Sea World Part 2!!!!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I hope you guys checked out the 1st Sea World Post you can click { HERE } to get to it! I am going to be putting a lot of Sea World Post in the coming days! We had a really good time there and I love all the pictures!

Sea World Part 2


So we rode some rides ( and those pictures will be coming soon! ) then we went to another show.. I swear the shows are one of the best parts of going to Sea World! One of the nice things about it is after you have walked around that park forever in the heat then you can sit back and relax for a few minutes.. see some great animals then back to wonder the park you go!

This show was with the sea otters and sea lions! It was a lot of fun!!!

Mom and Laci.. with matching braids.

Jackson.. hot and tired.. ready for this break!

The is a little otter up with the lady on the second floor.. He did all kinds of tricks! He opened file cabinets.. put on clothes..and ran all around..

Then it became a mystery on who ate all the fish!

They all were full of tricks!

Here they are at the diner!

I think the lady was really cute too... in her pot a dot dress!

I think this would be a great job to have!

That's one big boy!

He is saying hello to us all in the audience!

As the show was ending they directed us to go around the corner to feed them..

So that's just what we did!

Yummmm!!!! ( Not! )

You kinda hang over a wall and these little guys come get the fish!

How cute is he!?

See.. Mouth open.. wanting fish!

I think we spent over $ 20.00 just feeding this hungry guys.. what a great way for Sea World to get us to pay even more to support that park! Ugh!!!! But it was a lot of fun!!! The kids loved it!!! Scott and I loved it too!

~ Got a lot more pictures with my disposable camera and will get them posted when I get them back! ~

Remember to click on pictures to enlarge!

K Jaggers


 JUST A NOTE.. I took a ton of pictures at Sea World and I will eventually getting them all up..I am trying to sort them all out so you will get these in a series..If I did one post.. It would go on forever! Hope you guys enjoy these pictures. I think they are so beautiful. I also think these animals are treated with love in these parks. Sure I wish they were in Ocean where they belong but I think we are learning from them and they are also learning from us in this environment. The trainers looked completely in love with every one of the animals in this park.

And remember.. you can always click on the pictures to enlarge!

Enjoy Part 1


Here is the morning of! Thought Brittany looked adorable in this hat!

We headed for breakfast before going to Sea World..

I think it was called 2 eggs and a basket..
( But not sure! )

I think this was Scott's..

And Jackson got an omelet too!

Then we were there!

And it was such a beautiful day!

We started off by going and seeing one of the shows.. I loved this show.. The divers were insane.

Look close!! You can see one diver at the top right side up in the air flipping around..

Love this picture!

And its with my Phone!!!!!

What a fun show!

They were dancing all around..

Swimming with all the dolphins.

They put on a great show.. We all agreed that it was a great start to the day in the park!

We ended up walking through the cute water that...

Scott liked too..

We walked around a lot and I only got a few pictures of that time.. Before we knew it another hr had passed and it was time for the biggest show of the day!!


It was a closed in area that was pretty warm but I loved it..

I loved watching them swim around and

Hearing the water!

Before we knew it they were flipping all around!

How great is this picture!?

They really do look like they are having fun showing off!

It was kinda like they were showing off!

As you can see it was sunny out!

I just wanted to get in that water and touch them!!!

But instead I waved hello!

Another great picture!

And they just keep coming! We were in the splash area but I couldn't put my camera away!

Splish Splash!

So beautiful!

They really are magnificent animals.

And they get a ton of fish for all their tricks!

The aquatic area was really pretty..

The show was amazing!!

And we all LOVED it!!!

Great shows Sea World!!!!

K Jaggers


Morning Friends

I am never " cheery " on any morning like the above Mini is! I am always so groggy and tired when I wake up but today I got my butt out of the bed to see if Casey Anthony is going to testify..So far she hasn't...Her dad is back up on the stand talking about dogs he had over 25 years ago..They are trying to show that he burried their dead animals just like his grand daugther was buried.. That sure is a big leap..Well just that fast..he's off the stand and now Cindy is back up..talking about those damn dogs that died..

No big plans for today.. I have a couple of errands to run but besides that we should be home. Its a late night for Scott so we got a lot of time on our hands. I have no idea what we are going to do with all the time we have. Maybe a trip to the park! I am trying to come up with some fun summer at home activities. I think we are going to make some home made play dough today or tomorrow too. If you have a fun summer idea and want to share it.. just leave a comment or shoot me an email! Every summer we come up with fun ideas.. We made home made ice cream in baggies last summer.. We made butter out of cream.. We made this goo of sorts for the kids to play in. and the list goes on and on.. We might end up making the ice cream again because that was really good! =)

Jackson woke up less than an hr ago..Brittany of course is still sound asleep.. That little girl would sleep all day if you let her. So I still have some quite time around the house for a little while.. I am going to send out some emails and get some things done online..Jackson just checked the mail.. I damaged a credit card the other day and my new one just came in!!! Yea!!! I washed it.. dryed it and something scratched the bar code all up it so it was done..I have been without it for over a week now and its one I use a lot!

Today might be bath day for the kittens too.. They are at the right age to get their first bath and if it gets hot enough today then its happening! I will for sure get some pictures..
My camera is kinda messed up though..It takes good pictures still but the screen is messed up and it I am kinda upset about it.. It felt like when I got home from Texas everything was broke.. I don't know what happened but trying to get everything working again and keep it that way.. I just need a new camera and before long, I am sure Scott will get me one. I hate it.. I don't want to spend the $ but I cant live without a good slim digital camera.

