Remembering Princess Diana

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fourteen years ago today the world lost one of the most amazing charitable women that has ever graced the earth. In honor of one of the most inspiring women I never had the privilege of knowing personally... I thought I'd share my favorite photos of her. Taken in 1997 shortly before she died, Mario Testino captured a woman that appeared to be content with life. It was her last photo shoot.

May she rest in peace

K Jaggers



Hi you guys!!!

Right now I am sitting here with a cup of tea taking a break from the running I have been doing. I was out earlier picking up somethings for the cruise and look for some heels.. Didn't find any this time around. =(

I have a lot of things to do around here today and tonight. I am getting ready to start putting all those samples in the suit case. And maybe a few clothes. I haven't done shit around here today but that has to change soon. The house is pretty messy right now and my mind is in a 1000 places. Once I start doing something, something else comes into my head and I am off doing that. Gosh.. I sooo have got to get it together!!

I been working on my list trying to get everything written out. Scatter brained it what I am.. When we went to Gatlinburg I packed the worst I have ever packed in my life. I was in a huge hurry with a house full of kids. This time I have to plan much much more! And I already feel behind.

Ohh.. the reason I couldn't talk to you sooner is that my Internet was down.. I not sure why.. its not even raining! But glad its fixed now!

Its 5 pm and the clock is ticking.. I think I am meeting Scott some where out for dinner tonight. I just don't feel like cooking.. Thinking Japanese tonight!

Hope you guys are all having a great evening!


K Jaggers

Busy Day and Night! =)


Hello.. I can't be on here long.. Its close to 2 am and I need to be getting to bed.. Oddly enough for whatever reason I am kinda dizzy right now. Not sure why but hope it goes away soon! I am just laying back on the love seat watching the First Wives Club.. Its been forever since I have watched it pretty cute!

I got more done today than expected! Got some shopping done..cleaned up the house.. got all the dressed washed and laundered that I am taking on the cruise, had dinner with friends, watched some tv with Scott, enjoyed a bubble bath while watching some of my favorite youtube beauty gurus, came out watched a movie, worked on my packing list and schedule for the next couple of days and finally opened the suitcases and started adding a few things!

Tomorrow will be similar.. I have some shopping I want to do, I am going to pack some samples of things that we will use on the trip.. including those tide samples in case I have to wash out something in the room and or use the washer and dryers on the boat. I have tons of samples and they are so handy for trips!

I am sooooo excited! I know we both deserve this. Scott has been working like a mad man and this break will do him good and it will do us good too! I am excited about seeing everyone and making as many good memories as we can! I know he is getting just as excited! I showed him This Food Blog that was done about the food from the boat we will be on and he said.. I am going to be eating like a King!! Not like he doesn't already but it is amazing food!

I am so nervous about Gabby. I just wish she would give birth already so I know that she and the kittens are ok before I leave. I will be calling on Monday before we board the boat, then I will call again in the middle of the week to check on her, and then as soon as we get off that boat I will be calling again. I hate that she has to go Friday but they are closed on Saturday due to the holiday. Saturday - Monday is not going to be too easy.. I wont be able to talk to anyone. But I am going to have a note that says CALL ASAP IF SHE HAS THE KITTENS!!  And if they don't I will be shopping for a new Vet once I get home! Lets just hope it all goes well. She has never been boarded. But its the best thing that I can do with her situation and all!

Well.. got lots to do in the coming days so better get my beauty sleep!

Sweet Dreams

K Jaggers

Goopy L♥ve!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One of my fave celebs is Mrs. Martin herself!
The woman is a Suzy Homemaker! Her cookbook? AMAZING. Her blog? AMAZING. Buy the book, subscribe to her blog.

Photo Shoot for Elle.. How cute is she!!??

I just love her which brings me to this..

Have you guys seen the trailer for Contagion?

Omg.. I love her and I love Matt Damon.. I think this is going to be a great movie and cant wait to see it! Scary part is.. I always think that something like this is really possible and it kinda scares me!

But going to watch anyway!!

K Jaggers



No one knows my love of piano..

 I mean there is something about it that has always put me at peace.

 Its gives me a feeling inside like nothing else..

So this year for Christmas I asked that wonderful mom of mine for lessons.. So yep.. thats what I am going to be doing this winter!

Thank you for always spoiling Laci and me!!

We love you!

K Jaggers

Seating for 4 !!


Having a small little dinner party with some friends in a little while! Really happy that we all are making the time to get together! We were suppose to on Saturday.. then we cancelled.. Then we planned on Sunday..they cancelled.. and so here we are to today. and neither of us cancelled!!

