Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello friends. Happy Tuesday to you all. I hope your day is going well! I am back with another edition of Tuesday Truths...hope you enjoy. 

:: I slept in wayyy to late today. I feel asleep kinda early ( at least for me ) and I guess I just needed the rest after so much traveling. I kinda planned for a couple of slower days anyway. 

:: My sisters dad was robbed at gunpoint the other day in Tampa Florida when he was changing a flat tire. I don't understand why we can't get better control of the guns in this country. I would go door to door to get them if I could. He's ok, however it really shook up my sister. 

:: I love warm weather. However, it has been so hot that I have resorted to having the air on during the day. I have been running to turn it off as soon as the sunsets but it's a little too hot at this point. 

:: I am allergic to bees. When I was younger, I had an epipen but in my 20's I just stopped worrying about it. Years went by and I was fine. No epipen needed. I was out working with Scott one day and got stung and he ended giving me a high high does of Benadryl. It seemed to work. I thought my family was crazy. I didn't need an epipen. Fast forward to the day before we were leaving for vacation and what appeared to be a wasp or something stung me 3 times in my upper thigh. It was insane. It swelled up my leg. REALLY BAD. Benadryl knocks me out so I was only taking it at night. Nothing was working and I kinda regretted not having a epipen in the moment. Fact of the matter is...I am allergic to bees and I need to accept it and be prepared. Making a Dr. apt this week. 

:: I went to try to use my new Erin Condren planner last night and I just couldn't do it. It's just not a fit like the Inkwell Press. It's a beautiful planner but it's just not for me anymore. I have a giveaway going on right now.. and there might just be another in the coming days. Come back and find out how to enter. I could find a use for it...because it is a beautiful planner but I would rather share it with one of you! And BTW... I love the Erin Condren products. I have the jumbo calendar, stickers, and so much. Planners are personal to each of us. 

:: The housesitter did a great job. The house and animals were fine. However, Super Cooper had a sore on face when we left and once I got home and really moved the long hair to check it out... it was worse than what I thought. We spent an hour removing all the hair and now trying to get that area healed up. I might take him to the Vet tomorrow if it doesn't start looking better.

:: The Republican Party is a mess right now. 14 different candidates. Sounds like too many Indians and not enough Chiefs. Imagine the egos in that group.

:: One of our family members marriages is over due to infidelities....you will probably figure out who in good time but it has been absolutely devastating..and their are kids involved. Cheating and Secrets destroy marriages. We are just trying to be as supportive as possible right now. It's taken up a lot of our time, it's broken our hearts, it's caused a huge rift and it has caused so much daily pain. I am at a loss of words. It's hurts me to watch their family implode. Please put them in your prayers. 

:: Google is coming back with the unsend button. YEA!!!!!!!!! Think about the emails you have sent out that you wish you could take back. Well all encompassing Google who is bound to take over the world, is helping us out! :) 

:: While I was gone, there were some nasty nasty comments left on some of my social media. It took me a while to notice it when we got back because I had so many notifications. First off... sorry if you had to read any of that crap. There are crazy out there. When you are online, sometimes they target it for this reason or that. I deleted everything as quick as I could and that's about all I can do. It is just someones misguided attempts to hurt me. I think I actually know who left those comments and just know they are struggling with mental issues. No joke. I actually am considering leaving the online community. I am not sure if I will or not but hate makes me just makes me want to go away. However, I am trying my best to focus on the wonderful friends who have supported me through the years. I love you guys and I appreciate each and everyone of you. I am just going to try to not let it bother me and move on to another day. I don't need negativity in my life. I have a beautiful family, a caring home, and I value that above everything. 

:: My neighbors told me they thought it might be 6 months before they see me again after such a people filled vacation. I think they might be right. It's super nice being home. However, Scott is working like crazy and I miss him. :(

:: My desk is a complete mess. I am happy that I have all vlogs for a few days so I have time to get things done around the house without worrying about recording videos. I need to toss laundry around right now...clean the chalkboard walls...along with the bathrooms. My to do list is never ending. 

