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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great new years eve. We are staying home tonight and not getting out on the roads. I would rather be here and be safe than be anywhere else. If you are like us and staying home tonight, maybe this video can entertain you for a few minutes. :) I am just going over my thoughts on Vlogidays and some of my goals and hopes for the new year. Hope you enjoy!

Let me know how you would like to see the little daily challenges either on youtube or instagram or maybe just blog posts. I'd love to hear your opinion! Again, please be safe tonight if you are going out. I'll see you in 2015! Happy New Year! ♥

Vlogidays: What we got for Christmas 2014!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas. I am not a huge fan of showing off gifts in videos but I know a lot of you guys are interested in seeing them. So for no other reason I am showing you some of the items Scott and I received. Jackson got a lot of video game stuff that I am not sharing and Brittany got a lot of girly stuff too. Some of the items I got other people are in the other vlogidays vlogs so be sure to check them out if you want to see more gift ideas.

Everything is in the video and if you want to find something I showed, the links are below to what I could find.

If you are looking for anything I showed you in the video, here are the links that I could find! 

Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Pound Convection Automatic Breadmaker: I really was against bread machines until I got older and kneading bread became painful for my hands. Scott found me this nice machine to make the job easier! I have already used it a couple of times and it did a great job. But I do have to learn to use it for everything it can do! 

PARIKHS Round Cut Diamond Stud Popular Quality in 10-14k White & Yellow Gold: I wanted more earrings that I could just leave in all the time. I don't like to wear dangley kind of earrings on a daily basis...they just get on my nerves. So the boys found a pair of pretty diamonds that I can just leave in all the time. 

Celestial Dreams Women's Long Sleeve V Neck PJ Set Who doesn't love a comfy pair of pj's!? I sure do and I will wear them all year long. I loved the pink plaid but what I really love is how soft they are. I think they found my particular set at our local Walmart.

Taylor Swift Eau de Parfum Spray, Taylor, 3.4 Ounce: I don't use a lot of parfum but normally at Christmas Scott tries to find me a scent that is not too strong. I get migraines easily so I have to be careful. This year he got a Taylor Swift parfum that has a light fun scent that I really like! 

Josie Maran Beautiful Drems Agran Hydro Collection : In addition to the wonderful cruise from my mom and Don, she also picked me out this Agran Hydo Collection from Josie Maran. I have never used it but really excited to see how well it works for me. I couldn't find the full kit but the link will take you where you can find everything that I got.

HALO Women's RFID Wallet & 3000 mAh Portable Phone Charger: Leave it to my mom to find the cool gifts! She found this wonderful charging wallet that can charge 2 items at once. It's sleek and I have already tried it and it worked great.

New Beauty Test Tube: This gift from my mom and Don was right up my alley. I had never tried New Beauty Test Tube. This came with some amazing products to try out....and I can't wait!

Buddy Pouch: I thought this was a silly mom gift when I first saw it. I thought fannies packs were out but when I looked at it a little closer this is a wonderful way to carry things under clothes as well as out in view as well. Perfect for anytime you are going to be out and about at night or when hiking or working out. I will totally use this! 

Dammit Doll: Here is a funny gift from mom! She thought this would be a great way to relieve some stress. Its super funny and now lives on my desk!

Shutterfly Mousepads: Shutterfly does a ton of great holiday gifts. Mom got some custom mousepads that have our family picture on. Another custom gift that I love.

Orgami Owl Necklace: My sister started selling custom Origami Owl jewelry. She made me a beautiful necklace and I think as we go into the new year, I might just have to make a bracelet myself! 

Love this Life Bracelet  My best friend got me this beautiful friendship bracelet that I totally love. I couldn't find the exact one I got, but the link will take to you to a bunch of these pretty bracelets.

Aqua Owl Spoon Rest&Aqua Owl Utensil Crock: My sister in law found these amazing owl kitchen items. I love world market and had never heard of them before and now I will be shopping a lot more with them! I got the spoon rest and utensil crock that already have a place in my kitchen.

Bath & Body Works Forever Red PerfumeBody Lotion: Our friend Jeff got me a Forever Red Perfume and lotion. I was nervous this is too strong but it smells amazing and not too strong.

