April Favorites | Household, Pet & Beauty | Video

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Thankfully, I am back up and running with a new laptop tonight. Today I finally went and got a new one after the Sony messing up so badly. Today has been a huge learning process with Windows 8 but I'm getting there. :) Anyway, I am back sharing my April Household, Pets and Beauty favorites. I hope you enjoy! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful evening. I am going to relax and try to get some rest so I can accomplish more tomorrow! Feel free to let me know some of your favorites from this past month if you feel like sharing. If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!


Get Ready w/ Me! | Video | Featuring Bare Minerals ♥

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I am back sharing a new → Get Ready w/ Me ← video sharing some of the new Bare Mineral products I have been using. This is my go to makeup right now...it's easy, fast and looks natural! I hope you enjoy. 

As you could see in the video, it gives me a nice amount of coverage with the proper blending and it looks very natural. I was kinda shocked at how well the Bare Minerals Matte Foundation did on my skin. It felt amazing. It looked natural and it's good for the skin. :) I would love to know what your experiences has been with the Bare Mineral products. I would also love to know your favorites before I place another order. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting. If you are new here, I would love it if you took a few minutes to subscribe! 


Belated Tuesday Talks & Truths!

Hello friends! I am skipping out on Wednesday Hodgpodge today and sharing a belated Tuesday Talks and Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: Yesterday was a busy day with Scott home so this post did not go up. Not to mention, my laptop has a mind of itself and I think it decided it wanted a break for a few days! Right now it's running fine but who knows how long that will last. As of right now, I have it on my schedule tomorrow to go get a new laptop. I feel like if I do it... this one will work fine and if I wait....this laptop is going to crash. Decisions decisions. 

:: I need to start my weekly cleaning in a few minutes. I already got 30 minutes in on the treadmill this morning. Scott woke me up this morning and I woke up feeling good. Plus I wanted to get my little workout done and out of the way. Plus the garage was cool and I didn't get all hot and sweaty. Gotta love that!

:: I hope the rain stays away today. Sunshine just makes everything better. 

:: I tried to go get a new SC drivers license.   and it didn't work out. They turned me away again. Some of my cards are in my maiden name...some in my divorced name and some in my married name. That's what I get for never switching things over. Next up.. a new social security card before a new license. Sigh. Things never work out how I expect. 

:: Saying we are disappointed over one of our sons would be a understatement. We feel shut out and sad over not hearing from him and scared how life is going to be for him. I just hope no matter what happens or who comes in and out of his life, he is ok. I am all but certain that he's not wanting to come here and leave what he knows and trusts. We miss him.

:: Can you believe that we have one more day left in April!? Gosh time really does fly by. In the month of May we have my moms birthday and mothers day! However, when June rolls around, it will almost time to get on that big boat! 

:: I have a lot of emails to respond to. I got through a few last night before bed....but hopefully later today or tonight, I can respond to more...if the computer cooperates! Yesterday alone I got 5 messages from this contact form. I am shocked at how much you guys use it....so glad it's handy for you guys! :)

:: Jackson got his progress report in yesterday. All A's & B's with the exception of one C. We can totally handle that! I am so happy he is doing better in school. He use to hate it but now that he is getting better grades, its better. We were so happy and proud for him. 

:: The house this morning is like a racetrack for the kitty cats. I wonder if they are happy I am up or what but they are running so fast...chasing each other. It's fun to watch! 

:: I need to gather up the items I need to film tomorrows video. Its monthly favorites time! :)

:: I hate both of the fake sugar blends I recently bought. Sorry mom. Looks like I am sticking to sugar and just cutting back. What a waste of money! 

:: We grilled out last night and it was sooooooooo good. There is no substitution for a charcoal grill. Gas never makes me happy and it never makes the food taste as good. Summer is around the corner!

:: I haven't made much time for my favorite youtubers. I am hoping to catch up this week. It's been such a struggle with a finicky laptop. Maybe God just wanted me and the laptop a break...when all else fails....grab a good book! 

:: Scott and I watched the Wedding Ringer last night. Even though it's not a kid friendly movie with all the cursing but we watched it after Jackson went to bed..,.and we laughed through the entire movie. We are huge Kevin Hart fans! :)

:: Watching Toya Graham get her son out of the Boston streets during the riots broke my heart. It broke my heart that she had to be there looking for her child and then to find him with a rock in his hand deserved a ass whoppin like she gave him. I am not in favor of hitting your kids but sometimes a point has to be made....that they will never forget. She simply didn't want her son to die. Maybe all the parents in that area need to take note and go get their children out of the streets. 

