Sunday Confessions..

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I am linking up today with Alex over at Every Day is a New Adventure for Sunday Confessions! I  Hope you enjoy!

I confess...

*Life has been so stressful lately. There has been much room to breath let alone think! I am just my best to get through each day and not be so negative about the things going on. But this summer has been hard to say the least.

* Is it silly for me to confess that I haven't shopped for makeup lately. Well, not like I normally do. I miss it! All my extra money in the summer normally goes towards the kids....not makeup! However, I do have a small Flower haul coming up soon!

* I am just not a neighborly person. I hate.. hate..hate.. going out to check my mail while every neighbor I have sits on their porch and watches. Plus not too long ago the neighbor right beside of us, told me he was having a party and wanted to use our driveway so his friends and family would have a place to park. I shocked the shit out of him because I smiled and said..." You can park any where you want as long as its not in my driveway.. or blocking my driveway. Ha! That guy looked at me so strange and then said thanks! There was no way all his friends was using my driveway. I don't even know the guy. No..No..No..

* I have also been kinda jealous of my moms mini vacations! I feel like I need a vacation more than a quick weekend! Maybe its time to pack up and leave the family behind to go hang out with mom! She blogs too... you can always check her out right here!

* That I am still running around chasing Romeo from beating up the other cats in the house. I don't know what his deal is but I am sick of his shit. The 2 cats I love most in my home hate each other. My patience is running out with him. He's going to get the water bottle more!

*. I had mixed feelings about the George Zimmerman verdict. I feel so badly for both of the families. I think the simple thing he should have done to prevent all of this was to simply STAY IN HIS CAR. Its still a 17 year old child and it breaks my heart.

*. I confess that I seriously wanted to scream when I walked into my bedroom and saw Brittany and Zane scrubbing my new white bedding with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I wanted to beat their butts. I didn't.. and wouldn't but I sure wanted too.  Some makeup got on my bed ( thanks Brittany ) and they were trying to clean it up without me finding out. Thank goodness it didn't damage the bedding. I do appreciate them trying to clean it up but wow.. I flipped out.

* Here's the biggest confession of the week.. probably of the summer. I haven't liked my husband much the past few weeks. That's the honest truth. I love him dearly but there are times when I could just ring his neck. I don't know why we are being so tested this year but I think if we can make it through this summer, we will be able to make it through anything. I don't pretend to have a perfect marriage.. There is no such thing. I think every marraige/relationship has its ups and downs.. good years.. bad years.. and even though it might be hard, its best to ride out the storm. Better days are always around the corner!


Happy Sunday

K Jaggers