Red String Giveaway Winners & Update | Video |

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello friends. I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am back with the winners of the red string giveaway. Please forgive the night video. With Scott home, we have been busy trying to get a few things done around the house. Why not right!? So I didn't get it recorded until late. Thank you to everyone who entered.....check out the video for a quick life update and the winners! 
Stay tuned for me giveaways coming up very soon! 
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Week in Review Sept 22-28, 2014 w/ Life Update Vlog

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello friends. I hope you are having a great evening. I thought I would pop in and say hello to you all. So many of you noticed that I had not blogged a lot and started sending in emails that I never answered. So I recorded a video and put it up. I thought about it a bit and took it down and then decided to go on and share it because it is our life...our family...and our truth. Its not pretty...its not glamorous...its real life with real problems. I am very thankful for all the emails and notes sent in and I am also thankful for all the comments on the video because your suggestions have been awesome. I have read every single one and I hear you and feel your love and support. And I am also glad that our family life ( which is a total mess ) lets a few of you guys know that you are not alone. We are all here to learn and grow. I have made so many mistakes through out the years but each has taught me various lessons. I am sure this difficult period in time is just another lesson of sorts that our entire family is learning together. I have to hope that we will come through these hard times better and stronger. In the video below, you will hear me talking about struggling in my relationship with my husband but we are still here fighting through the issues trying our hardest to get through these difficult times. We are not divorcing. Instead we are fighting to make things better. While we have talked a lot about splitting up in the past weeks, neither of us really want that. So know that we are working on things and trying to make them better all the way around. 

While this video might seem a little sad, know that today has been going a little better. We are just taking things moment by moment, day by day. And with God's grace we will look back at this moment in time and realize it was just a drop in the buck of our life. 

This week we also celebrated my sisters birthday! She is growing up into such a beautiful person who I adore. Happy Happy Birthday Laci. ♥

Here's what I should get done this week...
  • Put up all the laundry waiting on me.
  • Try to start getting back on schedule no matter what is going on around here...Yea, I know I have been saying it for weeks but we can hope right?
  • Bath the cats before it gets colder. 
  • Get purse cleaned out. 
  • Walk more. Getting out in nature always makes me feel better. I might be a hermit but I truly love nature. 
  • Try to be more understanding with everyone in my life. God give me patience. 
  • Get grocery list written out and go shopping. 
  • Try to start making videos. I just need a few good days in a row and I should be back at it. Its just hard recording when I am not feeling good. 
  • Get freezer cleaned out and organized. 
  • Get to PO Box and get the mail. 
  • Maybe get a haircut sometime soon and also schedule pedi's for Scott and myself. 
  • Go through paperwork and pay bills. asap. 
  • Enjoy more baths....believe it or not, its been showers this past week and I dearly miss my long nightly bath.
  • Find more reasons to smile....focus on the good more than the bad. 
  • Get Jackson to start using his dictionary...its amazing how many words he doesn't know how to spell. I am sure spell check doesn't help him learn it but they also stopped having spelling tests 2 years ago. Guess they figured why teach it when spell check takes care of everything.  
  • Have Scott help me clean the leather living room furniture while he is home. 
  • Speaking of Scott being home, I need to remember that he needs a break sometimes too and while I am stressed out about it, its probably helping him a lot to have some time off. I need to remember that. 
Here is some inspiration for all of us this week:

So as you can tell this past week has not been easy. We are so out of whack and out of sync with everything that its going to take a while to get things back on track. I am trying. I promise that I will try to get back to some kind of schedule in the coming days. Thank you for all your love and support. 
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Friday Letters

