Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog w/ Weekly To Do's + a Giveaway!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. However this week, I am only sharing one vlog. Hope you enjoy!

This past week:

Getting Jackson up from school last week was harder than expected. As he quickly moves into his teenage years, he has been wanting to stay in bed longer and longer. It's been a struggle getting him up and motivated for another day of school. I think the boys are always shocked to see me up early in the morning when they are simply not use to it. I am still not sure what happened, but as you heard Scott say in the video above, it just started happening.  Monday we had contractors over and they pretty much stayed until Wednesday. They had a lot to fix up around here and I just tried working around them so I didn't get too behind.

Tuesday while Willow slept,  I just stuck around the house again and ended up cleaning out the 1st floor desk that seems to be a catch all kinds of clutter. I don't use that desk often but I wanted it cleaned up and organized a little better so I could at least open it up and find things without a struggle. I also switched back to my Erin Condren Planner just for the rest of the year. Sometimes I just feel the need to switch things up. I have been loving my Inkwell Press Planners but after a while, I get bored with one setup.

Wednesday and Thursday was all about cleaning the house up. The contractors left kinda early and I got busy dusting, vacuuming, and just giving our home some love. It's no secret, I am not a huge fan of living here but for the time being it's still our home. Maybe in the coming months I can find that perfect home out and about on some property but house hunting is hard...and complex. We don't want to change Jackson's school...and we require a 4 bedroom...in the country...all has to be considered making the job even harder. Who knows...we might just pack up and head up north for our next move in the future. Where all our kids can be together. But again...everything takes time. 

Later in the night after Scott got home, we went out for a little while to run even more errands. I hate the hours he works every day. I guess we just have to make the most of the time we do have together. So even errand night becomes date night. Anytime when we can talk to each other without the distractions of the world. It was a beautiful night out and the breeze felt amazing, the stars looked beautiful and I was happy to be out with the love of my life.

Friday night Scott walked in with a new Ninja Blender for me. How nice was that? He thought it would be a nice addition to our kitchen and now I can get rid of the old blender. :) Thank you Scott. ♥ Over the weekend, we relaxed and just enjoyed being home together. We watched movies and played games.....spent time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Its been so hot that some 80 degree days have been such a welcomed relief. I think the animals like it a lot better too. We enjoyed a simple dinner at the Crackle Barrel where I did a little more owl shopping. I got a huge mug and then some wooden utensils with owls on the top! Cute huh!? I always find items I want to buy at the Cracker Barrel. :) It was nice time with the boys. Sunday night we were in bed pretty early. All of us, myself included had things going on this morning that required us to be out of the bed early. Here's some additional things I have to do this week:

- Answer emails. 
- Check PO Box and mail boxes
- Pay Bills
- Pre Record some videos for this week. 
- Clean Jewelry 
- Dust ceiling fans. 
- Work on September family calendar. 
- Take some morning walks with Cooper. 
- Deep clean 2nd floor. 
- Get Jacksons new glasses fixed...a screw is loose. 
- Pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy. 
- Clean 2nd floor hallway closet out. 
- Clean out purse. 
- Wash Jackson's sheets and blankets. 
- Dump photos from phone
- Call about firewood
- Scoop cat boxes...yuck!
- Shake out rugs
- Eat less fast food
- Call and check on grandma
- Menu plan
- Wash Nikes
- Groom cats
- Change air filters in house. 

Here's some inspiration to take with you through your week:

So if you watched the vlog above, and want to enter the Flirty Apron giveaway here is the details...

What you will get is:  1 flirty apron in the color and design as the video and picture to the side. This giveaway is open to everyone but you must be 18 years or older to enter. This giveaway is going to go on until Sunday, September 06, 2015. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to watch and get entered. Good Luck! 

Sometimes Rafflecopter experiences technical difficulties. If you can’t enter for some reason, try again later and it will probably work. If not, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love sharing with you guys. I hope you like the apron and don't forget we have the Midori Giveaway also going on right now too! 

I am sorry for this post getting up later than I wanted. I had a Dr. Appointment which went fine. I worked in the waiting room on this post hoping to get it up as quick as I could once I got back home. However, in the parking lot a elderly man hit me...basically he didn't see me when he was backing out of his spot. I took the pictures for Scott but I ended up having to go to the dealership so he could really see what had happened to the car. I didn't notice the bottom at first..I just noticed the scratch above the wheel. No police were called and it's not serious damage. With Scott in the car business, he can get it fixed pretty fast.  

So all that took a little longer than expected. It's already been a crazy Monday and I have even more that I have to do...so gotta get busy! Thank you so much for stopping by. Let me know how your week is going. I'll be back a little later. Good luck to everyone with the giveaway! 

