New Revlon Photoread Escapism Bronzer: Bronzed & Chic PHOTOS & SWATCHES

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yesterday while I was doing my Rimmel shopping ( 50% off at Walgreens this week ) I saw this new collection from Revlon. If you want to see all my photos from the collection you can click here. I was really intregued by the bronzer so that is the first thing from this collection that I got.

Revlon Photoready Bronzer

Bronzed & Chic

$12.99, Walgreens

As you can see it has 4 shades in 1

The packaging is rather large for this amount of product. I am not going to get started at how wasteful that actually is, and that we in the end, are charged for all that packaging we don't need.. only to fit that cheap brush. I think many of us would rather something a little more sleek without a cheap brush.. but that's just me..

All these colors are pretty matte. They are a creamy kind of powder that feels really soft.. almost damp. The colors are pretty pigmented and it glides on the skin really smoothly.

Here are the swatches..

Lightest to Darkest on both.

This first picture was taken in the house..

And here they are in the natural light..

I find that I like to blend a few of the colors.. and being its matte its great for contouring. I am going to have to use it for a few weeks to be able to come back and give you a in depth review but so far they seem pretty nice!

Have any of you guys tried this yet? I would love to hear your thoughts!

K Jaggers

Victoria’s Secret: FREE PINK Water Bottle w/ Purchase (Valid 5/1-5/7)

WooHoo! Check out this new Victoria’s Secret offer that starts tomorrow! Just head on over here to sign up or log into your PINK Nation account to print a coupon valid for FREE Victoria’s Secret PINK Water bottle with any PINK purchase! Look for an inexpensive pair of undies, a PINK Lollipop (not all stores carry these), or a sale item to make for a very sweet deal!

* Note that this coupon offer is valid starting tomorrow, May 1st-May 7th, and a valid photo ID is needed to score your FREE PINK Nation gift. Only available while supplies last.

(Thanks, Amy!)

K Jaggers

Monday Inspiration

Its Monday.. I know many of you didn't want to get out of the bed this morning and head into work. Who likes that?? But I hope you had a good start to your day! There are so many things to feel lucky and blessed for.. you just have to open your eyes and take it all in.

I woke up to a beautiful day.I have been on the phone all freaking day! Gosh.. wake up to a ton of calls today. Thank goodness, its Monday and I have time to screw off for a bit. I am already wayyyy freaking behind. So I am going to have to run around in a few like crazy trying to get the house straightened up.. and work on laundry.

I have a lot of emails to sort out.. so if you are waiting on me.. just hang in there. I get to all of them in the next few days!

Time to get things going around here. I'll be back soon!


K Jaggers

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Sunday, April 29, 2012


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K Jaggers

Revlon Gucci Westman ESCAPISM Display, Along with Sally Hansen Spring/Summer Displays + Others ( Pic Heavy )

While I was in Walgreens today I really enjoyed looking around at all the new displays. We live in a smaller town so it sometimes takes longer for new products to hit the shelves here. I am a devoted CVS shopper, but I always love Walgreens because they always have the newest items!

Here is the New Revlon Escapism 2012 Summer Collection.

To see the full post, click the " read more " link on the left!

Husband Approved Steak Sandwich Dinner!!

Happy Sunday Friends. Its so pretty here.. I am blogging from outside right now.. Laundry is hanging all around me and I can smell the downy coming off the clothes. Bliss! Its the simple things I enjoy the most! 

Speaking of simple.. Last night I did my version of the The Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man Sandwich for dinner. I make steak sandwiches all the time around here.. but I normally prefer a thin ribeye but this recipe calls for chopped steak.. so thats what I did.. I should say now that my husband and Michael LOVED this dinner. I mean.. really loved it.. so its for sure a husband approved dinner! 

To read this post in full, Click the ' read more " link on the left!

Walgreens Rimmel 50% OFF SALE & HAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello!! Happy Sunday! 

When a 50% off sale comes up for one of the drugstore lines that I like, I never miss out on it! I love 50% off sales.. Anymore its buy one get one 1/2 off.. but this is so much better. As I mentioned already in the Beauty Steals & Deals Rimmel is 50% off at Walgreens this week. I would hurry because sales like these go fast!!

To See this post in full, click the " read more " link on the left!

The Duke and Dutches of Cambridge 1 Year Anniversary!!

So today marks a year that the Duke and Dutches of Cambridge has been married. Do you remember where you were when they got married? I was huddled up on my couch, covered up, tired, and talking to my mom watching every detail of that beautiful wedding.

I think they make such a good couple.. Here is a few words to sum up their love story!


To see this full post, click the " read more " link on the left!


What a bright sunny day! I am sure husby is loving this weather on the golf course right now. Its really warm and sunny and so pretty out! I love this kind of weather! =) It makes me feel so much better. I totally understand why people move to Florida or some other warm state as they get older. The sun just makes you feel better! Husby just called.. they are 1/2 way done.. so I still got a couple hours before they get back. I was going to go shopping for more plants but I am thinking on doing that another day.. it feels so good just being lazy right now!

So have you checked out this weeks Beauty Steals and Deals?? If not you can click here. Lots of great deals going on this week.. including at Walgreens all Rimmel is 50% off.. Actually that might get me out of the house in while! Who knows.. I have so much make up now.. that I have trouble storing it all. And with so much make up it seems I am always looking for something that I can't find. But I do want to hit up that sale! So I might just have to toss my hair in a ponytail.. and get in the car. Thats a good sale and I really want to take advantage of it!