I hope you guys have a great Wednesday! I will be back in a while with a new video. This break is over.. time to toss laundry and get moving through cleaning up the 2nd floor. Thanks for stopping by. If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!


Week in review: April 20 - 27, 2015 w/ 2 Vlogs, Weekly To Do's & Little Blessings

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. Monday's vlog will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the previous week and Thursdays vlog will be for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Actually I might be adding more vlogs in during the week...depending on how much I vlog. This time there is 2 ditl vlogs! :)

Here is a look in the first part of our week. For the most part things have been pretty calm and easy going around here. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the first vlog of the week: 

Here is the latest DITL Vlog. This shares our weekend with you guys but there wasn't a ton going on.. except babies! :) Hope you enjoy!

Here's more about our weekend:

Over the weekend, we celebrated Mr. Jaggers Birthday! If feels like yesterday when we went out on our first date but in reality its been almost 12 years at this point. Each year we are getting older, more secure in ourselves and Scott is no different. Over the years I have watched him go from a wild non stop guy to a settled family man who is still non stop! :) That dog in the picture above is almost identical to Scott in the way he acts. They are certainly 2 of a kind!

For Scott's birthday he played in a golf tournament. I wasn't so happy about it but it was where he wanted to be. He loves golfing and it was his birthday after all. He got up early, played golf with his buddies from work and came home with the first place trophy! Ha!! He's a really good golfer and it's not too shocking that his team came in first. Again...it was the universe meeting talent on his birthday! He came home exhausted though.

Also over the weekend, we had some unexpected visitors! The older kids, Laura and Jerred were making their way back home from Florida and stopped in. I do wish they would have told me a little sooner so I could have cooked and made some things upon their arrival but never the less, it was really nice seeing them. All the kids were so cute but they have a very loud busy family and it's a lot to keep up with. We love them bunches but the little ones are wild! The baby of course is sweet but toddlers don't really stop until they fall asleep. The girls do like their electronics though! I thought it was cute when they had their parents phones calling each other while sitting on the couch together. :) Scott really enjoyed seeing them too. He stayed up till midnight trying to hang out and then woke up super early for that day of golf I was just telling you about. That's a lot of the reason he came home tired... because he left tired! It's so nice tho ugh to have the older kids here with their family. In a way it makes me feel old but it's beautiful to see. I really just want all our kids safe, settled, kind, loving people. And I think they have all done well showing us they are working hard in their lives.

I have been having major computer issues which took up a lot of my time over the past few days. I need to suck it up and just go get one but I keep trying to fix this one. Call me cheap but I just want this laptop to work!!! I don't feel like I videoed much over the weekend because if I wasn't busy with home life and guests; I was busy working to fix this laptop. But oddly enough, I haven't been that stressed out about it. I have got it working good enough but there is still something not right about it.

While Scott was busy playing golf on Sunday, I stayed busy cleaning up the house and getting things cleaned up a bit. I switched my weekly cleaning day to Wednesday's so I wanted to do a quick pick up so its not too bad on Wednesday. I also sat down and worked in my planner for a while. It makes life so much easier when things are planned out. Our oldest daughter can't stand the idea of a planned out life but it works for me. I feel more accomplished, not as scatter - brained and when I know what is to be done. I doubt I will ever change!

I am still in love with my inkwell press planner. It is really working well for my day to day life. It's such a favorite! Congratulations to all the winners in the inkwell press notepads and journal giveaway. I still need to send out emails but I should get to that sometime later this evening but if you see your name, shoot me an email to mrskishaaggers@gmail.com with you shipping information to speed up the process. I love the inkwell products! You can also get entered in the inkwell press fitness log giveaway right here still and today is the last day for our Common Goat Sense giveaway. So be sure to get to both of those to get entered before they close! Good luck! 