K Jaggers

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello friends. I hope your night is going well. I getting ready to settle in for MTV Music Awards tonight and hopefully enjoy a good show. We'll see. How's your night going? I thought I would share with you a new What's Cookin' video sharing our daily meals. I wasn't in the kitchen a ton this week. I made some bigger meals that we could eat on a couple times and we ate out some too. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to come back on Monday for my week in review blog post and day in the life vlog. If you have any questions or comments on anything you saw in the video be sure to let me know. xx

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K Jaggers

Sunday Inspiration - Sinning -

Hello friends! Happy Sunday to each of you. I hope your day is going well. Around here, it looks like it is going to pour down and we are all just relaxing on this very stress free day. I thought for today's Sunday Inspiration post, I would talk about sinning for a few minutes. It's no secret that we all sin. I say and do things all the time that are not God like. I make mistakes like anyone else. But I take those mistakes head on and try to learn from each situation and move on. I would rather admit, that yes...I have sinned and try to figure out a better way, instead of being in denial. We all sin and make mistakes. We don’t always understand why God doesn’t give us the things we desire, but the bottom line is that we don’t have to understand. God’s wisdom exceeds ours, and we are called to accept that. This is what’s known as giving up our will for His. 

 Every person who believes in God has, at one time or another, admitted their inability to stop sinning. While we tend to think the problem comes from weakness in ourselves, the inability to stop sinning usually comes from not knowing or understanding of God’s strength. When we do not understand His power to save, forgive, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9), we can get caught in a destructive cycle of sin, guilt, and fear, which leads to a lack of joy in our salvation, which leads to more sin. 

In Psalm 51:12, David pleads with God, “Restore to me the joy of my salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.” He asks God for a return of the joy of his salvation. Joy is key in our victory over sin. It is also important that we understand that God sustains us “with a willing spirit.” God takes joy in saving us, and we take joy in being saved. The joy of salvation comes from accepting the fact that God’s grace covers us, that He will change us and conform us to the image of Christ, and that it is His work, not ours (Romans 8:29; Philippians 1:6; Philippians 2:13; Hebrews 13:20-21). Once we understand this, sin loses its power. We no longer feel the impulse to turn to sin as a means of temporary relief from anxiety, because the anxiety and pressure has been relieved once for all by Christ (Hebrews 10:10, 14). Then, the good works we accomplish in faith are done because of love and joy rather than out of fear or duty.

If people could stop sinning by just deciding to stop, we'd all know a lot of perfect people. But no one stops sinning. No one. I sure don't, despite my best efforts. Even Paul confesses that he continues to do what he doesn't want to do. When the Bible tells us to repent, it doesn't mean we're able to stop the sinful behavior by just deciding to (Romans 7).

Instead, repentance means "to turn." We turn our minds back to Christ—confessing where we are and where we long to be. We admit we've sinned and ask Jesus to cleanse us. We can't do that ourselves. It's God who changes us. This process is called sanctification—and it's a result of continued prayer, confession, admitting our dependence on God, and seeking strength.Through sanctification, sin does lose its power over us and we can become stronger. But we never stop sinning because we are human. Therefore, all of us have to keep turning back to Jesus time after time. It's only when we stop returning to God after sinning and start pretending like our sins are OK that we begin doing very serious damage to our relationship with God. If we confess our sins, God is faithful to forgive us (1 John 1:9). Jesus taught the disciples that they needed to forgive people who sinned against them "7 times 70 times" (or 490 times). If he expected his impatient and flawed disciples to forgive that many times, we can be sure that God is willing to forgive us as often as we come humbly and confess our shortcomings to him with a desire for him to change our lives. We are all children of God and we are all going to make mistakes and sin on a daily basis. We are all in this together and we shouldn't judge someone because they sin different from us. We have to focus our own lives, our own sins and asking for our own forgiveness. I hope today and everyday you remember this and remember you don't have to be perfect. Instead, you simply have to try to do better and ask God for forgiveness for your sins. 

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Sunday. If you have any thoughts you want to share with me and the other readers about sinning; I would love to hear from you in the comments below. 

K Jaggers

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Food & Household Shopping Haul | Video |

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I am waiting on Scott to get home so we can go run some errands but before that comes about; I thought I would share our most recent food/household shopping haul. I didn't have a ton to buy this week but I did have to get a few things. If you want to find out what we will be eating....along with what I bought, enjoy the video below! 

I am a little sleepy tonight but I still have a few hours of things to do. Then I can finally come home and rest. I hope you enjoyed the haul. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have a great weekend! xx

Friday Letters ♥

Hello friends! Here is another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy. 

