Movie Review : One for the Money

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I do tend to like Katherine Heigl movies.. I think she is cute and bubbly..but this movie just was ok for me. Its based off a Janet Evanovich’s best-selling comic thrillers about New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. 

Stephanie Plum can't catch a break. At 30, she finds herself newly-divorced, recently laid-off, and living with her hamster in Trenton, N.J. Broke and desperate; she lands a job working for her slimy cousin and his bail bond business. I n need of fast cash she latches on to his biggest case – a local cop wanted for murder whojust happens to be the guy that broke her heart in high school. Stephanie gets resourceful and tough, as she is swept up in a suspenseful world of murder, deceit, with a bit of romance. (Lionsgate)

I was hesistant to buy this off the tv because I wasn't sure if it would be worth the $3.99 charge. I settled in and started it and quickly realized that while this movie was tolerable.. it wasn't something that I was going to  really enjoy. I watched it all and came away wishing I would have paid the redbox price instead. 

I am not sure who this movie is marketed to.. I am thinking a teenager maybe... but it wasn't something I really got into. I think the murder mystry kind of movie is great but this one felt kinda - Lazy - I feel like this movie could have been so much better with a better script.. better speech lessons because Katherine Heigls New Jersey accent sucked.. and just more effort put into the movie. 

Here's the trailer..

I am giving this.. 

because its just not that good. I tolerated 1 time.. and that's going to be it.. There will be no re watching this movie! 

Have you seen it?? Do you agree with what I think? Let me know!

K Jaggers

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TEST BATCH - Homemade Strawberry Roll ups! -

Hello everyone! I wanted to get this first batch up for you guys of the strawberry fruit roll ups. My grandmother Watteau had made her own cookbook ( post coming later ) and she had not 1 but 2 fruit roll up recipes in it. I had searched high and low for this book..and the other day I finally found it!! Super Excited. 

As I said, there were 2 different recipes. The first one requires no cooking.. and the second one required a few minutes on the stove before going into the oven. To see my 2nd Peach Raspberry Batch Click here!

So yesterday, I tried out the one where there is no cooking involved.. and right now I have a batch in that I did have to cook. I think my grandmother used the cooking method the most.. because I know it took longer than what it did for this recipe. 

Heres the recipe in full. 

2 cups of fruit
Honey or agave nectar to taste.

Thats it.. See this is a very simple recipe..  And when you make it yourself, you’re making it without sugar, food coloring, , and without artificial flavors...and without all those preservatives that just are not good for you.  Just fruit, nothing else. The other recipe has sugar.. 

Here are the step by step instructions.. 

Here is everything you are going to need..


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FREE Kindle eBook: The First-Timer’s Cookbook

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I love these ebooks! 

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Printable Coupon Roundup!

Happy Thursday! Here are some of the hottest coupons out there right now! Get them fast because they go quick! 




Afternoon everyone! 

Its been a loud morning around here.. and I am just getting a few minutes to myself where I can blog! Hope you are having a beautiful Friday. We have just been hanging out around the house.. but in a bit we are going to run some errands and just spend the day together. School is still in here so their friends don't get home till later in the afternoon/evening hours. They do have a swim party to go to on Saturday all ready. 

I plan on starting to figure out the kids summer activities. I know, running really late with it but I got to get this summer planned! 

Anyway, I got a Printable Coupon Round up done last night before I went to sleep... going to get that posted and also get the fruit roll up post up too! And with that.. I went by what my grandmothers recipe was.. but I see a couple ways that it could maybe be improved a little. I will do a post with her exact way.. and then maybe my revised version when we make them again with the kids. 

Well going to get those coupons up before they go away..and see what other ones I can come up with! 


K Jaggers



Hello everyone! I am wore out tonight. I think chasing after the kids and working around the house is wearing me out! It was a pretty easy day around here. I got a lot of posts done.. and believe me, its not always easy blogging with the kids around.. but I hurried through most of them and hope that you guys can make sense of it all! 


Free or Even CHEAP Summer Movies!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

If you are looking for ways to have fun with your kids this summer, you might check into summer time movies!  These offers are either cheap or sometimes – even free!  When it gets warm outside it can be great to cool off in a theater with the kids!
Carmike Movies – Carmike theaters are offering $2 movies each week.  See locations and movie schedule HERE.
Cinemark – Cinemark has movies for $1 each week, or watch ten summer movies for $1.  Find locations and movie schedule HERE.
Clearview Cinemas – Clearview theaters has free movies for families on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 AM.  Find Clearview Cinemas in your area HERE.
Great Escape – Great Escape offers movies at a discounted rate throughout the summer.  The site states that some movies charge a “nominal fee”, so you’ll need to contact your local theatere to find out what the price isat each store.   Find the schedule HERE.
Monaco Theaters – Monaco Theaters offers free kids movies Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 AM.  Find more information HERE.
Rave Motion Theaters - Rave Motion Theaters offers free kid’s movies each Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM.  Find locations and movie schedule HERE.
Regal Cinemas – Regal Cinemas offers movies for $1 Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 AM.  See locations and movie schedule HERE.
To see my list of other kid friendly activities click  here!

