A-Z Challenge: J is for.. Joe,Jerry,Joey,Jeremy,Jordan,and Jackson

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Today with the A-Z Blog Challenge its the letter 


The letter J has significant meaning in my life. Most of the men/boys on my dads side of the family names start with the letter J. 

My grandfather who raised me went by Joe instead of Joesph.. Then he named my father Jerry..his brother, my uncle was named Joey.. My brother was named Jeremy. My First son is named Jordan..and my youngest son is named Jackson! And I am waiting for the day when I get a Jack Jr.!!

Who would have guessed we would have all stuck with boys names starting with J!? Kinda silly to not keep it going right!?

And I have also named a few dogs with J names too..

                                                                                                           Jumpin' Jack Attack & Jerro!

                                                                                                      Have a great Thursday!

                                                                                                             K Jaggers