Sweet Night Owl Design Manicure Set: My sister in law knows I love owls and thought this would be great to be able to toss in my purse or even my nightstand. I love it!

Here are a few of Scott's gifts. 

Oscar Pour Lui 2pcs gift Set for Men by Oscar De La Renta: Scott loves to smell good and got a lot of cologne for Christmas. This was a gift from our friend Jeff. It smells amazing. 

Assoriment of smuggling items from On our last cruise my sister and Scott both smuggled booze on our cruise. And it was in scope bottles which I guess was awful. This year they figured out a new way and she set Scott up! She also gave him a bunch of lighters....which is kinda like a inside joke!

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch; I think this cologne for Scott was from my mom. I think she got him the same thing last year and he loved how it smelled, so he got it again! 

Armani Code for Men: This is the cologne I picked out for him. It smells amazing and I love it. 

Mesmerize For Men Cologne Spray: His sister got him a ton of Avon Cologne and this one smells the best! I love it and so does Scott. 

Rhodium-Plated Checkered Cuff Links & Tie Bar Set: Our friend Jeff got him these cuff links and he also got us a clock and some kind of sleep machine. It was totally unexpected but very kind.

I even got a few Christmas gifts for myself! Here they are!

Thirty- One Large Utility Tote w/ Lid : I had to have one of these after my sister in law showed me hers. I bought the lid too and have used it since the moment I got it. Its a total love for me.

Thirty - One Canvas Crew Carry-All; I decided to get one of their canvas carry alls for anytime I need an extra bag. Both are personalized and I plan on getting more!

Thirty - Large Owl Zipper Pouch: I bought one for myself at Thanksgiving and my Trina gave me 2 more for Christmas. I love these. Right now the owl pouch is sold out but Trina has 2 for sale if you are interested. Just shoot her an email @ if your interested. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Complexion Starter Kit: I really wanted to try this so I thought why not. I do like it but I can seriously find basically the same thing at the drugstore for a fraction of the price. I like it though and will continue to use it.

Owl Handbag: I saw a cute owl purse in Cato's and loved it. All though I couldn't find my exact purse the link will take you to more owl purses that are totally cute!

 I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the items we got for Christmas. We are truly blessed to have such amazing family and friends. I would love to hear about your favorite gifts you got or even gave if you want to share!

I hope you have a beautiful new year.

Vlogidays: Day in the Life Vlogs December 26-27 & 28, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great night. I know I have probably bombarded you with vlogs today but as I main mission is to catch up the blog! So here are the last travel vlogs from our trip up north. 

December 26, 2014: Scott and I had ran so hard and did so much that Thursday night we collapsed in the bed. We were lucky to have nothing big going on Friday so we just slept in and took it easy. 

We went and saw my uncle and even went and hung out with Trina for a while. Its so nice to have some free time where we could simply just spend time with our family and friends. 

December 27, 2014: Saturday we woke up to game day. Louisville was playing Kentucky. Scott loves KY and the kids love Louisville. So he wanted to watch the game with our son in law Jerred. I hung out for a while and went and visited Shanna. I had to get her on the visitation list for sure! Normally we breeze in and out but this time we were able to see each other.  

Once we were done with game day, we headed over to see my uncle and my grandma one last time before we had to head out. I loved seeing everyone including my grandmother. I tried to contain my tears while talking to her but seeing her just made the tears run out of my face and down my cheeks. It's hard seeing her that way. I know he is being cared for but its truly one of the saddest things I have ever saw.

Before we headed back to the hotel, we swung by and picked Brittany Belle up. We both wanted more time together so Jackson stayed with his dad and Brittany stayed with me. She just cuddled Romeo all night long! 

December 28, 2014: We got everything packed up, picked up Jackson, kissed Brittany goodbye and hit to the road to come home. Little did we know that our 7 hour trip would turn into a 9.5 hour trip. 

It seemed to last forever. And the weather was no better going home as it was going. Lots of rain and wind which makes you drive even slower. However, we were just stopped on a major interstate sitting still for long periods of time too. 

We were so thankful when we arrived home. All the animals were happy too. The housesitter did a great job... all of them were alive and well! The house looked as clean as when I left it and I couldn't have been happier to see it! 


