Ohhhh Nooooo Kitty Kitty!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Look what showed up today!!!! Oh my.. a baby kitten showed up on my front porch.. This is the kiss of death to a cat lover.. 

How am I suppose to say no to this baby?

He looks about 4 -5 months old.. and was really playful. I took some food out to him.. 

Check him out.. here's a video.. 

But when I coming back inside.. I imagined the worse happening.. 

The kitten freezing to death in the cold night. 

The kitten getting hit by a car. 

The kitten starving. 

Nope.. Couldn't live with that so this little guy is living in the bathroom right now. 

I have to be VERY CAREFUL because I have a house of Persians and bringing in a stray could really get them sick. So they are all separated.

So who does the kitty belong to?? IDK.. I have no idea where it came from. Thinking I will make some signs and see if I can get husby and Jackson to walk around the neighborhood tonight and go door to door. Someone might be missing their kitty cat and don't even know it yet...which has happened to me... MANY TIMES. 

And if all else fails.. we might have a new addition to the family. After a vet check and nurturing . he could live here.. but we have got to try the other steps first. Right now we are the  kitty sitters who have a new guest! 


K Jaggers