So looking forward to good food...good company.. and lots of smiles!

K Jaggers



Hope you are having a great afternoon!

K Jaggers


Welcome to Tuesday everyone!!!!!!!!

We only have...

till we leave to head out to Louisiana. I cant wait..

This is where we are going to be going!! Well for one night anyway!!!!!!

I have never been a fan of New Orleans.. but going to give yet another try!

I have to get busy getting clothes ready today.. The clock is really ticking! I'm lucky that I am at home and can take my time getting it all figured out. Scott and I are super excited. We have had one of the longest, busiest, craziest summers with all our kids and travels so this is kinda like... our adults only vacation. We are going to be like two teenagers running around that boat!

Last night I got all the paperwork we need to board the boat.. passports and Id's and now all that stuff is safely hanging in a file on the frig so we dont loose them or forget them!

Well.. I did speak to my friend a little while ago.. they will be over for dinner.. So got to get busy around here.

Have a great Tuesday!!


K Jaggers



What a day.. I so wish I would have been more productive today than what I was. I don't know what was wrong with me but I felt so tired and depleted. I have so much to do that I couldn't really afford to take the day " off " like I did. Its too late now.. I could start doing some packing but I am going to wash all my dresses and get them hung up first. Guess I should maybe do that tonight. I am planing on using a garment bag for them too... along with Scott's suits and shirts. We want to have everything pressed and ready so we dont have to worry about it.. The challenge is going to be keeping it wrinkle free until we get in our room and get unpacked.

I am getting soooo excited!!!!  I know Scott is too.. I was eating dinner tonight.. ( a meatball sub ) and I started dreaming of all the good food on the cruise I am going to eat!! Scott has no idea how good the food is! Those 12am desert bars have my name all over them!

This was about as much as I got done with the packing...Ha.. not too damn much huh? I was going to lay shirts and ties out for Scott next to the dresses but I never made it..

And of course Willow was my little helper!

Ohh.. and I told you that I would get a picture up of the dress I choose for the Captains dinner..

Here it is..

Not the best picture but.. I wanted to get it up anyway! This was baby's pick!

So I guess I need to get my butt tanning for the next couple of days! Need to darken up before I get on that boat! Scott too! So tomorrow really is going to be a day of getting things started around here. I don't care for one of my suit cases so I am borrowing one from my friend..The one that I told you who is expecting! I would say her name but I want to be sure she has told everyone first! I don't warm up to be very easy.. as the case for a lot of women and its nice to have met someone that I am watching expand her family! One of my other friends who use to date Michael is not around as much anymore. I understand why but meeting new people and making new friends is nice. I am going to get my hands on that baby! Who doesn't love a new born! I wonder what she is having!!! I dont think she will mind me keeping you guys posted..she is suppose to be over tomorrow evening so I will be sure to ask then! While I am speaking of friends.. I have 2 girl friends that I love and trust beyond measure.. Yep only 2.. but thats enough! One lives right in the middle of New Albany and one is out on the West Coast. Funny both girls are so different but when it comes to friendship they are both very similar. Both very loyal.. and both help me in all situations of my life. Thank you guys!! Your friendships mean a lot to me.. ♥ 

Burrr.. the air is kicking in here and I am freezing!!  Ok.. now got on a sweat shirt! Much better! Well... I wonder how the kittens are doing night # 2 in their new home! I sure miss them..

I got this picture of Mylo just the night before he left. I had just got done brushing him.. and he looked liked a fancy little lion! I of course switched it over to black and white.. He really was one of my favorites. No one knows how close I was to keeping him! But I know in my ♥ he is where he belongs. And I made it very clear today that if something.. anything.. happens where she cant keep one or either of the cats.. I am only a phone call away.

Speaking of cats.. Look at Gabby..

You can see how big she is!!

and I can feel them move! I know it could happen any time now! I got to get all her stuff all together too! I just know she is going to have those kittens while I am away! I have been on the phone with my phone company to make sure my phone will work down there so hopefully I can at least call and check on her.

Well its getting late.. need to make coffee..get a note to Scott done and then get my butt in bed if I have any hopes of having a more productive day tomorrow.. and I have a ton to do!

Sweet Dreams Friends..


K Jaggers

In Case there ever was a doubt..

Monday, August 29, 2011

This was when we RENEWED our vows in April!

