Weekend Shopping Haul! :) | Video |

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hello friends! I hope your weekend is going well. I just got done giving our kitchen a really deep cleaning and so happy to be on break right now...Which is why it's the perfect time to share this haul with you guys. :)

I didn't have much to get this week...thankfully our freezer is stocked full so shopping was pretty easy this week. I was really going for the animals but ended up getting some stuff for us too. Hope you enjoy!

The rest of our evening, we are going to just enjoy a family night in. And I might start working in the pantry...I am doing a total 2015 kitchen pantry overhaul...stay tuned for the video coming up later in February! ♥

Pinterest Truth or Fail Recipe Collab Video | Quinoa Chicken Parmesan

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great evening. I just got back from errands and thought now would be a great time to share this fun video with you guys! Annie from Annies Simple Life asked if I wanted to join in on a youtube collaboration with some Pinterest Truth or Fail Recipes. Check out my recipe I added into the collab...and be sure to check out the all the other youtubers who joined in... their links are below!

If you are wanting this recipe, head over to Damn Delicious right here for the full list of ingredients and directions. :)

Be sure to check out these other youtubers and their pinterst truth or fails. They have some great recipes that you might just like! 

Artistic Expressions by Elisabeth: https://www.youtube.com/user/ArtisticExpressionsE

Have a great weekend! 

Friday Letters ♥

Dear God, Thank you for listening to my prayers daily. I am sure you get tired of me rambling on and on but your the almighty and can handle it! Thanks so much for protecting my kids and family.

Dear Scott, Gosh..you sounded so busy on the phone today. I have some errands to run later so I might just come see you. I miss you. Thanks so hard for working hard for us. I love you.

Dear Isis, It sounds like the Jordan people are not playing with you. I personally think its time we meet you with all the force that is needed to stop you. We probably would have kept our mouths shut if you kept your extreme terrorism and murders in your own country but since your not...I am all for killing each and everyone of you. Yea.... and I am a Democrat. However, sometimes you have to meet force with force. I wish we would drop a bomb and be done with you. God does not want you killing in his name.

Dear Laci, Loved talking to you today. You can always call anytime you want even if it is early! I love you! Try to have fun with your weekend house guests. ♥

Dear Jackson, you do seem to be doing a little better in school this past week. I bet you are totally happy today is Friday so you can play on the xbox! I promise we are not trying to be mean but school has to come first before any games. I love you.

Dear Closet, I am going to totally clean you out and get rid of all the clothes that I don't want to wear any longer and start shopping again. Maybe it's time for some updates.

Dear Planner lovers, I have a new series coming up soon! Stay tuned...I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Dear Laura, you need to get another phone! I hate not being able to call and check on you. I hope all is well and I guess I will just send you a message on FB to check on you. Kiss the girls for us.

Dear Mitt Romney, You said the sweetest words yesterday when you said you would NOT be running or President. Thank you Thank you Thank you. We didn't want you for President the first 2 times and we still don't want your uptight super right wing ass in the White House. Find work elsewhere.

Dear Trina, I miss you. Seriously.... I wish you were closer. Hope all is well.. I'll call you soon to catch up and gossip!

Dear PO Box, We have a date today! I will be there later this afternoon.

Dear Shanna, Sorry we didn't get a chance to talk last night. I took two Advil PM's for a head ache hoping I could stay awake on them so I could avoid giving myself a shot. However, they did knock me out. We'll catch up later today.

Dear Romeo, I think I might have found your crown. I don't know how many other kitty cats get crowns to wear around but you are not your average alley cat...You are royalty as far as we are concerned. And it will look great in the professional photos I am going to have made. Can't wait!

Dear Mom, I love and miss you! I doubt we will be there for the Halloween party but you never know!

Dear House, tomorrow I am going to try to get you cleaned up even more and get rid of more clutter. It does feel good getting rid of all the stuff we don't use any longer.

Dear Brittany Belle, I will be mailing your phone later today. Remember everything I said though. I love you and you don't need to act older than you are. Your childhood will go by so fast so you should enjoy it. Life gets much harder as you get older. Enjoy it.. Revel in it... and remember what you do now will effect you later. I love you.

Dear Coffee, It's after 2 pm and I am still drinking you. I have seriously got to get on a better eating schedule. You just can't take the place of meals no matter how much I want you to.

