Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well we are less than 3 hours away from


WOW!!!! We just had a very good dinner and dessert and now we are getting ready for a game of Jenga. One of our favorite games! Husby is still up.. hitting the bourbon pretty hard but he's having a good time with our friends!  Its been a pretty good night so far! Time to break out the wine and champagne and celebrate!

Have a safe night!

K Jaggers

Happy New Years Eve!!

Hope you have a safe and fun night..

Remember.. NO DRINKING AND DRIVING. The cops will be out in strong force tonight but more importantly.. there will be families and children on the roads tonight too. So please just stay put if you are drinking. Its just not worth it!

Our plans for tonight are rather simple. Friends are coming over around 7pm tonight.. I am not cooking anything fancy.. pork chops and my friend is bringing the bread and dessert. So it should be pretty easy. I am showered and have on a little make up but got to finish getting ready and get the house ready too. Its not in too bad of shape but it needs to be picked up and I also need to set the table too. I like to get that done early so I don't have to think about it. I am thinking we will be eating about 8 and then hanging out bringing in the New Year together. As I have said many times, husby doesn't normally make it till midnight but fingers crossed we keep him up! Last year we spent New Years with the same friends! How awesome is that!!??

Have a great day.. I will be back later when I take a break!


K Jaggers

BYE 2011!!


The clock is ticking friends!!

Wow.. another year! Can you believe it!?

Lets go over some of my most favorite moments of 2011!!

What a great year for us. I normally am the person saying " Last Year Sucked " but this time... I am not saying that. I had a very blessed year. Mostly because of the kids and Scott. I had a great time this past year.

 We took a ton of vacations..

We went to Texas

for the summer with the kids and ended up bringing them home with us for the remainder of the summer.

We went to Tennessee 2xs

We had the cruise..

And fun in

fun in New Orleans!!

 We got married again.. If you don't know what I am talking about you can click HERE to check out what happened back in April.

Love this picture!

 I got one of the cars of my dreams on my wedding day too. Kinda another wedding gift from husby.

We had 2 .. I repeat 2 litters of kittens!!

Are they not the cutest things ever!?

Those babies from both those litters stole my heart. I can't even begin to describe what love those kittens brought into my life. You can see any of the post by clicking the " PETS " label on the right or you can also check out Kisha's House of Persians too!

Lets see.. this past year we also moved into a new home. I looooove this house..

and so happy we got it! BTW.. this picture was taken a day before we moved in.. thats not one of our cars!

This past year I also got a great

Birthday cake from husby!

And on my birthday husby took me to

The Biltmore!

We had a great time at Lake Lure.. OMG.. I loved this place!!

Lets think about 2011 more.. Some of the most popular post were..

The calander post..

The Smurfs Movie Review..

Wine reviews are always a big hit.

Of course we added some new series like

Married Life



and lets not forget


even though I have really been behind with this one because of the holidays.

I started this blog a few years ago because I wanted to record our life for family and friends who are not around us anymore. Also for the kids too. I thought it was a great way to document and save pictures and I am tickled pink that I have kept up with this project of mine through good and bad. Though, I won't lie to you, there were days when it was tricky (for whatever reason) to post or to rustle up the mojo to keep going, more often than not I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and often found myself faced with quite the opposite problem - more topics to post about than I had days in a given week! I have started using other blogs as resources to help out sometimes because there is a ton of information out there that I want to share!

Much like the upbeat looking vintage woman pictured above, I usually sat down to write posts with eagerness and a smile on my face. I had a blast covering such a broad range of topics, challenging myself to keep going on those tougher days, and coming up with new, varied ideas post for you guys. Some mine.. some not.. but ALL INTERESTING! I don't for a second regret anything put on this blog. I am hot tempered and sometimes I write when I shouldn't but as I have said many times.. My life is REAL.. GOOD DAYS, BAD DAYS, UPS, DOWNS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. Same goes with my marriage. We are real people.. with very full life!

Many of you have been with me from the beginning of this blog, others became avid readers along the road, and a for a few this post itself may be the first they've ever read The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife. Wherever you joined up in this blogging adventure, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, encouragement, comments/emails, and inspiration.  It has been a joy and an honour to share this life of ours with you, and I truly look forward to all the wonderful new adventures 2012 holds in store for both this blog and all of our lives.

Thank you for being a part of our lives! I would love to get to know each of you more too! You can always email me at kishajaggers@aol.com and tell me about yourself! I have got a ton of emails since I disabled comments and it was totally worth it. I think you guys feel like you can be more of yourself when the world is not watching or reading your comments. So keep the emails flowing in! Sorry that I don't always respond as fast as I should.. but I do respond!

Happy New Years!

I hope you have a blessed day and I can't wait to bring in the new year with the

husband of my dreams.


K Jaggers

Welcome to Saturday!!!


This is another scheduled post. I am sure while this goes live at 10 am I will still be dreaming! I am really loving this schedule thing.. I wish I would have done it for post while I was on the cruise or on vacation!

I plan on getting up reading the paper with a great hot of coffee and starting my day off with EASY!!

I hope you guys have a great day. I hope you take it slow this morning and just enjoy the day. Its also

WOW.. can you believe that when the clock strikes midnight. it will be

Time sure flys by..

Have any plans for tonight or any thoughts on the new year.. Load up my inbox with New Years thoughts!!

Talk to you guys in a few hours!

Have a great day!