I was going through paperwork tonight because we have to take a few things of identification for the cruise and I came upon this certificate.. The 2nd best day of my life.. He married me twice.. and maybe we will do it once a year from now on! Why not!!!!!!

Love you baby!

K Jaggers



I was so happy when Scott walked in the door tonight. I missed him so much today. Its like that a lot of Monday's. Because after a weekend together it sadly ends when Monday rolls around. And on top of it, its a late night.

So it was so nice when he came home and settled into my arms. The love I feel is beyond any kind of measure.

We are 8 years in.. Almost 9 and it feels like we are still newly weds!

He even bought me home these...

beautiful flowers home for me tonight. Since I was so in love with the purple daisy's he got me a few days ago he picked these up for me... They smell ammmmmazzzing!!

It feels so good to have a love like this.  He said tonight that he is so excited about our vacation starting on Saturday! We have took more vacations in this year than any other year. I think this will make our 5 th vacation.. How awesome has this year turned out to be. Going to lay back on that boat and enjoy every minute we will have together.

I wouldn't want to live with that man.

Thank you God..

K Jaggers

What's on the Menu..

First off.. Sorry things are not as they usually are with the food post. I normally sit everything out and take a picture and go step by step.. But recently, I have been just hurrying a long getting it done. So these are my fast pictures.. and if you can tell from the quality...they are pictures from my phone!

Hope you don't mind!

Here we go..

Last night I decided to make


I sliced up a few potatoes and onions, added a lot of garlic ( 4-5 cloves ) cover and cooked over medium until soft and golden..

The corn was left over fresh corn that I cut off the cob to fry up..

The flank steak had been marinating in a steak marinade for about 3 hours.

I used the indoor grill ( out door would have been better! ) and cooked it to medium rare..

After I took it off the grill, I let it rest for a couple minutes then sliced it up on the grain..

And dinner was served..

I know that this picture does not do it justice but this dinner was amazing..

Really simple and Really Good!!

K Jaggers

Wise Words..

Husby is finally home and nothing feels better!


K Jaggers



I am still feeling kinda dopey today. I cant imagine feeling so lethargic.. but it certainly not a good way to start such a busy week for me!

So going to put a smile on my face and try to get started with some of the packing!  Well.. not exactly packing yet.. but getting all the luggage in the house.. I have all my dresses out but I think I am a step ahead with that..

Hope everyone is having a good evening!


K Jaggers

My Day..


I don't know what is going on with me today.. Cant get motivated to do anything. Its raining right now and is kinda cool outside. Thinking I am going to enjoy a hot shower and then maybe head out to the market to find something for dinner. I can tell you now with me not doing anything today.. I am sure going to be busy tonight.

I miss Scott today. He's been really busy so we haven't talked that much but he did help me with getting a hold of someone today that I couldn't track down. So that took a lot of stress off of me.

Have you seen that the prosecutor of Jeff Ashton has a book out. Um hum... its going to be a good book. You know its strange but Jeff Ashton and Scott seem to have the same kind of personalities and even their body language is very similar. I kid you not.. He sure reminds me of husby every time I see him! Its strange how we all have twins out there! The book is ~ In Perfect Justice ~

Ohhh.. and its been said that Nancy Grace is going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. You know, I love Nancy but I have a feeling that her dancing is going to be limited!! But I will still cheer for her. Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago why I liked her so much. I don't really except I feel her heart when she is trying to help get Justice for children. I think she is someone who stands up for what's right and a big part of me likes that. Cant wait to see her dancing!

I guess I have to get all luggage brought into today so I can start getting things together. Its going to be a lot of packing!! We have a lot that we have to get ready for and the count down is really on! After we get back..we have to start packing because we will be moving..


See so much going on!

The cat lady just called me.. She wanted to tell me how good and fun the kittens were last night! She said they ended up sleeping in bed with her and her grand kids. I sooo wanted to call but didn't want to be too intrusive so really happy she took the time to call me. This lady and I seem to have a connection of some kind. It amazing how animals can bring people together.

Well gotta go!!

K Jaggers

A ~ TIRED ~ Monday!!



I didn't sleep so good.. well not that I didn't sleep good but.. I was wasn't ready to get out of the bed yet! It was around 1 pm when mom called and got me up! I am still trying to wake up but just not totally there yet!

Soooo freaking excited that we are leaving on Saturday. I have already made some calls today to help prepare for it.  Got Gabby all set up to head to the vets office Friday afternoon. I have to take her Friday instead of Saturday because they are closed on Saturday for the holiday weekend. I hate that she has to go in a day early but I can't do anything about it. I feel better where a Dr. office is going to keep her in case anything goes wrong with her giving birth.