I was tired but trying to get the vlog saved and uploaded and somehow the last clip went missing! So I just uploaded it again by itself to finish off December 28, 2014 vlog. 

So now I think I am finally caught up on here! Next is pinterest! I am really working hard to make sure we start the new year on time with everything!

See ya tomorrow! Be sure to let me know how your Christmas went if you care to share!

Christmas in Louisville: Vlogidays December 23 & 24, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. I am skipping my Week in Review and just trying to catch this blog of mine up with the Day in the Life Vlogs. I will try to get back tomorrow with a catch up post for this week. I want to get all the holiday vlogs up before I do anything else. 

December 24, 2014: Christmas Eve: This year we were lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas with the kids. My oldest son Jordan did not come celebrate the holidays with us and Scott's youngest son Zane was also unable to be with us. However, we still had Laura, Brittany & Jackson. Plus, the grand babies. I really really hope for at least one Christmas in the future that we can have ALL the kids together during the holidays. It would mean so much to Scott and I both. Anyway, here's a peek into our Christmas Eve. 

We had such a lovely time at Lauras this year. It was kinda different but we didn't care. We just spent time together as a family and that's all that matters. We also had Trina, her husband and grandson Christian with us which made it that more special. Trina and I are extremely close and she means the world to our family. 

December 25, 2014

Christmas eve and day was pretty different for us. Instead of being at home we spent this Christmas in a hotel with the little kids. It gave Brittany and Jackson a little time together. Plus it gave us time together as a family. We stayed up late giggling and telling stories and nothing was sweeter than waking up to them all being together. I loved it.

I wanted the kids to spend Christmas night with their dad. They need time together too. Scott and I took that time to drive around our old neighborhoods seeing how things have changed. It's a weird feeling. No matter how long we have been gone it still feels like home to both of us. I guess that's they way it is for anyone going back to where they grew up. We visited some friends and family and basically feel in the hotel bed exhausted. We needed some rest and boy did we get it! Thank goodness for really good black out curtains at the hotel!

Stay tuned for even more vlogs popping up in a while. As I main mission right now is to catch this blog up! :) Hope your having a great Monday.

Vlogidays DITL Vlogs: December 22 & 23, 2014

Late night hello or perhaps good moring to you! Sorry I have been MIA for a while...with traveling its been hard getting blog posts up in a timely manner. Later today I will be sharing more vlogs from our trip but here are the day in the life vlogs leading up to Christmas. If you are new here and not sure what Vlogidays is...well, its where I share little clips of my days in vlogs for the month of December. Be sure to check out my youtube channel for all my videos and don't forget to subscribe! :)

Monday December 22, 2014: I ran errands and started getting things ready for our holiday trip up to Indiana. 

I am always so touched by your Christmas cards. Thank you for taking the time to send one in. I hope you understand I will still be sending cards out during the month of January. I like to really write back and it takes a little longer to get them all answered. If you sent in a card, you will for sure get one back from me. Thank you guys so much. ♥

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Tuesday was a pretty hectic day for me. I had a ton of things to do before our trip. I was going non stop all day long. I packed, cleaned, and even shopped for the trip. 

By time we got in the car, I was exhausted. I felt good with how I was leaving the house. I never like to come home to a dirty house. I didn't get it totally cleaned but I picked it up well. I also packed up the car and got last minute things done so we could leave easily after Scott got up.

In the next vlogs, we are making our way to where we grew up to spend Christmas with our family. I would have loved to been with my mom and sister this year but I really wanted to be with all the kids. Sadly, we didn't have Zane there with us but he was in all of our thoughts. Tomorrow I should have 2 more blog posts just like this one with two vlogs catching up around here.

Vlogidays is quickly coming to an end which will be sad in a way but give me the chance to show this blog more love and time. But I will still be making videos and doing the occasional vlog. Stay tuned for a new schedule soon!

Vlogidays: Day in the Life Vlogs: December 19, 20, 21, 2014

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I have been running around like an insane person today trying to finish up some last minute Christmas errands. Sorry that these days are grouped together. You can always subscribe to me on youtube and see the videos live instead of waiting on them to pop up on here. I am just super busy and sadly this is one of the areas of my life suffering 

On Friday, I got busy doing things around the house. I am trying my best to stick to a schedule and make the holidays as easy as possible. Here's a look into that day:

At the end of the day... I felt very productive and accomplished. Sorta like a Good Wife!

