Nighty Night!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Is that not an amazing picture. I don't think until I started breeding cats, that I really understood how similar animals are to us. When I watched Gabby caring for her babies it just made my ♥ grow bigger.  Tonight I was cleaning the kitty's nose and eyes.. it take long before she decided she didn't like it and started to cry.. Well all 3 cats came running and Gabby was going nuts. She didn't like it one bit that I was making that kitten scream out.  Her mommy instincts kicked in! 

So how was your Saturday!? Things around here went pretty well. The weather was a little bit cool but not bad. The day started off really easy. Jackson woke up early when Scott and Brandon went to work and then dozed back off.. and that totally allowed me to sleep in! I felt great not having to hear that damn alarm clock that wakes me up almost every day of the week. I swear.. I hate it.. hate it.. hate it. And tomorrow I plan on sleeping in again! =) 

Since I did sleep well this morning.. I got up feeling pretty good! I had one cup of coffee and then it was time to get in the kitchen and get dinner going. Remember that roast that I forgot to thaw out until I was in the middle of last nights blog post? Well it wasn't long before...

I was getting the veggies and onion cut up and and then I browned them and.. I had to brown the roast up too before putting it in the oven.. Once all that was done.. I put it all in a big pot and 

got it in the oven. I don't know if there is a better recipe out there than my grandmothers beef roast. If you haven't checked it out.. you can click here. Its simple yet delicious. And being today was a little cool.. the oven helped to warm things up. 

I was setting up my camera and trying to get things figured out with the lighting to start making tutorials again.. 

Today I created this 10 minute soft smokey eye look - all on video - to kinda practice.. because its been a while! And for me I can spend 10 minutes on my foundation base alone. But it was fun.. I won't be publishing that one because there was a lot of blunders but I will for sure being doing more in the future! So stay tuned for those to start popping up! 

For my late lunch I enjoyed some good old..  

chocolate milk! I know that sounds silly but I am always the one fixing the chocolate milk for kids. I forgot how good it was! I am thinking I might have to add some to my coffee tomorrow morning! 

Once husby got home needed to relax and that included.. 

a back massage.. Spoiled.. Spoiled.. Spoiled.. Man! 

I guess it made him feel better because it wasn't long before he was loving all over Cooper! 

The roast finally got done.. 

I cooked it low and slow at 300 from 2 -8 pm. I know that sounds really long but a good beef roast should take about 5 hours in the oven at a low temp and this was a really big roast so I let it cook a little while longer. 

I whipped up some mashed potatoes and sat out some cottage cheese and dinner was served. 

I just put the pot in the middle of the table and 

let everyone serve themselves...

The roast was amazing!

We all ate well tonight and have lots of leftovers for another easy dinner this next week. 

After dinner Scott loaded up the boys to go do a little shopping. I decided to stay home and clean up the house a little more and let them go alone. I will go ahead and say it because I know Jackson won't be reading this blog post.. Scott went out and picked him out a big fish tank today for his birthday and its now living in the car trunk until Tuesday.. So the trip out tonight was to get an idea of the rocks and stuff he would want for it. Scott wants to go ahead and give it to him but I am making him wait until Tuesday afternoon. It will be a big job wrapping such a big box..Plus the other gifts! I am letting Jackson skip school on his birthday so we will have a busy on our hands! 

Anyway.. while they were out shopping.. they got another fish to join the Jaggers family! 

I love this black goldfish! I had a bunch of these many years ago. I was just telling Scott about the ones I had and he went out and got one! Seriously... I have an amazing husband! I am pretty sure he thinks about me as much as I think about him! 

The fish had to go into the small tank .. which I know kinda sucks for the fish but its only until Tuesday! 

I also told Scott I needed some more shampoo and conditioner and he got the right ones! =)

I really like that he knows me so well. I figured he would come home with some cheap bad shampoo and conditioner and to my suprise he came home with my favorite shampoo and conditioner.. Good job baby! 

They didn't get home till after 10. I couldn't believe they were out that late.. They even stopped for ice cream too! I helped get everything put away and then I went and hid in....


a very relaxing bubble bath.. HOWEVER.. mom was super happy that she did really good in the neighborhood yard sale.. that she had a few glasses of wine and was drunk dialing me all through my bath! hahahahaha! It was pretty funny! 

Romeo was sitting on the bathroom counter keeping a watch out on all the bubbles! 

I actually took a this picture right from the bubble bath..while I was on one of my breaks from mom ringing in!

Now I am laid up in the bed.. I just got done feeding all the kittys their late night dinner and look what a mess little Gypsy is!! 

She has food and milk ( kitten milk ) all over her face! Messy little thing! 

I am off to bed.. and I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday with your family and friends! 

Ohhh.. guess what? I forgot to add my globe back after my trip! So now its back up at the top of the blog!! Enjoy watching yourself spin around! =)


K Jaggers