Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mail Call - Freebies!! -

You guys know how I love free samples.. I get them all the time!! When I started these post many years ago starting on my first blog on myspace...from 2008 I use to get comments about how I got so many. I shared many links on there.. and then I started posting them on here. I have been working hard on doing fast post up of freebies..If you don't want to miss out on these deals you might want to subscribe for our

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Because the freebies go fast.

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However, if you are really wanting a bunch of freebies you might want to bookmark this site so you can check it often...The emails come once a day but sometimes the freebies go in a matter of hours.. even minutes with some. I sign up for every freebie.. and then I post it.. I can't grantee how long the will last.  


These are the freebies that have came in the past couple of weeks. I pile them up till I have enough for a post  .. and then I usually put them up till I need them. 

There are 11 here.. and that's about normal.. Most days, a freebie comes in! =)

I got some 

Seattle's Best Coffee

with a coupon! 

I also got a Dr. Scholl's for her 

sample.. and if I would have thought about it, I would have ordered one in Scotts name too!!!

and then maybe I would have a set.. but there is a $2 off coupon.. which is great! 

I got a Tide with Febreze sample.. 

I also got this Tide Pod Sample... I am such a sucker for cute packaging.. I love how its a little 

washer that opens up 

and there's the sample! 

But no coupon.. 

I also got this 

Ecover Zero 

all Natural Laundry soap.  Kinda excited to see how well this works.. might have to try it out and do a review. 

Also I got this sample in from Walmart of this 

Matrix Total Results Leave in Conditioner. Great for traveling! 

I also got this Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream. 

Open it up.. 

and there this a free shipping code! 

I got another duo of Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and conditioner.. 

Again great for travel! 

I got another one of these Hydroxystim 

I will give this away to someone.. 

I got a sample of  Jergans Naturals Smooth Cream. 

Another great item that I will pack for our upcoming trip to Louisiana. 

And last.. I got these Sani - Hands wipes.. that look like crap because I did have these in my purse. 

I love the sample packs and would really like if they sold individual ones that I can take with me!!

Now these go up and make room for new ones!

Have a great night


K Jaggers

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