It was hard to start my Saturday. The weather was gloomy and I had zero motivation. I tried..I really did but it took till afternoon for me to get my motivation. :) I went out ran some errands and ended up getting a new coat and scarf. I sure need it for the temperatures up north. 

We ended the night with a tour of some festive holiday lights that we all enjoyed! 

Yesterday it was a total slow start for me. The boys went out to Panter game and I had the entire house to myself. I decided if the boys were out doing what they wanted, I could be home doing what I wanted for a while. So I seriously laid around and watched tv for a long while.

I was lazy to start off with but I got busy in the afternoon and evening just doing housewife stuff. Nothing too enjoyable but all things that had to be done. I did my new bread maker to use twice. The first loaf didn't come out too even but the second loaf did. :)

Last minute to do's before leaving

  • Actually start packing. We are leaving some time tomorrow night. 
  • Do a quick clean of the frig. 
  • Run by store for more wrapping paper. 
  • Cut fudge and put it in containers. 
  • Finish bringing gifts to first floor to be packed in the car. 
  • Get Brittany's Myrtle Beach Shirt out so I can finally give it to her. 
  • Call Cracker Barrel and confirm dinner. 
  • Check in on Laura. 
  • Buy my exhusband a calendar to keep up with the schedule. He is seriously driving me crazy right now. 
  • Bath Romeo because you know he has to look his best. ;)
  • Make Jackson a to do list. I am totally putting his butt to work tomorrow. 
  • Make another to do list of things to do right before leaving. Lists help.
  • Don't forget to pack flat iron! 
  • Write notes for housesitter. 
  • Really clean up the DVRs since we are leaving. 
  • Dont forget wine for the trip. 
  • Get flatware that I am taking for Shanna. She has a utensil ghost that just keeps taking hers! Lucky for both of us that I have a TON. 
  • Fold Laundry....tonight. 
  • Try to get to bed at a decent time. 

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and visiting. I hope you are moving right along with all your holiday preparations. I think it is a busy time for everyone! I'll try to get back tomorrow and post today's vlog. xx

Latest Freebies!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Saturday Letters! :)

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. I am back making an effort again today to catch up. So this is basically Friday letters on Saturday. Hope you enjoy!

Dear God, Thank you for blessing us with our lives. I won't's been kinda difficult off an on the past couple of weeks but with your grace we are putting one foot in front of the other. Focusing on the future is much better than looking back and trying to redo or relive the past. Thank you for listening to my prayers.

Dear Christmas, You came upon us super fast this year. However, I feel more prepared for you this year than any other. I do hate how everything is about the gifts which is why I like Thanksgiving better but this year, I didn't get what people asked for. Instead I got and made things I thought they would like. Please be good to us while we are in our hometowns. I need you to be good!

Dear Zane, Your dad and I are so sorry for what has happened. Actually all the kids feel horrible too and are worried about you. I promise we are working hard to try to get you here. It won't happen quick or easy but we are going to be there at the end of January. Please call when you can. Your dad put the number in the letter. We love you.

Dear Self, try to remember that things don't have to be perfect. You can live with things less than perfect so just deal with it. Stop spending so much time on one thing and get moving. Anything is better than nothing.

Dear Walmart & Dollar Tree, if I can find my motivation, we have a date today. I really don't want to get out in the crazy mess of holiday shopping but I am afraid I have to today. * Sigh.

Dear Ocean, do you remember me because I sure remember you. I have settled for not living beside you and I have settled for not smelling that fresh salt air, and deep inside I know I won't be without you for too long. Each passing day I miss you. I wish Scott would just bring home a Uhal and tell me we are going to be reunited again.

TumblrDear Brittany, I know you are growing up...noticing boys...trying new things but remember to do things because you really want to them not because you are bored. You have so much ahead of you so I don't understand the hurry with everything. One day you are going to look back and see that these years are some of the best. You have to keep focused on what you want to accomplish and don't let some boy or goofy friends take you down a different path. I love you...can't wait to see you in a few days!

Dear Vlogidays, you are seriously taking over right now. I haven't even tried to get up any other videos because I have been working hard enough with the daily vlogs. I enjoy you but it will be nice to slow down a little after the first of the year.