This weeks to do

:: Clean up desk in bedroom....been working in there a lot and it shows.
:: Menu plan for next week.
:: Brush out all the cats
:: Still need to fertilize the plants....in fact, I need to buy some tomato plants too.
:: Drink more water.
:: Clean ceiling fans and vents.
:: Maybe take laptop to the geek squad...that thought literally just popped in my head! :)
:: Clean windows on the first floor. A job I hate.
:: Set up phone to work through the cars speakers...need Scott's help for that task.
:: Not forget to put out the trash cans...again.
:: Try to do some food prep for some dinners this week.
:: Mail Zanes his gifts or set up a visit...it so sad to even think about everything that has happened.
:: Walk more on the treadmill.
:: Go to sleep earlier but stay awake long enough to finish my prayers.
:: Clean microwave...its a total mess. I need to clean the frig out too.
:: Get ashes out of fireplace and try to find some candles to put in there for summer.
:: Make more time to read.
:: Whiten teeth...which I hate doing. It always hurts.
:: Clean the chalkboard wall.
:: Have Scott give Cooper a bath.
:: Check bird feeder to see if it needs filled up.
:: Put away laundry and hang as much out on sunny days as possible. It will help with the electric bill and dryer.
:: Find a sweater....it feels like a fall day here but rain is coming.
:: Reply to emails...sorry...computer problems but I am getting there.
:: Get on the treadmill more. Every other day is planned but I need to try to step it up a little more.
:: Make some homemade bread.

Life's Little Blessings

♥ I was really happy to find some comfortable wedges. These are crocs that I found on sale. They are very comfortable and easy to wear. It almost feels like you are walking on a waterbed or something. Comfortable wedges.....blessing!

♥ Its a huge blessing when the older kids made it to their destination and then back home with no problems. It really does worry me when the kids are traveling. Thank you God.

♥ Scott winning his golf tournament on his birthday was a blessing too. I know it was a lot of hard work and it was his team, not just him but that had to make his birthday better!

♥ Romeos eye had something wrong with it. I was going to take him to the Vet today if it wasn't better. And today it is open and looking good. I think one of the other cats might have scratched him.

♥ Jackson playing outside sure makes me happy and it feels like a blessing. The xbox has felt like a curse of sorts and here lately he has been playing out and about with the neighborhood friends. Love that.

♥ It's a blessing that our kids have wonderful fathers. Scott is amazing with them and so is my ex husband. Guess what he did? He bought our 13 year old daughter her first car. He sure did. He wanted to get it a few years early and drive it himself on and off ( he now has 3 cars to drive for himself! ) until she is ready to take over. I kinda think its a bit early but his ♥ is totally in the right place. She does really well and wanted her to have what she wanted.

♥ God sent me a message though my phone of sorts about something I was upset about with Scott one day last week. It didn't come in when I was upset but the next day it showed up and made everything clear...and better. Thank you God for that blessing.

♥ All the birds coming to that bird feeder have been awesome to watch! It makes me happy when I see and hear them. I think we kinda have a deal...I'll feed them so they will sing to me. Listening to the natural sound of free birds singing is a blessing for us all.

Here's some inspiration to take along with you through out the week: 

Thank you guys for stopping by. I hope you have a beautiful blessed week and get a chance to enjoy some of the beauty that spring is bringing us. Actually this week it's suppose to rain and feel more like fall but I know spring is here! All this rain has really help the grass brighten up and flowers grow.  Have a beautiful and blessed night. I'll see ya tomorrow.  If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!


What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Vlog Style

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. Normally my Week in Review blog post would be up by now but our latest day in the life vlog is still processing! Hopefully sometime this evening it will get finished and I can share it with you! In the mean time, I thought I would share our latest What's Cookin' Vlog. These videos show you what we have had for dinners recently hopefully giving you some menu inspiration for your family too. I like to film these videos vlog style because I like to share how I make the dinners...not just your borning → Here's what I ate ← videos. Hope you enjoy!

We have been eating out a lot here lately so there hasn't been much to share. However, if you have any comments or questions about anything you saw in the video be sure to let me know. Thank you guys so much for stopping by. I have been working hard on getting back on schedule... and now youtube is not cooperating! I have faith it will all work out! As soon as the video goes live tonight, I will be back posting our week in review! Come back later and visit! If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!


Saturday Coffee Talk

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Satruday. I thought I would come say hello in another Coffee Talk post. Hope you enjoy! 

:: I know it's late in the afternoon but I am most certainly on coffee still. It's been raining here all day and I actually slept in. I don't mean until 10 or 11 am. I slept in late.......and it felt amazing! However, I feel a little guilty about it!

:: Somehow Romeo hurt his eye. He might have gotten scratched from one of the females or maybe something bit him. We have used eye wash on it and even cod liver oil which is great for cats with eye problems but he is still keeping it shut. I'm worried to say the least. If it's not better by Monday he's going into the Vet to be checked out.

