Tuesday Topics!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Austin Family Diary

Happy Tuesday Friends!! Time for another Tuesday Topics.. Today its 


Downton Abbey.. By far.. one of the very best shows on TV right now. I actually plan on doing a vlog soon on Season 3!! Have you watched it yet!? If you haven't.. you should head right down to your local video store and pick up season 1 and 2 .. catch up and start watching season 3!! You won't be disappointed! 

Grey's Anatomy.. Another great show.. I think I have been addicted to this show for YEARS! Love it!! 

I catch up with my daily gossip with the ladies from The View each morning! Love them all!!

I know this is a little red neckish.. but I am a HUGE FAN of Dog the Bounty Hunter. When it came off the air, I almost had a panic attack.. I have watched this family for so many years.. that it would be a big stretch for me to consider myself a family member too! =) Thankfully CMT took over and a new show called DOG will be airing in April! Exciting!! 

Most nights at 8pm I tune into Nancy Grace. I have to admit, thanks to Nancy... I go around the house locking the doors and windows all the time. I love listening to the current court issues but there are so many kid cases which makes me a little paranoid that something will happen to one of my own kids.. Again.. thanks to Nancy.. our home is safer. 

I found this show on Netgeo and fell in love. I am hooked on watching this large animal vet speed around helping animal after animal.. Totally addicting! 

We can't leave Oprah out of my list. I really miss her daily show but I have learned to just deal with watching her once a week.. HOWEVER.. did you see she got the Lance Armstrong interview? It will be airing this Thursday and Friday on OWN.. I must say.. I still love Lance. 

And last but not least, I am totally addicted to the People's Court. I love it.. and have watched it for as long as I can remember! 

Happy Tuesday! 

K Jaggers