Where's George????

Sunday, February 3, 2013

So when I was changing purses and wallets last night I noticed I had got another Where's George Bill! 

These are always so much fun! 

It has a stamp on it and you can see they circled some times.. 

Here is the top..

And here is the backside..

with another stamp! 

So I tracked this bill and saw it came straight up from 

from Pigeon Forge, TN !!! 

This is one of Scott and my favorite places to be.. We go often and now its up to me to go spend this dollar bill and see if the next person enters it into the system! I will be notified when that happens. 

I think its a lot of fun and I might even get the stamp. I found it for only $5 and track some more of the Jaggers Family money. It will be fun watching where it goes! 

You can find out more here!! 

Have you ever got one of these bills and tracked it!? Share your stories!!


K Jaggers