:: Scott has a big golf tournament tomorrow. He might get rained on but I know he is totally excited about playing. I think it's hard sometimes for him to prioritize his time because he doesn't get many off days and loves golf....and we love him home with us! But tomorrow is not only a big golf day it's Scotts birthday!!!

:: Speaking of Scott, our oldest daughter is on her way back up north from Florida. She texted me this morning that she might stop in on her way through. It's kinda disappointing that Scott will be gone but she's has a piece of my ♥ and can come anytime. However, I am so going to buy her a planner! It would have been so much easier if we knew she was stopping in but she's a free spirit and hates calendars and schedules.I wish that would change and we could plan things out better but really all I want is that family of ours all packed into a mivi van to drive safe. I worry about them making long journeys together. Every family does it but it worries you a lot when it's your own kids and grand children.

:: Our youngest daughter Brittany Belle decided to try the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Gosh...I was just reading horror stories about it happening. Thank goodness her lips didn't explode. She's a kid and kids do silly things but hopefully now she realizes that God gave her the most beautiful natural lips and she doesn't need to worry about looking like someone else. Don't try this at home...and of course she videoed it....here's Brittany Belle...

And I have to admit, the stunts she pulls has nothing on the boys. I don't have to really worry about her as much as them but I hope she doesn't try this again. I never knew this would happen but wow!

:: I was offline almost all day yesterday while I was working on updates and such. It took forever to get rid of the malware...yep, many of us have it and then it took even longer for the hard drive to defrag. But right now the computer is running great so I guess it was worth it. And it also gave me some extra time to clean up around the house. 

:: Everything alive besides myself is sound asleep in the house right now. No sunshine effects everyone in our home from the kids, to the animals and Scott and myself. I should be out shopping right now but I am just not ready. Looks like some evening shopping is going to have to happen. 

:: I was sooooo happy to finally video all my planning supplies. Now I can use them! :) It might seem like a lot but I only use them when needed. I have been using planners and journals since I was old enough to write...and no doubt that will never change. My mother in law was the same way. She would make lists after lists and follow through checking each one off as she completed each tasks. Hopefully one day my great grandchildren will get these journals and get to know us a little better...rather than just being a thought or memory. 

:: I got a notice that one of Scott's main birthday gifts is going to be late. Great. Whatever though.. I don't think he will really mind anyway. 

:: Being the computer was down all day, I haven't gotten back to facebook messages, emails, and comments. Bare with me while I catch up. I have to go out in a bit to do some shopping but tomorrow I should be able to get to some answered. I could have responded on the tablet but it's just not the same. 

:: My new little car had some kind of reading that said it had a coil bad when they took care of the break light. So it went to the Mini Cooper shop over an hour away and hopefully I should have it back this evening sometime. Yea! I don't like the loaner car that much. 

:: I know we are well into the afternoon... but it's only been coffee today so far. I have had to pause this blog post a few times...but that's ok! We have a much more laid back schedule today and it feels awesome. But I will have to eat something soon. Plus it's sweater weather... not so motivating!

:: We had a frost warning last night and I forgot to cover the plants. I think it was more for the mountain areas but I am glad they all look good today.

:: I need to pick the winners to the last Inkwell Press giveaway. I'll do that in a bit too! So much going on...I need to get with it.

I hope you guys are having a great Saturday. ♥

Huge Planner Haul! ;) Video

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hello friends! I know it is late but I wanted to go ahead and share this fun planner supply haul video with you guys! I had hoped to get it up earlier today but my computer was installing updates and such which made it basically useless all day. Opps! Anyway, I love planners. I have seen the changes they have made in my everyday life and I love to know how the days are going to go. This haul is fun but it's not necessary to plan. A planner of your choice, a pen or pencil and your all set. But sometimes it's fun to add a few stickers and such to make it more you. If you want to see what I got, enjoy the video below! Also there are pictures and links to where I found all the new items at. Hope you enjoy.

A lot of times when I post a planning sessions video, I get a lot of questions about where I found certain items. So below you can find out where I got everything shown in the video.

I placed a order with Joanne Fabrics for some inks. I am pretty new in the stamp world and I want to get some inks that would not stain my stamps and that would work great. I watched a lot of youtube videos and figured out which ones I wanted to try. 

