Magic Mesh Hands Free Screen Door Review,Photos & Video!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Right now tempatures are dropping making me want to open every window in the house and let the air flow through. Our front door has a glass door and a heavy wood door and the back door is just a big wood door too. No screens on either of the doors. Which I think kinda sucks. Sooooooo...

A few weeks back I was browsing around at my local  Walmart for $14.95 and I decided I would try it. Right now we are renting the house we are living in and I really didn't want to invest in a full screen door so I was hoping this would be a great option. IF IT WORKS..

This claims to be a hands free door and it also claims it is easy to install.. 

Well, the night I got this I was tired and the directions were really detailed. I seriously was getting confused. So thankfully my wonderful husband took over the job and 

Got it hung up. I think if they would have just said.. put the Velcro around the door.. hang the screen with the magnets facing in to each other so they will close.. would have been much easier than the directions that came with the product. As you can in the picture above.. the bottom is not secure. 

Here is what the screen looks like from the outside. 

I don't think it looks too bad.. 

In the middle, it has these 

magnets that go up and down the entire length of the screen to secure it closed. 

The door itself is hung with 


The bottom is loose so you can walk through it. 

This has been working great for the past couple of weeks. I really wanted to get something that would keep the cats in while the door was open.. and sadly this doesn't do that. My cats are smart and they know they can just go through the bottom to get to the porch. In that way.. this is a fail.. but on the screen itself.. its working great! I actually love it a lot. If I tried to secure the bottom to keep the kittys in  you wouldn't be able to walk through it. Plus our dog is fully capable ( as you can check out in the video ) of walking in and out of it without any problems at all. 

I am actually giving this a


 because it is working very well in our house! The only reason its not getting an A is because of the cats. 

I think it looks pretty good too! 

Here's my video review..

So what do you think? Would this come in handy at your house?? I think its a pretty good steal for $15. 

Have a great weekend!

Glossy Blonde

K Jaggers