Date Night Walmart Haul!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

So the other day I read about Hard Candy discontinuing some really good products. Many bloggers were complaining and hoping it means they are going to be replaced with even better Hard Candy Products. So that got me thinking.. Its been a while since I picked up any Hard Candy items.. so I figured I would get a couple of the items that are going away for good. Scott and I were killing time before our movie and went to Walmart. There was another makeup item I wanted to get too.. 

So here is the few items I picked out.. 

A beauty blogger recently recommended to me that since I have been getting all the new Physicians Formula products.. that I should get one of the 

Mineral Wear Powder. She loves it and told me to try it out.. A lot of people give me suggestions and its bad because 99% of the time I go get it. I have a huge makeup collection and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger! =)

This powder feels really nice.. 

 I can't wait to really test it out! 

From Hard Candy, I picked out ( well husby helped! ) 2 items that are being discontinued.. 

I have a lot of the Benefit Blushes that come just as these do and I figured I could compare the two and see how they measure up to each other. 

This one is in 

Smooth Talker which is suppose to be close the Benefit Sugarbomb Blush.

And its pretty much packaged the same. 

Then I got 

Spicy and Sweet

which is a pretty pink.. This was Scotts choice!

I can tell you now.. they are very similar to the Benefit Blush Boxes but they smell like makeup.. and I don't really like that but the reviews are going off the charts about these Fox in a Box products from Hard Candy. I am going to try to get a review up pretty fast because they are off the shelves they are not coming back. If you think you might want to try them.. go to Walmart and get them now. For a full list of what is going away click here!

While I was in the Hard Candy area.. this mascara just sucked me in!!

This is the Hard Candy Lash Ink..

Its suppose to last 4 days!! WHAT????? 

I wash my mascara off nightly but it would be nice to apply mascara on Monday and not have to worry about it for a few days. Why not? 

Its a small brush with a

Shinny black thin formula. 

I won't lie.. when I got home.. I googled this product and the reviews were more good than bad.. and I can't wait to test it out! I can't wait to see how well this works! 

So that was all I got last night. I am happy I got the Fox in a Box Products. They are $6.00 each so not so bad! Go get them if you are interested..because they are going away! =(

Happy Sunday! 

K Jaggers