Cold Nasty Monday

Monday, November 25, 2013

DayHappy Monday friends. Well, I am not too happy today to say the least but I hope you are! Last night my beloved laptop crashed on me and now I am using a very old one right now. I guess its better than nothing. Plus we have the ipad and tablet but both of which I can't really edit or upload videos. But I did get up and go to husbys work at 9am and sat there until the tech guy came in. I was heading out to get a new computer but wanted to talk to him first. Which I must say, was good because he thinks he can fix the bug on the laptop in just a couple of hours! Yea! I am not sure if I will get it back before tomorrow morning or not but I am glad it shouldn't take him much time to get me back up and running again. And it shouldn't cost much either which makes it even nicer. Guess husby did the right thing with taking it in. :) It has been pretty upsetting. I was up so late myself trying to fix it but it just got worse and worse. I almost started crying. I know its a machine but there is a lot on there...some backed up and some not. And I have a lot planned too which is important to me. So it was a hard evening. But I woke up early and got busy trying to figure out a solution.

So now I am trying to re-plan my day which will probably include some shopping for Thanksgiving. Idk....Its freezing cold outside and kinda wet. Weather that makes me want to stay in and stay warm. I can still record videos but can't edit or upload them on this computer. So I will still be recording and start editing as soon as I can....hopefully tomorrow. I'll be back in a bit!