:: My Brittany Belle should be here soon. I can't wait to spend some time with her. The kids are shifty in the summer. It's not easy but we make it work. I miss Jackson too.

:: I need to get back into the routine of getting on the treadmill. It's not something I particularly enjoy but I need to. 

I hope you guys have a great afternoon. I'l be back in a bit with a new Day in the Life Vlog! Come back and visit! 

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Grand Cayman! DITL Vlog: June 24, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Good evening friends! I hope all is well. I am still on the catching up wagon..hence, the double videos and blog post. Here is our day in the life vlog from our time in Grand Cayman. This was Day 3 on the boat. Hope you enjoy!

By the way, I didn't really get drunk... I was just joking with Scott when I said that. :) I don't really drink. I think I had one glass of wine during that fancy dinner and that was it. But I didn't mind others drinking and having fun. They weren't driving. Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying seeing bits and pieces of our trip. I know that the camera was a bit shaky at parts. Please understand walking around and vlogging is shaky. There is really not much that I can do about it. I am taking you around, going up and down steps and such...it's just part of it. I hope you understand. ♥ I'll see ya tomorrow with a couple new videos. xx

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2015 Travel Series: Pre Packing Prep Work for Travel | Video |

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you all. With all the videos I have to post on here that are already up on youtube, plus the new daily vlogs for this week; I am skipping the Week in Review Blog Post. Instead, I have a new 2015 Travel Series Video plus later today there will be another vlog up! I just have so much online work to do after being gone....it's going to take a little while to catch up. I thought for my 2015 Travel Series, I would include some packing videos to share how I get us ready for a trip. This video goes into the planning before packing. I know there are times in all of our lives when a trip is not planned and you just got to toss stuff in a big and get out of the door as quick as possible. I get that. It's happened more than once in my own life but today I am sharing some pre travel prep work that is so helpful when you have time to plan. This is how I get ready for a trip...when time allows. Hope you enjoy.

I recently shared a lot of my travel videos in this blog post in case you missed any. Plus you can find them on this playlist. Summer is the time for travel and maybe some of the tips will help make packing a little easier! :) Thanks so much for stopping by! As I said later today I will have another Day in the Life Vlog up from our vacation. Be sure to come back! :)

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The Ship has Sailed! 2015 Carnival Cruise DITL Vlog: June 22 - 23, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello friends! I am happy to report we are back on land. :) Currently I am in the car heading home and very thankful for the wifi in here. It's amazing to be able to work on my laptop while Scott drives us home. Yesterday we were just too tired to drive all the way up so we stopped and got some rest. At this point we only have a couple of hours to go. And I am so excited to see all the animals! Our housesitter said they were all doing great though. So I am back sharing a new Day in the Life Vlog from the first couple of days of our vacation! We had a very large group and I don't think I have a picture of us all other, even the one above doesn't have everyone in our party. Also the camera is a bit shaky...sorry in advance but the boat was a little rocky at times! Hope you enjoy.

I will be putting up a vlog each day sharing our vacation with our family. :) I also have a bunch of new travel series videos that will be popping up in between the vlogs. The idea is to get caught up as fast as possible. Thank you for coming along with us. I have missed talking to you guys! Feel free to let me know how your week was! ♥

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2015 Travel Series: Walmart Travel Shopping Haul! | Video |

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hello friends! Happy weekend to you all. I don't have long today to sit around at the computer. Today is actually the day we are leaving. It probably won't be until this evening but I still have a few things I want and need to get done before walking out the door. However, I wanted to share with you our latest 2015 Travel Series Video! Here is a Walmart shopping haul that is for the housesitter, our trip, and the few days before we leave and after we get home. Hope you enjoy!