I got the Memento Dew Drop package with 16 different colors. I also got some Distress Ink to mess with and also some Avery Elle Pigment ink. Maybe later I will come back and explain the differences. I also got some clear postal stamps. I just liked them. But everything in this haul came from Joanne Fabrics. 

I also did some shopping on etsy. There are some amazing planning products there and I have a bunch of favorite shops.

Bella Creations has some amazing stamps. I got another planning packet because my first one got stained up when I used the wrong inks. Told ya I was new to stamping! I also got a summer pack that I thought would be nice to use in the coming months. While I was browsing around, I also got some thank you stickers that I wanted for the back of thank you notes. They were also super kind to include some free samples of other products...which is pretty normal on etsy!

I also shopped around on plan it on paper and got some mini page flags. I have a bunch of larger ones but none this size. While I was there I also got some different color box stickers. I expected them to be a bit smaller but I am sure they will come in handy at some point!

I placed a big order through station stickers. There were many I liked from the to do arrows I got some little computers, to do arrows, trash can stickers, video camera stickers, washer and dryer stickers, pet paws, pay day stickers and some little rounds.

I placed another order through planner frenzy where I got some treadmill stickers, paw prints, little cars, weekend stickers and some little check marks.

From Gingerly Done I got some run stickers. I found these first and I actually like the ones above more. But I will still use these in time.

I also placed an order with Erin Condren to get some other stickers. I got some customized stickers to add to my planner and I also got some photo stickers too. I am not sure I would buy the photo stickers again but I love the others. 

Again, these items are fun but not necessary. I find planning relaxing and fun which is why I put so much into it. I totally understand if it's not your thing. A simple planner and pen totally works too. :) I plan on sharing in planning sessions videos how I am using all these stickers and I also plan sharing how I store them. I hope you guys are having a beautiful night. I am going to take a long hot bath and get myself to bed. I'll see ya tomorrow! If you are new here, please take a second to get subscribed so you don't miss any new videos or pictures. Have a beautiful night. ♥


Friday Letters ♥

Happy Friday friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am back with another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy!

Dear God, I haven't been feeling well here lately. Could you please send me a nurse or Dr. angel to help getting me feeling better. Thank you for listening to my prayers and hopefully answering a few. Please keep my kids safe. Dear Friday, I am sooooooooo sleepy today. I was up early taking Jackson to school and so far the day has just been quiet...which is making me even more tired but it's looks like it's going to be an easy day. Dear Cooper, you look sleepy today too laying on the couch. I guess we both stayed up too late and got up too early! Dear Brittany, I miss you. I am so very proud of you. Keep doing good in school....it will pay off. Dear Scott, Sorry for the complicated week. We really need that vacation! I love you. Dear Jordan, starting trouble online is wrong. Simple as that. I expect you to act better at your age. I am sorry you are in pain but you have to grow up. We love you and miss you but....again, please grow up. Dear Romeo, I don't know what is wrong with your eye..maybe one of the girls scratched you. If your not better by Monday, we will have to go back to the Vet. Dear Jackson, Thank you for making this morning easy. I love you. Dear Walmart, I am so happy you had my lavender plants! I looked all over and couldn't find them except at your store. I know a lot of people don't like you but you sure made me happy the other day! Dear Trina, thank you for always being so helpful. We love you. Dear Laptop, after lots of test last night, it seems like you were full of adware and viruses. I don't get it because I have a antivirus installed. But I got them cleaned out and right now you are acting right. However, its so close to time to switch it's not even funny. I would use you forever if you could handle it but I feel like your going to die any day now. Please don't. Dear Big Eyes, I watched you last night and really enjoyed you. It was cute and interesting all at the same time. And it's based on a true story. Loved it! Dear Mom, Truvia wasn't it. And I am not crazy about splenda. NEXT...I love you! Dear House, I really want to get the walls painted if we are going to be staying here. I think I can do it myself but Scott wants to hire someone. Hummmmm...I think I might make something happen! Dear Youtube friends, Sorry that my planning haul is going up a bit late. All the virus work on the computer slowed things down. It's uploading right now! :) So many of you were wondering what is going on. Am I going to keep making videos and staying online. I think I probably will but maybe not as much. I'm still not sure but I do enjoy it and as long as you guys enjoy it too...then it's worth doing. Dear Shanna, I hope things went well with Emmie yesterday. I wasn't feeling good last night so we will have to catch up tonight. ♥ Dear Spring, I love you...I really do! But I could stand for you to warm up just a little more! 80 degrees sounds about right to me! Dear House, you need a quick pick up this afternoon. Your not in bad shape but I still have a few things to get done. Including getting my makeup brushes cleaned. Dear Trash Man, Well not putting a note in my planner made me forget to put you out. Gotta get into a new habit now. Thankfully we have 2 cans to get us through next week.

