Friday Letters

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Turkeys & Deer, I love that you guys are loose and free but please stay out of the road. You scared me to death the other evening.. I don’t  want to hurt you and I really love my car! Dear Brandon, You are doing really well. I hope we are making you feel comfortable and loved. We are all proud of how well you are doing! Dear Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara, I bought a new tube of you the other day… I forgot how good you really are! Thanks for not smudging and making my lashes look full and pretty. Dear Mom, I think you blogging is so fun! I am glad you are starting to figure it out! I love you!! Dear New kitty cat, yesterday you really started playing around and you were so freaking cute! I am so happy the big cats are starting to be your friends now.. we love you and are so happy you not only joined the cattery but our home as well! Dear Brittany, Are you packing yet?? I miss you!!! And I can’t wait to see you. Good lucky today at try outs! Make sure to smile! Dear Sony Tech Guy, Please get here and fix my computer….pretty please!!! Dear Mitt Romney, I hate to be this blunt but I really don’t like you. I think it is really easy to pass judgment of our President sitting from your campaign bus. And.. I didn’t like your wife much on the View yesterday either. Sorry.. your not getting my vote. Dear Laundry, ha! You are all caught up.. and it feels great! Dear Brownies. Oh my… were amazing and there are 2 left.. But I will getting one before the boys all get home! Dear Scott, you’re a freaking goofball!! I love you more than anything but you and the dog are so loud. I guess somehow we balance each other out! Thanks so much for the long drive to get the kitty cat and a BIG thank you for being so good on the morning shift with Jackson. We both love you very much!  You really are the husband of my dreams. Dear Jackson, you are total goof ball too but I know you are going to do good on your spelling test today! You have a birthday coming up very soon! Dear John Doe from the $500 Cash Bounty Giveaway, You are a genius.. and I know.. I just know.. what you are planning will work! That crazy bitch isn’t going to know what to do when this all comes out. Its going to be interesting to say the least. So thank you for all your help. Thank all you guys who have helped in any and all ways. I really want to hand out the $500 so keep working on it! Dear Romeo, I still think you are the coolest cat ever…BUT you have been a really been a shit this week. I guess we really spoiled you!! Be nice kitty kitty!Dear Cee Lo, You were awesome on the view today. You seem like a such a nice person! And your diamonds in your teeth look pretty amazing too.. Its not over done like many others and I love it! Dear Readers, Thank you so much for including my little blog in your lives. I love getting to know each and every one of you!! If you haven’t done it already → Get Signed Up For The Giveaway! ←. I am giving away a Day Timer and a lot of accessories to go with it. You have until midnight Oct 31st to get entered! Good luck to all of you!!

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