Monday, February 25, 2013

How to tell when your cat is pregnant and kitty questions answered!! { Video! }

Helloooo! I hope you are having a great evening!! I get a ton of cat questions and I am working on a series of videos about breeding cats. 

So here is the first one.. which is 

How to tell when your cat is pregnant along with other kitty questions answered. 

Hope you enjoy! 

I will be working getting a video of the birthing box and supplies up really really soon. I need to do it before she actually does go into labor so be expecting that video by the end of the week! 

If you have a kitty question you can always email me at and if you are interested in getting one of the beautiful babies just go to the application here!!

K Jaggers


  1. That is pretty much the cutest cat EVER. ^_^

    I have a siamese ragdoll so I love kitties!


  2. @ Aubree..Thank you.. she's precious to us! I want a Siamese someday.. but not until we are done breeding the Persians! Ragdolls are so loving too! Have a great week!


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