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Saturday, June 30, 2012

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K Jaggers

Happy Weekend!

Catnip and bubbles

Happy Weekend to you all! 

Boy, last night was such a bad night for me health wise. We took off to the dealership to clean it up and by time I was done, I felt super sick and it didn't change until I fell to sleep.. That's why I didn't blog much in the evening hours. I laid around on the couch all night and then about 12am I went to bed and still felt bad. Thankfully, I had cooked dinner before we left but I didn't eat much. I am sure we will have it again for left overs.. and husby even cleaned the kitchen while I was feeling bad. I was such a total grump to top it off. But  all the boys were understanding and sweet.

I woke up today feeling better. I slept pretty late but it was cold.. Since I was feeling so bad, I jacked the air down lower than normal but this morning my feet were cold!! 

I woke up sometime in the night and found a pair of 

Warm hand-made bed socks thanks to my cousin-in-law

comfy socks to sleep in.. strange for summer huh!? Anyway, Scott got off to work.. and I am enjoying this pretty Saturday inside with the boys.. They are consumed with xbox, and the wii right now so I am watching ... 

A pretty accurate display of what brought us Elizabeth I. And a perfect movie for Saturday! 

The boys are doing great today. Everyone slept great and seem to be in a good mood. Husby might be taking the boys the drive in tonight.. not sure.. and we were going to have a 4th of July cookout today.. but we changed that.. plan on spending 4th with the boys and in a couple weeks have the cookout. Its too hot.. Courtney doesn't have Jake this weekend, Brittany isn't here.. and we are just not prepared. Its sucks but we will still have it! 

Anyway, got some posts to work on.. 

Have a great Saturday! 


K Jaggers

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Friday, June 29, 2012

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K Jaggers

Fill in the __ Friday!! ~ Color ~

Today is all about Color!! 

teal and brown

One of my favorite colors for any season would have to be 

Teal  & Brown

I love the combination!! I think its perfect for any season.. which is pretty amazing and I think its perfect for many other things too.. 


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K Jaggers


Happy GOOD Friday :)

Hello and Happy Happy Friday to you all!! I hope you all are having a beautiful day! Its suppose to be 104 here today.. so I have already watered all the flowers because if not, they will all wilt. I can't believe how hot it is this week. Its suppose to be 103 tomorrow and 104 on Sunday which is totally crazy.


If you have a pet, you really should keep them in the air or shade in such hot weather.. If you have one of those little pools its a great way for you dog to cool down..

They are so cheap but work really well to cool down your dog. Make sure on hot days like this that they have plenty of cool water to drink. If you have the water outside.. you are going to have to check it often because the water will heat up.. and if your pet drinks that hot water, their body temp will go up and it could kill them. Its no joke with pets and this kind of heat. I always see on the news in the summer where pets are dying from being out in the heat. Its terrible to see when it could be easily prevented. Thats one of the main reasons we shave Cooper in the summer.. It cools him down and it also cuts down on shedding in the summer months. He does look weird though! =) But watch out for your pets in this weather.. its not just dogs either.. its cats too. All need cold fresh water and excess to shade or air conditioning. I understand having outside pets.. but you have to take precautions in this kind of weather.

I have already posted some freebies that I didn't want you to miss out on.. if you want to check them out click here. I will be posting more as they come in so come back often if you don't want to miss out!

I tried to get a hold of Brittany but her butt isn't answering that phone. Grrrr. I hate that.. we area having a talk today about that phone. It needs to stay on her at all times!

I have no big plans today except to work around the house and computer.. Next up.. emails. lots of emails!

Have a great Friday!

K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

Done w/ Thursday!

Hello.. its a little after 1am and I am finally getting a little time to sit down and play on the computer. Its been a long night around here.. We took off to the dealership and got it cleaned up in about an hour.. Here are the boys in husby's office. They both seem to like helping.. which is nice because I don't have to listen to them complain about doing it.. instead they just get busy and help get it done! 


