Monday Makeup: Blast From the Past...Benefit Thrrrob Blush & Benefit Sugarbomb Blush Review, Pictures, & Swatches

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello! I hope you are having a beautiful Monday evening. I have been busy around the house and now I am taking a few minutes to talk to you about a couple of my favorite blushers right now!  

Here is Benefit Thrrrob Blusher.. Its a very pinkish blush with the slightest shimmer ever. I wouldn't worry about the shimmer because its so slight.. 

This is the perfect blush to just throw on and run out the door. 

It gives you that flushed look with little effort. Its very natural. 

And then I have been loving 

I heard this was discontinued.. but I am not sure. You could probably find it on ebay. This is a warmer peachy tone that I love to contour with. 

It gives such a pretty bronzed glow. There is also some really fine shimmer in this one too but its really pretty in the light. It reflects nicely. Both of these are great for spring. I am happy happy that I dug them out of the piles of blushes I have! If you can find them... they are such a great item to have! And they have lasted forever too! 

I think these were $28 each.. which is a little pricey. There are also some great drugstore dupes too that I might go more in depth on next week. Do you have any of the great Benefit blushes? Which one is your favorite!? 


K Jaggers