Have fun.. be C-A-R-E-F-U-L!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

I just wanted to take a minute and ask any of you who are going out tonight.. to please not drink and drive. I lost my brother when I was 18 from him drinking and driving.. so I take it pretty serious. Plus having kids changed everything. I don't want to be out on the road with my precious babies and have some drunken idiot kill us. So its not just about protecting yourself.. its about protecting all the innocent people who are on the road with you. 

Have fun.. and if you drink, don't drive! 

Scott and I are staying home together tonight.. and enjoying watching all the festivities right from the big screen! We are just fine laying around in our pjs and enjoy bringing in the new year in the bed! And I will be blogging of course!

Hope you have a very fun safe night! 


K Jaggers

New Years Eve CVS New Product Haul { Video!! }

I am so excited today to be showing you this haul.. ( BTW - the video is at the bottom! ) I got a gift card for CVS as a Christmas gift.. and I spent it all .. and then some today! REMEMBER.. today is the last day you can get double rewards at CVS so if you have shopping to do.. Get it done tonight!!!!!

Quick New Years Eve Food Haul { Video!! }

I didn't want to go out today but I didn't really have a choice.. if I didn't want to have to go out tomorrow! And is anything open on New Years Day? IDK..

Good thing I just went ahead and did it.. 

And I picked up lunch! 

Here's the video! 

Hope you are having a great and safe night! 

K Jaggers

My JPK Paris Purse { Video!! }

I am so excited to be showing you this great purse I got from Christmas from my mom!! Thank you mom ♥ I love it! 

I thought a video would be so much better than pictures! 


Do you have one of these purses? Do you love it as much as I do?? 

To see more about this and other purses from JPK Paris.. click here!!

Hope you have a great New Years Eve! 

K Jaggers

Waking up.. ALONE =(


Hello friends! I woke up today to an empty house.. while it was nice sleeping in undisturbed, it sure feels weird being in the big house all by myself. I have already talked to the kids and they are having a great time with their father. Sooo happy for them but really wish the kids were here right now. Being home all alone today is sure different though. I normally have a little boy bouncing around in my bed each morning.  So yea, its pretty strange around here today.

I just got done feeding all the animals and I am about to clean up so I can run a few errands. I figure I will go on and get them done. God knows, I don't want to have to go out today but I will.. because we need some groceries and my kitty cats need food too! I am going to get those errands done and then I will be back with some regular posts and also another New Years Post!

Hope you have a great day!

K Jaggers

On My Mind..

I haven't really been without Jackson overnight in a looong time. Let me tell you.. when he pulled out of the driveway with his father and sister.. my stomach dropped. First off, My 2 greatest loves was being driven around by ex husband.. and the mom in me started worrying about them getting in an accident. Then, I go pick up Jacksons room and 

{ Glamorous } 2012 Year in Review

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I thought this would be such a fun post to do!! I am linking up for a year in review post.. Here we go! 

What did you do in 2012 that you’d never done before?

Weekend { Beauty } Review: Lash Blast Clump Crusher Mascara by Covergirl Photos & Swatches

Hellloooo!!! I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday Evening! I thought I would take a few minutes to go over this new 

Covergirl Lash Blast Clump Crusher Mascara 
$6.99, CVS

According to Covergirl you can apply up to 30 strokes without the mascara clumping.

GIVEAWAY Time!!!!! - Lets Talk Butter! -

Helloooooo! I hope you have a great New Year.. and what better time than to host a fun giveaway! So today the question is simple.. How do you store your butter?? It was brought to my attention not too long ago that one of my good friends thought the way I keep my butter was strange.

I always keep one stick of butter in the butter dish so we have spreadable butter for toast and bagels..I also keep a bunch of butter in the refrigerator for baking and such. My friend thought the butter would go bad if left on the counter. Butter will not go bad just sitting on your counter!!!