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Thursday, June 28, 2012

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K Jaggers

Away She Goes!!

Today was all about getting Brittany Belle to the airport. 

We picked up husby and he got us there.. 

We got  

parked.. and we took off to get her checked in.. 

Gosh.. she is growing up so fast on me!

She wanted to pull her own luggage.. and she pulled it 

straight in the airport.. 

We got her checked in.. 

got her little bracelet on.. 

The boys wanted me to get a picture of the airplane 

in the airport. 

We were only allowed to take 2 people to the gate.. So husby had to keep the boys while I took her to the gate.. 

We got there.. and she was 

happy in line waiting to board.. 

The kids who were flying alone were first to get on.. 

I gave her a big hug and kiss and started praying. I can't tell you how nervous I get when my kids are flying alone. It will always worry me till the day I die. But she wasn't scared...she was happy happy to be going to her grandmothers! 

Away she goes.. 

When I took this picture above.. she was walking down that tunnel.. 

All the parents had to stay there by the window until the plane took off.. There was 4 of us ( mothers only ) standing there waiting for the plane to take off.. all worried about our kids. 

I think I prayed the entire time I stood there. I teared all up when Brittany got on the plane.. she looked at me and said.. " Don't cry mom.. I'm going to have fun! " Words of a 10 year old. 

In to the air she went.. Right now its 612 my time and I am happy to report that she has landed and in the care of my mom.. and I am sure she is having a blast! 

I called her father.. let him know she was landed.. and we started making our way home. 

My house really needs some love..But I have to leave again about 8 to go clean up the dealership. It only takes about an hour to do but we are skipping family swim night. We won't get out of there till after 9 so its not happening.  Dinner tonight is left overs.. and we have a frig full of them so that should work out just fine for all of us. 

I am tired but going to work around the house anyway plus try to get some coupon posts up.. but clearly I am running behind! 


K Jaggers

Hello Thursday!


Hello.. Sleepy hello to you all! We are all up and starting to get ready to head out to the airport. So far this morning things are running more smoothly. Thank God it has started off better than yesterday. I had one hell of a bad day yesterday. I could have made another list of things that have gone wrong from yesterday afternoon till the time went to bed. Yesterday just sucked! I couldn't have been more happy to climb in my bed and end it. Good news is.. I just checked my horoscope and things seem to be better today. Yea!! 

We have to leave here at 1230 and go pick up husby at the dealership. Then we are off to the airport. Brittany flys out at 240.. and then we have to drive back home. I am guessing we will be back home around 430 or so. This is Zanes first time heading to the airport so it will be fun for him! I am sure both of the boys are going to miss Brittany Belle but I also think they will still have fun without her too! 

I will work on coupon posts when I get back.. I also have some reviews to get up.. I am sure it will be a video review to save time but I am also going to work on getting blog posts up to go with the video reviews. I just think doing it by video will work best due to time restraints. Its summer and there is limited time for long reviews. So stay tuned! 

Anyway, I have to clean up, get the kids cleaned up and head out! 

Hope we all have a great Thursday! 


K Jaggers


Omg.. today totally SUCKED!! And tonight was not much better. Its 1am and I just spilled an entire cup of coke all over the kitchen. I don't know how much more of the bullshit I can take. I could seriously be a dangerous threat to anyone right now. Thankfully husby was pretty understanding of my mood and was pretty easy to deal with. He understands why my day sucked.. and he still loves me! 

I did manage to get Brittany Belle packed up because she is flying out tomorrow. I hate it too.. I am really going to miss her but I know she needs time with her grandmother. She's super excited and I tried my best in my terrible foul mood to put a smile on my face and pack her up. We have to leave about 1230 to pick up husby and then we are off to Charlotte. We won't be back till after 5pm. So its going to be a long day. 