K Jaggers

Summer Snack Foods Your Kids Will Love

Summertime is almost here, and if your kids are like mine during the summer they are always hungry. It seems that with the warm weather, playing outside, and swimming activities, my kids are always asking for snacks.

When it comes to snacks, I like to keep healthy, or at least some semi-healthy snacks, on hand for the kids to grab when they need them.

Here are a few ideas for homemade snacks that are perfect for the summertime!!

choc crasins 6 Recipes 20 Summer Snack Foods Your Kids Will Love


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K Jaggers

Garden Update!!

 Summer is here and all our plants and container gardens are really looking good!! I love growing things for us to eat. I could seriously have a huge garden if I would just plow up the back yard!


Homemade Fruit Roll up Update!

I am so excited to be making homemade fruit roll ups! I have wanted to find this recipe for a while now and at last my first test batch is in the oven right now.. and it is making the house smell AMAZING!  

Its not going to be done until around 8pm tonight..Fingers crossed it comes out as good as it smells! This way is not with a food dehydrator but using the oven on a very low setting for many 5 hours. I will be posting the step by step instructions to make this tomorrow.. and I will also show you how I plan on storing them. I think this is ok to do in the summer being the oven is so low but these would also be good to make in the winter months too when using the oven more! 

I think the kids will make more strawberry & strawberry banana.. I am also thinking peach raspberry will be amazing to make too! I think to supply our house.. we will need to make a bunch of these because they will go fast! =) 

I would love to hear your thoughts on some flavor combinations!! Send them in and we will try them out! 

K Jaggers

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush #200 - Flushed - REVIEW, SWATCHES, & PHOTOS

I have so many things to review.. and get posted on here! I picked this product to review today for you guys because I find myself reaching for it every day!


:Wednesday: Start Your Day with Happiness!


I woke up to a beautiful day.. and that alone makes me happy but add a couple of fun loving kids and my day really starts off well. Yesterday I worked so hard around the house that I am going to try to do less around here today. I do need to mop the kitchen floor but will do that probably in the night after they are in bed so I don't have to worry about them walking all over a wet floor!

I think we are going to go out and get all the stuff needed for the fruit roll ups. I am totally ready to make those and take a trip down memory lane! I am thinking I am going to make some today.. take pictures along the way.. just to test the recipe.. and then do a bunch of variations with the kids on Thursday. Like I said.. it couldn't be simpler. You know, I thought my grandmother slaved away in the kitchen to make these. NOPE! It couldn't have been more simple.. the baking time is loonng 4 -5 hrs.. but the process is easy. I am also not sure if I can make 2 cookie sheets in the oven..but I am going to try. I will just rotate them.

I will be getting the review up that I told you about yesterday. I was tired last night and just couldn't finish it but I will have it up this evening sometime!!! I have a million reviews that need to get done and I will work harder on getting them done for you.. like I said.. please be patient.. I have the kids and my focus has to be on them mostly.. but I do carve out time for myself too each day! I have got so many compliments on the coupon posts.. For YEARS...I have been asked about how I get so many freebies in the mail.. and now you know how! I just search for them and I now share them all with you. I don't just open the freebies the second they come in.. instead, I pile them up so I can do a mail post for you guys.. So if you are loving the coupons and the freebies you might want to sign up to get my email... which comes once a day in the evening has all the posts from that day in 1 dandy email!

Enter your email address:

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All the blog posts that get posted after the daily email are just posted on the following day. This really really helps to keep you from missing any great deals! 

I don't know what today holds. The kids want to do something but I am not sure what that is going to be.. All I have planned is a quick stop at the market for fruit..Boy.. my kids want to run.. run.. run.. and we are waiting to do all the big stuff until Zane gets here and its driving my kids crazy! I am so happy that Scott is not working late. He should be home about 630 and I can't wait to see him. I need him here more right now.. I dread tomorrow when he won't be home till 830. =( 

I want to get some coupon deals up.. and start my day! 

Hope you have a great Wednesday! 


K Jaggers

Goodnight ♥


Hello! Its late and I should be closing my eyes but I thought I would take a few minutes to say hello and tell you goodnight! First off.. thank you if you are a returning reader that comes back to this blog every day. I love you guys! I get a lot of emails now and it makes me feel so good to hear from each and everyone of you. I know I am always running late with responding but I do eventually get around to it. And if you are a new reader.. thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back! 

Anyway, today was a pretty nice day! I managed to get a lot done and also get a lot of posts up. I don't really know how I did it but I guess its just from not stopping. I either stayed busy with the kids or house and then when I did take a break to sit down for a few minutes, I got busy blogging. 