Dear Sony, I agree with the made a mistake letting some idiot dictitor punk you out of showing your movie. I don't really care what your personal private emails say. I really care about what we are telling them with the decision you made.

Dear Jackson, I hope you enjoyed playing hookie yesterday but don't get use to it. I know you have been trying much harder this year so I thought the break would be nice for you. I know you are so ready to head up to see your dad. We are just a few days away!

Dear New French Press, I am really in love with you. For a couple of weeks now you have made me amazing coffee and my best friends ear finally got a rest about the coffee situation. So far there have been no grounds in my cup like there was with the electric pot and the coffee is soooooo much better.

Dear Bill Cosby, Where there is smoke there is fire. And there is a ton of smoke around you. I am shocked. Really it just goes to show how easy people can be fooled.

Dear Mom, Sorry we are not coming for Christmas. I love you but I think you understand us needing to be with the kids this year. Can't wait to see you on the big boat in June! ;)

Dear Peppermint Bark, I should have made you again this year. I still might.

Dear Jordan, I really don't know how to convince you that your family is more than the people you live with. I love you and wish more than anything that you would actually call and speak. I hope you are doing ok and have a wonderful Christmas.

Dear Laura and Roman, I am so glad you guys are both doing well. I tried to call you last night but I am sure its not so easy right now juggling one new born and 2 toddlers. We love you guys and can't wait to see you in a few days!

Dear Red String, I know it might sound silly but I need to get you back on before we head up north. I should just try to wrap it around my entire body for protection. I really wonder if one will do the trick, why wouldn't 2 do better?

Dear House, we have a lot to do to you before and after our trip.I want to get you in tip top shape before we have the home study for Zane plus it will make it easier to move with a lot of the clutter gone.

Dear Shanna, Sorry I didn't call back last night. I was super tired and just got cozy under the blankets and that was it. But call when you get up!

Dear Scott, Sorry you have been so upset about Zane. I know you are worried as I am. Hopefully it will all work out where he can move in with us. I love you. Thanks for working hard each day. I know its not easy but I appreciate your love for us and our family. I hope you and Jackson have a wonderful time at the Football game tomorrow!

Dear Indiana, You know my feelings about you. I normally would never spend Christmas up there but our kids are there as well as our grandchildren. So what is need from you is this....
* A nice trip. No freak emergencies..No Police...No Problems.
* Wonderful time with family and drama.
* Temperatures that are not freezing. That might be a stretch but one can hope.
* Our hotel to be nice with no loud neighbors.
* Keep my dad out in his hidden home in the woods. Like I drama.
* I don't want to run into any ex's except Art. The few others I hope to avoid. So no unexpected appearances at like a gas station or something.
* Only smiles and laughter. Otherwise I will probably pack the car up early and come right back home.

Dear Romeo, you are by far the best cat in the house. I will even venture to the entire state of South Carolina. So guess what that means!? It means you get a special travel pass to go up north with us! We can't spend Christmas without you. ♥

Dear Rain, thanks for making today's errands easier. Not. Plus your cold so I just want to stay home all day long.

Dear Trina, it won't be long now. I am kinda sad that Vicki and Brandon won't be with us over Christmas but we will make sure to get around to see them while we are in town. Thank you for placing my 31 order. Can't wait to see everything!

Dear Laci Renee, I miss you. I know you are busy like no other but you have to make more time to call! Sorry we won't be seeing each other over Christmas but maybe we can skype or something on Christmas Eve or Christmas day sometime.

Dear Cooper, I promise to find you a bed soon!

Dear Blog & Youtube Friends, So sorry that I have been behind with blogging. I promise I am working on it and trying to find some kind of normalcy again. It hasn't been easy getting things ready for our Christmas trip, vlog, and make time for blog posts all at the same time. But I have really missed you guys. Blogging is such a relief for me. I am always so amazed by your love and support otherwise I could never keep going. I hope you guys all have the most beautiful and blessed Christmas. Stay tuned for our travel vlogs from Indiana. Vlogidays has been great and I have totally loved sharing with you. However, when the new year comes, I will be slowing down a little bit. So be sure to find me on all my social media and follow along so you don't miss anything!

Happy Saturday!