So with this new found news that she doesn't store her butter on the counter, I decided to host a giveaway asking  HOW DO YOU STORE YOUR BUTTER!?
So today I am giving one of you your pick of color on one of these beautiful butter dishes!!

Details Below!!




This dish comes from Williams Sonoma, and is ready to find a new home in your kitchen! :)

This giveaway starts today.. right now!!!  And will go until I announce the winner on January 14th! 

There are tons of ways to enter.. Just pick one off the form and enter!! BTW.. My sister in law { Trina } has started a new blog of her own → Walking My Own Path ←.. and you will get entries for going over there and following her too!

Let me know how you store your butter!!!!


K Jaggers

Sunday = House full of L♥ve!

Well Brittany and Art got in safe and sound. I won't lie it was hard getting myself out of the bed this morning. It was cold.. but I got up and got myself together and before I knew it.. a sleepy little girl walked in... but didn't take her long to get goofy! =)

Sunday Inspiration..


Good Morning! I hope you all have the most beautiful relaxing day. I think Sundays are a day to rest and get ready for the week ahead. Its a time to reflect on the past week and see what we can do better in the upcoming week. Its about having faith that no matter what happens GOD WILL BRING YOU THROUGH IT. Today I am letting a man into my home that I divorced over 10 years ago. A man I never thought I would  be able to be in the same room with.. and today here he comes.. and he's staying for a few hours. Who would have guessed.. We are coming together for the kids and only the kids. It seems as time goes on, I am putting my feelings more and more on the back burner for the feelings of my kids and my family. I think that's the way its suppose to be right? 

Well I need a coffee refill and I have to get dressed before they show up. 

Talk to you guys later today! 


K Jaggers

Cold Night = Cold Pillows


Its such a cold night around here. The heat has been going non stop and I have had the fireplace going a little too. For some reason the master bedroom always stays cold. I don't know if its the vaulted ceilings or if its because my bed is on a outside wall in between 2 windows.. But what I do like is cold pillows! How many of you love cold pillows?? There is even a new pillow out there that stays cool but here in this room.. the pillows stay cold all the time and I love it!

Sunday Social!

1.   Favorite New Years eve you’ve had before:

       Getting wild with husby in the early years of our relationship.. And let me tell you.. New Years was very wild! But we are getting older and now spend it at home with the kids. 

Saturday CVS Haul - Maybelline Instant Age Rewind The Lifter Primer Infused Foundation & Revlon Photoready BB Cream - Photos & Swatches -

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tonight I had to take Jackson to CVS to do a little shopping and there were a ton of new displays out.. So I had to get a couple of things.. 

Here is the new Maybelline Instant Age Rewind The Lift Primer infused Foundation. I also had to try out the new Revlon Photoready BB Cream which just hit the shelves too! 


Well I have been a busy bee trying to get Jackson's room cleaned up for him. I should have had him in there helping too but nope.. he was done the road playing. It was easier to just do it myself. I did just go get him so hes home now enjoying his nice clean room.. and boy, it better stay clean too! I still have a lot to do to get him ready. In the next little while I will get all his clothes and stuff ready. BUT ITS BREAK TIME! 

I ran to CVS and have a small haul coming up. Stay tuned for that! Super happy that all the new product displays are starting to pop up at my local CVS. I didn't really get any good coupons at the Magic Coupon Machine. And this time I didn't get any CVS Bucks either. =(  But my purchase counts towards it! 

I am doing my best to get back on track with the Couponing. Its been so busy around here and this month I haven't had enough time to really coupon like I use to. But there are so many new products I want at CVS that I am going to have to hit the sales with coupons.. so I can get more for my money. 

I have been on the second floor all day long. I haven't even turned on the tv in the living room. Scott should get off work in about 10 minutes. YEA!! God knows I have a lot to do. I also have a update on Stalker Girl to tell you about that will be up next. 

I hope you have a beautiful night. I'll be back really soon with a couple more posts! 


K Jaggers

Goldfish Cleaning..