Besides that.. I don't really have any plans today. Just hanging around the house.. I am sure Scott will come home from golfing and just be exhausted and probably take a nap.. so it will most likely be a very easy day!

I guess I am going to clean up and head to Walgreens..if I wait.. there will not be as much to pick from. So guess my lazy day is over! I'm going shopping!


K Jaggers

Late Night Thoughts.. ( Link Heavy )


I wonder if my grandfather can hear my heart.. if can, he knows how much I miss him. I think of him so many times through out the day. Hes always on my mind. I know its not forever.. I know when my life ends, he will be there.. but the time in between is what is hard. All my good memories of him, of us, of our family are all kinda bitter sweet for me. I love having them. I am thankful for the time we had together, but I miss him and those memories just keep popping up in everything I do. I miss him. =(

Anyway, tonight was pretty easy. The guys got home late I had plenty of time to get things done today.

I did wake up super late today. I couldn't believe how late I slept.. but it felt good and made it where I could keep up with the busy day that laid ahead.

I got up.. cleaned up.. and then took off to town.

Look at the house I showed you last night in this post.. all that is left by time I drove back past it was this..

Looks like the fireplace is built strong.. its basically the only thing still standing.. Ironic huh? Really sad.

I made it on to Walmart and did some shopping..

Got some household stuff, pet stuff, garden stuff, and even a birthday gift!

I was going to stop by the dealership and see husby but I just wanted to get everything done that I needed to do.

I went on and then went to the market to get some food. I didn't want to do it all at Walmart but I could have.. instead I went to Ingles and picked up some food.

Not much but a few items for a new recipe and a few snacks.

After that I was on my way to CVS to pick up some other things - you can see that post here -

I looked at the car coming out of the store and realized it needed a bath.. I was already near home so going to the dealership was out of the question but I did stop and let the

automatic car wash clean it all up.

So much easier than doing it yourself.. I don't ever wash cars.. no thank you.. too big and just not my thing.. I would rather pay the $7 and let the machine do all the work.. or husby can do it... =)

I then came home to find that my

Target Beauty Bag had came in!! Yayyyyy!! I love these.. and I hope that you guys got one ordered.. if not check out my freebie post right here to see how you can maybe still get one. The post also has a bunch of freebies that I had stacking up waiting to blog about.. I love freebies in the mail.. Love them.. kinda obsessed!! So many friends and family always want to know how they can get them. That is why I post the deals every day.. and why you should check back often. I have so many items that were just free.. and they come in so handy sometimes. Plus its also nice to try some new things out with no expensive to you. So check back daily or get on the email list - you can sign up at the top of the → right side bar →. If you follow me on facebook I also post them on there for you too... with a link to the blog post!

Once I got some lunch in me.. I got busy working outside in the flowers.

and even planted some

cucumbers.. and the will vine right up the deck.. How handy is that built in trellis!? I am not growing a ton of any veggie.. its just us.. and the kids in the summer.. so we don't need a lot of any particular vegetable. Cant wait for these to grow! To see my full Garden Update Post you can click here.

I then blogged for a little while and and waited on the guys to get home.. For dinner I decided to give a twist to a Pioneer Women's Steak Sandwich recipes.. I also made bacon and cheese fries to dip in ranch dressing.

It was a very informal kind of dinner in front of th tv.. I put the ranch for each of us in tea cups - pretty cute - and that was it.. It was simple to make and

the guys loved it.. I mean loved it.. You could feed a crowd with these too. I will have the full post of tonight's dinner up in the coming days.

It wasn't long after dinner that I was soaking away in


warm soft bath and almost falling asleep.. until husby busted in and wanted to know where the extra battery's were because his remote was dead. Sigh.. he has no idea where anything in this house is. Most of the time he doesn't even look. So my bath ended about that time so I could help him.

Since then I have been blogging away! I have lots of new post on the blog including

this weeks Beauty Steals and Deals.. Lots and Lots of great deals posted. To see the full list click here. I also put up some other coupons including a really good rare Miracle Grow coupon that I am for sure going to use!

Speaking of coupons.. Tomorrow is going to be a great Sunday Paper Coupon Day!!! First you can see the full post of coupons by clicking here but there should be 4 inserts in most papers!!

I will be buying 2 or 3 of them.. and also in the post I just mentioned about the coupons is a link to my youtube video on how I organize coupons if you want to check it out. I basically just take the inserts, use a sharpy and mark the date on it, and file it.. and then clip when needed. Such as when a great deal pops up, or before heading out to do shopping. Planning is everything with saving money with coupons!

And now I am just


laid up in bed getting ready to get some sleep. I don't have much planned for tomorrow. The guys are both playing golf when they get up.. so I should be waking to a quiet house. Its suppose to be 87.. so I might have to head out and get a few more plants and do some yard work. Looks like it is going to be a great day for it!

I also have a birthday box to get packaged up so I can take it to the post office on Monday. Something got lost last time I mailed it.. so this time I am going to go myself and make sure its done right. Normally husby takes care of it.. but too many problems can happen with that!

Anyway, I hope you have a great day with your families!

Sorry about all the links but I had a lot I wanted to share with you guys.. and links makes it easier!

Off to dream.. about my grandfather no doubt.. I think when I need him the most, I dream about him. He raised me and was my father. Its terrible to morn the death of your parent. It cripples me some days and takes my breath right away. He's always with me now.. and thats just carries me through.


K Jaggers