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear God, 
Well this certainly wasn't my week. I am sure that I could have handled things better. I should have remembered what my Grandma Mary once said to me → Half the things you worry about never loose the anxiety. ← I should have remembered that. 
Dear Self, 
You seriously need to get your shit together. Nothing I am doing is turning out the way I want so clearly I need to try something else. Maybe more mediation/focus/and even maybe yoga would help. And a new therapist who can help sort out my full dysfunctional family 
Dear Scott,
I am sorry for being such a pain in the ass the last few days. I don't always agree with you and I don't always like your decisions but I do love you. I hope one day we can look back and just realize it was just a blink in time that we got past. 
Dear Romeo,
I get on here and always tell everyone want an amazing kitty cat you are. However, how could they ever know how great you are without meeting you!? They can't... but I know that you are such an amazing cat that everyone falls in love with you at first site. 
Dear Laci, 
Thank you for your heartfelt talks. I love you and appreciate you advice. 
Dear Body,
You have got to get over this cold or whatever is going on with you. I feel sick and as day leads into evening and night, I feel worse. Not sure why but I think the cooler weather is messing with me. 
Dear Shanna,
Thank you for always being such a great friend to me. I love you and value your opinion. I'd seriously be lost without you. 
Dear Jordan,
I like you calling. I just wish you would say hi. There is nothing to fear...nothing at all. 
Dear Autumn,
You showed up kinda fast. I thought I was ready for you but the truth is...I am not. I have so much to do and cooler days just make it a little bit harder to climb out of the bed in the mornings. 
Dear Blog,
I am sorry I have ignored you. I have been kinda sick, not feeling good in other ways and just needed some time off. But I am slowly trying to get things back to normal. Please be patient with me. 
Dear Cooper,
You are doing better and better on your workouts. I know it sucks but we are doing it to make you feel better in the long run. Soon it will be half your normal serving of dog food and half green beans. Hopefully that will help fill you up and help you loose weight. 
Dear Brittany,
I love you and glad you are having a great time in school so far. I am very proud of your grades....but I still want those passwords! 
Dear House,
Even though, I hope to get you more cleaned up in the coming days, I also hope to decorate and record a video of our fall decorations. 
Dear Action Jackson, 
You wear me out so much! I love you dear boy but I do think you have to mature a little more and try to understand that life is not so scary. Take more chances and stop being so afraid. 
Dear Mom,
I am not sure what is going on with you but I wish you would just get yourself normal again. 
Dear Nails,
After having you done today, my fingers are so sore. I had the acrylics taken off because my nails have grown really well under but that process was not so easy. My fingernails hurt like hell tonight. 
Dear Blog&Youtube Friends,
I know I have been MIA for a few days. Trust me....its been for the best. I have been emotionally upset at times, tired a lot, and not feeling good at all so I took a break. I am trying to get back on schedule but Scott is home during the days right now so its a little more complicated. I don't know why its harder to get things done when he is home. I will explain all that in time but he is home and happy right now making it even harder to get on schedule. Just hang in there with me and I will get things back to normal asap. 

 I hope you have a great night. 

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Week in Review September 15-21, 2014 w/ Day in the Life Vlog!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our weekend. I also vlogged a little each day which you can see in the video below. I have been trying to move all my video's to my main channel including the vlogs but for right now I am uploading them to both channels. I think that is the best way to do it right now but eventually they will probably all move to my housewife life main youtube channel. I hope you don't mind but I have been trying to figure out a way to make everyone happy. I don't expect you to watch them twice but now you will be able to find my vlogs on both channels. 

Also being I have been so off schedule, there was just no way I could get this published yesterday. Hopefully this next week, I will get on a better schedule...If you want to see how our week went around the Jaggers House, enjoy the video....and there is more below!

This past week was pretty much a complete mess for me. I can't get myself on any kind of schedule...hence, this odd WIR blog post. I am just not going to take you though day by day on this blog post...the video pretty much explains what kind of week it was for me. Really I am still finding trouble trying to figure out a schedule that will actually work for me right now. I feel like such a mess. But hopefully with each passing day I will be able to readjust and get things back to normal. 
Scott has been home the past few days which is different. Who knows how many days in a row that he will be here. I will explain in time what is going on with him but I would certainly call it a mid life crisis. But whatever....we'll see where it goes. We are fine financially so I guess its ok for him to go out and find himself. He hasn't made any concrete decisions but I am guessing that the road ahead is about to be bumpy. I will just keep praying and hope things go better than I think they will. 
So now on to this's a few things I need to get done. 

