Friday Letters

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Friday to you all. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Here is another edition of Friday Letters. Hope you enjoy. 

- Dear God, Thank you for allowing me to be here another week with my kids and family. I don't understand everything you have in store for my life, but I trust in you. I trust you will lead me where you want me. Please protect my family. 

- Dear Weather, I am so glad you are starting to warm up. The snow was fun....but I love that it's melted and life is back to normal. 

- Dear Brittany, I miss you. Sorry I got upset but remember I am your mom not your friend. You won't always agree with me but too bad. I am still your mother and I love you with all my heart. 

- Dear Royal Romeo, You are so much better than most people I know. King kitty cat of the Jaggers family! 

- Dear Marie, So sorry for everything you have been going through. I hope you feel better really soon. I think at least being at home, you will automatically start to feel better. I'll call you later today. 

 - Dear Phone, I have loved loved loved having you on silent. I don't think my mom or husband appreciates it but it's been so nice not hearing it ring or all my notifications coming in. It's been peaceful to say the least. 

- Dear Nails, you are really starting to look so much better thanks to Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. After years of damage from fake nails, they are finally starting to look better. What a slow process. 

- Dear Scott, I hope you are having a good day at work. Too bad you didn't get a day off this week....even though you annoy me to no end some nights, I love and miss you. 

- Dear Cookie Monster, don't think I don't know who you are. It's pretty pathetic if you ask me. need to focus on your own family and leave mine alone. Bitching on some site just proves to me your every bit of the asshole I thought you were. This blog is my property. Stay away from it....which I know you won't do. Go spread hate and lies since you clearly have nothing better to do. Here's an idea....take care of your animals and stop tossing them outside to fend for themselves. that. And if you ever come to my door again, I'm breaking out the mace. And yep...your sister is blocked too even though she's probably nothing like the crazy person you are. And just so you know when I talk crap about you... I don't hide who I am like you do. But I'll still pray for you. That's the least I can do for a two faced phony. ( Sorry for venting friends. I will explain all in detail in good time) 

- Dear Mountain Dew, I know you are super bad for me so why do I love you so? It's seriously time we part ways. I just will miss you even though you have not done anything for me except make my taste buds happy. It's time to move on and I know it. 

- Dear Mom, Thank you so much for putting so much work into the piano. It's exactly why I plan on keeping it forever. I can't wait to get moved and get it in the house! I love you. 

- Dear Closet, I have cleaned you out so much that I feel like I need to go shopping now. But I think it will have to wait until we get a little closer to spring. 

- Dear Zane, I am so happy you finally feel like you are settling in here. We love having you here and it's been so sweet being with you the past few months. I think God put you exactly where you needed to be. It might not have been expected but it's a blessing never the less. 

- Dear Fox News, I am actually happy The Donald didn't show up. I feel like you guys begging him to show up just made you look weak. 

- Dear Trina, Thank you for all you do. I know that you are not always thanked or acknowledged but you have been such an important part of my life. We love you. Oh and boy I have some gossip for you today...I'll call soon.

- Dear Body, you have really felt awful the last few days. I am so thankful to be able to be home especially on the days I feel awful. The past couple of days I haven't accomplished much but that's the blessing of being home with my family and also working from home.

- Dear Laura, You are such an amazing person and I know you will find that good job you are looking for. Just be patient! Kiss your kids for us. 

- Dear Chantix, I'm really counting on you. 

- Dear Jackson, I'm sorry about your chair. I will do my best to fix it but you have to be easier with your things. I love you and hope you are having a great day at school. It's Friday! 

- Dear Midori Planner, I love you. I tried switching it up with my Inkwell Press but I just couldn't do it. Thanks for making my life easier. 

- Dear Grandma, I hope you know how much I love and miss you. I know things are different and I am sure it scares you but your family really does love you. We all do and I can't wait to get up north and see you. 

- Dear Self, everyday is a clean slate. Everyday remind yourself of that. Then remind yourself to do the things you will regret NOT doing.  

