I ♥ Saturday!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hello friends! I love that its the weekend! And I also love that I am getting some one on one time with Jackson today. He needs all the attention in the world and I like being the one to give it to him. Nothing big and exciting going on here today. Nope.. Its going to be more like a lazy day but I do want to try to get a few things done around the house. Its cold in here so right now we are running around in woolly socks and Jackson has his slippers on. I just got the fire place going and I hope it warms it up fast! I have this thing about using the fireplace as much as possible instead of using the heat. I know it saves money.. and I will always pick the fireplace over the gas furnace any day.

I stayed up wayyy to late last night. It was after 4am before I finally fell to sleep. You know.. I wouldn't have this problem if I would just take my sleep meds earlier. All the cats ended up falling asleep upstairs with me last night and that didn't work out so well for me early this morning when they all woke up and wanted to play. Sleeping with a lot of cats is never easy!

You know yesterday I got this great question asking How I manage blogging with being a wife and mom. I thought it was a GREAT question and I plan on answering that a little later today. I really wanted to think about my answer... because it wasn't a easy answer. But I do have an answer.. So be sure to come back and check it out! And if you are a mommy and or wife blogger, I would love to see your answers too. Write a post and link it up through the comments!

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Time for another refill of coffee! Have a great day.. I'll be back a little later!


K Jaggers