Here's some inspiration for the week:
Have a beautiful and blessed day.
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Why I Should Have Stayed in Bed Today....

Monday, September 22, 2014

* I was woke up super super early with really bad news. 

* Husband thought today is his mid-life crisis time....and is making big changes.....Great.

* My WIR is not done yet. Not even close....don't expect that until tomorrow....sorry.

* The guys in my family are such smart guys who act so dumb...including my little Jackson. Why are the boys so far behind. Is there that big of a learning curve between the girls and guys? 

* I have got to clean up this house...somehow some way it is getting done today. 

* I joked with Jackson yesterday when I went to the convenient store and told him I went to my boyfriends just kidding around and now he thinks mom is picking another dad. It was a joke..damn.

* One of the older kids who is upset, keeps calling private and hanging up. Yea...I can see I won't be getting the mother of the year award. I wish he could just get the courage to talk to me. 

* I am in the mood to shoot off some serious emails but Scott is trying to convince me not to. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut but God knows I don't want to.

* The plans for this day are totally screwed up now. I mean totally. 

* Yesterday I got double billed on my credit card for something so that means minutes to hours of bullshit credit card phone conversations today. 

* My poor sister in law is on vacation and ourselves and family has bombarded her with our problems. Thank God she is tolerant and honest with us. I personally would be lost without her. But I feel bad for our contribution to a shitty start to her vacation. Sorry Trina. 

* Even thought today has already been a total mess, I am going to try to do what I need to do such as answer emails, clean the house fast, and work on the WIR post and just lean back and try to let things go right past me....easier said than done though. 

* I have no idea what is wrong with me right now. I can't sleep....eating is hard...and I have way too many thoughts bouncing around in my head. I seriously don't think I will be able to keep juggling things much longer. Plus my emotions are off the charts which helps nothing...nothing at all. 

* Even though we are in mid-afternoon I am still on coffee...not wine but I think I need to eat something before I get a massive headache.

* Chalkboard walls need updated.....just add that to the list. 

* Why can't we just pack up and move to south Florida? I am so ready....I just want to get all our shit together in a Uhal and just go towards the water. I am not giving up on that me turn it into a reality.

* I feel like I need a little mini vacation by myself. Not that I don't love my husband or kids but it sure sounds really nice. I feel really overwhelmed with life right now in so many ways. Seriously....I need to get my head together but in the meantime I guess I can start with the house. 

* I am not a master of time management any longer. My schedule totally went out the window about a month ago and nothing has been the same since. I am going to try harder because I already know how to do it....just applying it right now is hard. 

* My beautiful roses are slowly dying. It feels like a metaphor for what I am feeling. Even though they are drooping over, they are still so beautiful. 

* I did manage to put on some makeup hoping not to look as bad as I feel. :) 

* This blog post took forever to write between phone calls and emails and such. So I am going to get my butt moving on the first floor and try to clean it up good but fast. The second floor is a total mess for maybe tomorrow. But we'll see. Scott said he would help later so I might just let him. 

I will be back when I can. I would love to upload a video but I doubt that is going to happen today. I swear I am trying to get things back to normal but they are so out of control right nowt that I can't make any promises. But I will be back in the groove in a few days...but in the mean time you will just have to live with random posts. 

I hope your day is going better than mine! Feel free to comment, rant. or anything else below! 

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Weekly Food & Household Shopping Haul! | Video |

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I am back with this weeks food and household shopping hauls. I had to do a little pet shopping too. I always love sharing these videos because I try to always let you know what we will be having and hopefully give you some simple menu ideas! If you want to see what we got this week...enjoy the video below!
If you post grocery/household hauls I would love to hear from you....leave your link below so I can come check it out. Have a great night. 
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Sunday Inspiration

Happy Sunday friends. I hope you are having a great day. Its a slow start for me today but what's new about that? Scott and Jackson headed out to try out a new church. As I said before we keep trying to find the right church for our family. Scott is taking the lead and trying out different churches until he finds one he likes. Once that has happened, I will be going too. I just get tired bouncing church to church waiting on him to find one that he likes. So maybe today will be the day when he finds the right one. We come from very different spiritual paths. For me I was raised Baptist 1/2 the time and other half of the time, I was raised Catholic. I have only been baptized in the Catholic church but Scott was raised in the Methodist church. Since he doesn't want to become Catholic, I am letting him take the lead in finding our family the right church. Once he finds it, I am sure our lives will get even more busier than it already is! But we really do need to find one. And for those of you who think I should be going to test out the churches with him....don't worry. I will be going in time. 