Dear God, I don't understand why so many bad things are going on in this world but I wish you could stop it. Please protect my children and family. Dear Self, You still need to figure out what is going on with you. Good thing you made a Dr. appointment.  Dear Leaves, I cannot believe right now as I am trying, you are flying through the air like it's fall. I guess it's creeping up on us faster than I expected! Dear Alison Parker & Adam Ward, I am so sorry you met evil the other morning. I don't understand it but I hope you are both resting in peace. We lift your families in our prayers. Dear Scott, we need a private vacation...just us! I love  you. Dear Hands, why are you cramping up so much? Again...gotta see the Dr. Dear Laci, I am glad you had a relaxing night on the couch with your beer and quiet house. It sounded amazing...minus the beer! I love you. Dear Contractors, Thank you for getting things fixed up around here. This house sure needs a lot of work and you guys were both.. professional and nice so thank you. Dear Jordan, 2 can play the same game. Don't forget I am way older than you and I am smarter. I love you but wish you would stop with all of the acting out. Find help and have an amazing life. Dear Shanna, I hope you get feeling better. I think the change in the weather is going to get us all sick. I'll call ya in a bit. Dear ZE, I really wish I could wrap my arms around you...like right now.  Dear TV, I barely find anything to watch on you and then when I finally settle into a new show, I hear its not staying on the air. It just shows me that I don't need that box at all anymore. It's just so disappointing to pay a big bill and not be able to find anything worth a damn to watch. Dear Pizza, you were such an amazing lunch this week. Super yummy! Dear Brittany, You have no idea how much I miss and love you. Call your mom more!! Dear Yard, Scott needs to mow you very soon! Dear Trina, thank you for the chalkboard markers. They work like a charm! I love you. Dear Gabby, You look like such a sweet kitty cat sleeping right now....little does everyone know that you were a little terror last night with meowing at the doors to wake us up. Dear Mom, I loved hearing from you yesterday. We gotta catch up more! I hope your foot is feeling better. I love you. Dear Jackson, You better get it together with your homework otherwise it's going to be a very long year. Dear Car, I need to clean you out asap. Dear Laura, I love how you are just going for it with the videos and blog. Your food haul was amazing! Dear Sleep, where have you gone? Come back! Dear House, you look pretty good today. Shocking! But I am happy I can go run errands and not worry about anything else. It's crazy the amount of work you require. Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, you guys are so amazing. Thank you for coming back and getting to know us. We love you and I totally appreciate all the love, comments, emails, and support that continuously come in. I hope you have a great Friday! xx

Home Management: Desk/Work Area Tour | Video |

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hello friends! I hope your evening is going well. I have been super busy around our home today cleaning which is why this video is going up a little later than normal! :) I get so many questions about my desk and I have been hesitant on sharing it because it's really nothing that special. But to be honest, I love it. It serves it pupose and it really works for me with those big windows. I was working here a few days ago and it was so pretty out. There was a breeze and the birds were singing and I really couldn't imagine a better place to work at. If you want to see it in detail, here's the video. ↓

You really don't have to have a big fancy desk. You can just use what ever area that works for you. I find my bedroom is the best place to work in a private quiet area in our house. I film here often with the natural light of the windows, there is no need to break out the lights and it feels good to me. Plus with it being in the master bedroom there is a attached bathroom, which is nice. Eventually I will probably switch it up to something different but I really don't see why I need to in any kind of hurry. This has worked for years, and I bet it will continue to for many more. Hope you enjoyed the little tour. I'll see ya soon! xx

Review & Giveaway | Midori Travelers Notebooks | Passport Size & Standard

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hello friends! It's no secret I love planners, paper, notebooks but rarely to I find one that I think is possible to 1. Find one that will get better with time. 2. Be so simple yet beautiful. With all the wonderful planner enthusiasts on Instagram, I found out about the Midori Travelers Notebooks. To say there is a cult following with these notebooks would be the understatement of the year. I couldn't just keep looking at pictures, I had to get a couple myself. The video shows you everything....plus explains how to get entered in the giveaway! Yep!! I am sharing a couple of these with you too! There are many more pictures, information and the giveaway form below. 

Midori is the company that makes these beautiful Notebooks.  They sell several kinds of notebooks and stationery products, but are most known internationally for their Traveler’s Notebook. The company and products are from Japan, and they really pride themselves on high quality writing products and tools.

The Traveler’s notebook is referred to as a “life notebook”. It can  customized to suit your lifestyle and work habits. There is no set up guide. There is no one way to use these notebooks. Some use them for travels, some for daily planners and or journals. The possibilities are endless. It's like the most simple Filofax, with the chunky metal binder and 

It’s like a more rugged, minimalist relative of the Filofax, without the clunky metal binder and the fuss of finding the right inserts. And I personally don't even think the Filofax matches in beauty with the Midori Travelers Notebook. 

Basically the Midori  Travelers Notebooks have soft leather covers that is filled with inserts slipped into elastic strings. The notebook inserts come in lined, grid, and blank versions, as well as different types of paper: craft, sketch, and lightweight. There are also planner inserts that are blank ones for year, month, week, and day, as well as pre-dated ones. They also have a variety of different inserts such as credit card inserts, craft folder inserts, pocket stickers you can put  right onto the leather interior, and plastic pouches to hold loose stationery supplies and travel material or anything else that suits you. There is nothing that you can't do with one of these Notebooks. They come in 2 sizes. The standard size and the passport. And you know I had to order both! 

Once they got here, I had to decide how to put each to use. There was no way I was just going to review these and put them on a shelf. No way..no how! I decided to use my passport size as a wallet. A planning wallet!!! Have you ever heard of such!? Well, it's the perfect size and I started figuring out which inserts I would want. 