Thanks for stopping by! When the video goes live, I will come back and share it. xx

Week in Review: DITL Vlog April 20 - 24, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A big hellllllooooo to you all! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Thursday. :) After changing up my cleaning routine to Wednesdays, today is more of a free day for me around here. That doesn't mean I am going to be sitting around the couch eating ice cream though... but that does sound nice! Instead today I am going to be grooming the cats, getting some little jobs finished up around here and just enjoy the day. This vlog is from the beginning of the week until now and then on Monday I will have another vlog up. If you want to see what has been going on around here, enjoy the video below!

Even though I am sharing this vlog with you guys today, it will be included in next weeks WIR with the 2nd vlog from the weekend. I just like to include them together in that post. Hope that's ok! So how's your Thursday going!? Let me know through the comments on the video or this blog post! If you are new here, I'd love it you took a second to subscribe!


Fitness Update & Inkwell Press Fitness Log Giveaway! | Video |

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello friends! I am back sharing a new fitness update but I am also sharing a new Inkwell Press Product too! I have been working hard on trying to make more of an effort to eat a bit healither and work out a little bit more. Its a slow process but its starting to make me feel a little better so it's worth it. Then to my surprise my current favorite planner company came out with a new BeWell Fitness log. At first thought, I wasn't really thinking I would use it. I thought maybe I would get it and share it with you but probably not use it. Now that I have had time to really go through the book I am excited to start keeping track of everything. I guess it's just the planner girl in me that loves it! Check out the video for all the details....and there are more pictures and the giveaway entry form is below. 

So as I have mentioned, I have fallen in love with this comprdany. I am in love with the planners from Inkwell Press and I think this Beell fitness log is a great motivation to set some 3 month goals ( that's how long this book is suppose to last you ) and be able to see some results within the pages of this book. 

The first page is your tpyical information page where you put your information in case your planner gets lost. I use my PO Box instead of my home but I always list my phone number and email. I totally get it if you don't have a PO Box, but it never hurts to have one. Better safe than sorry. 

Then on the following 2 pages you have your 12 week BATTLEPLAN. The first page is questions to get you started and motivated. It asks you to set some goals and then it asks how will you reward yourself? Isn't that great!? Then on the very next page you have your weights and measurements. Yes, this area might suck for many of us but it is intended for you to really know what is going on with your body and it will help you track your progress through the 3 months. She has a printable where you can make a measuring tape in case you have don't one to get this done. She also has videos showing you how you need to measure. 

Then the following 2 page spread you have a plan and attack spreadsheet. ↑ This gives you the 12 week over view so you can figure out your schedule. This is a place for your workout plan. It gives you all the days... and you can check them off in the little boxes in the corners after you complete each workout. 

Then you move into the daily area. Each day has one full sheet. This sheet will not always be completely filled in. At the very top there is a place for the date, the focus for the day, there's a weight training section, and then there is a place to fill the total time of your workout and additional notes. 

Then at the bottom of the page is your food journal area. It gives you a place to list out your meals and snacks with the calories and such. It also has a water intake reminder to help us all drink more water. 

You also have weekly and monthly check ins so you can see your progress. This is not suppose to be this crazy extreme goal. Its a rather small goal over 3 months that almost any of us can accomplish. 

Then at the end of the journal you have the final check where you can really track how well you did. Maybe you will see you lost more weight and got stronger than what you thought. Maybe you will see that you need to do a little more. Either which way, you will see your progress. 

At the very end of the book, there is some handy information showing you the colories burned per minute on one page and then on the other is a handy guide to portion control. This is made to help us.. and I like that. 

The back 2 pages is also a helpful guide on sweet and savory snacks under 100 calories. This will totally be helpful. There are some great snack ideas that don't sound that bad! :) 

So over all, I think this book is super nice. It is designed a little smaller so it can fit in your purse or gym bag so you can fill it in at your convenience. It gives you time to reflect on your fitness goals each day so it keeps it in the front of your head. The paper is thick just like the planners and it designed very well. Since I love it so much, I am sharing it with a couple of you guys! I wish I could give a lot of these out but maybe I will do more when I do other fitness updates. Maybe next month I can share how this fitness log is working for me and share another giveaway! 