I will have some videos rolling out here on the blog over the weekend and maybe even Monday morning. Then all new videos will only be on my youtube channel until I have the chance to share them here. So use the button below to get subscribed. That way, you still get to see the new videos first! :) Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the travel shopping haul.

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Travel Series 2015: Quick Budget Travel Tips | Video |

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hellooooo friends! Happy Friday to you all. :) I am not sure if I will get Friday Letters up today or not but maybe this evening I will try. Today is the busiest day of all so far so I don't have a lot of time to be at the computer. However, I am back right now sharing another 2015 Travel Series Video. I actually have a lot of these videos coming up this next week, but you will have to subscribe to my youtube channel because I won't be able to post the new videos on here until I get back home from vacation.

This video is a quick video on budgeting for vacation. I didn't go into great detail because there are so many factors but hopefully you will find some helpful information and inspiration for your next vacation! Hope you enjoy.

I have a lot of other travel videos... which I am sharing below because summer is the time for travel!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. I will be back later when I can. I am here tonight and part of tomorrow and then it's vacation time!

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June Open Ipsy Bag w/ First Impressions | Video |

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I am taking a break from a busy day to share the June Ipsy Bag with you. Ipsy is one of my favorite monthly subscriptions.  Ipsy is a monthly subscription that costs $10. a month and always includes a cute bag and 5 or 6 products to test out. It's one of my favorite monthly subscriptions because I get to try out new products and such. It's so fun! You can sign up right here if you are interested. Hope you enjoy!

This is such a fun subscription service. I love it and many of my family and friends have signed up too and they are loving it as well. I would love to hear what your Ipsy products were if this month, if you are a subscriber too! If you are new here, please take a second to get subscribed so you don't miss any new videos or pictures. Have a beautiful night. ♥


2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planner First Impressions & Giveaway! | Video |

Hello friends! I hope all is well. I feel like I am running behind but I working hard to catch up only to go on vacation in a few days! When that happens, I won't be able to update the blog until after I get back. It might be a good idea to get subscribed on my youtube channel so you will see the videos that go live while I am gone. Once I get back, I will update this happy internet space! :) So right now I am back sharing the new 2016 Erin Condren Horizontal Life Planner. I know a lot of people are sharing their thoughts on this particular planner, so I thought I would as well. BUT....I am not stopping there! I am also hosting a giveaway where one of you guys can win a Life Planner as well. In order to enter, you will need to watch the video below. Look out for the 5 questions you need to answer to get entered and then use the form below. I know that sounds like a little bit of a hassle but I only want people who really love planners to enter and win. I hate it when people just see giveaway in the title and head to the form to enter without ever watching the video. So this time...YOU HAVE TO WATCH...just listening will not work. So find the questions...and let me know your answers on this blog post and or the comments on the video on my youtube channel. 

Here's more about the planner:

This year the team at Erin Condren really seem to have listened to the planner community and made some big changes. First the planner came packed beautifully and came with plenty of samples of stickers, quotes and post cards.When you start moving through the pages of the planner you will find a couple new goal/planning pages that are new but I think the biggest of all is the new horizontal weekly planner layout. They still have the vertical with a lot of new changes there too. I choose the horizontal layout because I have 3 vertical Erin Condren planners from the past years and thought it was a nice change to try out.  Also they have changed up the monthly section of the life planners with less quotes, added moon phases, and a more muted color scheme. The wire binding is much larger this time around to make room for items you add to the planner yourself with the coil clips and such. Also the ruler that comes on the front of the planner is now easier to see through. Last year it was also clear but the white design was a little big and now it is less so we can see through it more. 

When you get to the back of the planner, you have a note area that has ruled pages, graft paper, and blank sheets for all the notes you want to add. Then you move back to the pocket folder that is better and more stronger than in any of my previous life planners. You have your stickers that come in every planner including a new VOTE sticker that I love. And some of the stickers are labeled for you but you also have 2 sheets of blank stickers that you can write anything you wish and add them to the weekly or monthly sections of the planner. Perfect for those of you who love color coding. You also have a clear ziplock pouch that has a lot of different samples from Erin Condren that we all love. There is also a perpetual calendar that you can move planner to planner if you wish. 