- Dear Blog/ Youtube Friends, Thank you for coming and sharing our lives. We are not perfect by any strech of the imagination but we are a family. We love each other and we love our blog and we love our youtube channel. I was just checking out stats last night and so far on this blog I have had 1,474,221 visits to this blog and our youtube channel is growing daily with over 20k subscribers. I feel like I earned everyone of those subscribers! And every time a email comes in saying someone new has subscribed, I thank them quietly to myself. This blog and that channel is here for you guys. I hope you enjoy new posts and videos as well as the older ones. We love sharing with you and believe guys are simply the best. I feel blessed because of you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello friends! I hope your Wednesday is going well. I'm not feeling too good today so I am trying to at least be productive at my desk. A couple of days ago this What's Cookin' Vlog went live on youtube but I never got around to posting it here. Sometimes that happens, :) Anyway, here are some of the meals we enjoyed last week. It's vlog style where you can kinda cook with me. Hope you enjoy. 

In our home it's not always easy finding meals that EVERYONE likes. I try to make at least 1 meal a night that one of the 4 of us really likes but this past week, the boys ate pretty much everything I fixed. Let me know if you have any questions about anything you saw in the video. Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday Truths

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday to you all. I thought tonight I would share another Tuesday Truth's blog post. It's a bit snarky at times...but I think we all need times to cut loose and vent. Grab some tea and enjoy! 

- The UPS man totally botched delivering our packages. I had to go...come home... go again to the big center. Only to have to go back this morning. Fun Fun. And they actually gave me someone else's package! Thankfully I was still in the parking lot when I figured that out. Seriously use Fed Ex when you can. 

- Tonight while I sit here and type I feel just a little better. I have a new camera, I have a review and giveaway up and the house is fairly clean. * And it feels good! 

- Nothing on TV tonight. I wish someone could remind me why I pay a cable bill!?

- Snow days have taken over the past few days. The boys have been doing pretty good at home but yesterday they got testy with each other a little bit. They were on a 2 hour delay which didn't bother me too bad. I got up at 9am and have been going every since. 

badge, funny, and pins image

- Not sure what is going on with one of my neighbors. I think I must have done something...again to upset them. I think they must be super sensitive or something. I can't wait to move out of this house. We try to be good neighbors. We try to get along with everyone but this is exactly why I hate living in neighborhoods opposed to a house in the country. I don't want anyone on top of me and I sure don't want to have to worry about pissing off the neighbors. But I sure can't please everyone and that's the way it is. Plus I really just don't care.

- I have been having a big challenge with my planners. I love on in particular but I am using two for different reasons. I might just end up really switching it up. I keep going back and forth but honestly I have been loving simple planning. 

- This winter weather has been really drying my skin out. I lathered up with a sugar scrub last night in the shower and it felt amazing. I think it's going to happen again tonight. 

- My mom has been working her ass off on my piano. I can't believe how much she is doing being I don't really play but plan on learning. Here's a few pictures to check out her progress. 

She's wanting me to be included in it all. So I have been redoing a piano myself in regards to trim, brass or not brass hinges, fabric...she still has to destress it out a lot but I am really excited. I can't believe my mom has tore this piano apart and working hard to make it great. I picked the 6th fabric down. And she sent a lot of photos. I love the blue stripe and flowers. So that's what we are going with. Oh and I love the way the keys look laid out! I'm so proud of her.

And this is kinda our inspiration...

- I've been sneezing a lot here lately. It could be the cats but I doubt it. Maybe its a cold but it's so annoying. 

- I got a couple of new books in today. Now comes the challenge of actually taking time to sit back and read. I will probably switch out late night tv for one of them. Plus its better to read than watch tv at night anyway. 

- This adorable dog did what any mom would do...and it was beautiful to see. I wish more people realized how smart and loving animals really are. I can play a kitten sound on my phone and Gabby goes nuts. It's just instinct and it never goes away.