So this past week. I have not felt so spirtiual myself.  I have felt behind and tired almost everyday. But in my exhausted state, I have been turning off the tv at night before I am ready to fall asleep....→ bringing me to a small calm space in time where I can pray more. ← So maybe all that exhaustion is still bringing me around in a full circle right back to God. I think everything brings us back to God. 

I have felt lost for weeks now. I just haven't been able to get on any kind of schedule, some days I feel neglected by my family and I am sure they would say the exact same on certain days. I feel lost about where I really want to live and when we will get there. I know my husband has felt lost too about where his work life is going. I think Jackson feels lost at times because not having both his birth parents in the same house. We are all lost around here. But we really are trying to let God guide us. I think with our busy lives that we all have in this home, we are all suffering from some kind of disconnection when more than anything we want to connect with God, each other, nature, all of it. And I think all of us wonders how our lives got so big, busy and loud. I know that if I/we are wondering off the beaten path and lost...God will find us and get us right back to where we need to be. When I was younger there was a lot more family time than what there is now. I know what I am striving for but have yet to reached it. But that does not mean give up. Instead, it means work harder for life we want. Scott and I have a dream for our family. And just because there are some road blocks that doesn't stop us from continuing to build that dream. It might slow us down but we continue to build upon the dream. I am not going to get into the dream itself because that would require a totally different long blog post but every family should have a plan, goal, dream....whatever you want to call it. And if you are as lost as I am right now...just know God will find you and lift you up. 

Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday.

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Evening Edition: Friday Letters

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday letters is going live a little later tonight but it's been a busy day! I hope you enjoy. 

Dear God, I am still trying to figure out what your plans are for me. I swear I wish I knew what was ahead but maybe its best that I don't. I really want to live the best loving happy life that I can. Please walk me through it....easily. 

Dear Self, You have to get feeling better. I am not sure what is going on with you but maybe its time for a check up with a Dr. Plus a true schedule might help too.

Dear Jackson, I love you and I am sorry when I said that your midterm could be better. I wasn't trying to just be negative and not talk about the good grades. I did point out the A's & B's and said how proud I was of you but the low C needs to be brought up. Simple as that.

Dear Romeo, I don't understand why you want to sleep with me if you are only going to meow at the door as soon as you hear the boys up. No wonder I don't sleep well. You will always be the coolest cat in the house. 

Dear Laura, I am so happy you are blogging and I love it. I also know its not easy writing a blog post with 2 babies running around the house all day. Just figure out a time when things are calm and go for it! Sometimes you have to plan beloved....even though you hate it!

Dear NFL, You guys are a joke. All you care about is your players making you money. The world is showing you how wrong you are and even with your little afternoon conference today, I still think you have a long way to go. The world is changing. You are never going to be smarter than the internet and social media. When the world points out to you that its wrong to keep a player who punched his wife in the face is totally unacceptable, you still don't take accountability for the bullshit you guys have done. At least your trying to clean it up now but the boys club needs some major changes.....and fast. 

Dear Brittany, I miss you. I wish more than anything we could all live in the same city. Get your daddy to move his butt to Florida! Don't forget to call me tonight.

Dear house, Simple as that. I am trying to take time each day to make you better. I know falling off schedule sure did not help you out in anyway but in time, I will have things cleaned up again.

Dear Scott, Thanks for getting things handled today. I can always count on you and I know that. I love you a lot and I am sorry if I bitch too much. You know how crazy things can get around here....sorry if it sometimes comes out on you. 

Dear Mom, I am happy the family is coming to visit you. I am sure you guys will have a great time together. Love and miss you. 