I also ordered a few extras including this Life Planner Launch Bundle which included a large clear envelope which I love, some new stickers that are super nice and their pen set. Why not!? 

Another new feature of the 2016 Erin Condren planners is they are finally offering a ready to ship planner that you don't have to wait around on. I found it a little odd that they had to run my order through the standard process as before and even had to print it but they are probably super busy right now with the new launch. However, it was less than a week from my order to until it arrived at my door. Also with the ready to ship planners, they are offering a free cover that you can order for your planner. How nice is that!? There is also a rose gold planner that is truly beautiful but I skipped that version because I am still loving my Inkwell Press Planner and I am guessing I will stick to that for life and use the Erin Condren for my blog and youtube work.

So over all, I love the changes in they have made this year. I really do think they are listening more to their customers, and trying to keep up with what we want. They have got so much better with customer service too. The planner is super nice. The paper is thick and the colors are not as bright and bold as before. I actually like the muted colors a little better myself.

So since so many of you have used my referral link, I am not only sharing the new planner I got for myself, I am also giving one away! I love sharing with you guys. However, like I mentioned above and in the video, there are 5 questions within the video that have to be answered on this blog post or on the video on my youtube channel and then you can come back and enter through the rafflecopter form below. I just want people who love planning and actually watching the full video to win! What you will get is: One Ready to Ship Life Planner 15 month vertical or horizontal layout. This giveaway is open to everyone but you must be 18 years or older to enter. This giveaway is going to go on until July 08, 2015 to get entered. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to watch and get entered. Good Luck! Oh and if you want to go ahead and order one, use this this link to get $10 off your order. And I use the credits and share planners with you guys in these giveaways.

Sometimes Rafflecopter experiences technical difficulties. If you can’t enter for some reason, try again later and it will probably work. If not, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

And you can also click here to see all my other Erin Condren Videos. :) 


2015 Travel Series: My Favorite Luggage & Packing Accessories | Video |

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a lovely evening. It's been another busy day for me but what's new with that right!? Anyway, I am back with another one of my 2015 Travel Series Videos sharing you some of my favorite luggage - new and old - along with some of my favorite packing accessories that help keep things nice and tidy in your suitcase..plus it gives you much more room. Before I start sharing my packing videos I thought it would be best to share what I am packing with first. :) Hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out this video. Again, so sorry I am off schedule and not getting videos up earlier. Right now I am really sleepy and settling in to watch a movie with Scott.....lets hope I don't fall asleep! I'll see ya tomorrow.  And I plan on having a lot of packing videos coming up soon. Stay tuned! xx

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Week in Review w/ Day in the Life Vlog & Weekly To Do's!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful night. I have been busy like a bee around the house today trying to prepare for our trip. There is so much to do but I am doing my best. Right now, I have a few minutes share our latest Day in the Life Video. This video follows the first day in the life vlog that went up already sharing our week and this one shares our weekend. Hope you enjoy!

The week on a whole, was rather good. We honestly are just starting to get back into the groove of things after the last week before so emotional. Nothing is really normal for us right now. Summer is here. The kids schedules are different, Scott is even working later, dinners are later too. I am still trying to figure it all out but soon we will be on vacation and the schedule will be completely different again! The beginning of the week was busy as always. I finally was a able to go get my hair done which it desperately needed.

I let her put some darker low lights in my hair and I am just not too sure about it. I might have her lighten them up next time but overall I was much happier having it done for me instead of doing it myself. Gone are the days when I color in the bathroom at home. I am so tired of messing my hair up so I will just sit there forever and let them do it for me. It's worth every penny to not have to worry about it.

