Monday, January 7, 2013

Vlog My Day!!!

I am linking up today with Paige over at Eloping Stethoscope for a vlog link up that links up every 3 months.. So the next one won't be around until April! 
Vlog My Day

This month we were suppose to do a video of a day in the life.. so that's exactly what I did! This is a typical weekend day.. but my weekdays are very different!

Hope you enjoy!

K Jaggers


  1. Wow!! What a long and eventful day you had!! It was so much fun getting to see a glimpse of your life! Your house is beautiful and so glad you got to have a date night. :) Definitely need those every now and then! Thanks for linking up!

  2. GFC, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest follower back to you via Let's Get Social Sunday! Thanks for following me! Diana

  3. That was a busy day, but it looked like so much fun! Your dinner looked so so yummy, and that bath?! LOVE! Thanks for linking up :)

  4. Thanks sooo much for linking up! I loved your vlog! Walmart has been way too busy lately. Yuck. You had such a busy day! I loved seeing it! :)

  5. Fun and busy day! Great blog

  6. Fun and busy day! Great blog

  7. @ Abbey..It was very long! Thankfully I was able to sleep in the following day! We won't be in this house much longer.. looking to move to Florida by summer!

    @ Diana..thanks so much! Hope to get to know you better in the New Year!

    @ Kim Dinner and the bath were the biggest highlights.. plus my husband!

    @ Paige.. it was a tiring day and I love the linkup series! So fun!

    @ Dena Nice to meet you!! Happy New Year!

  8. I loved your vlog! Personally I loved the part where you and hubby were having dinner because he kept smiling this very sweet smile at you! So cute! :) Thank you thank you thank you for linking up and showing us a look into your life. :)

  9. You had such a busy day! Wow!! Your diner looks Delicious!

  10. @ Mia.. he is a sweetheart.. most of the time! The vlog was a lot of fun!! Loved it! Happy New Year! =)

    @ Angel.. yes it was busy alright! I was exhausted by time it ended.. and dinner was really good!


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