Thankful Thursday

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Happy Thursday Friends! Today's thankful post might sound more like a rant but I hope not! 

I had a phone conversation today with a blast from the past. In this conversation I realized that the person I was talking to was such a complete mess. After we hung up, I started thinking about what that meant about me if I thought so much of this person at one point in time. I was an idiot. Simple as that. So as I sit here and type this the truth is I am so very thankful that I am not that idiot anymore. Life has a funny way of maturing most people. Not always but for me.. I have learned so much from the past and I am so grateful to not be so young and dumb anymore. I learned to make better life decisions.. to put my marriage above everything.. to raise beautiful healthy kids with a sense of grace and honor. I have learned to sit calmly and wait for the right answer when I am lost instead of making terrible emotion based decisions. I didn't really believe I would live 37 years. And now that I actually have, I feel like I have a little wisdom inside me that helps guide me down the right path. I am also thankful that I now understand the importance of having a strong relationship with God. I believe.. and I pray. At times it feels like its my only hope of help in hard situations. A miracle if you will.

Life is challenging in every aspect and there is always room for improvement.. always room to learn more.. to grow.. to love more.. and that is and always will be my focus. 


K Jaggers