An Important Letter..

Sunday, July 31, 2011

K Jaggers

This is Wonderful!!!

K Jaggers

Sunday Greetings


Just a quick hello.. I am barley awake.. Scott and Jackson went out and had fun for a few hours. They had to come home a little more early because it started raining on them! Scott took a few pictures and I will get them up later.

Right now I am sipping on a cup of coffee thinking about the day.. Scott just took off to take the garbage to the dump.. ( remember how this town does not have pick up.. Yea.. pretty messed up ) and then when he gets home it wont be long before we take off to go check out that house. I will get tons of pictures and let you guys know what I think of it. I am pretty sure I will like the location.. Will just have to wait and see!

I don't plan on doing much today. I am maybe going to run to the store for something for dinner but that's about it. I am hoping today is as lazy as possible!

Well.. I need to get cleaned up .. Have a great Sunday!!

I will be back later this afternoon!

K Jaggers

Sweet Dreams

Just a quick goodnight. Its late.. I should be sleeping but I finally just got done with everything and now have a few minutes to chat!

I took a bath and then ended up cleaning up the entire bathroom. Scott woke up from me banging around in there but it just needed cleaned. I then came out.. got some laundry folded and got it all put away from it staying on the kitchen table. That seems to be the common place for laundry these days. The laundry room in this place is so small.. there is barley enough room to turn around in there. Cant wait to move and find some where bigger.

Ohhh.. I should have mentioned on my Family Fun Night post that the apartment the Smurfs movie was too freaking cute for words! I love the kitchen and I thought it looked cozy! Too small for us but I really liked it! It was such a cute movie.. If you have kids its a MUST and even if you don't.. I bet you will still like it!

Speaking of houses. We are suppose to go look at one that sits on 7 acres. Jackson and Scott are getting up and going fishing in the morning.. Then they are going to do something else.. I think ( cant remember! ) and then we are all going for a long ride to look at the house. Its close to 45 minutes away but we are going to check it out.. Never know.. maybe it will be the right one! We are really really behind on house hunting.. Before you know it the lease is going to be over and we are going to be moving! I anticipate it will be right after the Cruise. I don't even want to think about the packing and the moving.. But hoping it will so be worth it. Were so cramped here..On the smurfs they said something about the humans wanting a bigger apartment.. The smurfs said.. " Why do you want that? It will only make you further apart from each other." While I find that sweet and cute.. I just don't want to live all cramped up! Guess I just got smurfs on the brain! =)

Looking down at my hands.. my nails really really need done.. Got to try to get that done in the next few days! Can't believe I went this long without getting them done. Either they grew really fast or maybe some how I missed an apt but all I know is they need done asap!

Today I got a message on Facebook from my sister in law asking what a message meant that I sent to her..

Here's the message..
Kisha Watteau-Jaggers
The only thing I could figure out is that I left the laptop open and that it was a kitty note.. So I tell her that.. apologize.. and then tonight after the movies.. I got this picture!!

I figured it was here. She loves to walk on the keyboard. I have no idea how she does it but she does leave messages from time to time on facebook! So if you get some kind of unexplainable, unexpected comment.. its probably from her! I will close the laptop tonight so we try to avoid that! Sorry if anyone gets a messages that are from the cats! Maybe its just their way of saying hi!

I need sleep.. So off to bed I go..

Sweet Dreams..

K Jaggers

Bath & Body Sample... Just this weekend!!

I quickly wanted to tell you that this weekend you can stop in at your local Bath & Body Works through the 31st and get a free travel size lotion in their new Paris Amour scent!

Just click { HERE } for the details.. Just remember the coupon code 4229 when you are checking out!

I haven't tried this yet but I am sure I will and I am sure it smells great!

Tomorrow is the last day to get this freebie! So hurry!!!

K Jaggers

Family Fun Night!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

So we headed out to see the ...

and I was ready to watch

in our 3D glasses with some..


I love all the cute smurf stuff around the theater!

Its started.

I did take some pictures along the movie.. If you dont want to see them before you go see it..


But I dont think you will figure out the movie with my few pictures!

A few of the smurfs!


and his cat! Sorry I didn't get a better picture!

Reading time!

Smurfette sure looks different than I what I remember!

Love these little blue guys!

This is clumbsy!

and he is my favorite!

A few more!

This is the smurf thats Scottish that is named Gusty!!

Papa smurf again..

All the smurfs!!

I only put this picture up because it had the chef smurf in it! See the hat!?

Ganging up!!

A proud pappa!

Reading time again!

Almost ready to head back to smurfville!

Brittany actually got her in the happy meal right before the movie!

A high  " 4 "

Clumsy getting some love!

Best wishes from papa smurf

Into the vortex..

And away they went..

Even as we were leaving the theaters we saw our little friends..

telling everyone bye!

Ok... here are my thoughts..


The 3D was amazing! All kinds of fun little tricks for your eyes and mind!

