Married Life : A Marriage Prayer

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I came across this marriage prayer the other day and thought it would be perfect to share with you guys so what better day than Marriage day!

While I am not a huge believer in organized religion, I am a believer in God and in prayer. I consider my marriage a really good marriage. We laugh together all the time, we bounce back from an argument pretty fast and we both are crazy about each other. But there are hard days for us. I think marriage takes work, patience, and all the positive reinforcement it can get. So why not say a prayer nightly or when ever to let God hear that you want some help too?

I think the main  3things that has been in our marriage that has keep us togeher are really simple..

Being Faithful
.Scott and I have never had to deal with this before. We both came from past relationships where we had to deal with this issue. This is a deal breaker for both of us. 

Being Honest

We are both honest even in the hardest of times. We have both had some white lies but what matters is that 

you do tell the truth even if it takes you a little time to muster up the courage. It took 3 days one time of me 

hiding the car before I told him I had an accident a long time ago! 

Being Supportive 

Scott is my #1 supporter. He has supported all my dreams which is exactly as it should be. I also do my best

to support him in everything I do. Sometimes I fall short.. but no matter what he does.. I am always standing

right there beside of him. I would follow that man across the world. 

So on this Thursday.. I encourage you to take a couple seconds and say the prayer. Your marriage/relationship deserves it.


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