Grey Hound..

From a Grey Hound rescue group and retired from racing..

I was a little nervous when I first met her...

she turned out to be a real sweet heart..

We took her for a walk..and Scott ran with her for a about fast.. In this picture she took her leash and was walking us!

We stayed with Mr. Jaggers till he was done with his dinner and then we took off to...

to get some dinner for ourselves with Marjorie..

I was starving..

and this bread is to die for.. I loved it..

My dinner..

I didn't get pictures of everyones dinner but everything was great..

Next it was dessert at Dairy Queen..

We all got some yummy treats and then we were off to

Marjories house to visit for a few minutes..

Then we came back here and to get some rest..

Here is a few pictures of the room..

Here is the living area..

Here is the other side of this room..

Here is the bedroom..

Yea.. a little messy..

The bathroom goes all the way through..

Sink area and closet..

Here is the view from the bed..

Mr. Jaggers making some time for kitty l♥ve..

Omg..sooooo sweet!!

He is making that face so he doesn't get licked on his lips! But I thought this picture was cute!!

and this one is even cuter!!!

Here is my only chocolate baby of the bunch..

and she is getting some more love from her mommy..

Here are the twins..

They are all starting to really get some balance with their back legs..

and moving all around.

Hubby tired..looong day!

and the kittys are knocked out too! the way.. that grey controller is a SLEEP NUMBER control..So while Scott sleeps on a harder surface.. while I am literally sleeping on a cloud tonight.. It feels amazing..

We have a deck and it over looks the pool...

Here is the hot tub.. and yep we were in it..

The baby pool is in the middle and the larger pool is to the left.

Its not too bad.. I would rather be on the beach but I pricelined this one and got it for a great price and we happy with it. We are about 10 minutes max from his father and step moms house. So its the perfect location and the hotel has a a lot of stuff that we wont have time to use most of it.. But over all.. I am satisfied..

Tomorrow is another busy day.. Scott has breakfast with his dad.. Then we have lunch with his step mom..then we hang out for a while do our thing for what amount of time we have and then dinner with my sister and hopefully we can visit with our friends sometime in the mix of it.. Not to mention I want to get to the beach too.. Then Tuesday we visit with the family.. make some time for us.. and head home..Short trip!

We are home for a full week and then we are off to do this all over only many many more hours to go to Texas.. So this summer is already full of travel..

Well..its late.. I need to get to sleep! Talk to you guys when I have the time..

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!!

K Jaggers