Speaking of pennies, I got the bills paid which took forever and a lot of our money. I really need to start trying to cut back on things to not have such high bills every month. But I am thankful just to be able to pay them. :) I also worked in my planner a lot trying to figure out how everything is going to happen. Planning is a big part of my day to day life. I really need a schedule to maximize my time. Otherwise I am scattered brained and not accomplish near as much. And with everything going on right now, I would be a disorganized mess with a plan!

Once the weekend arrived it became kinda bitter sweet. Jackson likes to spend the summers at his dads house doing all the boy things he loves to do. Fish, hunt, and all kinds of other things that they love doing together. I like getting the break but I am already finding the house so empty and strange. Scott and I didn't really know what to do with ourselves after we got back home. It was strange to say the least. I wanted to pick up the phone 100x just to check on them but I tried to not be the overbearing mom. My ex husband can handle things and I know the kids will be fine and have a wonderful time. I just miss them....already!

I really want to figure out a big kid vacation where we take all the kids together. Maybe another Myrtle Beach Vacation. Idk.. and it's never easy getting our oldest daughter because she has her own family to care for. If I could, I would just swing in and pick her up too! But as the kids get older, their lives become more their own and I am trying to adjust. Brittany loves to cheer. She deep into it and Jackson has his own likes. Same for Zane and Laura...Jordan too. All the kids a growing up and figuring out who they are. It's a challenge for us a parents too. I just want them to grow up safe, happy, into productive adults. I want them all to make a difference in this world. They have certainly made a difference in my life more than anything else. ♥ So now we are kid free and not sure what to do. I feel like I'm kinda lost but I have just kept busy today. I filmed a video and I have some shopping to do later tonight...and a busy schedule for the coming days. I am working on a new 2015 Travel Series for my youtube channel and have already published this 1st video...

and there will be many following. Including another one tomorrow which is a luggage video which I am super excited to share. There will be packing videos and lots of new travel stuff. Plus when we get back home we will have a ton of travel vlogs that will just go up day by day until they are all uploaded. THEN....we will get back on schedule with our normal videos. Also this and next week we will have other new videos up besides travel that I hope you will come back and check out.

To Do's:

:: Exchange certain items at the store for a better size.
:: Pre Board for cruise tonight or tomorrow.
:: Get house cleaned up. I hate coming home to a dirty house. It's pretty clean right now so it shouldn't be a big deal.
:: Stop the mail...asap.
:: Check PO Box
:: Shop for animals.
:: Clean up DVR's.
:: Get my moms gifts together.
:: Pick up dresses on Friday from sewing lady.
:: Pre Record as many videos for next week as possible.
:: Clean out frig.
:: Whiten teeth....which I hate hate hate doing.
:: Update Chalkboard Walls
:: Delete old files on laptop.
:: Brush out Cats and have Scott bathe Cooper.
:: Gather up boxes for Scott to get rid of.
:: Get nails done.
:: Water all the plants and cut off dead leaves.
:: Make a few minutes each day to get on the treadmill. Totally off schedule in that area too.
:: Clean jewelry before we leave.
:: File away loose papers
:: Quick clean my car out.

I have so much to do this week. I know there is a ton that I am leaving off that list. And really, things have been changing daily around here. So I am sure each day will be packed full of different tasks to do before leaving. However, Saturday evening is going to come fast and I am getting more and more excited about our vacation. I think its going to be a lot of fun!

Here's some inspiration to take a long with you through out the week!

So sorry this post is going up later in the night. I told you that I was busy today. And I doubt tomorrow will be any different! I am working hard to make sure there will be videos up while I am gone. I am not sure if I will be able to share them on the blog until I get back so subscribe to my youtube channel so you can see the new videos at each night at 12am. :)


Day in the Life Vlog: Playing Catch Up!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hello friends! I hope your weekend is going well. I am back sharing another day in the life vlog where we share bits and pieces of our week with you guys. I wish I could have just got it all into one video but it would just be too long if I did. So on Monday I will have another vlog up sharing our weekend with you guys in a Week in Review blog post. So be sure to come back and visit. But first...here's how our week went. Hope you enjoy!

