Waking up SUCKS!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Good Morning! I am not sure how good it is.. I guess I should be grateful God allowed me to actually wake up but mornings for me are hard. I was just up kissing Scott and Jackson goodbye and now I am drinking my coffee trying to talk myself out of going back to bed for a few hours. Gosh.. decisions decisions!

Both of the boys left with smiles on their faces this morning. I think Scott and Jackson wake up happy! They totally fit together like peas in a pod in the mornings. I am pretty much the only grumpy bear around here in the mornings. Brandon is quiet as always so you really don't even notice him in the mornings.

Gosh I can't believe how fast this week flew by. Lots going on around here. I am still trying to get our weekend in Gatlinburg planned. We still haven't locked in a cabin but I really need to get that figured out.. soon! This month has went by really fast for me. Jackson's birthday is in 3 days.. and we don't have a lot planned for that either. I know we are keeping him home from school on his birthday.. I also think he is getting a hair cut that day.. plus he is going to pick out his fish tank stuff and of course there is the requested cookie cake and ice cream! I am thinking its just going to be a family birthday. He's in a new school and new area and only has a handful of friends that he would want to invite.. so its going to be just us this year!

Well... I am either going to refill this coffee or go back to bed.. Not sure what I am doing but the bed is sounding really good right now!

Happy Happy Friday!


K Jaggers