I wish there would have been more scenes from their little village.. Most of the movie was in New York City but I would have prefered the little village of mushrooms and flowers! =)

It was family night..and it cost a lot to go out to the movies.. We spent 20$ at Mickey D's.. it was 40$ for us to get into the movies and another 25 $ in snacks and then before leaving we spent more $ in the game room. I say this because I think something is really wrong with this picture. I know people that would not be able to do this.. and that makes me sad.. I sure hope it changes for the better. Nothing was fancy tonight. We picked Mickey D's because it was net to the theater. Imagine if we went to Applebees or something. I think what bothers me most is how much the popcorn, cokes and candy cost at the theater. Its just stupid high.. But we paid it and had a great time! I just think it was awful expensive for what it does.. Any of you feel the way I do?? If so email me and tell me what you think!

Ohhh.. I was also a smurf many many many years ago when I went to Beck Seilers Dance Studio in New Albany, Indiana. It was for harvest home coming and I remember getting painted up blue, putting on that cute little white hat, sitting on a float on a really cold afternoon! I have pictures of it around here some where and when I find them I will sure put them up with a link to this post!

The only thing I wish is that I could have wore this... beautiful dress..


I mean how cute is this!!??


K Jaggers

Thank you!!!

I am a little late with this!! But I wanted to give you guys a HUGE


for visiting this blog!!!

A few days ago we reached


Wow... thats a lot for my personal little bloggy!

I love you guys and I am hope some how I bring some joy and inspiration to your lives!


thanks for making my day better 001.gif

K Jaggers

Rainy Evening..

We got out of the movies before it really started storming.. We all had a great time however.. for some fast food and a 3 D movie.. it was almost $ 100.00 for the 4 of us. I wonder how a lot of other families pay that.. Well.. maybe they don't.. but that's pretty crazy for a evening out for a family of 4.. ( Especially when eating fast food! ) But.. it was worth it!

I will have more to say about the movie in just a bit!

Right now I am going to put on some sweats, grab a cup of hot tea... and head out on the porch to enjoy the rain!

Talk to you in a bit!

K Jaggers

Tonights Plans!!

We are heading out to enjoy a quick dinner at...

and then off to see..

with Scott and the kids!

Hope you guys have a great evening!!

We should be home around 9pm..


K Jaggers

New Find!!

Fonts by Typekitthe beauty department

Breakfast Casserole

I use to make this breakfast caserole when I worked at the Bed and Breakfast. The guest use to love it!!!

So I thought that I would make it Sunday for everyone!

Maybe you can too...Heres the recipe..


1 lb of  sausage ( Turkey would be ok too )

6 slices of bread

Butter (enough to spread on either side of the 6 slices of bread)

6 eggs

2 cups of milk

1 cup of grated cheddar cheese

Pam Cooking Spray


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a sauce pan brown the sausage over the stove. Once the sausage is brown set aside. Take 6 slices of bread and butter each side. With a knife cut the bread into tiny squares and set aside. In a small mixing bowl beat 6 eggs and add 2 cups of milk. Stir together. Prepare your 9×13 glass casserole dish by spraying PAM on it to prevent the food from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Now you are ready to mix all your ingredients into the casserole dish. First place the tiny bread squares into the casserole dish, then add the egg/milk mixture, the sausage and layer the cheese on top.

 Bake for 45 minutes.

I recommend serving the casserole with either a danish and/or fresh fruit.

K Jaggers


K Jaggers

Saturday Afternoon..

Hello to all my friends!

That picture above stood out to me because it reminded me of the 4 of us. The roses look like a family to me in that picture!

Its a beautiful afternoon here today. I have only been outside once so far and it doesn't feel as hot..However, my Brittany is next door playing with some kids on the water slide so its sure warm enough for that! I am sitting in the house with a sweat shirt on being kinda cold. After how hot it was in here last night.. I am determined to make it cooler around here today. Hence.. The sweat shirt! Its not hot in here in any way. It actually feels like the North Pole!

So I woke up pretty early this morning.. Some where around 830. I just ended up staying in the bed with the tv on. Both kids came and cuddled with me. We dozed on and off and just had a super super easy morning. Jackson got up and got his breakfast in the microwave and then back in bed with me.. Its so sweet to just lay in bed with your kids on a weekend morning and just cuddle. Heck.. we stayed in bed till after 1 pm together. Brittany wanted to get up...finally Jackson and I decided that it was late enough! Jackson and I are not even dressed yet.. The only one cleaned up is Brittany .. so that should tell you what today is like for us around here..

→ Lazy!! ←

We love lazy days.. Just kinda wish Scott was laying around with us! We don't really have any plans today except going to see the Smurfs movie with the kids tonight. Besides that.. our day is very open. Hopefully Scott will be off work at 4 but who knows if that is going to happen. On Saturday's anything can happen.. Working late on the weekends is pretty normal.

I wanted to show you guys this video.. I saw it yesterday and today too on HLN. I loved it soooo much that I had to find it and share it!!

