Making Homemade Butter!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Homemade

Making homemade butter couldn't be easier!! I remember making this in 2nd grade.. passing the jar around our circle shaking it.. It was a lot of fun to see how the butter practically made itself with just a little shaking! 

All you need are some little jars.. I bought little canning jars to make it but old baby food jars work just as good! And then you will need some heavy cream! 

Fill the little jars up with the cream.. make sure the lids are on good.. 

and shake.. shake.. shake!! 

You can see it coming together in the jar.. 

And in about 10-15 minutes you will have the whey and the butter.. 

Once the butter has clumped together, put in a bowl and continue mashing it with a spoon and then rinse the butter in cold water.. Yes it sounds weird but all you have to do is rinse it in the bowl.. and drain it.. do it a couple of times until the water runs clear.. then add some salt to taste and your done! 

Great Great Activity for the kids! 


K Jaggers

Tuesday Tips: Grilled Cheese in the Toaster!

Here is a tip that I am totally in love with.. Did you know that you could turn your toaster on its side and make a grilled cheese in it? I didn't know this but since I have found this tip.. I have done it several times and now making a grilled cheese is super easy with NO CLEAN UP! 


Do you have a great tip to share!? Send it to me!!


K Jaggers

Wet Tuesday


Afternoon! Hope your Tuesday is going well!! Its a wet rainy day around here. I don't think either of the kids realize that its suppose to rain all day.. which means there is a good chance the pool will be closed. Never know.. maybe it will be cleared up by then! 

We all slept in but again.. I didn't sleep that good in the morning. I laid around most of the am trying to go back to sleep but it didn't happen. So instead Jackson piled in my bed and we enjoyed many shows of Sponge Bob! Not my favorite by any means but Jackson loves it so we laid there together for a couple hours watching all his shows. There is something sweet about laying in bed with him.. he is such a good cuddler! 

Today I am going back into the laundry room and working hard to try to catch it up. I hate that job.. Did I mention I seriously hate it!!?? I think it sucks and if there was any job I could pay someone for it would be laundry.I use to pay people to take care of it when Scott and I got together. I had never been in a laundry mat before him and my first impression was it was a really good smelling place. It was so warm, cozy, and smelled like fabric softener.. Then I realized I wasn't there to actually do laundry.. I was there to drop it off. They took all the clothes and a few hours later they had it all washed, folded and the hanging clothes were hung up. HOW GREAT IS THAT!? I loved it.. and now I totally wish I could do that still. But that new washer and dryer in my laundry room pretty much stops me taking all our laundry to that good smelling laundry mat! 

Thank you guys who have took time to email me today. I receive e-mails frequently from people encouraging me and the things I write about, and I can't tell you what that means to me. Most of todays emails were about the layout of the blog and the new comment form on the Contact Me Page. I love that it is easy for you guys to now email me. Also that form will be on some posts when I am asking you to respond. That way  it will be easier to send out those emails! You know with this blog, I try my best to show the real - Kisha - and cover all areas of my life. Some people would prefer that I write only about cooking, or make up or kitty cats, or Kabbalah.. but I am not just one of those topics.  My blog is a reflection of me ... who I am in every aspect of my life.  My passion.  My interests.  My convictions.  My hobbies.  My relationships.  They are all mine, and they all make up "me".  I feel like you get a more true, whole version of who I am when I do write about all of these things, and not just one.  So keep coming back because you will get a variety of topics around here! Thanks so much for your kind words.. you guys are the best! 

Have a great Tuesday! 

K Jaggers


Hello friends.. Hope you had a great day! Its late here and I should be in bed but tonight its not so easy for me to fall asleep so I thought I would say hello! 

Today was a better day. I still felt bad but not as bad.. if that makes any sense?? Anyway, Carly stayed the night again and when both girls woke up they got busy painting their faces up.. 

It was sooooo funny! 

Such goofballs! 

We worked around the house a lot today trying to get it cleaned up some. We still have a lot to do but little by little we are getting there! 

I also loaded up.. 

cute Jackson and took off to the market. 

We did our shopping and couponing.. and then he was very kind to load 

up the grocery's in the car for me and put the cart up! He's such a great little helper. 