You know what I have realized.. Jackson gets all the beauty of the really cool fish tank and Scott and I get all the work of it. YIKES.. And we have a bunch of really nice goldfish and they are messy fish. So you have to clean their tanks more than you would for other fish. I just went in there..checked it all out and boy do I have a lot of work on my hands today. 

Not only do I need to clean up the fishes house, I also have to get the room cleaned up. Jackson's dad is coming and I think his bedroom should be clean for that.. HOWEVER, Jackson is at his friends house playing ( I just dropped him off ) so I get that job too. Hummmm... guess its all about Jackson today for cleaning. I did so much already..The master bed and bath are really clean and I only have a few rooms left. Hopefully if I can get motivated, I will get most of it done today. 

Brittany will be here this time tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Super happy about that. Shes not too happy that her dad is dragging her to the waterpark when she can just stay here but he paid for her tickets.. so I understand that too.. and I think its important that she spends sometime with her brother. Like it or not..one day their father and I won't be here and they will only have each other. So that's a pretty important relationship. My mom isn't too happy about her having to go. I wish they could do both. 

Well its time I get busy..=/

Hope you have a great day. I'll be back when I can! 

K Jaggers

Getting Tired..

I am laid up in my dreamy bed right now trying to relax from a night of cleaning. I took about 4 hours from about 10pm till now really cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. Gosh.. its crazy how much stuff I that I simply just threw away tonight. Thank goodness I made the time because it looks 1000x better and it feels better too. If my house is a cluttered mess.. my head is too. With the holidays behind us.. I can put away all the Christmas stuff and get things de -cluttered around here. It will make it much easier to pack up when I need to. We have been on the hunt for a new bedroom set but I have yet to find the one I really want and I don't see the point in buying something that I will just have to move in a few months. But my bed seriously feels like I am sleeping on a cloud. So who cares about it not being in a set.. I sleep and dream like a baby in that bed!

Belated Sunday Social!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sunday Social

1.What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

High Five Friday!

1. Scott & I.. another great year has came and almost gone. I love you baby... and there is no other man on this planet who holds a candle to the love you give me. You are everything to me and I am the luckiest woman ever. 

2. Sweet Gypsy Christmas picture.. She is the youngest kitten in our home..of 4 cats and 1 dog. She keeps getting cuter and cuter! 

3. Mom bought all of us these sparkly hats.. Laci and I both were a little nervous about wearing them.. BUT.. you were right mom.. They looked great in the pictures! 

4. Trina & Brandon. It was great getting them both together. I don't think none of realized how much he misses him mom. Growing up is hard. Super happy they got to spend the holiday together. 

5. Mom & I.. isn't she beautiful? She is my rock and we had a great time together over Christmas. I miss her  but thank goodness for cell phones. We talk 100 times a day! 

Hope you are having a great Friday! 

K Jaggers

Friday Letters

Dear Mom, Thank you for all your help over Christmas. You helped to make a great Christmas around here. I seriously would be lost without you in my life. I love you. Dear Scott, Do you have any idea how much I love you? How did I get so lucky? Thank you baby.. I hate that we can’t sleep that well together. Looks like we are becoming an old married couple.. maybe its time for a vacation! Dear Laci, You are the cutest! I had a great time with you and we will see you soon… HOPEFULLY! Dear Trina, Thank you for coming. I know it meant a lot to Brandon to have you here.. Actually it meant a lot to all of us that you were here. We love you. Dear Jackson, I am not sure what was up with you over Christmas but I hated that it wasn’t perfect. I have to let go of wanting everything to be perfect for you because when something happens, your mommy gets more disappointed than you do. Your dad will be here soon and I hope you have a great time.. make a lot of great memories! Dear Don, I really like you! I hope you have a great Christmas tonight with mom and your girls. Thanks for everything.  Dear Kitty Cats, Sorry you had to be locked up in my room over the holidays. It was for your safety. The house is yours again..be happy! Dear Cooper, you minded your manners this weekend! You are a pretty cool dog! Dear Florida, We are coming.. YEAAAAAA!!! I am ready to make this big move and I can’t wait. I am seriously about to start packing a little bit each day and getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore. We have a lot of stuff..and I am wanting a smaller house with a pool.. its going to be a big change but we are all going to have to adapt. Dear House, we are slowly getting you back in shape. Dear Bloggers, if you have been bothered with a comment from what appears to be me.. I am sorry. I have had a stalker for years. She’s sick and twisted so no telling what she will leave on your blog. If you are new to my blog coming from one of those blogs.. Welcome, hope you stay around for a while.. you can clearly see that no normal person would do what she is doing. So you might want to stay away from her and stick around here!  =)