So like I said yesterday.. I am going to be working on clothes today for the trip. Really I want to match up my dresses with Scott's shirts and ties so thats what I am going to focus on today. I do need to run out and run a few errands but its Scott's late night so I should have plenty of time to get it all done!

I sure hope the kittens are doing ok in their new home. I feel really really good that I manged to keep them together. Funny I was worried about them not selling but little did I know that there was a very important family needed some happiness brought back into their lives... and that they would take both!Willow seems to be doing great without them. Gabby is doing pretty good.  Big as ever! I wonder how many kittens she is carrying!! I wish she would have them before we leave.. I just know I am going to be on that boat and she is going to go into labor!

Well going to quickly email a friend and then get started on clothes!

I forgot that Gatlinburg  → Day 3 ←  has not been posted yet. So stay tuned today for that!

Happy Monday!!
K Jaggers


Wow.. I wish everyone in the world would live like this!

Every since Scott walked into my life, this is what it has been. I am just a lucky and blessed girl to be living out my dreams with one of the most loving men on the planet. He might not always seem it, but he is so aware of my feelings without any words.. and he can finish my sentences. Got to love that man.. I loved that he went dress shopping with me.. I got the one he liked.. he's going to be the one taking it off me! Tee-Hee!!

Did any of you guys see the MTV music awards?? Beyonce is pregnant, It was so freaking cute how she did it! Loved the entire show! I love Adel.. I soooooo need to pick up her CD next time I get the chance.. What a amazing voice!!!!!!

Gabby seems to be doing pretty good without the boys being here. Well.. right after I typed that sentence she came out and it looks like she is walking around trying to find them.. Maybe I spoke too soon!

Well.. got a lot of emails sent out tonight and will send more tomorrow! Our entire family.. all the way to Don's girls are soooooooooooooooooooo excited to be getting real close to sail time! And Friday I am going to get a new camera just for this trip.. My other one is a mess and is hard to work now that is kinda broke.. so time to get another. I am hard on cameras.. I know I am going to really put it to work on this trip!

Well going to email my friend Danielle.. got lots to catch up on..

Ohh.. I keep forgetting to mention that my girl friend here in town found out she is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!  I think she is excited and nervous!! But happy to welcome a new baby to our little group of friends.. You can grantee I am going ot love up on it !


Hope you guys have a great Monday!

K Jaggers

Sunday Greetings!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hi guys!!!

We are the countdown for the cruise!!!! We leave on Saturday..So much to do!!! We don't actually board the boat until Monday but we are heading to the French Quarter to start things off!

Ok... so much to tell you!!

Lets see where to start..

Sorry for not blogging last yesterday or last night. I went shopping to look for a formal dress... thought I found one but wanted to look around today before deciding. Then Scott and I got into the wine..we had a great time.. just us 2.. and I woke up with a hangover around noon but some how baby pulled himself out of the bed early to go play golf.. I don't know how the hell he did it.. But that's sure dedication to the game!

We were just laying around watching tv and around 2 pm I got a phone call about the kittens. I had spoke to this lady on Friday and she was calling back to tell me she wanted them. Both males. I don't say too much but her story touched my heart and Scotts heart too. Her daughter and son in law and their 3 children were in their home on Lake Norman and they had a home invasion. I don't want to share all the details but her son in law was shot dead. Her daughter shot.. among other things but thankfully the children were not hurt. So she says with her daughter and grandchildren during the week to help to care for them. She is hoping the kittens brings some happiness back to their lives. Is that not the love of a grand ma? She was really nice and I felt good with where they were going. My heart certainly goes out to that family.. and when I say my prayers tonight I am going to put then in it. For sure..

We took off to head to the mall to find a dress.. I found one! I got the one Scott liked and now all I have to do is find my shoes and clutch to go with it. Its not a long gown.. I wear a lot of long dresses but this one is mid length. Its kinda a blue grey with just a little bling in the center. I will get some pictures up of all the dresses I am wearing really soon! I have so much to this week...I have all our packing.. Scott and I have a few more things to pick up this week.. But starting tomorrow.. I have to get serious and start getting clothes together.. First off.. I have to get Scott's clothes for dinner matched up with mine. Shirts..Ties..all of it. Then Tuesday I will get out causal clothes that we will wear on the boat during the day.. Wednesday I will be getting most of my make up and jewelry packed along with toiletries that I don't have to have until I get there. Thursday I will be getting the house together and getting things ready for the house sitter. Friday is more shopping for the trip and also got to get a mani and pedi. Saturday... I take Gabby to the vet to be boarded.. and finish packing our over night bag. Then once Scott gets off at 4pm  we are driving half way to Louisiana and then we will get into the French Quarters early Sunday Afternoon.. We will hang out there all night.. rest up in the hotel and board the boat on Monday.. I just hope we are not all hung over from our night in New Orleans. I will for sure be watching how much I drink that night.