I didn't cook tonight. It was left overs for dinner tonight and it worked out great to clean out the frig! I am cooking the rest of the week but having tonight off was super nice! 

Husby got home and we all spent the evening together.. however he was the first in bed..and I shut down the house around 10... put both kids to bed and I came right up to bed too. Well.. I had a long hot bath and in bed I came. I have been working a lot on here to kinda clean things up around here some. I changed the design of Our Fairytale and its much much more simple. I still have lots of writing to get done on it but I like the design a lot more. Lots of changes are coming to this blog.. lots.. so just hang in there with me! I also changed the contact me page a little bit too. I added a very simple form for you to be able to contact me via email. However, I think I am at the point where I might open comments back up too.. ( just a thought! ) . Also you will find the pages now at the top of the blog. I think its much cleaner looking and I hope its easier for you guys too!  

Anyway, it was a better day for me today.. not a great day but I am starting to feel better. =) 

Tomorrow we are hanging around the house until we take off for our Tuesday night swim. Husby is working his day off so he can switch it out with Saturday for our trip. But.. he should be home in time to go swimming too. I hate not having him with us. I swear its just not the same without him. I would totally be a lost mess without him. 

Well, time for some sleep.. 


K Jaggers

July Favorites!

Monday, July 30, 2012

July has been a very busy month for us around here at the Jaggers House.

 I haven't been wearing a ton of makeup or even doing much to my hair. To be very honest, some days I am lucky to get a shower! Having a a house full of kids has really took much of my time up! So I don't have a ton of beauty favorites for this month.. but here are the few items that I have reached for more than any others this month! 


Let me know your favorites! 


K Jaggers

Take some time to explore Our newly updated YouTube Page. Check out all my recent videos in the first row and browse through all the different categories of videos (like Beauty, Cooking, Pets, Trips and much more!) located in the bottom rows. Plus,subscribe to my Youtube Channel  (click on the Subscribe button in the top right ) and be the first one to learn about newly released videos! Enjoy!



Hope you are having a beautiful evening!

July favorites video coming up soon!

K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

Acting Green or Being Green??

Around here, I try to go green and organic as much as I can. Its not easy.. we have a serious issue with paper towels. I use them all the time and I haven't been able to make the switch. Maybe it has something with the massive amount of laundry I already have even bigger.. and how hard it will be to keep the cloth towels from being badly stained. 
But there are still ways you can change. Sure, you can act green and maybe shorten the length of your shower, unplugging appliances when not in use, or even using fewer lights.. But you can also update your appliances with energy efficient appliances. If you rent, you might not want to do all these but you can do a few of them. If you update the products in your home, you don't have to change your lifestyles.
ActGreenBuyGreen Acting Green vs. Buying Green

I also tend to hang a lot of clothes out. In the summer I don't like to use the dryer that much, and I am also a fan of no air conditioning. I like it warmer. But husby hates and the kids hate it. I try to turn it off in the evenings when the sun goes down. 
For more information you can always check out who made that great graphic!
So how do you live green in your homes? I would love to hear from you!!

K Jaggers

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K Jaggers



Afternoon everyone. 

I am starting to feel a little better. I am totally happy that I didn't wake up at all last night in pain and being sick. My stomach is really sore.. if I cough its a lot of pain but I am starting to feel better.. THANK GOD. We all slept in today. I woke up about noon and went downstairs and both girls were sound asleep and Jackson was passed out on the couch. So I guess they are getting all rested up too. I feel sorry for husby who didn't get to sleep in like us. Instead, he was up early and took off to the dealership to work hard for all of us. Thank you baby.. ♥

I don't know how much I am going to get done today being I have been sick for days. BUT.. I am sure going to try. I have a bunch of laundry to work on and I also have a ton of laundry to do today. I have to get it caught up because we are heading to Indiana this weekend to take Brittany home. So lots to do this week and this weekend we will be back to traveling. I am thankful to be getting all the kids back so we can get on a schedule with Jackson. He has a big year ahead of him and its time to start focusing on that. 

I know that I have a lot of emails to answer. I will be working on getting those answered really soon. I also have a July favorites post coming up too. I am not sure if its going to be a video or just a regular post but I am thinking a video will be faster and easier. 