As you saw in the video, I have a total of 5 inserts and then I secured a card insert on the front inside cover. I decided to have my card holder at the very front. I use my debit/credit cards much more than I do cash, so I thought that would be perfect. In this area I also keep my id. On the back of that first insert, I have my reward cards for the stores I shop at the most. The next insert is the pocket folder where I do keep a little cash and change. Next up, I have a cardboard file folder that holds receipts that I either need to return something or receipts to file. In the middle, I have 2 notebooks. PERFECT FOR A PLANNER! The first insert is the grid notebook where I keep random notes, grocery list, bills to pay...lots of different little notes. And the second notebook, is the lined notebook, which is also just for random notes. Then the front inserts start up in the back again because they through the notebook having a insert on both the front and back sides. So there is another file folder with business cards and such, another card file where I keep my insurance cards and other cards that I don't use daily but still need. And then finally there is the zipper pouch where I keep appointment cards that I need to transfer to the family calendar. On the very back cover, I have the Madori Pen holder that really should be a little bigger but it works perfect for a thin pen or pencil.

Now here is the larger sized Midori Travelers Notebook:

This is basically the same as the passport size only larger. I had a lot of ideas for what this notebook could be used for. I thought about using it as a personal diary, a regular day to day planner, a fitness notebook....but I finally settled for it being used as my blog and youtube planner. And it's so easy to swap it out anytime you want to change it up. You can simply order some new inserts and change it how ever you want.

I don't have as much in this notebook. Instead, I have just the minimal inserts that I need. I have some of the card slots that you can affix to the inside cover where I keep additional supplies. I have the blank calendar in the middle and then I have the lined notebook insert next. I have the zipper pouch in the back and that is it. Very simple. Very minimal. and in my opinion..very classic. 

The inserts that you can find, secure in with a large band. You secure the inserts together with a rubberband and then slide them under the larger band in the middle of the notebook. It's not that complicated and it makes these notebooks, lifetime notebooks that become better with age. The cover is a soft leather and has that leather smell that I love. But over time the cover will get worn with age, there will be scratches, and it will become more yours over the journey you have with it. These notebooks will last for years. You can change it out as many times as you want or you can just buy additional inserts and switch it out anytime you want. OR....you can just enter my giveaway and maybe win one for yourself! Here's how to get entered! 

What you will get is:  2 different winners will get one of the Midori Travel Notebooks in whichever size preferred. This giveaway is open to everyone but you must be 18 years or older to enter. This giveaway is going to go on until Tuesday September 08, 2015. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to watch and get entered. Good Luck! 

Sometimes Rafflecopter experiences technical difficulties. If you can’t enter for some reason, try again later and it will probably work. If not, let me know and I'll see if I can help.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am by no means a Midori expert. I am just someone who is a huge fan and hopefully this review/giveaway helped you figure out if Midori is a good fit for you. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you! xx

Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello friends! I knew it's getting later in the night but it is still Tuesday.....so here's another edition of Tuesday Truths. Hope you enjoy. 


- I have been trying to figure out what is going on with me. I am going to head into the Dr. and get my blood checked to see what I am low on. Maybe I need some more specific vitamins...and maybe some acupuncture too. 

- Donald Trump's speech tonight was again entertaining. And now he's back at it with Megan Kelly. God only knows how this mess is going to turn out. 

- I bought two movies on Amazon today. Hopefully at least one of them will be worth watching. 

- Scott worked late again tonight and I hate it. I know he's really there working but it's never easy sitting around waiting on him. 

- I am convinced the dog has cancer. I am going to schedule a Vet appotiment but it's going to cost a fortune. Xrays, blood work but its going to give me peace of mind and maybe I will be proved wrong. 

- I feel like the past few days have went by wayyy to fast. 

- I ended up buying another vertical Erin Condren planner. I know....I just can't figure it out yet. But it will be here just in time for a new month. I still want to get the new items Inkwell Press is coming out with in September too. 

- I told the neighbor I would go walking with her tomorrow evening. She's such a nice lady and her boys are super sweet...she asked and I said yes. I will totally be out of my comfort zone but hey, why not!?

- Jackson has been forgetting his homework assignments. No student agendas this year. I going to have to get him one but getting him to fill it out daily is another. Tonight he came in at 8:30 and told me about a picture collage that he had to make for school tomorrow. After I asked numerous times about homework. He's just so hard to motivate. 

- I am still looking for a country house. It would be so nice to move. Hopefully the right house will come along soon. 

- I still love love love this blog design. I hope you guys do too! 

- I am seriously in love with Amazon. I hate that many of the workers are unhappy but I love the company and shop from home almost daily. I actually bought something to giveaway to one of you guys! Plus I have a giveaway starting up around midnight or so...come back and get entered! 

- I was reading this story about the Italian Asylums and totally got scared. Could you imagine be locked in there? Horrifying.

- Since the construction guys left, there is dust everywhere. They cleaned up well though but tomorrow I have to clean up a lot more. Today I was just too tired. 