So today is freaking over.. I am done.. and I am going to curl up in bed next to my husband and pray for a better day tomorrow. But first some sweet pillow talk with my Brittany. ♥


K Jaggers


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh my.. where to even start with today.. It has been a complicated mess of a day for me since the minute I opened my eyes. I have been very stressed out today and I am not sure its going to end until I am back in bed later tonight. 

Here's what has happened so far today.. 

* Lost some important paperwork.. Got super upset with husby about it..* 

* Then in today's mail it showed up. - FEEL LIKE A COMPLETE JERK * 

* Went to get cat food and at checkout I realized my debit card was in the swim bag, not my purse.. had to come back to get it.. then back to buy the cat food *

* When I pulled back in the garage after getting the cat food, I got out of the car.. my phone was on my lap and it fell and now the screen is cracked. SHIT!! * 

* I come in and reach to put the put the phone on the bar, it totally falls in the dog water.... DOUBLE SHIT!! * 

* I go to make lunch.. reach for the kool - aid and the lid is 1/2 on - ( thanks kids ) and it spills all over the floor. * 

* I get lunch made, and then go to get myself lunch.. I move something and the gallon zip lock that has a bunch of  cut up watermelon in it was open.. needless to say it spilled all over the frig. ( thanks Brittany ) * 

* Brittany is due to fly out tomorrow and NOTHING is packed.. * 

* The house is not a total wreck, but there are a ton of things that are waiting on me to do. * 

* I have to be at the dealership at 615 tonight. Oh my.. *

* Realized today that the dates for the cookout might be changing.. f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g- * 

* I have been running around a total mess today.. totally need a shower and some make up before I leave the house again tomorrow. * 

* Realized that my zucunni plants have some kind of fungus on them... that I need to find treatment for asap. *

* I have NOTHING planned for dinner tonight. Yea.. shopping on the way home for something very fast. * 

* Still haven't finished shaving the dog. * 

* Lost a beach towel some where along the way.. and totally pissed off about it. ( Scott thinks it blew off the boat ) *

* And to top everything else off.. I broke a nail today. * 

I have no idea what the night holds but from the look of it.. it isn't going to be good. =( I am going to do my best at trying to shake it off and go into a better evening. I am going to go in a long shower.. clean up .. and then go to the dealership and try to take my mind off this crazy day. You know what's funny.. I tend to only check my horoscope on bad days and today its right on the money. I think I should have just stayed in bed! 

Anyway, my day SUCKS.. how's yours?

K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

Wednesday = Grumpy Day



 Hello.. hope your Wednesday is going better than mine. I woke up to some bad news and I am not in the best of moods right now but trying to just say screw it and not think about it. Grrrrr...I hate waking up to bad news. A friend pulled a joke on me yesterday as soon as I got up and I totally freaked out on her and today the bad news is not a joke.. So I have tons of paperwork to go through.. lots of phone calls to make and none of it makes me happy. =( Too bad for husby being he had to give me the bad news. This is one of those days when I would ring his neck. Its a bunch of missing paperwork that we need and I have to spend my day hunting for it. 

I don't have a ton of time either today. I have to be at the dealership around 6. Plus I need to finish shaving Super Cooper too. That might have to wait till tomorrow. The kids are going crazy downstairs right now. Brittany was just screaming at Jackson for waking her up.. the boys are playing a game.. and I am still upstairs. I have plenty of posts that I also want to try to get up too.. so stay tuned! 

I have to turn my grumpy day around and try to make a better day out of everything! 

Wish me luck! 


K Jaggers

* Yawn *


Late night hello to you all! I am sleepy tonight but for some strange reason, I am not as exhausted as I have been the past few nights. Thankful for that! Today was a pretty good day around here. All the kids got along good and I wasn't constantly breaking up fights. YEA!! I don't want to speak too soon because we have a few more weeks to go before the Brittany & Zane head back to their other houses and Jackson starts school. I won't lie.. it will be nice to have the house back to a little more quiet and calm home. But the kids are great and we have really enjoyed having them here! 