Anyway, time to get started around here.. no matter how bad I feel.. I have things to do! 


K Jaggers



It has been one hell of a day around here today. I am totally sick right now and it SUCKS. I am laying in bed and I seriously think I am dying.. and here I am blogging about it. I seriously don't know how long I can last like this.  To top it off, Brittany's little friend Carly is here for another night. They are being quiet but lets just say.. I am not in the mood for company right now. 

For dinner tonight, I made a big ham dinner and couldn't eat one bite of it. I was shocked that I actually got up and cooked feeling this bad.. but I wanted to give the kids something good for dinner. They seemed to enjoy it... I instead passed out on the couch until that goofy ex husband of mine rang my phone. I seriously don't know how we ever ended up together. Lets just say... its a good thing to be many miles away from each other!! After having a husband like that.. makes me extremely 


for the husband that I have now. While its not always a walk in the park for him either but wow.. its like night and day between them. What was I thinking many years ago?? ** Deep Breath ** I would rather have the flu for 10 years straight than to deal with that man. 

Anyway, today was not so good around here. I felt horrible all day long and here I am feeling horrible still.. Soooooo good night. 

I wish you all a great Monday. 


K Jaggers

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

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K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

Sunday Greetings!


Hello and happy Sunday to you all! 

I hope you are having a great day. Around here... the house is full of kids.. and its been noisy since about 830 am. I managed to doze on and off for most of the morning but Jackson really didn't want anyone to sleep in today. He was loud and grumpy.. and even playing pranks on the girls. The girls were up later than I was last night and I think both of them are tired and grumpy today. Right now they are still laying in their bed tents playing online and watching tv. I think they want Carley to stay the night again. Its fine by me.. but still got to check with her mom to make sure that is ok. Like I said.. I would rather have the kids here than not!

I have a lot to try to do today.. I didn't do near as much yesterday that I wanted to do.. Instead, I worked hard on switching over my email delivery system. Yea.. not fun and it took a lot of hours trying to get it all set up. This morning, it seems everything is running smoothly! Yea!!

Husby right now is on this really really nice golf course.. 

I totally wish he was here but I am glad he is having a good time.. 

And he is playing with Michael of course. I don't even think he will be home till 6 or 7 tonight. 

I was sick to my stomach most of the night. I don't know what is wrong with me but I was sick all night long. And even right now I am still sick to my stomach. I am just trying to go with it and try my best to continue with my day no matter how I am feeling. 

Well, I am off to get some stuff done around here and to spend some time with the kids! 

Happy Sunday! 

K Jaggers

Pillows, Tents, and Giggles!!

sleep over nights

Late night hello to you all!

Its a busy night of giggles around the house tonight. We are having a sleep over with Carly and both Jackson and Brittany are having a blast tonight. The kids are all downstairs and even as I type this at 108am I can hear them giggling downstairs. I just hope they sleep in tomorrow being they are up so late tonight. Its really sweet!! I remember how fun it was having a sleep over with my friends when I was little.. and I hope its as much fun for them!



Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pinned Image

Hope you are having a beautiful night! Things are calm around here for the moment. Brittany's little friend is staying the night so we have a houseful! I am one of those parents that feels better when the kids are here instead of our kids being somewhere else! 

Its almost 9pm and I haven't even made dinner yet! YIKES!! I better get my ass up and get cooking before my family starves to death.. not really.. but late summer dinners are always a delight around here! 

I have made some big changes with this blog today and I will be sure to update you all when its running smoothly. I am sorry if these posts are not showing up on the blogger dashboard.. I can't figure out what the deal is with that.. Hopefully they will show up.. if not.. book marking makes it a lot easier! 

Have a great night! 

K Jaggers

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K Jaggers

Happy Weekend!

Ha! I got to sleep in today! Its 1 pm and I got up about 30 minutes ago. It felt GREAT to sleep in today. Husby is the one who called and woke me up.. Brittany slept in too and Jackson is watching a movie and playing with the cats. Hes been good from what I can tell! Brittany is a grump.. but thats nothing different for her. 

