Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RIse & Shine


Gosh.. trying to wake up around here. This morning went pretty good.. Jackson got up and got himself ready and even did his own hair this morning. I won't lie.. it looks a mess but he did it himself and was proud... so I let it be! Jackson was so cute hauling in a Christmas present for his teacher this morning. We got her a to go coffee cup with her initials on it. Its really nice and we just wanted to do something simple to say Thank you. And it made Jackson happy to get her a gift too.

I am doing my best to wake up and get started around the house. I really wish I could go back to sleep but if I do that.. I won't get up till the afternoon and I will have wasted many valuable hours. I have bunches of stuff to do around here.. no time for sleep.. instead I am trying to pump as much coffee into my body as I can.

I won't be able to stay home all day but I will be here a lot. I have to pick up some treats for Jacksons School Christmas party tomorrow.. and maybe a quick trip to the market. But my day is going to be focused on cleaning up around the house for the most part. I am going to clean the kitchen from top to bottom and really focus on areas such as the baseboards and walls. Plus I am still decorating for Christmas. I also have a bunch of laundry to get up away.. and organize the laundry room too. Saturday will be a big cleaning day for me but I want to get as much as the big work done today.


Have a great Wednesday!

K Jaggers

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