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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K Jaggers

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K Jaggers



Just a very very fast hello... I have been busy shaving the dog.. and time has crept up on me.. We are heading out to the dealership to clean it up and then we are grabbing some dinner and heading to family night swim at the pool.. I won't be back till later tonight! 

Have a great evening!


K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

Tuesday Greetings!

Pretty peonies

Hello and happy Tuesday to you all!

I have already been posting some freebies for you guys. I wanted to get them up fast so you don't miss out on them! So be sure to click here to check them out! 

The boys are running around here playing like wild kids. At least they are getting along right now.. but by 8pm they will be grumpy with each other! =)

So did any of you see Rielle Hunter on the view today.. OMG.. YUCK! Another home wrecker! I can't believe that they even had her on. I think they brought her on to grill her like she is on a witness stand. I think she is disgusting.. And guess what.. John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are split up! Ha! Remember ladies.. IF THEY CHEAT TO BE WITH YOU, THEY WILL CHEAT ON YOU! . I don't understand women like that. Maybe high school girls acting that way but not grown women. When you make and have a family.. everything changes and I hate women who target men who have families.. and I am not just letting the men off the hook either.. but I hate women who can do that to another woman. Then this crazy bitch says it was the wifes fault he cheated. WHAT!? I got to stop talking about this otherwise I am going to start cursing really badly! I am just glad the ladies of the view didn't let her off easily. 

- Husby walked in and hung out for a few - so this post is late! - He came home for a quick lunch and back out he went. I wish he would have stayed longer. - but he had somethings to take care of at work. 

We have the dealership to clean later tonight and we also have family night swim.. so come 6pm we are going to be super busy! 

Well, lots to do today. I will be back soon! 


K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

Good Night ♥

sweet dreams

Hello all! Its late here and I really should be sleeping but time is never my friend! I got all  ready for bed.. phones plugged in, animals fed, breakfast sat out, kids tucked in, doors locked, alarm turned on.. and then I snuggle into my comfy bed next to husby...open the laptop and then one of the kids walks in and tells me they are sick. Yep.. fantastic huh!? So out of the bed I come.. I have to get them taken care of.. Pepto of course, and tucked back in bed.. kissed goodnight and here I am tired and a little grumpy but still going for the next few minutes! 

I really do crave time to myself.. Is that wrong being I am a mother and wife? Its not that I don't adore my husband or love my kids but sometimes I just need to get some alone time to get back to focusing on the rest of the family. I never understood what my grandmother meant when she would say that being alone is a luxury.. but now I do! I think husby is feeling the pressure too and is craving some alone time to himself. He hasn't done very much on his own in the past month either. Everything has been either work or kids for him. So I am hoping that maybe Sunday he can get some golf time in on his own. The boys are going to get all upset if he doesn't take them but I think it would be good for husby to get some alone time too. So going to be working on it for him! 

I didn't realize that this weekend is the weekend we are having some friends over to celebrate the 4th of July. Since we are not doing it on the 4th I am thinking it will be a small gathering of just some friends and us. In fact, I think Courtney is going to come down tomorrow and go swimming with us tomorrow night. Not sure if she will come or not but if she does it will be fun! Brittany will love seeing her! 

Cleaning the dealership was easy tonight. The kids seemed to love it...which was shocking! I have to do it the rest of the week.. so it will be a busy week for us. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it will just be the boys helping out being little Brittany Belle is flying out to see her grandmother. Jackson is a little nervous to fly so mom will be coming here when she brings Brittany back and spending some time with him. I don't want to get emails about her picking one child over another. She is working and Brittany will be helping her out each day and Jackson would hate that anyway! 

Tomorrow husby is going to work a few hours in the am and then come home and spend the rest of the day with us.. which I love! 

Well its late.. my husband looks so sweet laying next to me that I am going to shut this computer and start dreaming! 

Have a great Tuesday! 

K Jaggers