Sunday Confessions

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I am linking up today with Alex over at Every Day is a New Adventure for Sunday Confessions! I  Hope you enjoy!

I confess...

* Brittany and I had the house to ourselves this Friday and Saturday. And I didn't really mind. I loved having a quiet house.

* I hate the ex's. I really do. Scott's ex wife is offering up her bed for him to nap in.. YEA RIGHT.. and my ex is like another one of the kids but with a bigger mouth.  I would like strap parachutes on both and throw them out of plane maybe in South Africa or something. I don't know what either of us were thinking at that point in our lives but I totally confess that I am sick of them.

* That I spent Friday night in the ER. Its sucked but I am so thankful for the help of the nurses and Dr. More about that coming up later.

* that I am totally happy that summer is almost over. This has been the summer of hell and I just don't want it anymore. I am tired of all the summer drama. We are seriously considering letting next summer only being  a couple of weeks long instead of a couple of months long.

* That with our summer problems, we have put our family and friends through hell. I have the best mom, sister in law and friends any girl could ask for. When I was checking into the hospital, it wasn't my husband standing beside of me.. nope. it was my best friend on the phone. I couldn't be more thankful for them. I just hope that I can some day repay the favors and love they have shown me.

* I confess I am sick to death waiting on this Royal Baby to be born. I have been dying to know if its a boy or girl and the name. Guess the " Waity Katie " syndrome is carrying on to the baby. Perfect.

* In hearing about that lady at 6 flags plunging to her death from that roller coaster is exactly why I refuse to ride on them. I doubt that I will ever allow my kids on one ever again. Its just too scary to think about.

* that I am leaving today. I just want out of this house so Brittany and I are going to do some swimming and shopping.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


K Jaggers