- We are dealing with fruit flies and it's driving me crazy. I want them all to leave this house or die.

- I took windows 10 back off my computer but it keeps wanting to install it. Idk.. I have such problems importing my photos. They all go to one file and it becomes so large. I'm over it. 

- I have actually been missing the ladies of The View. The new season starts up September 8, 2015 and they brought back my fellow friend Joy Behar. :) They want her to stir up some political crap...and she will! Maybe they will get the ratings up. 

- I need a massage....like a long deep tissue or hot rock massage. 

- Apple said the cameras in the Iphone 6's take blurry fixes. They don't want to call it a recall but that's exactly what it is. The closest iphone store is 45 minutes from here. Great. But I guess it's worth the drive. 

I hope you guys are had a great Tuesday. I wasn't as productive as I should have been but I'll try to make up for it tomorrow. Come back in a few hours if you are still up and get entered in the new giveaway! :) xx

Tips to BETTER Sleep! | Video | & Graphics

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I have been up since about 7:30 this morning and I thought today would be the perfect time to go over some of the questions I get regarding my sleep schedule and how I switched from a night owl to a morning person without a ton of effort. Not to many people in my own family even understand how the switch came. I go over a lot in the video below. It's an overall kind of video where I touch on many different points but I plan on doing a lot more on this subject in the future. So here are my " sleepy thoughts"....hope you enjoy! 

I think a lot of us, myself included takes sleeping for granted. Too many of us don't sleep well, wake up feeling tired and grumpy and just go on with it day after day. I have struggled with finding a peaceful night's sleep for a very long time. I found a bunch of these charts that has a lot of information that would have certainly helped me out on my sleepless journey. 

This first chart shows you what the National Sleep Foundation recommends how much sleep we all need. 

For my age group, I need 7-9 hours of sleep. I am pretty much right on target with that amount however, a lot of nights I total out around 6 hours of sleep.

I thought this chart showing us the stages of sleep where you can see how it is broke down into 5 different stages. When you realize what stage you are having trouble at, you can target that area to work on. 

 Know your stages of sleep, and plan your sleep schedule around them.
Getting a good nights rest is so important to ALL OF US. A lot of nights I am tossing and turning in the bed to just get comfortable. Check out some of these sleep positions that work best when you have different kinds of body pain. 

Try to sleep in a position that minimizes your chronic pain, if you have any.

Trying a pillow in different areas can really help you get more comfortable so you can fall to sleep easier. 

If you are trying to share a bed with someone, that also makes it harder to for someone with sleep issues to get a good nights sleep. This chart gives us some great ideas on how to snuggle up and sleep with someone while sleeping comfortably. My husband sure needs to look at this chart! 

Figure out a couple-friendly sleep position that doesn't interfere with anyone's comfort.
This next chart, I love. It gives us the 7 sleep mistakes that many of us don't realize. Along with the mistakes; it also shows us the fixes. 

Make sure small things aren't sabotaging your sleep time.

I think one of the most important things to remember is...make changes. Don't just accept not getting enough hours of sleep or sleeping in a room that just doesn't work or promote good sleep habits. Don't accept any of it. Without sleep our bodies would shut down and we would die. Sleep is critical for each of us and we have to remember that it's ok to shut down and get some rest. It makes us better more focused people and it does a wonder for the body in every way possible. 

I went back and forth with going to bed early or late...sleeping in, getting up. It was never easy for me. But looking deeply at my sleep habits through the sleep journal notebooks or sleep Cyle on the phone, I realized I was causing some of the issues myself. I still struggle to fall to sleep or even stay asleep but being more proactive has made a huge difference. Watching how much caffeine I take in, not working in bed, less night time tv...and the list goes on and on. However, the one big change I did was adding in time on the treadmill. I don't know what clicked but suddenly I was getting up early and going to bed a lot sooner as well. 

I recently posted my morning routine...( and here is my nighttime routine ) sharing what my average mornings are like. And this chart below gives a great outline of what a morning routine and night time routine should look like. There is a ton of information in this chart that might just be helpful! 

Figure out a routine that will actually have you ~enjoying~ your mornings.

Also here lately, some days I have been taking out about 20 minutes in the late afternoon to just close my eyes and nap. I found this chart totally helpful and very informative.

Consider supplementing your nightly rest with naps.

I love the pencil tip! I have certainly never tried that but I just might. I do however, normally nap in the right position but I an still behind with the time. I like a 530 -6pm power nap but I might just try to back it up a couple of hours.

I might be a natural night owl but I am not accepting it. More is done in the morning hours than any other time of the day. I have enjoyed taking my mornings back. It's made me feel better and its working. I hope you maybe the video and charts will help you too. I found a lot of useful information along the way including a few books that I have read that have given me many light bulb moments.