Well..I got things to do!

Have a great afternoon... I started this email in the am but now its lunch time! Sorry with the delay!! Played with Jackson a little while writing this!

K Jaggers

Thank you Google Chrome!!!

Well.. I was in the middle of working on this post and Google went down.. I doubt many of you know about it but it was down for about 7 minutes and blogger is still not working. There is all kinds of complaints on the help forums. After a hr of it being down and frustrating me.. I thought of something.. First I had not yet installed Google Chrome on my computer since it shut down .. So I installed it and here I am talking to you guys! I am more use to Internet Explorer than Google Chrome so I use it more..but the Google Chrome is amazing. Its one of the best..If you haven't ever checked it should. 

So today went pretty well.. The kids and I stayed home.. I needed to run to the store but I got busy around here instead.. I tore apart 2 of the bedrooms and really cleaned them up.. Not to mention I worked on laundry.. I cant say it enough.. Laundry could be a full time job in this house. I am so not kidding. Its a big job when its just Scott and myself and with the kids here.. its just insane. When you add the towels and bedding in.. its a huge job to keep up.. 

I did manage to take some pictures from today so enjoy! 

When I got up.. I turned up the air for a bit and the fresh air in.. It had been days.. maybe even weeks since the windows were open so we all enjoyed letting in the sunshine and fresh air especially..

the kittens! The loved soaking up the sun! 

Before I knew it.. it was lunch time.. 

I made some cute little heart ham sandwiches and added...

a pickle chips and cookies for Brittany..

Jackson and I skipped the pickle and opted for the cottage cheese..

We all ate on the porch with a game of Uno of course! 
I try to eat lunch with the kids every day..meals is something I miss out a lot on when they are in Indiana so its special to us every time to eat together.Sometimes we eat separate but for the most part meals are together. 

I brought out a new toy for the kittens today.. 

I had this scratching post in one of the bedrooms and it never got used anymore.. But the kittens loved it..

The 3 of them were all over it! 

I love watching them play! 

Here the boys are on the other kitty city!

How cute is this wild guy!?

They have just took over the house like little gizmos that turn into gremlins when you add water! 

Scott came home and said he wanted to take the kids to the park.. The break was appreciated because I was in the middle of changing the blog template.. More on that in a few!

So here are their pictures from the park that they took for me! 

There they go.. This is a big walking park.. It goes on for miles and miles..I have never been in it.. But I drive by it all the time.. Looking at these pictures makes me leery of it..

As you can see its very dense woods.. no lighting and not safe to walk alone. 

I don't even know if I would feel safe with Super Cooper.. Maybe it would be different on the weekend when others are walking too. But not alone..

There goes my Jackson running! 
Love Scott is getting all that energy out of them! 

It is a pretty area. 

Wonder if there are mountain lions around or anything.. It looks so secluded..

Brittany Belle..

I love this picture.. I am going to have to check it out for myself when there are more people around.. 
This is very pretty! 

Great picture baby! I love this one a lot!!!!!!!

This one is good too! 

Those are in fact our kids.. Cooper too.. plus we have a couple more!

I cant believe they are doing that in the heat! 

Around the corner they come!

Cooper looking tired and leading the way back to the car! 

They came home.. We had a pasta dinner.. The kids cleaned the kitchen up the best they could..while Scott and I had a few minutes to ourselves on the front porch. Then after we come back in I saw another great opportunity for picture with one of the kittens! 

They love playing in shoes! 

How cute is he? 

Then it was time to start a game of Life with the kids..

This game was waayyyyyy to complicated for my kids.. They were just crazy to play with.. 

It felt like it was lasting forever!!

But they loved it.. 

I think the $ was also complicated for them but it does help with the math a little.

I landed on get married first.. Guess God has that figured out..

Scott took over the game thankfully and I enjoyed a long bubble bath.. 

Its 2 am and I still have breakfast to sit out for the kids and coffee to make.. I have got to get to bed soon!

I hope you guys like the new layout. I was tired of the black.. I wanted something more light for spring and I love sunflowers. I wish it was 3 column but its ok to switch things up sometimes. I will get all the gadgets figured out tomorrow and if you have trouble finding anything just send me an email to and I will get back to you asap.. I am sorry about the lighter text being hard to read, With the black back ground I had to use lighter text and here I have to use darker. Sorry.. 

I have been trying to get things more organized around here. I hate disorder.. A few months ago I found this calendar that I really liked so tonight I officially switched things over.  

Its a huge planner..

with full pages for each day except Sat and Sun. It will take some time getting use to because I had a whole week on one page before but I think the extra room is going to be good. 

So any of you watching this Casey Anthony case? I think she is going to prison for the rest of her life. Her dad was back on the stand today for like the 100th time and was really compelling. The defense is suppose to be wrapping up their case tomorrow..Who knows if she is going to testify.. I am really wanting to see if she does. I don't think her attorneys want her to but I think she want to get up there and try to talk herself out of what she did. The prosecution will eat her alive if she gets on that stand. So tomorrow is going to be very interesting! 

Its late.. I am heading to bed!

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

K Jaggers