Dear September, I know we are about to have a harsh winter with your cooler temperatures. I just know it. You have been cooler than expected in our beautiful South Carolina and we are all starting to get colds. Its time for long sleeves and more warm drinks. 

Dear Life, Sometimes you just confuse the shit out of me. I really am trying so why does everything feel so off right now? I wish I knew the answer. I am trying to keep up but falling short a lot...and just want things back to a clam normal. 

Dear dad, I know you know that I miss you. I often smell your pipe burning and know its not my imagination. I feel you around a lot. I carry you in my heart everywhere I go. 

Dear the View, You guys seriously need to buy the ladies a larger table. I think the set is awful and needs fixed. So far, I can actually say I like all the ladies. But they need a larger table. 

Dear Roses, You are so beautiful and smell amazing. There is a story that goes along with them and maybe I will get a married life post up in time about them. But they are stunning and I love looking at them.  

Dear sleep, What has happened to you? I totally miss you and last night was the first night I actually slept well. I need to you to be better...and its so hard for me to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. 

Dear Youtube, You messed with me for the first 3 days of the week. Thanks a lot. I use you way to much for you to be screwed up. 

Dear Cooper, So far with the change in diet and added medicine you have been feeling better! Yea! We love you and just want you to be happy and healthy. 

Dear Shanna, Thanks for calming me down last night. You are such a true friend and I love you with all my heart.  

Dear Sunset,Simple  You are beautiful tonight. Simply beautiful and totally warms my soul. Nature is so beautiful and I always feel God when in it. 

Dear Trina,Thank you for always being someone I can count on... I love you very much. 

Dear Laci,Thank you I worry about you a lot. I know you are busy but make time to call your sister more. Love you! 

Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, Thank you guys for all your love and support over the years. I am sorry if I neglected you guys over this past week. Please know, its not because that's what I want. I would love nothing more than for things to run smoothly where I can blog anytime. But right now I am having trouble getting it together. I promise to do better and thanks so much for the emails sent in checking on me... I love you guys. 

Have a beautiful Saturday! 

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Travel Series: Keeping your H♥me Safe while Away | Video |

Hello friends...Told you I'd be back! I have been trying to share a lot of travel tips and tricks in my new youtube travel series. You can check out any of my previous videos by clicking here to check out the playlist. This particular video is about how to keep your home safe while you are away. All of us go on holidays or business trips...and maybe a few of these tips I am sharing will help make your home more safe allowing you to feel better while being away. There are a ton of tips in the video and a few more notes below of some things I forgot to mention...

More notes

As I mentioned in the video there is a app that allows you to use a webcam to watch your home anytime from a computer or smart phone. iCam lets you watch up to 4 webcams over 3G, 4G and WiFi and it works on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. So its a great option being the app only costs $4. 

Get the amazing app here! For $4.99 you can have a baby monitor, a pet monitor or even watch live video and audio feeds of your house when you go on vacation or just want to check up on things! Its amazing and worth every penny. I am pretty sure you can set up manipulable cameras too. I have this through our alarm system already but I know many other people who love love love this app. Its great for teenagers too who are home alone a lot. 
Also. a few other things I forgot to mention are...
  • Don't leave any of your keys at home. I normally just take them all with me but leaving them with a trusted family member or friend is best if you don't want to take them. 
  • Any meds you have in the house should be very secured and should probably go to the safety deposit box at the bank or left with a trusted family or friend. 
  • If you have weapons of any kind in your home, you should also take those to the bank to keep them safe if possible or make sure they are locked up in a very secure place before leaving.
  • Always empty your trash and if need be, go through it with gloves on when you get back home to see if your housesitter is in fact feeding your pets or whatever. I always start with a clean garbage can. 
  • All your mail and documents in your home with your private info on them such as social security numbers, account numbers, and such.....need to also be protected. Put them up in a very private place or again take them to the safety deposit box at the bank. It would be awful enough to have your home robbed but what about your identity too? That would be God awful. So take precautions.
  • Most off, be careful who you trust. I said it in the video but don't hop on craigslist and find some freak to come watch your home. Hell, you would be better to just lock it up really good and do nothing else before you let someone you really don't know into your house. Be careful who you choose. 
I hope some of the tips from the video and list above stay in the back of your mind before the next time you take off on a trip. If you have any that you would care to share, I would love for you to leave them in the comments here or on the video. I think we can all learn from each other and I would love any and all tips you have! I'll be back with another video from this series very very soon! Stay tuned. 

