Barely Awake.. but Happy! =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Scotts home today. I forget how much I love having him here when I wake up. Yesterday I was blogging how I woke up alone..No husband, No kids, No Brandon.. and today.. I woke up with a beautiful man laying beside me.. and my kids are on their way back. So much better when you have special people in your life to wake up to! 

I can't wait to get the kids in my arms.. but if I am going to have any hope of keeping up with them, I need more coffee! I am testing out a new coffee today.. [ You can see what I am drinking right HERE! ] I don't know what I really think of it yet.. but maybe after a few more cups I will figure out if I actually like it or not! I am heating up the oven right now so I can toss in the French toast casserole. Perfect way to serve a breakfast or a brunch with little work! I know Scott and the kids will love it! 

They are still at the waterpark right now but should be leaving in just a few minutes....which gives me enough time to get woke up and cleaned up. I already talked to both kids already this morning and both sounded happy. Well, Brittany thinks her little brother is getting on her nerves. Gosh.. My hope is those kids stay close. One day their father and myself won't be here.. and all they will have is each other.  They have a strong bond already but I want it even stronger!

I will be back a little later.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K Jaggers