No big plans for the day. Staying around the house and going to try to clean the dining room from top to bottom. I am amazed at how many little fingerprints are on the walls. Plus the baseboards are dusty.. so lots of work waiting on me. But its going to keep waiting until I am ready to get down there! 

I also have a lot of time on my hands because husby is going to play golf. He wants us to go with him but I really should stay home and work around here. He is going to play at a super nice golf course tomorrow and he wants to practice some tonight. I don't mind except I am going to really miss him. ♥

I might work on making some homemade laundry soap today. I am going to really work hard towards making my own and saving money instead of dishing out really expensive soaps. I am a Tide girl.. I love Tide. But the homemade soap seems to work just as good if not better for a fraction of the price. I normally just use homemade laundry soap for towels, rugs, sheets, etc. and still wash our clothes in Tide. Well.. I think I am going to really focus on seeing how well my homemade laundry soap works on our good clothes. Should be interesting! I plan on going over making the soap step by step.. maybe even a video so you can try it too! 

If you want to make it too.. start by gathering up these ingredients and I will post the step by step pictures and directions later next week! 

1 bar of soap (any kind you want)
1 cup of Borax
1 cup of washing soda
a big pot ( that holds more than 2 gallons)
a grater
a funnel
a long spoon
3 empty gallon jugs/containers

Its pretty easy to make and I am really going to put it to the test with our clothes. Jackson's clothes are the dirtiest clothes in the house.. so if it can get them clean.. it will work on the rest of the clothes too! I use to use a different recipe that makes 5 gallons but that's a lot of laundry soap to make..the recipe I will be posting this next week makes 3 gallons. So a little more manageable

Well its time for me to stop being lazy and get some work done around here.. and I will also be posting the weekly drugstore steals and deals later too! Stay tuned! 

And.. here is some Saturday inspiration for ya! 

Inspiration + Happy Weekend

K Jaggers


Night night

I don't think there is a better place in the world right now other than my bed. I am seriously so comfortable that I could fall asleep typing! I am tired tonight but things went a little more smooth today. I stuck around the house for the most part cleaning the kitchen and breakfast nook. I went from the ceiling to the baseboards. I think tomorrow I am going to focus on the dining room and also the downstairs bathroom. I want to get as much cleaned up as I can before Jackson starts school. 


The Action Bible

Friday, July 27, 2012

My mom got Jackson this really neat bible that I just had to share with you guys! 

Check out the video!!

This has to be one of the greatest bibles for young kids. I am totally impressed by this book and can't wait to start reading it will Jackson.

I have no idea where she got this.. but I will find out so you guys can get one if you want. I think its a great book and perfect for a little boy! 

Thanks Mom! 


K Jaggers

Fill in the __ Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!!! Its a rainy day here.. and we are waiting on husby to get home.. I have been busy cleaning just the kitchen area today from ceiling to floor. This break is much needed! 


1. I am a wife and mother first and foremost. I am a Persian cat breeder, a blogger , and just a lady with a lot of curiosity! 

2. I have always been out spoken. Sometimes it has gotten me into trouble but I would rather speak my mind, stand behind what I say than to regret not saying what I felt. 

3. I hope to get this house really cleaned up room by room. Today has been the breakfast nook and kitchen. I have cleaned today from the ceilings to the baseboards and I am wore out! 

4. I can move really big heavy furniture by myself. Not sure how its possible but I can move things all over the house! 

5. I dream of moving a beautiful house in Florida with a pool. I can't wait for that day to come for Scott and I. Each year we get closer! =)

6. The way to my heart is loyalty above all else. Its pretty simple.. yet a difficult task for some. Thankfully I have a husband that is completely loving and loyal. ♥

7. I am passionate about family. I love the kids. My grandfather really pounded in to me the importance of our family... of creating my own family.. and that is what means the most to me. Scott is the biggest part of my life besides the kids. I couldn't do any of it without him standing beside me. 

