High 5 for Friday!

Friday, January 4, 2013

1. Spending the holidays with my mom and my sister. Always super happy when we are all together! 

2. Brittany Belle was here just a few days ago! Gosh.. she is growing up so fast on me. Can't wait till summer!! 

3. This past week I got a lot of new beauty items.. but I think I was most happy to get the new Physicians Formula BB Line! I got it all.. and so far I am really liking it! 

4. Spending the holidays with my husband and our son was so important. It was perfect but I was so happy to also spend it with them too! 

5. Watching Willow celebrate New Years with a sip of martini! She had never done that before.. it was like she knew it was a special night! 

Happy Friday! 

K Jaggers