That glass of wine was super good but I could only drink half of it. I just hate the way it makes me feel most of the time. I am just not a drinker. And when I do find something that I like the taste of, I can have very little because of the way it makes me feel. I was trying to celebrate so why not!? Anyway, the house is busy today trying to get Jackson packed up for his trip to his fathers house. I hate to see him leave. I think the first week will be easy to enjoy the quiet but after a week, I want back home and its not going to happen that quick. :( I wish all the kids were here. I miss them all. I still think in a year or so we will be back up north where we can all be together again. Thanks so much for stopping by. Sorry I didn't get Friday Letters up this week. It's taken a lot to get things back to normal. And first I have to take care of my family and home and then computer work comes in. But hopefully we will get back on schedule just long enough to get ready for vacation and then everything will be out of wack again! I hope you have a great weekend. xx

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FREE Subscription to Martha Stewart Living Magazine!

If you are wanting a free years subscription to Martha Stewart's amazing magazine...click here to get it! You will need to take a short survey about your breakfast habits. Be sure to request yours now as these free offers never last long. Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. This is one of my favorite magazines that I always open as soon as it arrives! :)

Summer & Vacation Shopping Haul | Video |

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hello friends. I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. I should have Friday Letters up later this evening. I have been busy answering emails most of the day so far and running to appointments. Some of the dresses I show in the video below are now with the alteration lady! Hope you enjoy...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I have a bunch of laundry to fold and put away... and I also have Jackson to get packed up tonight and tomorrow to head to his dads on Sunday. Lots going on! I should have Friday letters up this evening sometime. Come back and visit again!

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Quick Food & Household Shopping Haul

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hello friends. I hope your day went well. Things are so off schedule and busy around here that posting time has unfortunately been more at night here lately. Sorry! I am not sure I am ever going to get back on track but I'm trying! Anyway, I have a few hauls to share. Here is our most recent food shopping and household haul. The boys were driving me nuts to go, so I finally did! Hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow I have a new summer/vacation clothing haul coming up and I also have some luggage/packing items that I will be sharing in a video next week...which I am totally excited about! See ya tomorrow. xx

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* Belated Tuesday Truths

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

:: I was so busy yesterday that I barely had time to think...so sorry about the delay. :/

:: Today is grocery and household shopping day....and I am dreading it. I think Jackson is going to help out but I am hoping to not have to buy that much. We'll see. I won't have the haul video up into the later evening...come back and check it out!

:: I am still not feeling this entire house thing we have going on. I think Scott handled everything well but I don't think the landlord and I parted friends when this all went down. But as long as Scott is handling it from this point on, I will do my best to stay out of it. It's still better than moving and now we have a lease.

:: I have so been wanting a really good movie...Any suggestions?? I am soooooo tired of paying so much money for nothing on. I'm over it.

:: A few people were wondering why we were nervous about our home inspection. There are a ton of details like your gas cans in your garage has to be in a locked cabinet. Medicine has to be locked in a safe. Stuff like that made me worry. We didn't know everything to expect and when so much is on the line, a dirty cup on the counter freaks me out. We just didn't want to mess up. Simple as that.

:: I have totally been burning the wicks at both ends here lately. Staying up too late and not getting enough sleep. It's ridiculous and I have to really try to get on a better sleep schedule this week and next.

:: Last night I kept switching batteries from the tv remote to the wii over and over and over. Guess batteries need to go on the shopping list too.

:: I did some major shopping with Scott today. We bought lots of new shoes and some clothes...some luggage....luggage accessories and I can't wait to share it with you. It's still not as nice as I want, but it will be a long time paying for a nice nice set of luggage. But hopefully you enjoy seeing it in our new cruise series.