Dear Jordan, I don't know what to say to you at this point. Should I write your Grandmother? Are you ever going to call? Are you happy? All those things pass through my mind on a daily basis. I can't help but to think your not that happy and scared to reach out. Courage Jordan...can take you further than anything else. I love you.

Dear Hair, I seriously need to get you cut sometime this weekend. I might loose my patience and just do it myself if I don't go. Yea...it would probably be better to just make the appointment and go!

Dear Marjorie, Sorry I forgot to send the email but glad you got things handled.

Dear Mark Twain, Your quote → “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ←  couldn't be more right. Because I put our life out there...some people like to pick it apart, judge and even make up lies. Serious lies.. and they make it around a lot faster than truth. For sure. But you know what? It really doesn't matter what others believe...its what you know and feel.

Dear Body, You feel old and tired today even though you slept good last night. What gives!?

Dear Beds, I seriously doubt you are getting made today. I get so tired of making them all the time so today I am taking a break.

Dear Walmart, I have to come to you today...and I am not that excited about it. But we need doggie food and a few other things. So I'll see you later. Sigh.

Dear Dad, You know I miss you. You live in my head and my heart everyday. I guess it's a testament to a life well lived that you are so missed.

Dear Wind, you sound awful outside right now. It makes me want to stay in and stay warm. Spring can't come fast enough.

Dear Trees, I know it might sound strange but I actually love you. I watch you sway back and forth... while remaining strong, beautiful and in a way magical.

Dear Phones, we are making the big switch in a couple of days. My husband and kids are excited alike. Please hold up for our active family. We don't need any more phone problems for a long time.

Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, Thank you guys for following along and being a part of our lives. I love you guys. Your kindness and support mean the world to me. If by some chance you are just coming by for the first time, I would love it if you subscribed!


FREE Sample of Dove, Degree or Axe Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Head on over here to request a FREE sample of Dove, Degree or Axe Dry Spray Antiperspirant (while supplies last)! Allow 3-5 weeks for your sample to arrive. I just got mine! :)

Day in the Life Vlog: January 26-29, 2015 | Family Fun! |

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great Thursday. I am back with another vlog for you guys from the past few days. To be honest, there hasn't been a ton going on around here which I am happy about actually. We did however, last night was a fun family night out to see the circus. We know that it's not politically correct for us to go but it looked like so much fun and I have no memories of going when I was a kid. Jackson also wanted to go so Scott us tickets and we had a great time. I did cut down the footage of the circus a lot because it was long enough already! Hope you enjoy.

Thanks so much for watching. We have so much fun sharing with you guys....and we love getting to know you so be sure to leave a comment anytime... and say hi! If you are new here, I'd love it if you subscribed by clicking below so you don't miss any new videos!


Wednesday Hodgepodge!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Wednesday Friends! Time for another Wednesday Hodgepodge with Joyce from over at From This Side of the Pond ....this is always such a fun linkup that I love doing. Hope you enjoy.

1. When did someone last suggest you 'chill out'? Or, when did you last tell someone (or want to tell someone) to 'chill out'? Or, when did you last tell yourself to 'chill out'?

I told Jackson to chill out and calm down last night over his xbox. He got a D on his report card so through the week he is not allowed to be on it. And he's not happy about it. I tend to worry a lot more than I should I so I am always telling myself to chill out. 

2. What most recently caused your heart to melt? 

Noticing how tall Jackson is compared to the sink just made my heart melt. I didn't notice and the other night he went up to the sink to put his glass in it and looked much taller. It reminded me of how fast time flys. 

3.  "An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered." G.K. Chesterton  

Your thoughts? When did you last experience either an adventure or an inconvenience? How did you see it at first, as an adventure or an inconvenience?  Does it feel the same in hindsight?

I don't think an inconvenience is always an adventure. Nope. However, there are times when I get lost around our town that is a bit of a inconvenience that does somehow turn into a fun adventure. 

4.  A Wendy's Frosty, root beer in a frosty mug, or a frosted chocolate cupcake...of these three, which one is your favorite 'frosty' treat?

That's an easy one:

5. Would you say your life so far this year has been more like a circus or a symphony? Explain why.

Oh gosh.. it would have to be a circus by far!!! I don't know.. I guess I have had to learn a lot of lessons along the way and it was hard. I think when you don't listen to the subtle messages from God he just keeps getting louder until you get it. The older I get, the smarter I feel. So while things were a circus through the years as I get older, its turning more into a symphony. 