K Jaggers



This is thought for today. I actually slept really good last night and I am assuming my husband did too! I had to wake up early to make/take an important phone call and that ended up going pretty well. We have a bunch of stuff to get done and I feel good about the conversation. 

Anyway, I have a bunch of stuff to get ready for Jackson Sunday. I talked to his father and he's changed the dates yet again.. and now he is coming up Sunday and leaving on Tuesday. He is taking Jackson and Brittany to the waterpark so that should be a lot of fun for them.  But that means I have to get Jackson's clothes together and stuff together. Plus I have some Christmas presents for Brittany to finish wrapping too. I didn't wrap all of her stuff because she was coming late..I won't lie.. I love Christmas, but once its over... I want it done! We have bags and bags of trash out in the garage from Christmas.. and I still have a lot of stuff to put up. 

What I am loving right now.. is my free schedule today. I do need to run to the market sometime tonight and maybe just maybe Jackson will let me out of going to the mall today. I feel like I am free today to do what I want. Its 122 and I am still in my pjs... and so is Jackson. My main goal today is work on the upstairs. I focused on the first floor yesterday and got it back to liveable.. now today I have to do the same with the 2nd floor. YUCK! But at least I can do it at  my own pace. 

I'm sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. I am really trying to catch up.. and later today I will have some regular Friday posts.. so come back! 

Have a great Friday! 

K Jaggers

A Tired House


Scott and I have been so tired over the past couple of days. We slept a lot together over the holidays and that meant neither of us slept very well.  A few nights a week, we sleep apart and we both really like it better. Scott snores so badly.. he sleeps all over the bed...and I hog the covers.. well the other night he took all the blankets and I slept. So he is in the spare bedroom tonight hopefully sleeping like a baby. I am not sure why we feel so depleted but we both need to sleep and dream. Maybe we are catching colds. My body aches and Scott says his does too. 

I was really tired but somehow stayed up long enough to clean up the laundry room, really clean the living room and got things put away and organized. Then I started on the kitchen which took a while..then I cooked 

because I had a ton of left over bacon and eggs from Christmas. Plus it was easy. I didn't even want to cook but the boys was not willing to eat ham 3 nights in a row. Nope that wasn't happening. Tomorrow I have to be up at 1030 for an important phone call at 11:00 am. Not looking forward to getting up early.. and yes right now thats early for me. Its 2am here now..and its still going to take a while to fall asleep. But I need to make the call. Maybe I will fall back to sleep but it wouldn't hurt to get up because tomorrow I need to focus on the upstairs.. its a mess up here and also run Jackson to the mall. I don't really want to do that, but I promised I would and I don't think he will let me out of it. 

My sister made it back to Orlando safe and sound.. My mom is still driving.. YES, STILL DRIVING.. She has stopped at a couple casinos along the way so its taking a bit longer than it would if she wasn't stopping but at least she is having fun along the way! Be safe mom.. I love you. We had a nice Christmas with everyone. It was nice getting us all together.. even if it was only for a couple of days. 

Well.. I need sleep.. 

Have a great Friday.. 


