Day after..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Afternoon friends! Its really like morning around here for all of us. We are all still in our pjs and trying to get woke up so we can enjoy our last day together. Laci is actually still sleeping like a baby.. which makes me wish I was still sleeping too! =) 

Scott and Brandon took off to work.. Trina and her husband left this morning. Then tomorrow morning, Laci flys out and mom and Don head home too. They have another Christmas coming Friday with Don's girls so they have to get going.

Once everyone leaves, we have a lot of cleaning to get done to get things back to normal around here. The house is a complete wreck and needs to really get cleaned up. I am hoping that mom and Laci go out for a little while.. then I can start to clean things up. I am sure I will have the tree down pretty fast. Once Christmas is over.. I always want the tree down as fast as possible so that might be one job I get done today too! 

So I wish you a great " day after Christmas " and I will be back when I can.

Things will get back to normal around here on the blog in the next couple of days! 


K Jaggers