:: Something has been eating my outside herbs. Yea... not happy. I might have to clean them up and bring them back inside. I think I am in desperate need of some plant stands.

:: I am so off schedule. Nothing feels normal right now. But I am just rolling with it and making the most of each day. I still don't feel very accomplished some nights but I am truly trying. I still can't believe Jackson is leaving on Sunday. I am going to miss him so much.

:: Someone I know is dealing with serious infidelity in their marriage. It's heartbreaking to see a family break apart. But no one should have to live like that. I stay stand strong and move on without them. To the left, to the left
Everything you own in the box to the left.

:: I have been looking for a strapless backless bra and it's not been easy to find one. I found some kind of sticky thing that will probably not stay on so it might just have to show. And who pays $100 for a bra anyway? NOT ME.

:: I know I am despertaly behind on emails.. I promise to catch up soon. Well maybe. But I promise to try.

:: I have been wondering why things have seemed so out of whack around here. I guess it's just the path God wants us to endure to learn and grow from. We all have our own journeys and I am blessed to have such a wonderful family and amazing friends who also want that journey with us every step of the way.

:: I was thinking about paying my daughter to post my videos and publish my blog post while we are away but I am starting to think that might not be a good idea. Yea not so much. But maybe our oldest daughter.

:: My voice is so raspy. There is nothing I can do about it and I don't really like it but I might see a Dr. about it in time. Gosh. I really would like a new bionic knee too..and maybe bionic shoulders. After my car accident in 2000, those parts feel like they really need replaced with better models. I sound so old.

:: Speaking of old. I bought a loose day dress for the cruise and my mom and Scott think it looks like something a old lady would wear. I don't think it does but those two would love to do a makeover on me. I like loose..not clingy or tight clothing and I think they want me to dress like a stripper or something. Ummmmmm...NO.

:: I wish we could get ALL of our kids together for Christmas. Its so hard. My mom is who I use to want to be with no matter what. She is still so very important. But with my own kids now, I just want to be with them. I wish we all could be together during every holiday. But it would be a lot of logistics to make that happen.

:: I have been wanting to take inventory of all my videos. I guess put them in a file on the computer or maybe a kind of card file for my desk to remind me of older videos that I want to share. I have almost 1k now and it's hard to remember every one.

:: I watched the movie The Princess of Monaco with Nicole Kidman on Netflix last night..and to be honest it was not as terrible as the critics said. It certainly wasn't her issues...she seemed to handle the part well but I think the directing and editing is where the issues are. Plus I would like have seen more about her marriage but it was over all a decent movie that actually taught me a little about Monaco. Ha!

:: I guess Super Cooper is back to gaining more weight than loosing it. He looks HUGE for a Golden Retriever. Scott thinks its time for a diet and more exercise. I feel bad doing that to the dog but we do want him to live as long as possible. And Scott is probably right. We have been thinking about getting a puppy for him.

:: Brittany got a C in Science on her last report card. It's the first C in 4 years.. maybe 5. I couldn't believe it and I was a little disappointed in that grade. Her dad thinks its too much internet and I think it was her not liking her teacher and not really caring. That will not work. I am seriously thinking about enrolling her in a science class in the summer so when she goes into next year she will totally understand it better. She has never been average and she's not going to start now. The grades will give her the scholarships to to college so she can maybe cure cancer one day. Or something important. High School, College, Job, Marriage, and then children and life. That's the road-map for her life. Wonder if I can keep her on the right path. God willing. And the same goes for the rest of the little kids. They are all going to outshine us and we are here as their parents to see that happens.

:: I am so tired of hearing about Bruce Jenner. Or Caitlyn Jenner. I am for doing what you wanted but if it was my dad... I would be a little uncomfortable. Sorry... I just would. But that doesn't mean I would accept it. I couldn't imagine that happening or my mom telling me she is becoming a man. Yea...I would need serious therapy over that one.

:: I seriously thought about buying a old school typewriter the other day. Ha! What was I thinking?

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