K Jaggers

Christmas Loves - Video!!! -

Thursday, December 27, 2012

We all had such a great time at Christmas with our family this year. Its great getting everyone together once a year and celebrating. I had to do this video of a bunch of my Christmas loves because some of them are really cool! 

Hope you enjoy! 

K Jaggers


Well its 2pm on a Thursday afternoon and I am finally decompressing from the holidays. Yea.. I know, most people have been back to work for a couple of days but the last of our family left early this morning. So now I have the job of getting the house back in order and getting things back to normal around here. I won't lie.. I am super tired and not feeling that good but I will be taking it easy while I get things back in order. Thankfully mom already helped me with a lot of things such as the laundry and taking down the tree and some of the decorations and she stayed in the kitchen helping with the dishes. Thank you mom!!!

My ex husband is making his way here Saturday to get Jackson and take him to the indoor water park with his sister for a few days. I am not crazy about seeing him but I am happy for Jackson. I know he misses his father. So looks like we are going to have a Jackson free weekend. =(

Well there is so much to do and its 230 and I am in my pjs still. I am going to try to get up a few of my regular Thursday posts up later today but right now... time to get dressed and start working on things around here! 


K Jaggers

Saying Goodbye to Christmas & Family!

Well its been a day of goodbyes.. Bye to Christmas.. Bye to my husband and Brandon who had to go back to work today.. and also buy to Trina and Trent who left in the early morning. I woke up to a really sweet little note ... 

telling me bye since they had got up much earlier than I did. 

Mom wasn't wasting any time in the early afternoon.. She wanted Laci, Don, Jackson and myself cleaned up asap.. Talk about a drill sargent.. she kept telling me to get out of the bed and get dressed.. hurry..hurry.. hurry!!

Day after..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Afternoon friends! Its really like morning around here for all of us. We are all still in our pjs and trying to get woke up so we can enjoy our last day together. Laci is actually still sleeping like a baby.. which makes me wish I was still sleeping too! =) 

Scott and Brandon took off to work.. Trina and her husband left this morning. Then tomorrow morning, Laci flys out and mom and Don head home too. They have another Christmas coming Friday with Don's girls so they have to get going.

Once everyone leaves, we have a lot of cleaning to get done to get things back to normal around here. The house is a complete wreck and needs to really get cleaned up. I am hoping that mom and Laci go out for a little while.. then I can start to clean things up. I am sure I will have the tree down pretty fast. Once Christmas is over.. I always want the tree down as fast as possible so that might be one job I get done today too! 

So I wish you a great " day after Christmas " and I will be back when I can.

Things will get back to normal around here on the blog in the next couple of days! 


K Jaggers



Today was a great day! We had tons of laughter and smiles! 

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I just wanted to take a couple minutes to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas. Things have been pretty busy around here so I won't be blogging till late tonight. However, I really love you guys and appreciate you all your kind inspiring words that you leave on here.. Blogging has truly been such a great way of expressing myself and making new friends! Again.. I love you guys.. Merry Christmas! 


K Jaggers

♥ Christmas Eve ♥

 Today started off rather easy.. other than Jackson not wanting to take pictures.. too bad!! He took them anyway! 

Here is Laci giving him some Love!!

Mom wanted a lot of pictures so that is what she got.. 


My Day..

Monday, December 24, 2012

My day started out pretty early... which wasn't easy..Thankfully the coffee was hot and I was able to get moving about pretty quickly. We all slept in so we all felt better. 

We took off to the airport and on the way we picked up breakfast..   

Have you ever tried the oatmeal from Mc Donalds? Its really good. I get a few things of butter and about 3 or so sugars and its delicious! Really good. 

Tired.. Just Tired..

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Its been a super long day. My legs and feet are killing me.. I am finally relaxing and done for the night. I did get a late start today and I paid for that with working well into the night. 

