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I am sure many of you have now spotted the new Tide with Pods sitting on your local grocery store shelves. Have any of you tried them yet?? Well, I am going to take a few minutes to give my thoughts on these little packs..I know there are a ton of reviews on these already but I figured I would add my opinion on these too!

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So here they are.. These were at my local Walmart.

14 Loads, $4.47

They had 3 different scents..

Spring Meadow

Mystic Forest

and Ocean Mist.

There were lots of different sizes to choose from too.

40-, 57-, and 77-count

The Tide Pods are a single use pod with three chambers:

The large one contains detergent and the smaller two have stain remover and brightener.

The pod is made of a film, which magically disintegrates when it comes in contact with water of any temperature, including cold. Exactly like those little dishwasher pods.

So these are great because they work in all temperatures. So if you do your laundry in cold water they will work for you too!

The Pods are also environmentally friendly. Heating the water for the laundry is the number one use of energy when it comes to doing laundry, so it's important to know you can use these in cold water. (I'll confess, I usually do my laundry on the warm setting.)

It is recommended that you place the pod at the bottom of the drum of the washing machine before you put in any clothes, regardless of if you’re using a front-loading machine or top-loading machine.
You don’t have to measure, so there are no drips or spills.
Because the pods contains stain remover, there’s no need to pre-treat clothes...but I still pre treat clothes anyway.

This side has the detergent and the other side

has the stain fighter and brightener in it.

The formula inside the Tide Pods is only 10 percent water, which helps keep them small. There are three chambers so the detergent, remover and brightener stay separate until you’re ready to wash.  Pretty handy huh?

Tide recommends that you just toss this into the bottom of the drum of the washing machine before you put in any clothes, regardless of if you’re using a front-loading machine or top-loading machine.

I have to admit, I was sceptical that 1 of these little pods would really clean our clothes. We have a big washer and I just didn't see 1 pod getting my clothes clean. But to my shock, one pod worked. There were times when I had a big load when I added 2 pods to make sure. I think these just shows that we all use more product than what we need to a lot of times. I just don't see this little bubble being enough soap. But it is.

I still love my Tide Powder.. I really do. I find more coupons in the boxed powder than I do on any other product.. But these are great for people who have to haul their laundry like an apartment, town house, or to the laundry mat. These are so light. I would have LOVED these when I lived in apartments. All that laundry stuff is heavy to carry. These would make it so much easier.

The price of the pods is a bit higher than for liquid detergent, but according to Tide an impressive 97 percent of consumers reported being satisfied with the time, effort and excellent results with the Tide Pods as compared to only 68 percent of other consumers. Thats pretty good!

Is there a down side to these??

I have seen complaints about a blue goo being on some of their freshly washed clothes.. and I think I know why.. I think yes, you put the little pac in the bottom of the washer, then turn on the water and and let it fill up. If you stack your clothes on top of it and then start the water, it might not dissolve well, especially  if you over load the washer.

When I used these, I could smell the detergent. I like that.. but if you are sensitive to smells and scents, you might want to go with another kind of laundry soap.. at least until they have a non scented one out. ( which will probably be sooner than later! )

Final Thoughts

I think for me personally, I will probably stick to the powder for most days and also using my homemade laundry soap for rugs and towels. But I will continue to keep a small bag of these around just in case, and also to travel with. Another good thing about these is that they are heat resistant, so if you leave it in the trunk of your car, you won’t come back to a gooey mess.  Great for college kids too!

It is also nice that they are estimated that using the Tide Pods will save you an hour over the course of the year. That may not sound like a huge amount, but think of all those days when you long for an extra 30 seconds. It adds up!

And to top it off.. they are ECO friendly..

I think these are great.  I just love the coupons from the box powder Tides but my laundry room has these in it, I will use them at times, and I think they are a hit! They really are no fus, easy to use, seem to really work well and get the clothes clean, and are super light weight.  The formula inside the Tide Pods is only 10 percent water, which helps keep them small.

Over all I am giving these an

Just as I would with any Tide products!! I love Tide.. I think its the best laundry soap on the market.. I use it all time on our clothes. I do love the laundry soap I make ( link above ) but I love Tide more! We really put our clothes to the test in this house and Tide works well for us!

I would love to hear your thoughts if you have tried these! Just shoot me an email and I will be sure to add your comments to this post!


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