- I have had the worst luck with electronics and even problems with my video editor. It was truly pissing me off and then I just got over it. It felt weird not filming so I used my phone and other cameras a little but I hated it. The camera that came in today is nothing compared to the one that I broke so I guess it's time to really call Sony and see what or how much it's going to cost to have it fixed....out of warranty.  However, I am thankful to feel like at least for now I am back in business! :)

- The Democratic Town Hall Discussion was interesting last night. I listened to Sanders and Hilary and liked what they both had to say....but I'm still going with Hilary. But lets be clear...I vote to the left EVERY TIME. But I am still hoping she will be the Democratic Nominee. However, the silly Republican front runner is now refusing to attend the debate over Megan Kelly. Seriously. I'm so over it. He's a mess. Your vote matters. Please think about what you are doing if that man is your pick. I don't care if it's right or not to talk politics. This is my blog and I will just say it. Donald Trump isn't the answer. Nope. Nope. Nope.

- Sometimes I don't totally feel like I can be myself online. I feel like I have to censor myself on certain subjects and it's just a matter of time before that stops. Once my kids are older, there is going to be some serious discussion on some things. ( If I am still making videos and blogging ) My best friend says I will for sure be doing this in another 4 years so chances are....I have a lot to say.

- My sister in law ( Marie not Trina ) had surgery today. I was going to call her but I decided tomorrow would be better. I totally wish I was there though. I really think its past time to move back home. Feel better Marie!

- - Royal Romeo has been running and meowing all through the house. I guess he is feeling good and wanting to get a little exercise! I swear he has no idea he's a cat let alone let alone an animal. Yep. Not this cat. He follows me everywhere...meows all the time, hes such a love.

- It has started to warm up around here. I have to say my little Mini Cooper got around just fine on the snowy icy roads. I have a little snowflake button that I pressed and it drove great. I didn't slip once. However, I get in the big 4 wheel truck Scott was driving and I totally slid. I am actually impressed with my Mini Cooper and snow button!

- I don't think I am ever going to paint my nails a bright color again. Maybe my toenails but that's it. I really just don't like that much color and I am so over having all these polishes I don't like or use. I am going to clean them out and stock up with more neutral colors that doesn't show chips as easy and doesn't stand out.

- I can't wait for a long bubble bath tonight. I stayed busy today and it's time to relax. I hope you guys have a great night. Don't forget to get entered in the giveaway! 

Madison Reed Hair Color Kit Review & Giveaway | Video |

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am back sharing a brand pretty new to me...Madison Reed . You will be able to see in the video how well it actually worked. How easy it was to test out and even demonstrate. In the video I share everything about what is included in the at home color kits, my process and the results. To get entered in the giveaway, go to the bottom of the page and use the rafflecopter system. Hope you enjoy!

* Post contains referral links.  Items in this post were sent to me for consideration.  This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are genuinely my own. *

This hair color is Ammonia, Resorcinol, and PPD-Free, with No Parabens Added. You don't have to worry about stink, burn, or itch of the harsh chemicals found in other colors. This hair color didn't really have any noticeable scent which was nice. Normally, the scent of hair color gives me a headache and this one did not. 

The color is handcrafted in Italy, where color artisans constantly innovate the most effective formulas under the strictest EU standards for health and safety. Multiple tones are blended into each color to create dimension and visually add volume to hair. The result is more vibrant color with natural-looking highlights and low lights - an effect previously only achievable in salons.

The kit includes everything you need. Seriously....they thought this really out and included some very helpful items such as a barrier cream and a cap. Also, they include both a shampoo and conditioner....all of which never comes in a drug store hair color kit. 

