Sunday Social..

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday Friends! I hope you have a great day! 

What is your shopping weakness?
Make up of course! 


I buy a lot more drugstore than high end anymore but there are some nicer products that I just don't want to live without!

What is your food weakness?
I'm a pasta girl.. Yes I am. 


I could eat pasta every night of the week.. and some how I married a man who doesn't like it. But he eats it anyway! 

What is your go to movie to watch when nothing is on?
Right now I am loving.. 

Its a long movie that I always love.. its easy to put on and turn up.. I can still do things around the house and I still know what's going on! And something about time period movies makes me happy!

What is your go to breakfast food

I skip breakfast a lot but I do love..

Grapefruit and toast! 
Do you drink coffee? If so how do you take it?

I take my coffee 3 different ways.. 

When I need a boost, I have a espresso... with lots sugar. 

I also love Mocha Lattes with sugar.. lots of sugar. 

and on normal mornings my coffee is black with lots of sugar! (:

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 

K Jaggers