Love the Home You Have 31 Day Challenge | Days 9-15 | Video

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey everyone! Sorry about another late night post but here I am typing away at 12 am. My day hasn't even been busy. Instead, it was a lot of laying around with little being done. We all kinda had a lazy day. Plus my video editor was messing up and I had to do the whole uninstall/reinstall process which too a while. Anyway, enough rambling....I am back sharing days 9-15 in the Love the Home You have 31 day challenge. Also let me explain I went through updating my home-keeping notebook, I totally printed off 2015 calendars and even filled them in. What a dumb-ass thing to do. All that printer ink wasted! I didn't even realize it through the editing process. Sigh. Just know I fixed it! I am still getting confused about what year we are in. :) I still hope you enjoy the video.

Thanks so much for watching. I really hope you guys are following a long. I am praying that this helps make our move ( hopefully in the summer ) a lot easier. I want to get rid of things and clean up what we do have before it's time to pack and move! Be sure to follow along on instagram to see daily pictures...including the challenge for today. I'll have another one of these videos up next Saturday! 

Thanks so much for watching. I'll see ya soon. xx

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