Each at home hair color kit contains:

A)  Personalized Instructions
Easy to follow, our instructions are printed with illustrations and large, readable type right on the box. That way you don't have to struggle with microscopic text and a magnifying glass.
B)  Barrier Cream
Protect your skin from color stains—because no one wants telltale spots on her face!
C)  Cleansing Wipes
Remove stray color from your skin. So even if you make a little mess, cleanup is easy.
D)  Radiant Color Cream
Ammonia, resorcinol, and PPD-free, our color is rich with nutrients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root to strengthen and protect hair while delivering vibrant, multi-tonal color.
E)  Conditioning Activator
Formulated to ensure longer-lasting color, our Conditioning Activator comes in a convenient application bottle with screw-off cap and tip, to make mixing and applying color easy.
F)  Protective Cap
Hold in heat to help with color activation and keep wet, messy hair in place.
G)  2 Pairs of Fitted Gloves
One pair for applying your color and another so you don't have to wrestle the color-covered pair back on to rinse your hair.
H)  Color Enhancing Shampoo + Conditioner
Sulfate, paraben, and gluten-free and rich with nutrients, our color-protection system cleanses, conditions, and protects for softer, shinier hair and longer lasting color

The process was very easy. I loved the barrier cream because it kept my skin from staining. That went on right after I pulled my hair back. Then I started at the roots and let it sit for about 20 minutes before finishing the rest of my hair. Once I was done I used the cleansing wipe to get the die off my arm and around my face. It worked great and didn't irritate my skin in any way. Another handy edition to the kit that does not come in any drug store hair colors. 
  When time was up, I used the shampoo and conditioner that was also included. I have to admit, it was a little too dark at first so I just washed my hair a couple more times and it toned down a little bit. However, the color is beautiful. I think it was just shock but I know it looks much better. 
It turned out really well and I do like it a lot. The color was easy to apply and even easier because of the extra gloves, cap and detailed instructions. It's much easier to do your own hair at home than what some might think. With this kit it, it's easy to understand and the website also makes it easy to pick out a color with their quick quiz. Plus they have stylist standing by in case you do have an issue. 

I am totally impressed. It left my hair rich in color with pretty understated highlights. My hair smells amazing. It's soft and bouncy and I love the color. If you are interested in trying out one of these kits with the shade of your choice, the super nice people at Madison Reed are sharing one with 1 LUCKY WINNER! :) This giveaway is going to go on for two weeks. A winner will be picked on Febuary 9, 2016. Good luck to everyone! 

This hair color was not only healthy for my hair but it also gave it such a beautiful color. I hope you guys try out it and see how it works for you. No more big salon prices but also no more cheap drugstore dyes. It's pretty much a middle ground to getting a beautiful color job at home without a huge cost. Let me know if you have any questions! Also between now and February 1st, you can get 50% off your first box! Click the photo to get the deal!

Madison Reed

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Large Food & Household Shopping Haul | Aldi & Ingles |

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hello friends. I hope you are having a wonderful evening. I am back tonight sharing a new food and household shopping haul. I was suppose to go on Friday but the snow came and I never made it out until today. I share our menu plan for this next week along with everything we got. Hope you enjoy!

We have another snow day tomorrow. I think it's too snowy and icy in a lot of neighborhoods for the all the buses to get around.  The kids are loving it! Anyway, tomorrow I hope to finally get that new camera that should have been here already. I don't really like filming with the camera I was using so I am beyond ready for it to get here. If everything goes as planned, I hope to get a review and giveaway up in the evening hours. :) I am however, skipping a vlog tomorrow but I should still have a week in review up. Hope you are staying cozy and comfortable while we all wait on it to warm up! xx

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DITL Vlog: Snow Days!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello friends! Happy snow day to many of you. We have some cold weather going on here in South Carolina tonight and the kids have loved it. Zane has really never been in the snow much and it's all new to him. They played out there for a couple of hours. One of the neighbors didn't like the kids in the yard but their family was all over our yard at Christmas....yada...yada...yada...another story for another time. I don't know why someone has to be mean to some kids but no big deal. They still had a fun time! Scott is in a big truck right now making it easier to get around so they headed out to the golf course to enjoy some sledding. I've had a bunch of computer problems but hopefully everything is ok now. It's all thanks to Windows 10 but I wont even get on that subject. I could seriously bitch forever about it taking up all my time for days and making it impossible to get anything else done. I lost some clips that were for this vlog so I just kinda pieced together what I actually did have. Hope you enjoy! 