Here a few reads in case you want to find out more information:

Do you find yourself lying awake at night, ruminating about the events of the day? Do you toss and turn, worrying about what you have to do in the morning or what you did earlier in the day? If so, you are not alone. In fact, insomnia is the most common sleep disorder faced by the general population today. The most common complaint in those who have trouble sleeping is having a "noisy mind." Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it seems like you cannot silence all the internal dialogue. So what do you do when your mind is spinning and your thoughts just won't stop?Accessible, enjoyable, and grounded in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Goodnight Mind directly addresses the effects of rumination-or having an overactive brain-on your ability to sleep well.Written by two psychologists who specialize in sleep disorders, the book contains helpful exercises and insights into how you can better manage your thoughts at bedtime, and finally get some sleep. Traditional treatment for insomnia is usually focused on medications that promote sedation rather than on the behavioral causes of insomnia. Unfortunately, medication can often lead to addiction, and a host of other side effects. This is a great a book for anyone who is looking for effective therapy to treat insomnia without the use of medication. This informative, small-format book is easy-to-read and lightweight, making it perfect for late-night reading.

Based on decades of research, Reset Your Inner Clock shows you how to harness the power of light to reset your natural clock and boost your mood, be more alert, and get a good night's sleep.

A good night's sleep can be hard to get. Sleep problems and depressed mood often go hand in hand, forming a frustrating cycle. Only now are we beginning to understand the way these problems are based in the working of the brain's inner clock, through the science of chronobiology the study of circadian rhythms and their regulation by light and darkness. For the first time, Michael Terman, PhD, director of the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center and a leading expert in chronobiology and chronotherapy, shares his scientific insights and treatments that have helped thousands of sleep sufferers find relief.

Reset Your Inner Clock offers an authoritative, clinically informed way to understand and break the frustrating cycle of clock-based sleep disorders. Dr. Terman, along with Ian McMahan, PhD, an expert in developmental psychology, explains the science behind chronobiology and lays out the full range of rhythm-shifting strategies, including the proper use of light therapy, structured exposure to darkness, bedroom dawn and dusk simulation, melatonin supplements, and sleep scheduling, to bring you the kind of sleep your body needs.

Reset Your Inner Clock can give you the power to recalibrate your life with renewed energy, vibrant good health, and peace of mind spanning life stages from the earliest years through old age.

Delta Sleep System : There are several stages of sleep which people pass through in the course of a good restful night. In each stage our sleep gets deeper, our bodies get more relaxed and our brainwave patterns slow down. The deepest and most rejuvenating levels of sleep are associated with Delta brainwave patterns. Delta sleep is the most physically relaxed stage of sleep and is the time when the body recuperates and rebalances itself for the new days. Getting enough sleep, but more specifically enough Delta sleep is essential for healthy, productive living. Jeffrey Thompson's breakthrough audio techniques, developed over 25 years of clinical research, are proven to increase levels of Delta brainwave activity. He has helped thousands of people to achieve regular, restful, revitalizing sleep. How This Program Can Work for You. Play Delta Sleep System on any ordinary stereo or through headphones. Pulses of sound embedded into an ambient musical soundtrack, combining rich orchestration and "3-dimensional" sounds of nature will coax your own brainwave toward their natural pattern of deep Delta Sleep. Jeffrey Thompson's pioneering work with thousands of patients has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical sound tracks induce brainwave entertainment. Thompson's audio programs are used by psychotherapists, M.D.'s, chiropractors, and bodywork professionals in 26 countries.

Life for all of us is busy and many of us run around like crazy people during the daytime hours and then fall into bed without really considering how we are sleeping. Then we wake up tired and grumpy and do it all over again. It was just becoming too much with me. So I have worked hard to change things around and YOU CAN TOO!

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed the video and blog post. I would love to hear what your sleep habits are like and if you have any useful tips that can help not only me but others too. Have a beautiful and blessed day. xx

Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog..plus Weekly To Do's :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog Monday...as always and then another on Thursday. However this week, I am only sharing one vlog. Hope you enjoy!

Last week started off like any normal week around here. I was up early and I worked a long time on the computer before starting my weekly cleaning. I have been doing my weekly cleaning mid week but I knew Scott was off on Tuesday and I had things going on Wednesday so I just got busy around the house. Waking up much earlier, I seem to get a lot more done during regular daytime hours! It's a change to say the least.  

It has been different not having Jackson here all day. Summer is over and that means most Tuesday's Scott and I get to enjoy a little day date out. This past Tuesday we took off and enjoyed such a delicious lunch at Sushi Dojo. 

I could eat here everyday of the week.:) I normally start off with the Dojo soup and then a crisp cold salad before indulging in delicious sushi. Scott and I are very different sushi eaters but we can always find something we both love. 

As the week went on, I happened to get in a few sale items that I ordered. I love the Bare Minerals makeup. I really do. I think my skin is looking better and better due to that mineral makeup. When I was looking on their website, I found a couple of items on sale that kinda excited me. I went for the Bare Minerals Always Perfect Mini Bareskin Perfecting Veil and Brush Duo. And I also got the Touch up to Glow illuminating touch up veil and brush duo. I wish I could just order one of everything. 