K Jaggers

Sweet Dreams

I am a sleepy lady today. I don't know what is going on but I am tired tonight.. which is a good thing! In just a few minutes I am going to snuggle up in bed and watch a movie until I doze off. Its been a pretty relaxing night. I made dinner and sat around laughing with Scott. He is such a mess but a funny one! He got home later than expected so we didn't have a lot of time together so thank goodness the weekend is here!

I think our friends are coming over tomorrow for dinner.. they have a lot going on so not totally sure but I hope they come! I don't really have any plans for tomorrow. Staying in my pjs as long as I can is a big big part of the plan! I think our New Years dinner is going to be pork chops. I know, not too glamorous but it sure will be good! But its easy and won't take too much work on my part to get dinner on the table.

Ohh.. I ended up cutting my finger really bad tonight. It happened when Scott was on his way home and I was taking a blade out of this gadget and I ended up slicing the top of my finger off. I had blood all over the bathroom and when husby came home nurse Jaggers got me all fixed up. Oddly enough it didn't hurt that bad until Scott started bandaging it all up.. then it started throbbing.. so thankfully he helped finish dinner tonight. It took a long time to stop the bleeding but its better now.

Also today my son made his big debut online. He is all set up with email accounts and facebook and is figuring out his new computer that he got for Christmas. Its pretty scary but I am trying to keep an eye on him and if he starts to mess up.. I will pull all of his accounts. We were on the phone tonight.. just giggling and thinking about the summer. I can't wait for that little shit to be running through the house like a wild child!

I am sorry if any of you guys saw my mean tweets. I am dealing with a moron who just can't stop hiding. Its so easy to be mean when you are hiding who you are. Its just really sad.. but I finally blocked them. Its just so not worth my time anymore. You know, having this blog means people know a lot about me. I put myself out there but that doesn't mean I am open to cruelty. Yes this is America and people are allowed to say what they want..even lies but I don't have to read it, listen it to it, or acknowledge it. It almost makes me feel like a celebrity! Shit.. its like being in the tabloids.. at least they are not attacking my clothes or anything! I think my relationship with my husband also brings a lot of people who are jealous and want us to fail more than succeed. My life is totally unexpected for me too. I couldn't imagine in a million years that I would have a man I adore so much who actually calls me his biggest addiction. He loves me back.. and I feel it every day. Even on bad days. But not everyone has that.. and that's another point of attack. They like bringing my children into it too. I don't have my children on a daily basis because Scott and I have had to relocate due to his work a few times and moving the kids around like that is not right. So another point of attack. These mean people cannot know anything about love. There is a bond between Brittany, Jackson and myself that nothing can break. Nothing. If you were to ask them.. they would tell you the same thing. So I am grateful for the life I have and I grateful for you guys who have come back to this blog over and over.. who leave me emails telling me how something I said, changed their life or telling me they loved a recipe I posted.. and you know what.. I even appreciated the haters a little bit because it actually helps me remember whats important. I have been a mess my whole life. I really have. But the last 8 years.. I have slowly grown up and figured out this life is not about fighting. Its about time and memories more than anything. Time with your family and your loved ones and making as many good memories as you can. That's what I have been doing. I don't really have time in my life for people who weak and who like to try to cause pain while they remain hidden. . I deleted most of the tweets because I am not proud of responding back the way I did. I just get fed up. Scott has told me over and over that this is nothing and I should not validate it in any way. I loose my cool a lot.. but its time to take control back and just keep doing what I am doing and not pay any attention to people who want to hurt me. I think what makes me more upset than anything is they are such cowards. You know.. if i don't like someone.. I say it. I don't care. I don't have to hide. I stand behind the words that come from my mouth..even the wrong words. There is only a handful of people that would do this. How sad must their life really be to do this to anyone. I hope Karma gets them good one day. Until then I am going to keep on being =) HAPPY =) and live the best life I can.. and that will include blogging!

Thanks for listening..

Well I need to make the coffee and get in bed. I'm tired!

Talk to you tomorrow!


K Jaggers

Fill In The Blank Friday!!

Friday, December 30, 2011


A great time for a fresh start. I know its sounds funny but I think its a great time to start a new calender, a new system for your home and life.. just an over all new start!


I stopped that a long time ago. I just don't do resolutions. A couple years ago I made the resolution to stop cursing.. yea.. that lasted like 2 hours. I curse like a sailor and that isn't changing.


Again.. stop cursing.. and also one year I decided to start working out. That lasted about a month!


Can't think of one.


My friends and my husband.. .I will be skyping with Brittany and Jackson right at midnight.. if they will stay up!


To have more time with the kids.

7. 2012 IS GOING TO BE..

Amazing and full of love and memories.


Ha! This is going live right before Midnight!! Soooo.. I am still on time!


K Jaggers

Lost Florida Pictures!!

I was going through old post that I had not published yet and found these lost Florida Pictures. This was from our last visit.. for Scotts Father.

Here is

Scott and Marjorie

and here I am

We were off to the hospital..

Here we are..

We spent a lot of time

going in and out of these doors.

I love the palm trees. Something about them says " HOME " to me.

My phone.. my life line for long days in the hospital.


took some spare time to wash the car and

with his pants rolled up.. he looked like Huck Fin!

Is that not a pretty car?

I love it.

The sign going into Mr. Jaggers house

Fairway getting a lift to the hospital to see Mr. Jaggers

Then we made it to the

airport to pick up

Scott's brother.

I did take some pictures of him but promised to not publish them!

This picture of the

sky was so beautiful going back across the bay.

and Scott loved the flag on the back of this bike.. so I got a picture just for him!

Those are all the Florida pictures now!


K Jaggers