I hope you guys are having fun with all the winter weather. I have been freezing all day but it's been really sweet to see the kids play and enjoy the day off. However, we are not too prepared for this kind of weather. I think by time we move up north, we better get some more winter gear and clothes. :) See ya soon! xx

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Checking In

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello friends. It's been a few days and I thought I would take a few minutes and jump on here to say hello and kinda do a check-in. Days have passed so fast that I just feel like I am never going to get caught up. I guess one day at a time right!? Here's some random jumbled thoughts that will hopefully give you all the updates and happenings. 

- More computer issues. I guess when I switched from Windows 10 back to 8.1 my drivers didn't switch back which caused all sorts of problems. I think we are finally up and working again. I'm serious...switching back and forth is just a big pain in the ass. 

- The cold weather has finally arrived. We haven't got much it has totally arrived on the east coast. I think we are in for more snow tomorrow. I have to admit, I might not like the cold weather that much but the snow sure was pretty. I really hate it for the people who have to get up early and get out in it. Nothing sucks more than a super cold winter morning when you have to get up out of a warm bed. It was also one of the first times that Zane has actually saw, touched and enjoyed snow. For him, the snow was a good day and he just wanted more! While I have been writing this post, the school just called and said no school tomorrow. The kids are totally going to love it! Maybe it will be a day outside playing with the dog and the kids and some hot chocolate later. Sounds fun to me! However, there are only 9 more Saturdays until spring. Maybe there is hope. I just need more sunlight.

- I think my patience with the male species has totally run out. Stories like this one or this one, makes me so sad but even more it just proves to me that men have totally lost it. My hope is gone. It's so sad to me what those women had to go through but I think they will be stronger in the end from their horrific experiences. I am so glad I wasn't born a man. Thank you God. 

- I have been editing a video and I am trying to get it up sometime tonight or tomorrow. I know it's been a few days. Thanks windows 10.

- I cut my hand today doing dishes. It's burning like crazy too.

- Scott has been home all day. Thank goodness for good music and ear phones. I won't even go there. But it's been Phil Collins, Taylor Swift and Pink. Thinking about some Kenny G for the evening hours. 

- I use to really think I hated Sara Palin. I mean seriously this is one crazy bitch. But really how could I hate someone who has gave me so much enjoyment. And she's back at it. Blaming Obama on her son's PTSD all while the dumb ass is all for sending more troops over seas. All while her own son was arrested on Domestic Violence. Why do I take politics so personal?? I have no idea but I am sure her and the Donald will fit perfectly together. Speaking of the Donald, omg.  I just couldn't tune in for the last debate. I have to much going on to actually sit down and listen to his bullshit. The highlights were more than enough. Like I have said many times....You vote counts. If you really want that idiot in the White House then all the power to you. I think it would be one of the most awful things to happen to our country. This man has no patience, tolerance, or understanding of our Government. Our dog Cooper would totally be a better President. And YES he is a Democrat. :)
- What do you guys think of the new blog design!? I wanted something less busy. I found the template right here on etsy. I really like it. Hopefully I will loose my need to change things around. It's simple and clean and hopefully easy for you guys to find what you are searching for. 

- I have all kinds of camera issues going on as well. I plan on buying another tonight or tomorrow. Then I need to get one sent into Sony for repair. Yada...yada...yada. Too many technical issues. Maybe that's a sign. However, I have a ton of reviews and such that I have to get uploaded soon. Like really soon.

- I'm not sure what we are having tonight for dinner but I am thinking pasta. Spaghetti is a family  favorite and sounds really good. Maybe with a salad. Yep. I think I just figured out what to make for dinner. I do have a menu plan but a lot of times we switch it up to suit our moods.