6. Since it's a 'snow day' here, what's your favorite song containing the word 'white'?

White Shadows - Coldplay -

7. If you had to leave the city you currently live in, what would you find the hardest to leave behind?

Nothing. I am not that attached to this house, neighborhood or city. I would miss the mountains most but I don't think that would be enough to hold me. Idk. I don't really mind it here. The weather is pretty good, the mountains and ocean being pretty close together is nice but I don't really feel like the house we are in is where I want to stay. I do like a couple of our neighbors but still.. I am just not sure I am here for a long time. We'll just have to see where time takes us. 

8. Insert your own random thought here

Tonight we are going as a family to see the circus. I know its not politically correct and I know some of the stories in the news of things that have happened to the animals but I am going to go anyway. I am going to go with an open mind that maybe the money we spend tonight will go to feed and care for the animals. I haven't been since I was a little girl and I don't really have any memories of it. My kids have never been so this will probably be the first and last time the Jaggers heads to the circus. But it's kinda the same as the zoos and Seaworld. We go hoping to see the animals we love and hope that the money spent goes towards their care. Even though their is a lot of stigma associated with the circus, I am still excited to be going. I think it's going to be a wonderful night of family fun. I hope you guys are all staying warm in the north eastern states. I feel so bad for the flooding and damage that so many people are facing. We lift you in our prayers. 

♥ Mr & Mrs Jaggers ♥ Q & A | Video |

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Late night hello to you all! I finally got this video uploaded and wanted to share it with you guys before I go to bed. :) So many of you always have questions for both Scott and I so we asked YOU what you wanted to know so here you go! Hope you enjoy.

Thank you so much for watching! And most of all, thank you for joining in and sending in your questions. We love you guys and it means so much that you are sharing our lives with us. Have a great Tuesday.

If you are new here, I hope you take a second and subscribe to both my instagram feed and my youtube channel. Besides here, that's where you can find me the most! :)


Have a beautiful and blessed night. Please stay warm...and bring in any outside animals. The weather is just too cold for them. ♥ I'll see ya tomorrow! 

Tuesday Talk & Truths

Hello everyone! Here's another edition of Tuesday Talk & Truths. Hope you enjoy. 

I don't know about you guys but I am getting tired of all the bad weather. I have dealt with winter better this year but my patience is wearing thin. However, we don't have it as bad as some others. I hope you guys are all staying warm today. 

I can't stand the facebook other email box. I forget to check it and I hate leaving people waiting. I don't even know how to stop them from going into that folder and it frustrates me to no end.

Scott is home with me today and I happy about it. I hate all the hours he works. I wish we were just independently wealthy so we could spend lots more time together...and travel.  Yep.. that would be nice. However, today we have been out running errands and it's nice to finally be back home. 

We did however record a new question and answer video for you guys today! It's saving now and still needs to get uploaded but stay tuned... it will be on youtube later tonight. 

You guys think I was joking about living next to Russian Spies. Well, this story might just change your mind. Yep... they are here and always have been. 

I get so tired of the picky people who complain about my food hauls. I wonder if they have ever had a ho ho or twinkle in their lives. Seriously... I feel sorry for people who eat so clean. It would be complete torture for me. However, I am not going to apologize for the food I buy my family. When you pay for my groceries, you can have a say. Sorry.. it's just how it is. 

I need a new printer. Mine works ok but I really want a better one. However, that is something I have to save up for. Do not use credit card. Do not use credit card. Do not use credit card! 

I miss my mom. I sometimes just feel like I need her. I guess that will never go away. It's hard living in different states. Same goes for my sister and sister in law. Speaking of sister in laws. I another one who is pretty cool too. But being away from everyone is hard. 

I was suppose to send an email to my mother in law and lost her email address. Gosh. I just remembered that. She needs the cruise info so she can buy her tickets too. I guess I need to call her about it later today. 

I think I am going to start paying someone like my best friend or mom to start answering emails, youtube comments, blog comments and help out with social media. Its no secret that I am starting to generate a monthly income with my blog and youtube channel but its hard to keep up with everything. I think my best friend or my mom would be great at it because they think like I do and I trust them both. Its hard to think about giving up control though. Idk. Still something I am thinking about. 