Remember.. you have to go to the very bottom of this page and mute the radio player. If not you can listen to both.. which is what I end up doing all the time!

Here it is!!!

Is that not the cutest thing EVER!!!!!! I loved it.. a little play nip to the neck and the other puppy falls dead for a few seconds!! Then he is back up..playing again until its time to fall dead for a 2nd time!! What a great trick to teach puppies that! I don't even know how you would go about training a dog to do that but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.. this email has took longer than expected. I made lunch for the kids.. played with Jackson and now its 3 pm!!! Yikes!! Got to get cleaned up!

Have a great Saturday!!

Lots of post coming up today and tomorrow!!

Stay tuned!

K Jaggers

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Sleepy Thoughts..


Hope you guys all had a great Friday. Here in the Carolina's it was pure heat.. Hot.. Hot.. Hot..The kids and I stayed home all day.. I still don't have my car.. They were waiting on a part and got it in late afternoon so they should have it finished up in the morning.. Fingers Crossed. My patience is running out.

So... on to my day..

The kids had really took a tole on me the past couple of days.. I am tired and almost feel weak.. So today I declared it a quite day around here. It was play in your room, play outside, but keep quite and let me get some rest. It worked out ok.. Both kids complained a little but they went outside for a while and I also rented them..

I didn't watch all of it with them but what I did watch was cute! I not only like watching Johnny Depp; I also like listening to him! =)

On my quite day, I didn't get much done besides a little housework. I got the kitchen cleaned up, tossed some laundry around, made all 4 beds, swept the floor and took care of the animals. I wish I could have got a little more done but I just didn't wanna. If my kids had their way.. they would run all day long. We don't do it like that here. Things are more easy and more laid back kind of life style.

Scott was so tired when he came home that he only stayed up for a little over an hour. =(
I was really hoping to have a good night with him. I understand that he was tired and needed sleep. I cooked a really good dinner tonight too.. Ham, buttery garlic new potatoes, and carrots.. served with fresh bread. I wish I would have got a picture of my plate because it not only tasted good but looked good too! Remember.. we all eat with our eyes first. But there is more to that story.. Like I already mentioned.. it was hot here today.. and what do I do. turn on the oven.. what dumbass thing for me to do.. I don't even know why that didn't cross my mind.. It ended up making the house so freaking hot.. The air conditioner was just a running for hours on end trying to cool this place down. Needless to say.. it wasn't working. I was burning up.. It just was miserable in here. I think if I had opened the windows maybe it would have helped..but its 1240 am right now and its just starting to cool off!
I did run out after dinner to get animal supplies and the air conditioner in the car really made me feel better.

Im not sure what we are doing early afternoon tomrrow. I think I might just give all the kittens baths and have the kids help. I have yet to get pictures of them. I am so running behind with that. So maybe we will do that in the evening after they are all dried and fluffed up!

I also didn't answer emails today.. I just decided early on if I didn't want to do it then it wasn't happening today. But I did receive some about the blog.. Thank you for the compliments re the new layout. And also a email about Amy Whinehouse. I was asked why I never said anything. Well.. I just didn't see the point. Her lifestyle is what ultimately lead to her death. It was pretty sad but I just didn't find it shocking. I think with my beliefs and faith I know she is ok now. She is much happier where she is at now rather than the life she was leading here. I am also not a big fan of her I thought in keeping mum would be best. Sorry if that offended you.

Time management is really hard right now. I am working around here a lot.. the kids get a lot of my time and energy.. and I just don't have the time I am use to. A lot of my post are shorter than normal, and sometimes things are just not worth mentioning. I only scanned a few emails but I will for sure get to them over the weekend. I also got some kind of question tag that I will have up too. There is also some new information out there on the make up bag we all got from Rite Aid last year. Well they are doing it again but changed things up.. I will try to get a fast post up tomorrow about how to get one. I think you should hurry if you plan on trying to get this one. You do have to spend $ 15.00 to get the bag.. This time it wont include samples. This year the samples are gone.. You get a make up bag.. not a duffle bag and some kind of charm for you phone, a beauty book of sorts and coupons.. Frankly I would rather have the samples. But..I will tell you more tomorrow. BTW...I got a ton of replies on facebook about going to see the Smurf movie! Seems I am not the only one who is excited to see it! Plus its 3 D.. We are going tomorrow evening! Super excited!!!! =))

You might have noticed I took some of the pages down.. It was just too much! Wanted things to be more simple. If you are having problems finding something please let me know. Even with comments gone.. you can still contact me via Personal Facebook Page, this blogs Facebook Page or with Twitter. I still look forward to hearing from you guys. My email is great too if you are wanting to chat! I talk most with you guys through facebook and email the most! Its always fun meeting new readers.. so drop a line and say hello!!!

I got a basket of laundry that I want to get folded before heading to bed.. So I better finish up this post and get started.

Hope you all have a great

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K Jaggers

This is what I know for sure

Friday, July 29, 2011

Have a great night.. an make some of the little things count!

K Jaggers