- My hands are so cold. It might be time to break out the gloves even if I am indoors. It's hard for me to actually stay warm. Maybe a warm cup of hot tea would help.

- The plants around the house are not looking so good. I think the colder temperatures are effecting them too. :( We need to probably warm up the house a little more.

- I something in the mail today that I have been waiting on. I love it so much. Don't worry, I will share what it is in good time. :)

- I planned on going to the store tomorrow but I doubt its going to happen with the snow. We might just have to wait until the weekend. Better safe than sorry. And I hope you all are being safe as well. If you can stay so. And don't forget about the animals. Bring them inside!

Anyway, I have a bunch of things I need to do from tossing laundry to make something for dinner tonight. I hope you guys are all doing well. I should have a video up later tonight. xx

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello...happy Monday! It's Martin Luther King's birthday and everything is a bit off schedule today. I do plan on trying to get a new week in review up later tonight but right now I am sharing our latest What's Cookin' video. This is where I not only take you through our meals from the past week but I also do a kind of cook with me vlog style. I like to share the process of making dinner ( when I have time ) so you can actually see what I did to get it done. Hope you enjoy! 

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out the video. Hopefully you got some extra dinner menu ideas. If you are interested in the delicious hot ham and cheese recipe, you can find it right here. The Bang Bang pasta was also a recipe I made this past week and if you want the recipe, check it out right here on Damn Delicious. :) I do want to say I am sorry for the poor lighting. I hate how the sun sets so much earlier. I should bring in my extra lighting but making dinner on a busy night is hard enough! If you have any comments or questions about anything in the video be sure to let me know!

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Love the Home You Have 31 Day Challenge | Days 9-15 | Video

Hey everyone! Sorry about another late night post but here I am typing away at 12 am. My day hasn't even been busy. Instead, it was a lot of laying around with little being done. We all kinda had a lazy day. Plus my video editor was messing up and I had to do the whole uninstall/reinstall process which too a while. Anyway, enough rambling....I am back sharing days 9-15 in the Love the Home You have 31 day challenge. Also let me explain I went through updating my home-keeping notebook, I totally printed off 2015 calendars and even filled them in. What a dumb-ass thing to do. All that printer ink wasted! I didn't even realize it through the editing process. Sigh. Just know I fixed it! I am still getting confused about what year we are in. :) I still hope you enjoy the video.

Weekend Shopping Haul! | Video |

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful evening. Life has kinda caught up with me and I am a little behind on posting videos. So sorry! I hope to get things all caught up on here by Monday at the latest. So here is my latest menu plan and food haul. I already had a lot at the house but we needed some snacks and items for our animals. However, since I was there I got a few more dinner items as well. Hope you enjoy! 

2015 FaVoRiTeS! | Electronics | Books | Planners |

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. I am back today sharing a new favorites video with you today. This isn't just a December Favorites. Instead it's my favorite electronics, books and planners from 2015. :) I will have another favorites video up tomorrow sharing my favorite beauty, accessories and household favorites from this past year as well. Hope you enjoy! 

DITL Vlog: Week in Review January 4-11, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a good Monday. I got to tell you... I am tired today and still drinking coffee to help hold my eyes open. I seriously need to learn to get better sleep in 2016. So I am back with a new Day in the Life Vlog sharing little parts of last week. I am so happy to be back on my normal schedule. Vlogging everyday was a bit much for me but I love these week in reviews! 

Weekly Food Shopping Haul Video | Walmart |

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello friends! I hope your evening is going well. Scott and I headed out to do a little shopping today and I thought I would share it with you! I share our menu for this next week too in case you need some dinner menu inspiration. Hope you enjoy! 

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Hello friends. Happy Sunday! It's a cold day around here and I actually have some shopping to do later that I plan on recording and sharing with you guys tonight but first I thought I would take you through our daily meals. These are the meals we had over the past week. Hope you enjoy!