I still haven't been sleeping. I just want to scream when its 5am and I am tossing and turning...NOT sleeping. It's awful. I either sleep late and mess up my plans for the day or I wake up a couple of hours later and be tired and grumpy all day. What gives? I guess it's time to go back to the Dr. and get some serious sleep meds so I can get back on track. Oh and the Aleve PM does NOT work near as well as Advil PM. Take note and don't buy it... it's a total waste. 

I wish I could buy controlling stock in Fox News so I could simply turn it into a second CNN Channel. Enough of the right wing crap. It hurts my ears to listen to that non sense. 

This story is remarkable... and proves cats do really have nine lives. What I don't get it....is how could the Vet have it so wrong. Don't they listen for a heartbeat? Got me.. but I am glad Bart is ok for the most part. 

My skin is so dry and sensitive from all this cold weather and dry heat. I am also starting to wonder if it's the laundry soap irritating my skin. I never noticed any kind of problem before but maybe I should try something for sensitive skin. Maybe. 

I'm back to make coffee for Mr. Jaggers in the automatic drip machine even though I hate it. The French Press is so much better but he hates waiting. So far it's going ok....and hasn't spilled out of the pot onto the counter. 

I kinda think Lance Armstrong should be allowed back into cycling. I miss him seeing him race and win. I am sure they would test him up the wazoo so I don't see the issue. Isn't this a country of second chances?

Tomorrow Scott is leaving work early and taking Jackson and I to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Legends show. I am so excited....Jackson has never been and wants to go. I hate it because of the animals but I try to justify it by thinking the money we spend will go towards the care of the animals. I hope its a great time! 

I hope you guys are having a great evening. I am going to stay in and hang out with my two boys the rest of the night. :) I hope you all are staying warm and I really hope you bring in any animals that are outside. It's just too cold for them to be outside.  In our neigborhood we have a ton of outside cats so some nights we barely leave the garage door open so they can come in and out but its just too cold for any animal to be out right now. A few minutes... ok. A few hours.... not ok!

I should be back in a couple hours with a new questions and answer video with Scott! Come back and check it out!

If you are new here, I hope you take a second and subscribe so you don't miss any new videos. See ya in a bit! xx

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you all are staying warm. I have been watching the news and shocked at how much snow the upper east coast is getting. Thank goodness we are just a little bit further down so we are experiencing cold weather but nothing like that. So if you are jammed up in the house and need something to do why not check out our latest daily meals. This videos are to encourage you to menu plan, help inspire you with maybe different meals than what you normally make and I show them in vlog style so you can actually see me cooking. So sit back and have a watch! :) 

I didn't have as many dinners in this video as before just because we were traveling and I am serving leftovers when I can. A lot of times I make more with the intentions of having it again....maybe in a different kind of way later in the week. It gives me a break from the kitchen and stops us from wasting so much food. It's really one of the main reasons we have been so good with the grocery budget. If you are new here, I hope you take a second and subscribe to both my instagram feed and my youtube channel. Besides here, that's where you can find me the most! :)


Have a beautiful and blessed night. Please stay warm...and bring in any outside animals. The weather is just too cold for them. ♥ I'll see ya tomorrow with another Tuesday Talk and Truths Blog post and new video!

Day in the Life Vlog: January 23-26, 2015 | I love my Family! | * with To Do's!

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. Monday's vlog will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the previous week and Thursdays vlog will be for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I might be adding more vlogs in during the week...depending on how much I vlog. 

Here's what went on around here this past week:

Today has already been a busy day for me. I have ran some errands and went to an appointment, kinda picked up the 2nd floor, and devoured a pot of coffee. Actually, I just made a new pot and enjoying another cup right now. So this vlog is a bit long...so if you need to escape some Monday Madness....come spend an hour with us!

At the beginning of the week, there was a lot of planning. I had to get my head together for the busy week that laid ahead. It's amazing the amount of work I do online and in my planners. I never feel caught up but I had a good game plan for us put together. As the days got a little warmer, the nights still have been so cold. Warm fires, hot tea and cozy socks have totally been keeping me and the boys through the winter nights. I am so ready for spring. Speaking of tea, I have been in looooove with the Mighty Leaf tea in Organic Spring Jasmine. Its one of the best teas I have ever tasted. Its a must try if you love tea! Another thing that happened at the beginning of the week was one of our fish...the black one is having some issues. I am not sure what is going on with him but I think he is dying. I bought a lot of stuff to help him but I have noticed much of a difference yet. I think he might be dying. Idk.

