Fall Days.,.

Friday, October 19, 2012


It is very much a fall day around it. Its really cool outside.. the leaves have been turning colors for weeks. Plus the we are having pretty strong winds and leaves are floating all over the front and back yard. Its so pretty!

I grabbed my sweater and ran outside... the neighbor thought I crazy for thinking 70 was cool enough for a sweater... that crazy man was in shorts.. and I have even had the fireplace going a few times today! In a more weeks it will be beautiful for some fall pictures! 

I am also happy that we are pretty much done paying a yard care bill now too! I might pay the neighbor kid to rake up the leaves in the back yard but we are done with paying for the grass to be mowed! Wooooo-hooooo!!!

Scott and Brandon should get home between 630-700 tonight so I don't have long to go. I think I am going to make a quick casserole for dinner and call it a night.I might make a quick peach cobbler too. I am going to have the oven going anyway.. so why not!  I have some cleaning I need to do so I might get busy doing that too. Jackson is across the street playing so its a quiet house right now. I better just take it in because when husby gets home... the volume really goes up around here!! 

I hope you have a beautiful Fall Day!

K Jaggers