I also was notified of another crocs sale and I ended up getting a $55 pair of Crocs Skimmers for $24. My Croc Wedges are one of the most comfortable pair of wedges I have ever owned so I thought these might just be as comfortable for everyday use around the house. And guess what? They are soooo comfortable to wear! I love them and think they will take me out of summer and into fall. 

I also finally got around going to the grocery store. I ended up getting more household stuff than food but the boys were screaming that they were starving so I had to go. And guess what? I had to carry all those bags in myself! Summer is officially over here in the Jaggers house. There are no more kids to help carry stuff in. I did find something rather interesting. Apriums! It's a fruit that is a cross of apricots and plums. Gosh you guys....they are so unbelievably good! I found them at Walmart in the produce area.. look for them! 

The weekend went pretty well. I feel like I got just a couple steps ahead over Saturday and Sunday. I got busy with laundry and get the house picked up on Saturday and then Sunday we just laid around most of the day until the evening hours when I got busy again with my night time routine.  

I like the house cleaned up and ready for the morning before I head to bed each night. I feel like with a good nighttime routine, you can make mornings a breeze. I did however just share my morning routine with you guys too. 

I think it's important to start the day off right which will hopefully lead to a more productive organized day. I have a new video coming up soon all about sleep...so stay tuned for that! 

I woke up this morning bright and early around 6am with the boys. I still don't think they know what to do with me being up each morning. You would think it would make them super happy but not so much. Scott and Jackson have been use to having the house to themselves morning after morning and I have since through a money wrench in it. But it's nice seeing them before they head off to work and school. 

Right now the contractors are here working in the upstairs bathroom and then the bottom bathroom is need in repairs. So it's a busy day at the Jaggers house! :) Thankfully Scott is taking Jackson to the Dr.'s today because I don't want to leave them here alone. 

Here's what I need to get done this week:

:: Keep up pre recording videos to stay ahead of schedule. 
:: Order new tri-pod arm. 
:: Bath Cooper
:: Check on Laura...in a couple of hours
:: Make time for treadmill workouts...even through the hip pain I have been having. 
:: Try to not fall asleep with a wet head....my hair is always insane the next morning. 
:: Call the Trash Pick up people....where are they??
:: Water plants
:: Make more time to read. 
:: Mop kitchen floor later today. 
:: Call school re Scott picking him up. 
:: Purge old magazines
:: Make cupcakes or brownies....hummmm...which one!?
:: Quick pickup of Master Closet...I have no idea why that little room gets so messy so fast. 
:: Toss Nikes in washer for a refresher. 
::Clean up back porch. 
::Update chalkboard wall. 
:: Food prep as much as possible for this week's dinners. 
:: Burn more candles
:: Call and check on mom. 
:: File papers away and clean up desk. 
:: Send package to Brittany Belle. 
:: Clean ceiling fans. 
:: Make scrapbook for Scotts step mom from the cruise and get it mailed!
:: Clean up inbox. 
:: Brush out kitty cats.

Here's some inspiration to take with you through the week: 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I plan on keeping busy with things around the house. I have tried to get post up for hours on end but I have stopped and worked on this or that...taken phone calls and so much more. But I hope you are having a great week
...I'll see ya soon! Thanks for stopping by. I'll talk to ya soon! 

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals |

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Good Afternoon friends! I hope your Sunday is going well. We have yet to do that much today. The boys have just been laying around and I have been in a panic to get this video edited through youtube. I was editing while in bed last night and sleepy and had a clip in with a very personal and candid discussion about someone is our lives. I wouldn't have minded if I had not cursed. I mean it is what it is. We all have had people in our families who we disagree with. But I was cursing and a few of you guys might have seen that. I am so sorry. I got right on youtube after figuring it out through the comments so a little bit of the video is cut out around the ham dinner. I totally lacked poise! But life goes on...and here is our latest video sharing what we ate in the past few days...and no more of the family gossip! :)

Thank you so much for watching. I share all of our meals with you guys. Not just the meals that I cook. We are a real family and we like eating out a lot and we like ordering in sometimes. Again I am sorry for the private call being included and if anything I said bothered you I truly am apologize. I'm going to work harder on not cursing! If you have any questions or comments about anything you saw in the video be sure to let me know! xx

Food & Household Shopping Haul! | Video |

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy weekend everyone! I hope your Saturday is going well. I wanted to pop in for a second and share my latest food and household shopping haul. I think I got more household items than food but that's ok because we have a kitchen and pantry full of things to eat and enjoy. Also in this video I share some of the meals we should be having next week....lots of dinner menu items! If you want to see what I got, enjoy the haul below! 

It's already been a long day for me. I woke up around 6am and never went back to sleep. So I got busy around the house and I have also been installing updates and such on the laptop. I think I am ready for a nap at this point! :) However, I doubt I will actually sleep. Instead I think it's lunch time and then I will figure out what's next! I hope you have a great weekend. I'll talk to ya soon! xx

Friday Letters

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello friends...happy happy Friday! I can't believe how fast this week went by. Here is another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy!