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Catching up & Getting my Shit Together

Untitled | via Tumblr
Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a great day. I thought I would do a quick check in and say hi since I have been so off schedule here lately. You guys know I love my blog. I sincerely do. I would never just neglect this blog if things were not going crazy in my life. Youtube has totally messed up on me... I have no idea why even with my massive googling skills! I am on a new computer that I am not so use to yet and maybe its my video editing software but I have uploaded my WIR video 12 times and its been messed up every time like old tv with the lines going through it. It has totally drove me crazy. 

Really I am having schedule problems. With all the technical issues I have been having...everything else is a mess. My head just does not balance things well. When one thing....and that could be anything go off schedule, rogue, or unexpected....and nothing else falls in place from that point on.  To go even further, the first part of the week was not so easy for Scott and I. Bickering comes after 10 years together......but the last couple of days have been much better. Honestly, because I think I surrendered to it all. I just gave some sleep....actually lots of afternoon and evening naps and let it go. 

Yesterday I felt pretty good most of the day only to wake up this morning super early with a pounding headache. My right eye had so much pressure behind it and would not stop watering. I laid around for a long while and then finally felt well enough to go see Scott at work. There is something about me that wants him very near when I am not feeling good. Being he couldn't come home to me, I went to him. Thankfully he was not busy and I was able to spend close to an hour just hanging out and talking. On my way home, I stopped and picked up some more meds....along with a couple new makeup items. I also got some lunch so the meds don't make me sick. So here I am...slowly feeling better otherwise I would not be on here. My best friend is battling the flu but thankfully I don't think I am dealing with that and I really want her to start feeling better too. 

I have no idea what is going on with me. Seriously. Every since we got back from vacation and started back up the new school year, everything in my life has went to shit. Every night I tell my husband that maybe tomorrow I will start to get back on some kind of schedule. Yea...N-O-T. In fact the other night I fell asleep unexpected with all the lights on, nothing was ready for Jackson for the next morning, the garage was unlocked and no alarm coffee ready...nothing. Guess what? When I woke up the next morning Scott and Jackson made it through the morning anyway and thankfully we didn't get robbed or killed! It just proved that when necessary, Jackson can get his own stuff made and Scott can make coffee. :)

Last night I managed to get dinner done at a reasonable time and even made time to edit a video while watching a movie with Scott. I got a little special time in with Jackson too. So maybe tonight I actually held my head above the water instead of another sinking night. Maybe tomorrow I can get even more on schedule. Each day I hope to get a little closer to getting back to normal. 

Plans to get my shit together & To Dos
  • Get on regular schedule....morning and night. god willing. 
  • get dinner on the table before 7pm.
  • get back to weekly cleaning....totally off schedule w/ everything
  • write out the schedule i want to keep and try to follow it.
  • get cooper back on his workout schedule too.
  • figure out the phones and get them all working right. alltel is switching things up.
  • watch night time caffeine intake.
  • balance blogging, videos, home & Family better. Yea...I totally suck at it. totally.
  • Take less/make less calls throughout the day so i can get more done.
  • check upcoming birthday's and buy cards to send out. i totally forgot to call a important family member on his birthday yesterday....gotta do better.
  • back off on so much wonder I cant get shit done when cnn has all my attention.
  • don't add more to the schedule....i need to start off with baby steps. 
  • try not to let the rain make me lazy. 
  • time to start working on the grocery list....almost time to go shopping.
  • find the computer i really really want. this one is not it.
  • try to get boys to put up their own laundry...a battle i keep loosing.
  • make family dr appointment....flu shots for everyone! don't need Jackson bringing home some disease from you.
 That's about all I can think about right now...I should be back with Friday Letters and a new video later today...stay tuned 

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