Before I knew it, I was dragging out the suitcases and getting us packed up for our Louisiana trip. It wasn't a vacation or anything. We have some issues going on with our son and had to go down to a court hearing. We drove 10 hours one way down there and finally flopped in a hotel bed on Wednesday night and quickly fell asleep. The next morning we got up and headed to the court house. I can't really speak of the details but I will say things went better from expected. We were able to see him and hold him. It was so much better than expected. Right after the hearing we were back in the car and heading home. I love Atlanta at night. Its such a big city that goes on and on. It's quiet a beautiful city. We were so thankful when we got into town and then even more grateful when we saw our house. I am not a fan of living here but it sure felt good to be home. Cooper was so happy.. all the kitty cats were smelling all our stuff and purring non stop. It was a big love fest and then we all settled into our beds ( it was after midnight ) and we just needed to relax in our own spaces for a while. After all, being cooped up in a car for 2 days is always harder than what it sounds. If you want to see the vlog from the trip... it's right here. Friday it started raining and never stopped. Scott went to work and Jackson had school but I took the day to catch up on computer work while it poured down. The rain certainly did nothing in terms of motivation.

Saturday I got myself together, got a list of the things we really needed and headed out. I really am trying to be more simplistic and not buy as much. It's not easy though. I was thinking about clutter and how I have been doing my best to get rid of things but then I had a light bulb moment...it's ok to keep stuff....just not in the hoarder kind of way. I mean, it has taken me 39 years to gather the stuff up that I like and love. So instead of tossing a lot of it out, I might just have to reorganize it better. :) But I am still all for decluttering....but just sensible.

Sunday came around and we all just had the most lazy, relaxing family day. It's nice when we are all here together. Sometimes it is hard though being the only girl in the house! But we had a great time just hanging out...playing games, watching movies, talking and having a nice dinner together. Scott works so late most week nights that we don't get to have a sit down dinner together. During the school year, I have to make sure Jackson has dinner earlier than 8:30 so...last night we were all able to sit down and eat together. I loved it with the exception of how slow my pickey eater eats. Where it takes us about 20 minutes to eat dinner, little Jackson normally takes double that. As the night came upon us, I so enjoyed Downton Abbey in front of a warm crackling fire. It was the perfect way to end the weekend!

This weeks to dos
  • Start cleaning as soon as I finish this blog post. 
  • Work on papers for social worker
  • Kiss the boys more. 
  • Mail Brittany's new phone...shes waiting. 
  • Pray more. 
  • Write thank you notes for gifts that came through the PO Box....actually need to probably buy some new thank you cards first! 
  • Bath all the kitty cats...they really need it. 
  • Call and check on Grandma. 
  • Go get hair cut before I start chopping it off on my own. 
  • Update pinterest. 
  • Put Cooper on the treadmill more. 
  • Bring in firewood for the cold week ahead. 
  • Clean up DVR's... a TON of great shows are coming on this week! When your a stay at home wife and mom sometimes the simplest of things are cause for excitement! 
  • Work on replying to emails and comments each day. 
  • Take a drink of water every 90 minutes. Just something I am working on to get more water in me. 
  • Put up laundry....story of my life! 
  • Balance the check book... a job I hate. 
  • Sit up straight more...I think its better for my back. 
  • Clean out under the couch cushions. 
  • Try for 8 hours of sleep at night. 
  • Check in on my sister in law and see what she has been up to! 
  • De-clutter closet. Time to change up my clothes...my body is not the same as it us to be and I just have to accept it! 
  • Look for a new puff quilt for the master bedroom. 
  • Finish some blog maintenance. 
  • Buy the ring I have been wanting. 
  • Start the daily challenges back up on Instagram. I took off a few days but got to get back at it! Do you follow!? → If not You totally should!  Instagram
  • Drink less coffee and more tea. 
  • Check PO Box
  • Organize Jackson's backpack... its a total mess! 

Here's some inspiration to take with you through the week:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having an amazing Monday. I have some more cleaning to do today...and I also have a bunch of emails and comments that I need to try to get to sometime this evening. Just a typical busy Monday. I'll be back later this evening with another video...stay tuned!

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