Dear God, Could you please send some kind of help for my hurting hip? I hate to ask but it's make life down here pretty difficult. I wonder everyday what is going to happen next but really I need to put my trust in you. Thank you for listening to my prayers. Dear Jackson, thanks for the last minute project last night. Honestly, I should have let you deal with the outcome of not having it done. You have to be more responsible. And don't forget to thank Scott. I love you. Dear New Blog Design, I seriously love you. I was so badly wanting to make a big change and I think I love you more than any other design from the past. Thank you for working so well. Dear Cooper, I think we should probably get you to the vet soon over your leg. It just doesn't look good. Dear Scott, I don't even want to get started but I am growing very impatient with your work hours. I guess most of the others there don't have families of their owns huh? I love you but we have to figure something out. Dear Mom, hope things are well. I miss and love you! Dear Heat, stay away for a while today. I would like a cool breezy afternoon please! Dear Josh Duggar, you have some serious issues. I think maybe you and that Subway guy should share a cell. Dear Grandma, I miss you. Sorry I don't check on you as much. I feel out of place calling. Just know I carry you around in my heart day by day. Dear Widows 10, I just couldn't leave you off the computer. Before installing my new blog template...I uploaded you again and things are working great! I like you much better than 8.1. Dear Brittany Belle, I miss you and I am moving home just so I can be one of those helicopter moms hovering over you all the time! :) I love you. Dear Fruit Flies, where are you guys coming from? You'll have a much longer life if you will just stay outside. Dear Dad, I haven't felt you around for a while. I miss you everyday and I hope you know how important you were in my life. Dear Coffee, I need more of you! Dear Laura, I hope your night went well. We are here to simply love and support you at all times. I'll call you in a bit.  Dear Hair, I like you so much better a little shorter. Dear Z, We love you and we hope you really know that. We might not be perfect but we are learning as we go. Dear Mornings, I don't know what is going on but I am working hard to keep up with you. Actually my body doesn't really have a choice. I just spring out of bed now but I'm not complaining. It's been good to have more time to accomplish more. Dear Awful Hateful Person in this story, I really believe there is a place in hell for you. What are have been doing is terrible and I hope you are arrested, procsuted and fined beyond belief for your behavior. Dear Trina, Thank you for being you. We love you dearly and I loved having you, Vicki and the baby here. Dear TV, you are worthless right now. I wish all the new shows would start again. Here lately, I just leave you off and dont mind the silence one bit. Dear Jordan, I don't know why you are so filled with hate but you have the power to change it at anytime. We love you.  Dear Donald Trump, you are doing better than I or I suspect...anyone thought you would. Who knows what will happen, you might just get in! Dear First Lieutenant Kristen Griest and Captain Shaye Haver, You girls rock and I love that you both passed Ranger School. It's amazing to see such strong woman going for it. I totally bow down to you. Dear Shanna, I got even more tired just listening to you about your day. I hope you are getting some rest this morning! Dear North Korea, China better get you under control otherwise left to your own devices, you will blow everyone up. I couldn't feel more sorry for the south. Dear Romeo, I love how you walk all the way across the room for me Cooper. You sure love that dog and I love you kitty! Dear mspy, you guys are making me so mad today. Please process my refund. Dear Blog/Youtube Friends, It's Friday! I bet many of you guys are super happy about it too! :) Thank you guys for coming back and sharing our lives with us. I love you guys and I hope you have a great weekend!

I have a ton of things I need to try to get done today so I can relax this weekend which includes shopping that I just don't want to go do. I have been up since 7 and I am still in my pjs enjoying coffee! Gotta get motivated. I'll talk to you guys in a bit. xx

Change is Good ♥

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello everyone. I hope your having a wonderful day. Around here it's been raining a lot and I have been inside at the desk ( ha! I bet you can already tell that !) working online and changing things up. Every once in a while I get a bug up my butt to change things up.  I have been tired of the bright bulky template I once had. It was just time for a change. I also kinda feel like I am in a blogging slump of sorts but really it's just been real life getting in the way of me sitting here at the computer most days. And maybe with this new design, it will pep me up to get on here a little more. I am always posting my new videos but there is so much more that I want to write about. I need more time! A lot of times a blog posts take me an entire day to write due to all of the interruptions and distractions that seem to happen when I start typing. :) 

I hope you are enjoying the new design. I don't understand the entire rebranding thing that so many people do. For me, I kept the address of this blog " neutral " and can basically change the design and even blog name without having to move to a new domain. I installed the template and made all the changes myself. Besides a few little bugs, I think everything is running great! Let me know if you have any issues or problems. I thought it looked sleek and fresh and I really love it. By next week I hope to be back on a better blog/youtube schedule. It's just been crazy around here with it being the first back to school week for us. I really need to go shopping and that might end up happening tonight. I feel behind on everything but I promise I am working hard to change it.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys an update and share the new design with you! I'll see ya soon. xx