In order to enter you are going to have to go here and join in the facebook discussion. All the information is in the video. Just go to the post about this video and leave your thoughts there. After that, you can get more entries by following in the ways listed out in the rafflecopter form. Two winners will win the Inkwell Press Fitness Log for themselves. The giveaway is open to everyone.  All entrants under the age of 18 must have parental permission to enter.  You can enter by following the directions in the Rafflecopter widget posted below.   I’ll announce the winners on THIS blog and post contact the winner directly through email.  Good luck!

If you are interested in going ahead and getting one of these journals you can click here and get 20% off your first order! Good luck to everyone!

April Open Ipsy Bag! | Video |

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello friends! I am getting pretty tired due to a long day with Scott home but I wanted to share this video with you guys. This video is going over my April 2015 Open Ipsy Bag. I love Ipsy. Ipsy is a monthly subscription that costs $10. a month and always includes a cute bag and 5 or 6 products to test out. It's one of my favorite monthly subscriptions because I get to try out new products and such. It's so fun! You can sign up right here if you are interested. Hope you enjoy! 

This is such a fun subscription service. I love it and many of my family and friends have signed up too and they are loving it as well. I am in total love with the bag this month and I can't wait to try out all the products! I have another blog post coming up in a few hours with a new giveaway for you guys.. so if you are night owls...come back and check it out. It's been such a long busy day and I feel like I am about to fall over, but I want everything to go live before I go to bed.....and sleep in! :) If you are new here, please take a second to get subscribed so you don't miss any new videos or pictures. Have a beautiful night. ♥


Tuesday Talks & Truths

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. Here's another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy! 

:: I am so thankful for a new day. My family has been stressing me out some and sleep did me well. However Scott and I have been running all over town this morning. Its been a busy day to say the least.

:: Scott and I had brunch at the Crackle Barrel today. It was super yummy and somehow I made it though the shop without buying anything! Ha! See it can be done! 

:: With the girl power from my sister, my sister in law and my best friend...and my mom too, I am far from alone. They are my dream team and I love them so much. 

:: I have changed my cleaning routine and the house today shows it. But it's ok... I am going to get it cleaned up on Wednesday. 

:: I think these four agreements are so good. I think we can all learn from them. I am still trying to figure things out each day. Life is ever changing. 

:: Jackson is going crazy to go do something really fun. I hate that he feels bored a lot but I think a lot of kids do. He's done so much better at going outside and playing but come on summer...we all need a break! 

:: The rain has been kinda depressing. I was worried all day yesterday that a tornado was going to come at any minute. The alarms on my phone kept going off and it was scary. So far it's been dry. 

:: I want to make it very clear that I don't hate any youtubers at all. I have never had a issue with a fellow youtuber...I might say that I think they are acting silly but that where it ends. Sorry if that Sunday Inspiration blog post blew everyone's mind. It was just an opinion of one thing..not a over all statement. I do have my favorites though! :)

:: I watched Cake last night. I love Jennifer Aniston. I didn't think the movie would be that good but it was interesting. 

:: A bunch of new planner supplies came into yesterday which made me really happy. I thought I would give up on the stickers and such but I guess once a planner, sticker, stamp girl...always a planner girl! 

:: I still haven't been able to figure out if the Nike Shox have been hurting my back and such when wearing them. I got another pair without shox and my feet and back still hurt a lot. So who knows!

:: There are so many days when I just want to shut all the online stuff down. I think I am going to maybe close down my facebook fan page, twitter page...and maybe just post one or two videos a week. It is something I am thinking about. It's a hard decision though but there is so much negativity and I just don't want to deal with it. And to top it off there is a male family member making it worse. So there might be some changes coming. Idk. But this blog will be up for years to come no matter what. :)

:: I have been looking for a new lavender plant for days. I can't find it anywhere. Wonder if I can order a full sized plant online and have it shipped in!?

:: Our golden retriever is starting to get gray doggie hair. Its weird seeing him age while we too age.

:: Gosh...I am sleepy and the clock is ticking for me to get things finished up around here and get dinner started. Hummm....wonder if I can get Scott to take us out to dinner tonight!? Might be worth a try!

I hope you guys have a great evening. Hopefully I can make it back around here to share a new video in a bit.. stay tuned!