K Jaggers

Friday Letters

Dear House : Sorry for neglecting you. I am going to work harder on keeping you maintained and loving you more! Today is the breakfast nook and kitchen.. You are going to be sparkly clean by tonight!  Dear Readers : Sorry for not being on here as much as usual. Its been hard to blog this past week but trying to catch up. Dear Mom : I had a great time just sitting around being lazy with you! Jackson had a blast yesterday.. and thank you! Dear Kitty Cats: You guys have been driving me crazy this past week.. stop with all the meowing!! Dear Brittany Belle : More smiles, less attitude Please! Dear Jackson : Thank you so much on doing great with your table manners!! Dear Wedding Rings: I look at you all the time. You symbolize how much I love my husband and the family we have created.Dear Pasta : You were such a great lunch today! Dear Zane: We miss you!! Dear Jackson Family : You guys seem to be a total mess right now.. I really wish the kids were not in the middle. Dear hot hot Summer: Its been funny now its time for you to start cooling down. Dear Wednesday Drama: You were no fun but I guess it was needed. But I would rather you stay away! Dear Sleep : You S-U-C-K-.. I haven't slept well in weeks. Dear Cooper: Sorry I made you look like a complete bozo but that cut needed to be covered up to heal. We are just taking care of you! 

Link up!


K Jaggers

Hellooooooo Friday!


Afternoon to you all! I am totally exhausted right now but I am up for the day.. Mom left about 1030 to go pick up Don to take off to Gatlinburg for the weekend. It wasn't easy pulling myself out of the bed to say good bye but I couldn't let her leave without a hug! We were suppose to meet up with her but Jackson fell to sleep and Brittany is still dozing on and off. We all stayed up too late and got up too early! 

Well.. I can't believe we are moving right along with the plans. We got Zane home.. Mom brought Brittany home and stayed for about 5 days.. and now the next phase is getting Brittany packed up this next Thursday and taking her home over this next weekend. Then we are down to 1.  =(  I am sad to see Brittany leave but I will be happy about getting back on a schedule a little more. 


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

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K Jaggers


advice from a tree

Totally love this!

Happy Thursday! 

K Jaggers

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Love this! 

K Jaggers

Sleeping in..

sleeping in :)

I didn't sleep good at all last night. I must have tossed and turned all night long in the bed. I finally went downstairs and laid on the couch around 5am. I think less than an hour later Scott was coming to find me. I did come back upstairs and crashed out until noon today. 

Mom and Jackson had took off to get some breakfast and run a few errands. They both are still out right now but Brittany is here with me. She slept in too! 


So speaking of Brittany.. I got her a new phone yesterday.. A new Blackberry Torch. I must be crazy for giving a 10 year old such a nice phone. But she really wanted one and I thought it would be nice for her to have a phone where she can get online without having her laptop. Jackson about died but she seems to be taking good care of it. I am going to kill her if she looses it! Needless to say, she is totally loving it! Scott really thought I was crazy for getting her such a nice phone but I did it anyway! 

I don't know what is going on around here today. Husby works late so it will just be us around here today. I have a ton of things to do around the house but I am planning on doing most of that this weekend. Scott has a big golf game on Sunday so he will be gone all day on Sunday. =(  I wanted to tell him no but I know it will make him happy to be playing on such a nice course. 

I am hoping by the weekend I will have things back to normal around here on the blog too. I know the posts have been a little light but with company here its not so easy to blog. But things will really start slowing down soon! 

Anyway, have a great Thursday. 


K Jaggers

The end..

blah blah blah

Oh how my ears have heard enough tonight. I am totally ready for bed and for the night to be over. However, I am afraid I will have to listen to more blah bla bla tomorrow. Yep.. not exactly what I want but just going to take the day and roll with it.

We had a great dinner tonight.. Roast.. and we had our little neighborhood friend Carley over to eat. She is so freaking cute and she is going into the 4th grade so maybe she will be in Jackson's class. She loves the kitty cats around here! 

Mom and I really just had a lazy day around here. it was really nice! I have loved having her around to talk to. Jackson has really loved it too! 

Anyway, going to bed.. Need a new day! 

K Jaggers

FREE Tea Forte Tea Bag Samples (Facebook)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This freebie is available again…
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K Jaggers

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K Jaggers


This is the best day of your life...

Love this! 

Hope you are having a beautiful day! Around here.. things are quiet and calm.. and I am ready for husby to get home in a few hours! 


K Jaggers