A Tired House

Friday, December 28, 2012


Scott and I have been so tired over the past couple of days. We slept a lot together over the holidays and that meant neither of us slept very well.  A few nights a week, we sleep apart and we both really like it better. Scott snores so badly.. he sleeps all over the bed...and I hog the covers.. well the other night he took all the blankets and I slept. So he is in the spare bedroom tonight hopefully sleeping like a baby. I am not sure why we feel so depleted but we both need to sleep and dream. Maybe we are catching colds. My body aches and Scott says his does too. 

I was really tired but somehow stayed up long enough to clean up the laundry room, really clean the living room and got things put away and organized. Then I started on the kitchen which took a while..then I cooked 

because I had a ton of left over bacon and eggs from Christmas. Plus it was easy. I didn't even want to cook but the boys was not willing to eat ham 3 nights in a row. Nope that wasn't happening. Tomorrow I have to be up at 1030 for an important phone call at 11:00 am. Not looking forward to getting up early.. and yes right now thats early for me. Its 2am here now..and its still going to take a while to fall asleep. But I need to make the call. Maybe I will fall back to sleep but it wouldn't hurt to get up because tomorrow I need to focus on the upstairs.. its a mess up here and also run Jackson to the mall. I don't really want to do that, but I promised I would and I don't think he will let me out of it. 

My sister made it back to Orlando safe and sound.. My mom is still driving.. YES, STILL DRIVING.. She has stopped at a couple casinos along the way so its taking a bit longer than it would if she wasn't stopping but at least she is having fun along the way! Be safe mom.. I love you. We had a nice Christmas with everyone. It was nice getting us all together.. even if it was only for a couple of days. 

Well.. I need sleep.. 

Have a great Friday.. 


K Jaggers