Sunday Afternoon CVS Haul!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

 Today I had to run out to CVS and I got a little carried away while I was in there! 

Thankfully.. this time they had one of my favorite drugstore foundations.. 

The Revlon New Complexion One Step Compact Make up.

 This one is in # 02  Tender Peach 

I would have never thought this would be one of my favorites but it really is!!! I'm not sure if I have a full review up of this or not but I'll have to check the archives out and see!! This color totally matches my skin and has great coverage!

I also decided to try out this 

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Gel Perfect UV- Free Gel Color in 

#12764 Torenia - which is a purple color - 

I also got this Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in 

#200 - Black Onyx - 

I got another one of these Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascaras. I LOVE mascara.. so I tend to buy a lot of it.. and this is a great one. It really is.. the brush is amazing and the formula is the same good formula that it always has been! 

 While I was wondering the isles.. I was browsing through the Loreal Infalliable shadows and got 2 more of these lovely shadows!!

 I will have to get swatches of these up soon.. 

This one is in 

 #337 - Endless Sea 

and I also got this one in 

# 996 Liquid Diamond ( which is sooo pretty! )  Can't wait to swatch them for you! 

I am also going lighter with my hair.. Don't ask why.. I just decided to do it! 

as you can see.. 

the light brown will go a lot lighter.. We'll see!!

I am going to video this haul and get it up on My Youtube Channel and tomorrow I will get the swatches up! 

Have a great Sunday! 


K Jaggers