Where Did The Day Go??????

Monday, October 22, 2012


I can't believe the day is over.. actually we are 2 hours into a new day and I am sitting here thinking about where the day went. It went by so fast didn't it? It always seems like family days go by so fast and then work days seem to drag on. Guess that's just the way it is but I really wish I could have got more time with the boys than just 1 day!

It was a hard day for husby to get out of the bed. At 2pm he was still sleeping!! WOW.. I couldn't believe it.

The boys were just hanging out around here most of the day..

playing video games. 

Around 6pm husby got out and took Brandon and Jackson out to do a little shopping and I ended up getting dinner ready while they were gone.. 

It was Taco night around here.. which didn't really thrill me but the 3 boys liked it a lot!

After dinner Scott and Brandon got

Jackson's tire fixed.. YEA!! We have been putting it off for a while. It seemed like every time we went to Walmart, we forgot it! Now Jackson can get back to zooming around the neighborhood! 

I escaped upstairs about 9pm and watched some tv.. dyed my hair.. and took a long bath! 

And now I am laying here thinking about all the stuff I have left to do tomorrow for Jackson's Birthday! I have to go get his cake.. cookie cake that is.. I have balloons to get.. and I also have to pick up an extra gift for him. Scott and I just got him 1 gift.. A BIG fish tank.. His dad got him a Dell Computer.. My mom got him a skateboard.. and his grandma sent him a card with money in it.. I do try to budget birthdays. Jackson, Zane, and Brittany all have birthdays right around the corner from Christmas so I try to keep them at a reasonable price since we have a lot of other gifts to buy. I think Jackson made out really good birthday wise this year! The fish tank is going to look amazing in his room and I will get a video of it after its all up and running.

Speaking of videos.. I got the haul up on my youtube channel . I really do that because my youtube channeand the blog are 2 different things and a lot of my youtube viewers don't get on here as much and the same with a lot of you guys.. not getting on youtube that much. So thats why the double posting.

Well, I have notes to get done for Jackson's teacher and then I need to get some sleep for my busy day. What I am hoping is.. I get some of the stuff tomorrow that's around town and Scott picks up the other stuff on the way home!

Anyway.. Have a great Monday!

Talk to you soon.


K Jaggers