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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K Jaggers

Mom Break..

Well today has been pretty darn good! The kids have not been fighting and things are already starting to slide into place. Its never easy to go from no kids to a houseful. The transition is shocking to say the least! But today we were all more in sync with each other. 

I have been so busy around here. I called husby a little while ago and told him I don't want to be busy anymore! He said - You have at least 3 more months of busy - until Jackson starts school and the other 2 go back. How right he is! I think I am officially caught up on laundry. I don't know where its all coming from but it has been going all day. I have been using that snazzy new dryer all day because of the rain and its drying the clothes really fast. I have to admit, I like it a lot! Its slowed down for the time being but we are suppose to have rain off and on all night long. 

I am totally excited to tell you guys that I found my grandmother Watteau's homemade fruit roll up recipe and I will be making it on Thursday with the kids. I will be sure to do a post with step by step instructions.. they are amazing! I was so freaking happy when I was digging in the garage today through some of her stuff and found it. I have been looking for it for years. I didn't realize how easy it really was to make until I reread it! Super happy!!! =) 

I am on break right now.. I have done a ton around here today and now waiting on husby to get home. I also have to get up and start dinner in a few minutes. I am making country fried steak.. and not sure how well Jackson is going to do with it. He is such a picky eater.. but he has to trust I cook better than his dad! Frozen corndogs are not an option tonight. Should be interesting. 

I just plan on spending tonight relaxing.. and watching.. 

20/20 with Katie  Couric's Jubilee Queen Special Report. I love the royals.. and I can't wait to watch it tonight.. I might just end up going to bed a little earlier tonight! Thats when I got a lot of today's post done.. so going to try to keep that up. Tonight I am working on a review that I hope to have up either tonight or tomorrow.. so come back! 

Have a great evening! Time for me to get into the kitchen! 

K Jaggers

Terrific Tuesday Tips - Summer Easy- !

Our home is in full summer vacation mode, and with 107 days of blissful summer adventures ahead, I am embracing those important kitchen shortcuts and tips to ensure that we squeeze out every possible moment of sunshine. Cool summer snacks for my little darlings, quick cleaning solutions, and stress free entertaining are my focus this summer…all 107 days of it.

I love this handy list I found.. and its perfect for a Tuesday Tips and Ticks Post! 

Have any summer tips to share!? 

I would love to hear from you! =)

To see all my Household Tips and Ticks Posts you can click HERE!!

K Jaggers

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Free & Cheap Summer Kids’ Activities Round-Up

Here are a few summer entertainment deals and reading programs that will hopefully help you to keep your kids’ bodies and brains active over the next few months…


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I love this magazine and the coupons are really great! 

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- I am going to be posting more free books because I have really loving books on my phone! - 
Stay tuned for more!

K Jaggers

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Tuesday Inspiration..


That could not be more clear could it!? Happy Tuesday Friends!

I hope you all got a great start to your days! I am having a pretty good start myself! The kids slept well last night and both woke up in good moods.. and its my hope to keep them from fighting and keep them both in good moods the entire day. Fingers Crossed!! My kids tend to fight a lot and its one day at a time when it comes to them getting along.

Husby was suppose to have today off but being I am married to a man with an incredible work ethic, he is at work because its the end of the month and he wants to be there to get as many cars out as he can before June arrives. Got to love how dedicated he his when it comes to his work.. but we miss him. =( - I miss him. But he will be home at a decent hour.. And it sucked that he had to work on Memorial day but they sold 5 cars ( I think ) yesterday so I guess it was worth it.

Last night I worked on a lot of posts before I fell asleep.. so lots coming up today! I am doing my best to get posts done in my spare time.. because my main focus in the summer is the kids and my family. But blogging is a great way to escape so I will still be blogging but I  some days it will be a bit slower...But I am always catching up! Last night I had a big glass of wine after they went to bed and it not only made me feel a bit better but it also helped me sleep. I had my cats surrounding me.. my laptop in my lap.. and my wine on my nightstand.. I don't really like to drink much but a cold glass of wine to relax the night away never hurt anyone!

We have a lot to do in the kids rooms today. They are still not totally unpacked and their rooms look like a tornado went through there. Its suppose to start raining this afternoon its suppose to really rain so its a good day to organize inside. I am also making a chore list for the kids. They are going to hate it but they are part of the family and they get to help out some around here too. I don't even want to pay them for helping keeping the home they are living in picked up but Scott thinks they should earn $10 a week. They are very lucky to have Scott feeling a different way otherwise they wouldn't be getting paid to help in the house.

We are starting off a little slow today.. Brittany is right here beside of me and we are all still in our pjs. Its just the perfect way to wake up! They were not loud this morning.. and neither of the kids were fighting.. Yea!! It will be a miracle if  they can keep that up the rest of the day.

Well, time to start my day! Lots of posts coming up later!


Have a great Tuesday!

K Jaggers