Ohhh.. how I am going to miss those kittens!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing..

Hi Danielle!! 

! I am so busy.. sorry I haven't emailed yet. I promise I will make time tomorrow! Hope you had a great weekend!

Well friends.. my house needs some love!


K Jaggers

Late Night ☺ Hello! ☺

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Another great picture!!!

I'm a little nervous for the cat but I love the picture and that's a beautiful cat to top it off!

Well tonight has been a really easy night. Scott and Michael left work early to go play golf.. They didn't even get done till after dark..So I had a lot of time to myself. It was actually kinda nice.

It seemed like a busy day but it also seemed like it unproductive day.. Go figure!

I got these beautiful flowers today..

Such pretty colors..

Look at these..

aren't they just beautiful? They look painted..

I divided the bouquet up and put the pink and purple ones in my bathroom and the

yellow ones in the living room.. Another great picture of the night. Love watching Giovanni sleep.

Michael came and had dinner with us tonight. Its nice having him here. I am sure it gets lonely when you live by yourself.. We all ate really well and before I knew it.. Michael was heading home and we were heading to another friends house to visit. I invited them to dinner a few days ago but I wanted to go say hi anyway! We haven't seen each other in a while because we had the kids. And with us leaving soon for the cruise.. we don't have a lot of spare time.. But happy we will all be hanging out tomorrow night!

Scott and I were barley back home when we looked over at the dog and saw these too. I am not certain that Super Cooper doesn't realize he's a cat! This just goes to show you that cats and dogs can live in harmony!

I also snapped this picture of Gabby. I know you can't tell how big she is.. but shes about to pop. I am hoping the kittens come before we leave. I am boarding her no matter what. I just want her in a vets office because anything can go wrong with her or the kittens she is carrying. I love the kittens.. love the cattery.. but I hate doing this to her. I am 99 % sure this little dream of mine is over. I think I will figure out which ones if any I am keeping from this litter...find all the others good homes and end it there.

Speaking of animals..

Right now you can get tips on getting a disaster plan together for your pets.. Might sound silly but things happen.. Remember all those pets in Louisiana who were hurt and lost from their families when that big hurricane came through? Its a pretty good idea to get things together just in case.. You can click { HERE } to get their facebook page that has a ton of tips..


ASPCA Rescue Alert Sticker

You can sign up to order some of the decals to put on your windows or doors. The only thing I don't like is that you have to list your phone number on here but its on there and there has never been a problem.. But they have to have a way to notify you. God forbid you are not home and a fire starts. Maybe this would help fire fighters get them out.. We have this one the front window and back door. Ours is not updated with the new kittens so I am ordering more. They are free.. You can click { HERE } to access it.. I just think its important to plan for anything and everything.

Speaking of planning.. Still working on getting things ready for the cruise. I said I would post pictures of my dresses so I might end up doing that sometime this weekend..So much left to do!

I did a few more blog changes today. For what ever reason my dang twitter widget was not working so I got a new one. This one only shows one tweet and you have to click on the arrows to see previous tweets. The one on Twitter itself is still not working. If they get it fixed, I will switch them out again. I also added some new pictures to the header and also changed the font on the header. More changes to come!

I really have no plans for tomorrow except picking up the house and shopping for dinner for our friends and us. I have no idea what I am fixing yet but whatever stands out at the store is what I am getting!  

I bought this to die for chocolate cake and this..


is my bedtime snack.. Taking it right into the bedroom with me!

Sweet dreams


K Jaggers

Fall Inspiration..

I have fall on my mind.. I am so anxiously waiting on the leaves to change, the air to crisp up and pumpkins to come out! Rich colors of burgundy and gold... with crisp {jeans wearing} air! These photos which reminded me of why I love Fall ... apple picking, decorated doors, beautiful landscapes and rustic tablescapes... and of course ~ sweet pumpkin bread...

Please be safe on the East Coast.. I am in North Carolina but not on the shore line. But many of you are choosing to ride out the storm who are down there.. I just hope your all ok!

K Jaggers