Love the Home You Have 31 Day Challenge | Video | Days 3-8

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday night. It's cold and rainy here....prompting us to stay cozy in the house. Speaking of the house, how are you guys doing with the love the home you have 31 day challenge? Are you keeping up!? If you not...jump right in where we are now which is day 9. The video takes you through days 3-8. If haven't checked out the first couple of days, you can find the video right here. These challenges are designed to inspire and motivate us to love our homes a little more by cleaning it up, de-cluttering and remembering what's important. Hope you enjoy! 

Belated Tuesday Truths

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hello everyone. I am back tonight with another edition of Tuesday Truths that should have went live yesterday! Sorry... Hope you enjoy. 

- I have a head full of dreams tonight. I could fill up a notebook with all the hopes and dreams for the new year in my thoughts this evening. 

- For some strange reason I tuned into a on demand Keeping up with the Kardishans show. I was kinda ashamed of myself for a few minutes but I totally watched. I guess with very few shows on right now I am at the bottom of the barrel. 

Reflecting & Looking Back | Video | December 2015

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello friends. I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I have been busy around the house today but I thought I would sit down, take a break and share my most recent video. :) At the beginning of every month, I like to look back and reflect on the previous month. I think these are great videos to really see changes and happenings month to month. Also below the video, there is a much more in depth blog post listing out even more things about this past month. Hope you enjoy.

Week in Review w/ DITL Vlog & Weekly To Do's December 28, 2015 - January 4, 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello friends! I hope your Monday is going well.  As many of you know... I post a week in review recapping what happened over the week & weekend. Its something that I have been doing off and on for years. Its just a simple way to give you guys a glimpse into our week. I have changed up the vlogging schedule where I will be uploading a Day in the life vlog always and then another on Thursday. Monday's vlog will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the previous week and Thursdays vlog will be for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So here is the most recent day in the life vlog from this past weekend. Hope you enjoy! 

What's Cookin' | Our Daily Meals | Video

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello friends. I hope your Sunday evening is going good. I am back tonight sharing a quick What's Cookin' video sharing our daily meals. Normally these videos are a lot more in depth but I just was cooking fast easy meals that required very little effort. Winter vacation for the boys have meant more family time which means less time for me in the kitchen. There were a few nights we were eating at 8:30. Reminds me of summer nights with dinner landing on the table well into the evening! Anyway, here's the dinners we had from last week. Hope you enjoy! 

Tonight we are in full prep mode since the boys are back at school tomorrow. Neither is happy but I am hoping life will feel better when we get back on schedule. I'll do my best at filming dinners a little better too! :) I will have a new vlog with a food included within it tomorrow. I hope you come back and check it out. xx

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Love the Home You Have 31 Day Challenge | Days 1 & 2 | Video

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello friends! I hope you Saturday evening is going well. I am back tonight starting off our new January Love the Home You Have Challenge. I fell in love with this charming book ( which you can find right here ) and for months now I have wanted to do the 31 day challenge in the back of the book. However, we had Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. So for a fresh year, month and day I thought January was the perfect time to challenge not only myself but you guys too in the daily tasks designed to help us love our homes more. It's no secret this house we are in hasn't really felt like home. And regardless if we are moving in the future or staying put....this challenge will hopefully help me to get rid of clutter, make the house cleaner and help me appreciate everything I do have. I plan on posting these videos every Saturday in January and also daily on instagram. I would love it if you followed along! Here's how the first couple of challenges went. Hope you enjoy! 

DITL VLOG: Week in Review: December 28, 2015 - January 1, 2015 | Moving Forward |

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year friends! I am so happy that today marks a new year. I love fresh starts. Today I am back sharing a new vlog. I was just going to put up one vlog for this past week on Monday but I noticed that I had more than enough to share in a vlog on it's own! I tend to ramble on and I just don't know how to make a quick vlog. :) Plus with the new year, we can just start fresh. I will be sharing a vlog from today through the weekend on Monday. Here's how things have been going around here the past few days. Hope you enjoy!