Belated Sunday Social!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sunday Social

1.What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

2.              What is your favorite smell?

I like the smell of cotton and linen the best.. its such a clean smell! 

3.               What is your favorite TV commercial?

I loooove the Fancy Feast Commercials..

The first one here.. is the engagement..

and this one is the wedding.. 

So precious! 

4.              What is your favorite day of the week?


I love Friday because Scott and I get to spend the entire day together.. and I love Sunday because that's the day we are all together!

5.               What is your favorite way to waste time?




watch movies!

6.              What is your favorite article of clothing?


I love comfortable clothes. I wear sweats 90% of the time around the house. I think comfort is everything!

Hope you are having a great Friday.. and will do Sunday Social again this Sunday!


K Jaggers