Christmas is in the Air!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


I am really tired... tired of cleaning that is! I have been working around here like a mad woman enlisting the help of everyone in the house. Its amazing how much crab we have sitting around the house that never gets put up where it belongs. I still have a lot of the upstairs to do.. I also need to vacumn too but we are going to do that in the morning before we leave to go to the airport. Good thing is.. Mom gets in at 1230.. Laci gets into the same airport at 150 so we don't really have to leave until 1pm. Yea!!! That gives me extra time to get the last things done. In just a little while I am going to get up and head to the store. Since I plopped on the couch.. I have been working on the Christmas menu and grocery list. This is something I should have done sooner. My mom is buying the ham this year - thank you mom! - and I will take care of everything else.  So far I have decided on 

Late Start..


I was so tired when I finally fell asleep last night, I didn't wake up till 1 pm. I am still barely awake as I type this but I am doing my best to get it together so I can get started around here. So much to do today and tomorrow. Well tomorrow this time, I will be picking up my Don, my mom and my sister from the airport. See.. lots to do! 

Today's plan is pretty simple.. Clean the house and later this evening go to the market and get all the groceries for Christmas dinner. And to be very honest.. Its a lot of work to do. I should have had my ass out of the bed a lot sooner but there was just no way that was going to happen with how long yesterday was. I told my mom last night that the house is going to be picked up but it isn't going to be spotless. Super happy that she was understanding. But I still have a lot to clean and tonight I also want to do some baking. The only problem is.. 


Honestly, I am still waking up and its going to take a few minutes for me to get going. Once I start, I doubt I will stop for a long time. Maybe its best that I am slow moving right now. 

So are you ready for Christmas yet? We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. I know a lot of people don't do that, but that's the way it has been in my family since I was a little girl. We hang out on Christmas day in our pjs.. snack on a brunch buffet .. and then maybe watch a movie in the night. Its an easy day! 

Well enough blogging. time to get moving around the house! I will try to be back later but its going to be really busy around here from today.. till after Christmas. I will be taking a ton of pictures and I will blog when I can but its not going to be anything like it normally is. Maybe now would be a great time to check out the archives! 

Happy Saturday! 

K Jaggers

Early Start.. Late Stop.

Oh my gosh you guys.. its been an extremely long day. I am shocked that I am even blogging but here I am. We got an earlier start than what I expected. Scott and I were gone by 10am. Scott says it was later.. but it wasn't. 

Needed CVS Haul & New Product Displays!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I just can't stay out of CVS. Seriously.. It seems like I am there almost daily and sometimes more than once a day! I actually needed a few items tonight and got more than I was expecting. My December No Buy month has turned out to be a complete failure! 

Here is what I ended up getting.. 

My skin has been so dry lately. So I decided to try out this 

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash for itchy dry skin. I'll let you know how it works. 

I also use this Brush on Hair Remover.. 

I like it for times when I just don't want to sit around and pluck my brows. The brush on this works really well and I have found a way to give my brows a waxed look without the pain. But I don't use it all the time.. just when I am rushed! 

I also needed some razors.

I just got the CVS ones.. which work just fine. 

Now on to some of the new product displays.. They were working on getting them put up.. so I will have to go back in the coming days to check out the rest of them. 

Here is the 

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Longwear Lipstick. Check out all those colors! 

They got up this Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm. 

They also had up this new Loreal Display up.. 

Tons of new products on here. New concealers, shadows, polishes, lipsticks and even 

Mascara. I will have to go back and check this out more soon! 

Then I saw the Colorgirl High Gloss Nail Polish.. 

with lots of new pretty colors. 

Here is the display from the CoverGirl Outlast Foundation.. which I already got. 

And here are the two items I got from the displays.. 

I use a lot of the Covergirl + Olay products so I had to get this concealer. 

And I also got one of the 

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 

010 - Womans Wear - which is a pretty pink. 

I can't wait to test these out and get reviews up! 

Have you spotted any of these new products? Any interest you ?? 

Have a great Friday! 

K Jaggers